Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday PhoDOHs!

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  1. Omg at the first one… you have some lovely friends to put that up.

    Last one… Oh dear. That’s all I can say to that.


  2. I’d say Joe is pretty lucky…

  3. I don’t get the second one. It looks like a normal theme park ride photo, unless the giant syringe is significant.

  4. First of all it is pathetic to post photo shopped pictures online with people you have never met. Second, if you do decide to be that pathetic, why not make it someone worth grinding on?

    I am pretty sure Joe is okay with that picture being on facebook, if girls weren’t interested before, they are now.

  5. The boner pic, whatever. SHOCKING a sleeping guy with a hard-on. That NEVER happens to me.

    The second pic SCREAMS lame. And that’s not a syringe, it’s a rocket.

    And the last one, who gives a rats ass what banger the ho is dating?

  6. First one is just weird. Guy looks like, nineteen, twenty? Is he really gonna have friends that laugh about the fact he’s got a boner? :S

    Second one… I think is up here because the guys are showing their chests? Doesn’t that happen a lot on rides? Usually with a girl flashing the camera. Doesn’t work so well with guys…

    Third… ech. You can have him.

  7. Actually, wait, looking back, picture 2 is SO lame.

  8. Isn’t #2 a DOH because the rocket is a large dildo?

    And yeah, I’d say Joe’s pretty lucky. So’s the girl who gets him. Or guy.

  9. lol what exactly is that bad as Mutha f*cka holding in pic three? her purse? ohgod.

  10. He’s holding a Trapper Keeper!!

  11. I want to marry joe…wow

  12. Joe is not unlucky in the slightest

  13. The only unlucky thing about Joe is that he has a douche bag for a friend.

    @ Douchetastic: LOL — trapper keeper!!

  14. the guy in #3 is holding a sound mixing board that DJ’s use. i can’t tell if anyone here knows who he is but he’s one of the guys from MTV’s jersey shore show. i’m ashamed to admit that i know that. :-/
    #2 is really lame.
    #1 not so unlucky. i bet his friends are jealous.

  15. omg i remember trapper keepers!

  16. I believe that the humor in the second *may* lie in the fact that the picture *could have been* posted by one of the two people in the front row – perhaps an attempt at a cute picture where they simply ignored the inanity in the back row.

    If it wasn’t posted by one of them, it’s just dumb.

  17. @virgo — you should have kept you knowledge of the MTV show to yourself. yesh!

  18. sorry! :-/

  19. Your highness… yup, thats about the size of it

  20. Jesus, Joe looks like HE could be an amusement park ride.

    Those Jersey shore kids just look dirty and over-processed to me. I’m on team Jack (from yesterday) over those MTV gits any day.

  21. #3 isn’t he somebody from the jersey shore?maybe “the situation”?sorry to ask,never saw the show,come from another continent
    #1 I just want to marry him right away,so just for fun

  22. nevermind,now I know

  23. Actually, I think joe’s girlfriend is the lucky one. He seems to be packing a decent amount of heat.

  24. I feel bad that Joe is so unlucky, I think that I need to share my good luck with him.

  25. And when people say there aren’t a bunch of sexually frustrated, easy women on the internet… a post with a decent sized penis tucked behind a thin layer of khaki pulls them out of the woodwork.

    Wait, people have never said that first part.

    And just so I don’t get yelled at, the men on the internet are 50 times worse.

  26. geez.. could the ‘ho in #3 at least picked a photo where goober w/ the trapperkeeper didn’t look like he was so utterly bored, disgusted and uninterested in the fact her ‘shopped ghetto-booty is grinding up against him?

  27. Joe’s unlucky because it takes so much blood to fill his “space mountain”, it renders him unconscious.

    Narcoleptic-priapism is no laughing matter. It affects tens of people worldwide and shows no signs of coming down. It’s very hard on both the afflicted and their loved ones.

  28. #3 is an MSPaint DISASTUH. D:

  29. btw, The first picture isn’t even a picture of Joe.

    The guy in the picture is named Sanka. His boyfriend’s name is Joe. You all know Joe… he hobbles around smiling and crying every afternoon in the quad?

    Yeah… Joe’s unlucky.

  30. soup – nice word play with the hard on.

  31. No one else thinks its a little odd that two of the guys in #2 are wearing their shirts like one of those shawl/cardigan things chicks wear?

    It’s not so shocking a Disney ride has some sexual content. I mean who hasn’t seen the Little Mermaid or Aladdin controversy ;)

  32. Hello Joe!

  33. CommentsAtLarge

    Joe’s unlucky because that is the only position he can sleep in; it’s not like he can roll over on that thing…

  34. I can’t understand why all decent self-respecting Americans don’t rise up and revolt against shows like that jersey shore and MTV in general. They are the reason that your repution is getting internationally trashed! FIGHT BACK!

  35. lol Joe is NOT unlucky – that tent is pitched so high the entire state could camp out in there.

  36. With that photo on his profile Joe might get lucky more often.

  37. In the second one, look closely – the guy in the front row is copping a feel.

    BTW, hello all. I’m Sharky. I’m a shaaaaark!

  38. I hope the brilliant lady in #3 is aware that her grinding buddy likes to snog guys. #2 is actually a short bus, and #1 looks like a guy I know. Nice.

  39. You know, nothing makes my friends on Facebook more jealous than when I photoshop my fat, skanky ass into a picture of some greasy realty show “star” from New Jersey.

    Calling ‘em all “bitches” is just icing on the cake.

  40. I don’t know what’s more disturbing in the last one — the two-minute Photoshop (MS Paint?) job, or the fact that ANYONE would not only want to be with that guido douchebag, but feel threatened enough by the apparent fawnings of other women that she feels the need to mark her own territory in such a revolting, public way…

  41. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    *waves at sharky*

  42. Where can I find Joe?

  43. It looks as if it is raining various STD viruses in the last picture. Coincidence? I think not.
    His purse is absolutely fetching, however.

  44. I especially enjoy the added ‘;]’ in the last photo. Just incase you didn’t understand the fact that she was getting all up in that. At first I read it as ‘HES NINE BITCHES’ which could actually make some sense?

  45. Yeah nice photoshopping there. I can barley even tell your actually not there, rubbing yourself against a gay douchebag.

  46. The only “PhoDOH” I can think of for the second picture (other than the fact that those two guys have their shirts behind their necks) is that the rocket might look like a syringe heading for the guys forearm?

  47. The last one is art, I mean really.

  48. #1: Joe is definitely lucky, no doubt about it.

    #2: Lame either way. The two dudes. The groping man in front. take your pick.

    #3: She can have him. Not to keen on those Jersey Shore people anyway. I know plenty of people from New Jersey and they are definitely NOT like that.

  49. Joe has a fucking kickstand in his pants. It looks like he could pull of the third leg thing that mini me does in Austin Powers: Goldmember.

  50. And even though that girl in the third picture is pretty good looking, she must have shit for personality. I mean really why would you photoshop that to put it on your facebook. That guy isn’t even chill. I bet her parents named her Thugina, and she’s not even g.

  51. Wet dreams anyone? Dude in #1 is on the train to pleasure…

  52. Soup and mcowles FTW! Any time I flashed the camera like the guy in photo #2 they would never let it show. Or let me buy it. Of course my pics usually involved a fruit bowl.

  53. I am like 99.9% sure that the guy in pic one is my ex. That picture made my week…thank you, Lamebook. Thank you.

  54. To add on to that – having size is one thing…knowing how to use it, something else entirely.

  55. Oh, see, sweet sweet #54, that is where you are oh so wrong. For he doth not need to knoweth how to useth it. All he must do is conjure it forth and lay there.

  56. I’ve seen him both conjure and lay. He is sufficiently skilled IMO.

  57. pretty sure no one wants the dude in the last photo… or the girl.

  58. lol -__-

  59. Chica in third photo appears to be getting a nice hefty corner of that object up the ass.

    Rollercoaster picture hits funny if considered a copy for the loving couple, with two tards behind them.

    I Wanna Know, Joe.

  60. Pic two looks like the newest ride at Douchenyland…

  61. Joe looks like the new ride for half the women in here.

  62. Some men too. . . .

  63. @Black cloud
    so true! i was about to say that.
    Jersey Shore is sheeet! anyone who watches that show needs some strong medication… or needs to stop taking it.

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