Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Caption Contest!

Yeah… We don’t know WTF is going on either. Write a caption in the comments section below and we will repost it later today with our favorite one.

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  1. High Five!!

  2. In my sex shop, all dreams come true. Come!

  3. Rainbows and Butterfucks

  4. METH. It’s grrrrreat!

  5. “The 70′s Called… They would like Their Drugs back.”

  6. Just say YES!

  7. Whoa! It’s a double butterfly! No, wait, it’s starting to look like a TRIPLE BUTTERFLY! AHHHHHHHHH IT’S TOO MUCH! What does it mean?!?

  8. rainbows and butterflies and big shiny mustangs
    these are a few of my favorite things….

  9. is that snooki?

  10. These are the mandatory gifts for my sweet 16! Yes, you better find me a butterfly dog and a brick wall or I’m kicking you out of my party!

  11. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  12. My Super Ghetto 16 premieres tonight at 8pm only on MTV

  13. The Ultimate Douchedown of Ultimate Skankery.

  14. This is NOT what Rainbow Brite had in mind…

  15. My four favourite rides by some schizophrenic guy…

  16. It’s like Lisa Frank threw up.

  17. If this is what the butterfly looks like it must’ve been one fucking hungry Caterpillar.


    What do you get when you cross an ugly bitch with a butterfly?.. A fucking globe shaped spastic with wings.

  18. Float like a butterfly… Stink like a skank!

  19. Why Photoshop should come with an IQ test.

  20. jzimbert! Love your comment!

  21. Just one more excuse to rap it up before you slap it up. (i actually hate myself for knowing that saying)

  22. this is your trapper keeper on drugs.

  23. Butterfly dog humps car and produces this chunky fly.

  24. Dear Lisa Frank,

    I think it’s time for an intervention, your meth habit is destroying my childhood memories.

  25. I’m a butterfly in the sky. I am very high. Take a look it’s not in a book with photoshop crackhead.

  26. Hey, Insane Clown Posse. THIS is how magnets work.


    Fuck this is disgusting, it’s the zygote artwork of Hunter S. Thompson and Richard Simmons – it will leave a bitter sweet taste in your mouth like LSD and cock.

  28. It looks like Lisa Frank got drunk at a block party and vomited Four Loko all over PedoBear’s girlfriend.

  29. Inside the mind of Mariah Carey…

  30. Thank you MTV for pimping my slut.

  31. LSDoh’s

  32. Hey boyeeees, wanna be my quinceañera present? I’m just one taquito away from cleaning your house…in this dress.

  33. she forgot to put wings on the car and the racoon-chihuahua thing

  34. tinkerbell has really let herself go

  35. Butterfly in the sky
    I can go twice as high
    Take a look
    I clearly partook
    A Trippy Rainbow…

    The lyrics from Reading Rainbow theme song where almost spot on.

  36. iPhone – New Gay Goggles™ App. Hold your camera up and instantly make the world around you fiercely gay! Ever wonder what your little dog or slutty daughter would look like with butterfly wings? Extinguish your curiosity with a flaming pair of Gay Goggles™!

  37. One of these things is doing its’ own thing, one of these things just don’t belong.

  38. I think I’m dumber for having read the comments on this.

  39. Pedobear’s acid trip.

  40. Raspberry_FrenchFry

    Lisa Frank’s granddaughter disproves evolution.

  41. Where’s Waldo?

  42. Lisa Frank’s acid trip gone horribly wrong.

  43. Omg Lisa Frank! Hahah that’s exactly where my mind started to go too!

  44. “I’m a beautiful butterfly…” (ala Heimlich from Bug’s Life)

  45. If this is what Heart had in mind when they sang “Dog and Butterfly” then the Wilson sisters deserve to be bitch-slapped back into the Stone Age.

  46. My butterfly wings bring the boys to the yard,
    See me flutter they refuse to get hard.
    ole, ole ole…ole, ole ole

  47. Silence of the Unicorns

  48. The Butterfly (Fucked up) Effect!!

  49. Create-A-Trapper-Keeper CD-ROM: Express your personality with abstract designs and computer-generated images.

  50. Damn, I died and went to Thug Mansion and all I got was a white girl? That shit is whack.

  51. Page 2 of Random House’s new instructional manual entitled “How to Enter an Abusive Relationship with a Recent Immigrant”

  52. And after her vision board was complete, the universe provided Esmeralda with everything she ever wanted.

  53. my bitch is fly

  54. Acid and Facebook don’t mix.

  55. Lisa Frank + Pimp My Ride = Future 16 And Pregnant Cast Member

  56. mariah carey’s alternative butterfly cd cover sucks

  57. That butterfly dog better not scratch my fucking Mustang.

  58. She Photoshopped everything butterface.

  59. I looove flying puppies, and rainbows, and mustangs, and butterflies, and kitties, and back alleys, and spray paint, and slutty dresses, and LSD!! I also love how fat I DON’T look in this pic!

  60. (How I spent) Last Friday Night…

  61. She doesn’t own any of these. Stupid emo kids.

  62. I’ve had my suspicions for a while, but I can now say that they have been confirmed. I know who is posting as the fake me. But why, bro, why?

    I’m all for occasionally mixing it up a bit to keep things fresh. It’s something that Lamebook should have been doing all along. But holy guacamole, guys, surely you can think of something better than a caption contest?

  63. Photoshop: a privilege not a right.

  64. When the angel of echo park can’t seem to choose between butterfly-winged Benji and a chihuahua holding balloons, LOVE busts through the brick wall.

  65. This must be how twighlight fans view the world.

  66. Best day of college yet: my first acid trip!

  67. All of the comments on this are fucking retarded.
    You people need to go back to lurker land and stfu.

  68. even Jersey Shore thought i was too slutty

  69. What happens when you sneeze when playing with photoshop.

  70. Your weed called. You smoked too much, and paybacks are a bigger bitch than the one in this picture…..

  71. jimmywhistlebritches

    I like big wings and I cannot lie, but my two puppies they can’t fly, with a wall made of brick and heaps of random shit I got my hand on my hip, and Mustangs, Mustangs, why the f**k a Mustang?

  72. A banal, prizeless contest with even more banal caption suggestions. They haven’t picked a winner because there are no winners here. Has there been a mass lobotomy performed on the Lamebook commenters? This contest sucks a huge pair of hairy bollocks, but I thought there would be at least one half-decent suggestion. The best suggestion that can be made is that you lot need to go back to your comedic drawing boards.

  73. Here’s a contest: Is zigs’ previous comment A) “Banal” or B) “Comedic”? If you get the correct answer you win one cock stroke dedicated to your answer during my next wank session. Good luck!

  74. redbull gives you wings…..

    I can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

  76. …and this is why crack and photoshop shouldn’t mix.

  77. Walter – only one cock stroke? You can keep it.

    All I know is that butterfly girl has been deep-frying her magic mushrooms again.

  78. “Someday, I is gonna fly outta this ghetto, mmhmm. My pimp can’t hold me down, know what I’m sayin’?”

  79. Live in a trailor park? Want to make friends outside of the trailor park? Then be sure to post a photoshopped pic of you with cool cars and butterfly wings. This is a sure fire way to be super popular and avoid being called trashy. Don’t forget the puppies!

  80. “It’s Friday, Friday…” think this picture would go well with that song.

  81. Now you can buy everything – including things that doesn’t exist, were hallucinated from shrooms, or got jacked from a random mall raffle.

  82. i can tell by the cover that snoop dogg’s next porn video took some major budget cuts

  83. Crazy Town’s new album, “You Guys Remember Our Hit Single, “Butterfly,” Right?”

  84. If there isn’t a sticker of tweety bird wearing a backwards baseball hat on the back of that car, then I owe someone 20 bucks.

  85. AtheistExtraordinaire

    Photoshop for Dummies – The Lisa Frank version.

  86. Come to think of it, Bullet with Bulletfly Wings wasn’t half bad.

  87. Chick: “damn dog ate my last shroom!”(she looks pretty pist.)fluffy: “hey paris tell your pooch to hand over the helium!”

  88. Ed Hardy’s new shirt, “Jailbait” will be available in his fall line.

  89. That is one butterfly you don’t want smashing into your windshield while driving.

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