Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday PhoDOHs

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  1. Fucking a man.

  2. Shit, the dude on the first pic has bigger tits than me!

  3. That last one is just fifty gallons of retarded.

  4. @ tofu…. that made me giggle!

  5. last one reminds me of an AT&T commercial

  6. I wonder what that guy has hiding under his other tit?

  7. those are some sweet tits. Is that bellybutton his ashtray?

  8. as a graphic designer, that last one just makes me want to throw up. i mean not only is it a lame idea, the execution of it is horrible. epic fail to whoever made that.

  9. @ whatchu_say – maybe it was done by on of the “minors” that he is holding in his hand? Who I doubt are as qualified as you?

  10. Is it just me or do the kids in the last picture look really unhapy?

  11. Last pic, middle child not worthy of correct placement of pixels?

  12. god those kids in the last one look miserable!

  13. Honestly, that last picture makes me want to cry a little. Not with sadness, with sorrow for those poor kids. They’re life is in his hands? Oh God!

  14. Man boob alert!!!!! see, if you had only looked at the comments first I could of saved you all 5 years of therapy to get rid of this awful sight from your memory….

    I bet the guys band is a heavy metal/grunge type that emphasises on death and hate lyrics…. What a lovely family!

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    In pic 3, That must be an awesome band if our whole world is in it.

  16. I feel sorry for those kids, leaving their life in his hands. Guy looks like he barely even knows where he is, let alone what the fuck he’s doing.

  17. I like to think the last one was created by the parents, and the man in the green shirt (who is not one of the parents) is holding their children for ransom.

  18. I don’t see the problem with the last one. Sure, it’s kind of cheesy, but I’m sure if you were to go and look at your photo albums from when you were a kid there’d be a shit load of lame pics, thanks to your parents.

    I’ll just go ahead and assume you’re all from broken homes and were neglected as children. Poor things :(

  19. Ah, it’s great that the censor managed to cover the forehead of the middle kid at the last picture. It’s very important after all.

  20. Yes, but I can still identify the family from the other foreheads.

  21. fealkj, I’m gonna call that the cheesiest childhood pictures anybody here has got just involve them pulling a stupid face, rather than some really bad Paint job :p

  22. @ whatchu_say

    I agree 10,000%! The kerning on that typeface is some of the worst I’ve ever come across. I always see people using it on wedding photos and such too. Photographers actually inflict that steaming pile of typographic horror to their own work. I feel like the person who designed it (or inflicted this upon us?) is the reason there are no unicorns around today.

  23. @ 19…yes because she probably had something written across her forehead which would make it easier to identify her in a public setting…LOL!

  24. OMG! Have those children been shrunken by Wonka-Vision and are now standing on their father’s hand!?!?

    Oh, no, that’s just a clever camera trick… I see now.

  25. In the last picture, the look on those kids faces…lol. They’re probably thinkin’ “Oh God. I can’t believe he wanted to take a picture like this. This is soooo fucking lame.”

    Ahhhhh, Lamebook. You bring a tear to my eye.

  26. i love that the fact that NO ONE in that last picture looks happy. like i can understand that the children are happy because they’ve been forced to all wear the same colors and take this photograph that even the smallest one looks as though she knows to be the epitome of lame, but even the dad looks slightly annoyed. the expression on his face sort of says “…like this?” like the mom was like OMIGAAAAWD THIS WILL BE SO CUUUUUUUTE and then forced her adoring and unattractive family into it. and THEN put such a terrible font on it so that even though you KNOW it’s wrong you still read it as “in his band.”

    at least the dad’s not wearing red? that’s pretty much all i got.

    also lawl greg kinnear/man boob.

  27. ugh. UNhappy, i meant.

  28. Haha, those kids in the last picture are so sad because they know how much a failure their parents are and that they share the same genetic information with them.

    I am very jealous of the well endowed lady in the first pic. Those nipples should definitely be blurred out.

  29. Is there anything boobs can’t do?

  30. That’s what I use my boobs for.

  31. You know, I did feel bad about my boobs no longer being the bouncy boobies they were before I breastfed my son… but now I don’t. Because #1′s boobs are way worse and they are still handy! Look, honey! I can hold your cigs!

    Side note: I didn’t know white people could smoke Newports. Hmm. Learned something new today.

  32. I hardly even looked at the actual photograph, the type was too distressingly awful.

  33. I also like the blurred out forehead.

  34. dan_fargis_is_a_fag

    I didn’t notice how unhappy the kids look in #3 until reading the comments, but those poor kids have a straight douchenozzle for a dad, so I’d be on the verge of suicide, myself if I had to stand there for probably an hour with dad saying “hold on, one more shot! This is going to be GREAT, kids!!” What a fucktard.

  35. # 19

  36. ^^ thanks for screwing up my comment lamebook, here it is again:

    # 19

  37. third time lucky?:

    #19 & 20 LOL :)

    Newport guy needs to put a bra on those Cocker Spaniels: One that lifts, shapes, and supports!

  38. LOL “50 gallons of retarded” WHY on earth does everyone in that picture look so pissed off! I mean I know that its has the most to do with the douchebaggery of the simple idea of it, but I guess I mean why would someone use this shot as the BEST ONE on the roll of film? …then decide to use that god awful font… AND THEN decide to post it on facebook…

  39. So, bitch tits are good for something. Regardless, put a goddamn shirt on, fatso.

  40. Based on the females I know who use their cleavage as storage space, I’m betting he has a cell phone nestled under the other man-mammary. Side note, if they’re big enough to hold things with, shouldn’t he be held to the same decency rules that women are?

  41. Absofuckinglutely, Comments, like us girls would stand around at a picnic with our tops off…

  42. Of course we would word!

  43. I’m going to go jack off to some typography gonzo porn now to erase the memories of that last picture

  44. I was kidding, Zoned, I’ve been to more than one let’s-get-our-tops-off shindig. I’m sure you have, too.

  45. Apparently your picnics are far more entertaining than the ones I’ve gone to – mine never result in female nudity, just drunkeness (and typically arguing, if not fisticuffs). I expect an invite to your next top-off shindig.

  46. If I were in #3 I would be crushing their heads and they would be desperately trying to escape….. with a smile on their faces. And my silly wife would be behind the camera frowning.

  47. The guy in the last picture looks like he’s constipated.

  48. I can only guess that the middle kid in the last picture has a giant fucking cyclops eye in the middle of her forehead.

  49. Stretch, I registered here because I just had to tell you how much your comment made me laugh. That was funny as shit.

  50. Sweet digital watch on the constipated fat-ass in the last one. Nothing says “I’m middle management, goddamn it! Respect my authority!” like a $9.99 Timex from Walmart. I could almost guarantee that this guy manages some sort of fast food restaurant, drives a late-90s American-made shitbox (that’s missing hubcaps), and is constantly berated by his hideously obese, super controlling she-beast of a wife for being a pathetic excuse for a man.

    I bet that one of my Pateks costs more than his (probably mobile) home. It’s fun to judge others.

  51. i love the last guy. look at the faces on the kids. lol priceless:)

  52. Given the choice of being a middle-management fat-ass with a bad car and a fat wife or being as obnoxiously delusional as Stinkpickle, I choose the former.

  53. I think word and I should organize our own party yah? Party favors required.

  54. So is he gonna pitch them overhand or just toss them like softballs?

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