Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fans!

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  1. Haha number 3 made me lol :P

  2. DAMMIT!!! Second!

    God’s on FB? Cool! Is his profile open?

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’ve been a fan of the awesome one for a while now. I hope they add the peta vs raw steak one

  4. What’s so funny about #2? That page has been around since God was a boy.

  5. We don’t need God to do that, we’ve already got Jurassic Park.

  6. I’m also a fan of the awesome one, & I occasionally use the picture of Jesus holding the dinosaur. It brings the lolz.

  7. And there we go again, insulting the weird kid, expecting him to snap and go on a mass killing spree. Why? WHY?
    And also, way to go stereotyping the weird kid as a guy. I mean, I suppose I’m the closest you’d get to a weird kid in our class, and I’m a girl – at least, I was the last time I checked…

  8. yeah i immediately joined 2 of those groups. they’re totally awesome.

  9. hey wannabe……would you like a snickers? i think it’s totally wrong that they stereotype too. i totally believe that you’re a girl.

    and in a situation where the gender of a person is not explicitly mentioned or known then it’s correct to use one’s own gender to refer to said person until it is made known to be otherwise…not that i’m defending them or correcting you i was just jogging your memory :) just for you :)

  10. @lexluther peanuts, caramel, put that in your mouth, enjoy that. here, i bought you some pens for your crazy pocket.

  11. but…but….i’m not the crazy kid. wannabe is. you totally just used my own thing on me when wannabe said she was the weird kid that just may or may not go on the crazy spree….sad face.

  12. Juliet wasn’t a slut, she was a go-getter.

  13. i love all of these, WIN.

  14. Stephen Spielberg must have left the God holding the raptor scene on the cutting room floor, I don’t remember that one.
    Sam Neill makes a hotter leading man anyway.

  15. Yes ee, I agree, if she was a slut, what does that make me?

  16. Okay, but whem you want to be extremely politically correct you might also say ‘they’.

  17. Damn! I meant when, not whem. I hate this tiny iPod keypad -.-

  18. I just went and joined group two.

  19. I once wrote an entire paper on the whole he/she/they thing and it gets super complicated because they is technically plural and because people are mean and picky. Apparently, grammar is an opinion and not a fact.

    Also, I looked up the dinosaur group and was amused to find that there are many groups about god bringing back the dinosaurs and they all claim different amounts of fan numbers that are needed in order to bring back the dinosaurs. Why join the group that requires 65 million fans when you can join the group that only needs 10 million?

  20. people say slut like its a bad thing

  21. Slut-dom is something to be proud of. I am.

  22. stalkmywholelife

    Am I missing something? What version of Romeo and Juliet takes place over 9 days? They meet on a Sunday and are dead by Thursday.

  23. the last one made me laugh

    In the beginning of Romeo and Juliet it says she is not quite 14, so she is an underaged slut!

    “Come Lammas Eve at night shall she be fourteen”

  24. hamle13, I’m thinking that the 65 million thing is symbolic of the time period since the Jurassic era.

  25. Holy crap to the last one.

    Me and my group of friends (I know, incorrect sentence structure. Spare me the grammar lecture.) befriended a boy we named Chompy for the exact same reason. Looking back, I think if he were to snap, he’d go for us first. <3 Chompy

  26. stalkmy, the 9 day one is Shakespeare’s directors cut.
    We only got the cinema release version.

  27. hehe if you liked the dinosaur one have a look at if 65 million people join the dinosaurs will bring back god. its well better lol

  28. Juliet a slut??? All Because she had sex got married and died… isn’t that what we do, only for some people it takes longer to die after marriage and for some they just wish they would die right after marriage

  29. I don’t think Juliet was a slut, exactly, just one of those kids who think they’re ‘in love’ – and look where that got her, dead as a doornail. Juliet, I salute you for making all the right choices in life.

  30. OMG! Juliet, you got married and then died. You SLUT! Some people are so weird.

    Personally, I’ve always thought Romeo and Juliet was kind of stupid. Not because I care how long it took them to have sex and die, but because they saw each other at a party, and knew nothing about each other, yet were willing to throw everything away, basically because Romeo thought Juliet was hot. I suppose I’m just not a romantic. I’ve never been accused of being one.

  31. She could have been sold uptown for 4 chickens and a goat. Hey, it was the 16th century, she got off light.

  32. Geez, I agree with you. I find it annoying how easily people ‘fall in love’ with God knows what jerks, abusers etc just because they’re hot. When did hunanity become so shallow?

  33. @wannabe

    I hate to break it to you but ‘become shallow’ isnt quite right… we are animals and just like animals we use traits to determine best mates… in birds the prettiest males attract the females, bucks with the best rack and battle skills get all the does, giraffes with the longest necks get to breed the bitches and the hotest human guys get to fuck all the chics… its been like this for quite sometime

  34. Animal nature to want to have sex with someone you are attracted to. Yes. But to throw your whole life away over it? I’m not so sure. Not to mention, we do have a little higher criteria in mate choosing. I once tried to date an incredibly stupid guy when I was a teenager. I just couldn’t take it. After a month or so, I wanted to push him off a bridge. And I’ve noticed if an ugly old guy has lots of cash, he seems to have little trouble attracting a mate. So, it’s a bit more complex than just who has the shiniest abs or prettiest eyes.

  35. slimjayz – and I thought I was the pessimist here! If humanity hasn’t become shallow, then it’s always been shallow. Because the hottest human girls are almost always the most insecure ones with all the self-issues, eating disorders and all that crap. They either don’t have much of a personality or are scared because their opinions might not always match those of the public – why can’t they see that it doesn’t matter? That people would respect them all the more if they just had one single opinion that was all theirs, that they stood up for?

  36. ALL through school I was corrected on papers for writing “they” and it used to confuse the hell out of me. My teachers would actually write “his/her” and cross out “they”, and I always though – I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S A HIM OR A HER – THAT’S WHY I WROTE “THEY”!!! And I still don’t get it… if I don’t know the gender am I actually supposed to write “him/her” ?!~? I had terrible schooling…

  37. @BritishHobette hahaha Chompy ftw!

  38. Hey, some of us are hot AND have a great personality. Well, maybe not that hot. And actually kind of a geek.

    Now I’m sad.

  39. @35

    Your argument is cogent and informed. And by cogent and informed I mean that if stupid was rape you would be an entire Tori Amos boxed set.

  40. Gee thanks.

  41. Oh my friggen gahhhh -@Soup… I just blew Pepsi out my nose from laughing!!!
    Love the analogy!!

  42. @wannabe_grammarnazi

    I would agree with you, but your blog has made me lost all respect for you within 4 seconds.

  43. @36

    You were probably using “they,” which is plural, when your sentence referred to the person as a singular. For example: “If a person loves their job, they are generally happier.” That is incorrect. “A person” is singular, yet you start to refer to the subject as plural with the use of “their” and “they.” The correct sentence is: “If a person loves his/her job, he/she is generally happier” OR “If people love their jobs, they are generally happier.”

  44. wannabe, you are so far off the beaten track, the best GPS device will never get you home.
    That is the most ridiculous generalisation I’ve heard in a long time.
    You have no fucking clue, and if you knew me for an example at all, you’d be eating up those words right now.
    Shame on you.

  45. lol

  46. I befriended the weird kid and it went fine at first but then he got way too clingy and he wouldn’t respect my personal boundaries and, well… it got weird. I was really uncomfortable and had to end the friendship, but I was afraid that would be the trigger that caused him to snap.

  47. @Soup:

    Just wanted you to know that I will be stealing that analogy very soon. Well done.

  48. I actually joined that second group. Yes I was drunk when I did it.

  49. hobbette, not making fun of you, you just reminded me of a similiar experience :-) My friends and I named this weird stalker kid Mr. Bean (we never knew his real name), and yes we were just waiting for him to kill one us. Totally joining that group :-D

  50. Soup FTW

  51. @GeezMom
    I assume you’re referring to the play and not the actual characters (although possibly them too). Anyway, the reason you said you always felt it was kind of stupid was kind of the point. It was intended as a cautionary tale, not a romance.

  52. I also was a fan of “I don’t get drunk…” I don’t understand what’s lame about it…but I guess it IS funny.

  53. @iyaa
    my… blog?

  54. @wannabe_grammarnazi

    I believe iyaa is referring to That is your blog, is it not?

  55. Yees…

  56. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    There’s no such thing as a slut. They’re just good sports ;-)

  57. @EmKitteh & iyaa, I fail to see what my blog has to do with this… I’m also a little confused as to how you found it, I wasn’t aware that I posted any links or anything anywhere?

  58. @wannabe…
    Your lamebook username shows up as a link. A link that leads to your blog.

  59. Is wannabe a little dim, or is that just my imagination?

  60. I was going to join the awesome one but my friends know better so I became a fan of I don’t get drunk, I turn into a jackass! instead. Much more appropriate unfortunately

  61. Why does the Romeo & Juliet one say “SLUT” as singular? Wouldn’t they both be sluts?

  62. @wordpervert, I might have to say that I am, for now… If all goes well, I will redeem that.
    What I don’t get, though, is how can the fact that I like the Mortal Instruments series make someone ‘lost’ all faith in me?

  63. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    GeezMom @34:
    The animal kingdom is awash with examples of species gettin’ jiggy before kicking the bucket:

    “Animal nature to want to have sex with someone you are attracted to. Yes. But to throw your whole life away over it? I’m not so sure. ”

    Well get sure: Some bees’ genitalia explodes inside the queen, killing them and making her stronger, in fact her survival depends on how many drones she murders, now THAT’s a slut.

    When Black widow spiders were so named, it wasn’t a misnomer. Insects do it at an alarmingly high rate.
    The Red-tailed Wambenger, an Australian marsuipuial mouse, bones ’till it can no longer, I’ve seen the killing fields, dead rodents piled on top of each other, with little smiles on their faces.

    But I should stop regaling you all with my intimate knowledge of critters that fuck then die, I scare myself sometimes.

    Humans fuck then die, slowly, we call it a honeymoon.

  64. ok i admit it… i joined the last group after seeing this

  65. the weird kid probably won’t spare anyone. but maybe if you’re nice, the weird kid won’t snap to begin with.

  66. The dino picture made me giggle :)

    @62 Wannabe
    Perhaps it was a more overall conclusion about your person rather than your love of the Mortal thing…?

  67. @BritishHobette

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just type: “My friends and I” than to type: “Me and my group of friends (I know, incorrect sentence structure. Spare me the grammar lecture.”

    Just sayin’.

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