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  1. first finally
    take that ben

  2. gotta love a breakup over farmville

  3. insert clever name here

    Alora should be destroyed.

  4. What a bitch.

  5. People like Alora are the main reason why the Weapons of Mass Destruction were ever envisioned.

  6. Young stupid love is so fragile. Though, if my husband messed with my Sims world I would be pretty pissed!

  7. Alora needs to meet reality.

  8. you all blame the girl, but no matter if it’s dumb or not, if you love someone, you don’t mess with something they care about. And he was obviously doing it just because he thought it was stupid. He should have thought about her feelings. It doesn’t matter how dumb he thought it was.

  9. How many relationships will be ruined before Farmville is stopped?!?! Oh the humanity!

  10. probablynot, if they had children and a mortgage I might care, but these are just silly kids learning about relationships. They are in the baby stages of learning how to relate to people. Clearly Tyler wanted to break up, he was laughing about it. Alora is now better off.

    She’s also learned to not give boyfriends passwords, to not care so much about something so stupid and that other people don’t value things the same way you do.

    I say, the winner of the relationship is Alora, because she probably learned the most.


  11. Alora = lameass
    Ty L = dumbass

    She shouldnt care that much about farm vill and he should know you dont fk with something your chic cares about

  12. Alora would be better off having a relationship with a farm animal, as she clearly can’t relate to other human beings.

  13. Definitely over thought Penny Lane

  14. Seriously? She has problems.

  15. I don’t know what to say…they are better off apart, I guess. lol

  16. PLEASE tell me that Alora and Ty are 14 years old.

    And how on God’s green earth did she get almost a MILLION coins??

  17. Ms Terri, your nerd is showing.

    But seriously, this is one of the funniest LB entries I’ve seen. I’d like to see her reaction to bad news in the real world.

  18. All over farmville? LOOSERS

  19. Fucking kids!

  20. Am I the only one who thinks this may be a joke?
    (Maybe I’m in denial, but seriously, nobody can be that lame, surely?)

  21. unfortunately …. they’re probably adults.

  22. that game is a big pile of horseshit

  23. @the Doctor. You can say that again.

  24. i will never understand the stupidity of teenagers even though i am one

  25. I love to laugh at other people’s pain and so does Tyler.

  26. When the bank foreclosed on my farm, my wife left me. So I kind of understand what they’re going through.

  27. What a dick…
    I want to congratulate him

  28. Ohhh, fuck. SO much to say…

    Too much to say :| Can’t take it. It’s like that episode of Friends where they overloaded Chandler with opportunities to make sarcastic jokes…

    If this isn’t a fake… Jesus Christ… Tyler: Cock-end. Alora: Ridiculously over sensitive. Both of ‘em: Probably not out of primary school.

    I seriously don’t know what the lamest part of this is. Is it Alora getting so pissed off over this? Is it Tyle laughing at the fact he’s pissed off his girlfriend so much? Or is it the fact that ALora had over 900,000 coins on bloody FarmVille?

    Tbh, not really surprised they broke up. They seem like one of those early high school couples that don’t really give a shit about each other but are doing it for the sake of it.

    Tyler, I’m SO pissed at you right now.

  29. This is great. Someone buy that man a beer.

  30. @Kenada

    Maybe she’s like the woman in that one episode of Seinfeld who would cry over the most trivial things, but she wasn’t phased upon hearing the news that one of her parents (or was it a grandparent? don’t remember) died.

  31. I have over 500,000 coins on cafe world. But that shits addictive.

  32. Hey, I don’t judge people who want to do this crap. I play Sims and scrapbook. Most hobbies are useless. But keeping it in check is the key to not seeming crazy.

  33. I can’t believe that she left him over farmville! I play that game and if my bf did something like that i would be pissed and i would get him back but i would not leave him. This is hilarious! Go Tyler!

  34. I play the Sims too, god I have spent like a whole day on that game before, that was when I didn’t have a job though lol

  35. I got hooked on Sims when I was pregnant and on bed rest. I now only play it a few hours a week, but that’s mostly to maintain an affair between my favorite character and Bono. LOL!!!!

  36. This is probably just a hopeful thought, but I think they didn’t really break up, that’s why Tyler is laughing because Alora is just so pissed and wanted to highlight a point by “facebook break up”… At least I truly hope so… If so, this is perfectly healthy relationship with little teasing and a little anger. Ha.

    And this is hilarious!

  37. Hehe, I found them both. :)

  38. Lmao I have had to stop playing it think I was addicted to it. Needed cold turkey from it lol.

  39. Haha, on that status, Ty later said, “HAHAHAHAHAHA! You can fit a lot more green cows on your farm now.”


  40. heavily, how old are they?

  41. and Kenada, we’re all here posting on a lamebook blog. I’d say we ALL have a little bit of nerd showing!

  42. How could Tyler actually use up Alora’s coins for expanding the farm? I thought you needed the cash for that. Lmao.

  43. Over Farmville? Pllllllllease. Now, mess with my Yoville, and you will rue the day. Yes, rue! Bwahahahahaha. On a serious note, it’s just a game, but apparently one she is really into, and he obviously knew it. If I logged into my husbands World of Warcraft account and spent his gold, or whatever….. He would probably just as seriously be pissed at me. lol Although I don’t think he’d leave me over it. :D

  44. ZOMG! Tyler FTW, he’s my hero :)

  45. theres a thin line between love n farmville i guess!! :) )

  46. @LustyTheClown
    I was thinking along the same lines. Alora probably will (if she hasn’t already) change her relationship status back.

  47. Wow okay, I was wrong earlier when I said I thought this was a joke. I found their pages, and the fight continued some more after this. Alora sure likes her farmville..
    @Ms.Terri, Alora’s 16. Ty doesn’t say how old he is, but he seems a bit older

  48. @Ms.Terri

    Alora’s profile says she graduates high school in ’12, so she’s a sophomore. That’s… 15 or 16, so whoever said 14 was close.
    Also, her profile says:
    Don’t hit on me.
    I have a man whose 23137816 times
    hotter and more talented than you.”
    But she’s still single.

    It doesn’t say Ty’s age, but I’m assuming he’s around the same age as Alora. Also, his status is, “Hooray for internet fame?” Haha.

  49. bahaha… she finishes the whole status off with:

    Alora Rahn – shush you.
    you dumb.

  50. shes also a member of: “I type things into Google to see if I spelled them correctly…”

  51. Ok, Ty looks like a douche bag in ways I didn’t think were possible. He’s like an emo-meathead-metro-douche…

  52. Oh my god, the stuff they said when the picture was taken is AWESOME.

    Thank god for retarded teenagers.

  53. Seriously…John Hughes could make an entire movie based on this guys picture.

  54. I hate farmville ppl are always posting their stupid stuff to their profile like seriously if you want to play it play it but quit posting that stuff to my page!!!

  55. I don’t get why Ty and Alora have a mutual sibling…?

  56. Seriously…

    Attention whore douche bag + public profile = you just gave a lot of people your phone number

  57. !! These kids live 10 mins from joke! :O

  58. Tyler is much better off now, if she’s so immature that she breaks up with him over farmville then she obviously has no idea how to function in an adult relationship.

  59. @Ice It looks like they’re back together. And they are only 14 they’re meant to be immature.

  60. I’m pretty sure his default pic is Taylor Hanson… Where does the lameness end?! lol

  61. His REAL photos are so much worse. Trust me! lol

  62. The lameness certainly doesnt end here where you guys looked them up on facebook… just sayin

  63. For once slimjayz, I agree with you

  64. Oh…no, I couldn’t rest until I was SURE these people were serious. My work here is done… :o )

  65. apparently they’re back together now. i have lost all faith in humanity.

  66. If you look around you’ll see, they are happy about this fight being public. Idiots.

  67. Do you think he’d get as mad if she went on his COD? hmm…

  68. this is great. i love that he laughed on the relationship status.

  69. I think reading it made my day, what a class kid he is

  70. I’m an idiot & I don’t know if I found them or not. And if I did, I can’t see anything beyond their profile pictures so I can’t tell if Tyler is a douche. All I see is an emo pic of him next to a piano.

  71. And how much do I suck for actually trying to find these people? Geez…

  72. I think perhaps the teenagers need to worry more about school and life than 900,000 farmville coins.

    That said, if you have a lot of free time or have been playing since the game first started you can easily get that many coins. I have had a million coins several times over when I was playing on a more consistent basis.

    She is probably pissed because she was saving up for a mansion and he got rid of all her coins so now she can’t. I find it amusing.

  73. Ok found them. Her profile is private :( Thanks Ty for posting that picture.

    Now more importantly is the friends they have and share. Like high school girls who work at hooters? Really they hire high schoolers? So done eating there.

  74. A lot Andrizzle

  75. @43: Well, even though I don’t play it, if somebody fucked with my WoW account, I’d probably be pretty pissed just because it isn’t a free service. If I’m spending money, I don’t want it messed with. But something free, and much more importantly, something as lame as Farmville, if you break up with somebody over it, then you’re as lame as it gets. Fighting over fuckin’ pixels on the interwebs.

    Tyler’s the man.

  76. A long time lurker but this is so good I’ve registered just to post my approval.
    1) Don’t take something like Farmville so seriously.
    2) If your girlfriend dumps you over something like that, if your response is anything other than “HAHAHAHAHA” I’d say you were just as bad. Sort of thing I’ve done so many times in the past. Serious thumbs up for ‘Ty L.’

  77. That’s what I was afraid of, wordpervert…

  78. Any consolation, you’re not the only one

  79. @ Ms Terri & Penny Lane

    I have a 23 year old friend who is absolutely addicted to farmville and if her boyfriend did something like that I’m sure we would see the end of their relationship too. They actually do have a mortgage together no kids (although she does refer to their 2 cats as their kids) but yeah I could see her doing something very similar to Alora. Who knows maybe we will one day see my friend on lamebook! Also I think you can buy money on such games using paypal etc which could be why she had so many!

  80. one of the best ones i’ve seen on here. hahaha

  81. Awww…now Ty thinks it’s “stupid and no longer funny”…

    The internet is tough! Lame one minute and tired the next!

  82. how do you find their profiles?

  83. Thank wordpervert! I appreciate the support.

  84. haha wow I saw this on another site earlier.

    extended version

  85. does no one else notice that it has a “dislike” option next to his relationship status change? umm… since when did that happen? i have never seen a dislike option added to facebook before. unless i’m unaware of something.

  86. It’s an experimental add-on for Firefox.

  87. well that’s neat… wonder if it will actually end up working well.

  88. Excellent way to get out of a relationship Tyler. She was clearly a stupid bitch. This reminds me of when my friend had a long conversation on the phone with his girlfriend while paying attention to a video game. The conversation got intimate, but he just kept saying “yeah,” (or monosyllabic responses) and then she said “I think I love you.” To which he replied: “GARGOYLES?!”
    Relationship over.

  89. Maybe they should ban Farmville from now on…LOL

  90. wow thats lame. breaking up over a facebook game

  91. Alora needs to find a small corner and die. They publically broke up over facebook because of farmville. That’s got to be the gayest thing i have ever seen.

  92. Im the only one saw the Dislike button at the relationship change? :S

  93. lmao @ #88

  94. Loving the Gargoyles!

  95. very funny – i laughed loudly.

  96. Gargoyles! That is too funny!

  97. “Gargoyles” – I will find a way to say that at a very inappropriate and random at some point today. It is my new mission. lol

  98. hahaha u can tell it’s the w/end..
    don’t fkn mess with someone’s (virtual) fkn farm mate, i’m telling you!
    better off single ty..

  99. LMFAO ,
    this is ammaziinng :)

  100. If anything buddy did her a favor. Bigger farm = More farmville coins

  101. LOL I love it… I especially loved the fact that after he changed his relationship status to ‘Single’ he laughed about it. She’s a stupid bitch for having a wining about him wasting her Farmville money, sad sad bitch.

  102. this is the best.

  103. Her boyfriend was so much win!

  104. 100% agree with BritishHobo. On the other hand, this makes me realise how great my boyfriend is for not only not spending my CafeWorld money, but also saving me from Dalaran lag on a regular basis.

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