Monday, February 15, 2010

Forward Photos

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  1. ewww gross, why would you put a pic on facebook of someones hand up your good good? really… what are people thinking?
    haahaa gutted for her boyfriend.

  2. My face is stuck in a semi-permanent WTF?!! right now about both of these pics.

  3. …why. WHY.

  4. I suspect that piling multiple My Little Ponies near the b/f’s netherregions is her suffering from wishful thinking, and him suffering from delusions of grandeur…

  5. Ah, sure we all do it.

    Uh. Don’t we?

  6. Oh. My. God.

    What the f*ck is going on in picture number 2?? LOL That is just so strange and random, its hilarious, yet still disturbing..

  7. Second picture may be the greatest picture ever! LMAO!

  8. What in the…

    Thanks for the NSFW warning, LB.

    Casey’s boyfriend is a hot mess.

  9. She must have drugged him to get him to agree to that.

  10. maybe he forgot to get her a Valentine card, and this is her revenge

  11. I dont know if this is lame so much as it is disturbing…

  12. What makes you so sure Casey is a girl?

  13. Picture #2 looks like something you post on the net to get back at your ex..

  14. oh my god. what the hell is the world coming to ??

  15. @ Leslea

    If Casey was not girl, it would explain an awful lot. :D

  16. Why does anyone above the age of 6 own My Little Ponies??

  17. The first picture is disgusting, I really don’t get why people post those type of things on facebook. Some people need to be shot – just to get the point across.

  18. @ nashiefluff – because covering your naked body in iPods and mobile phones and other adult toys just isn’t as erotic.

  19. Ew thats sick

  20. All together now..


  21. @silent koala … So says you! That’s some hot geek porn, you’re talking about.

  22. @silent koala –

    Depends on the “adult toys” you are talking about *wink wink*

  23. I’d consider the geek porn, but I’m a PC user. I don’t want to catch a virus.

  24. (Sorry, I’ll get my coat. Is that my taxi outside?)

  25. I wish more people knew how to crop pictures. It’s gotten to the point that it’s super easy to do and most picture posting sites have an option to do that. CROP the vagina filled hand out of the picture and leave the rest as a “our first family photo”.

  26. “Hand filled vagina”, Shirley? ;)

  27. Her hand is full of vagina… I guess the vagina is full of hand as well :) , it depends on how hard she was squeezing.

    I wonder if she ate her placenta.

  28. Probably. Pictures of the sautéed afterbirth being served to the grinning family might well be on Lamebook by this time tomorrow.

  29. Ya know, as long as it isn’t from that video “Miracle of Life” I’m fine with that picture. Yeah, it’s stupid & annoying but it could have been a lot worse.

  30. Although “hand filled vagina” now sounds in my mind’s ear like a selling point, like “hand-stitched leather”. No, Sir, I want a finest quality *hand-filled* vagina, none of your crappy production-line machine-stuffed ladyflaps, thank you very much.

  31. Ech, I’m too tired and confused to bother with my usual lame attempt at humour, but… seriously, what the fuck?

  32. A little cropping of the first picture would’ve made it a completely normal and precious picture. Why don’t these people know how to edit their pictures!?

  33. Thanks picture #1! I always wondered what happened to Terrence Trent Darby.

  34. If he is willing to have that picture taken, I think her “boyfriend” is really her future gay best friend and she’s just too young to understand what a “fag hag” is…

  35. Terrence Trent D’Arby?! That’s proper old school. I had such a crush on him. It’s sad to see what has become of him.

  36. Scarlett The Harlot

    The disturbing part of the second picture is not the fact that he’s covered in My Little Ponies, but the fact that Casey had My Little Ponies to cover him with.

  37. WTF DUDE WHY ?????

  38. On the bright side, picture #2 has essentially eliminated any chance that guy ever had of successfully running for public office at any point in the future.

  39. Why would anyone put up a naked photo on Facebook, where everyone can see it, let alone a naked picture of your boyfriend, let alone a naked picture ofyour boyfriend surrounded by My Little Ponies?

  40. @ Sensible Madness

    Also any other kind of excutive position for that matter

    Its a also a massive facepalm if he was playing on the ‘hung like a horse’ idea, hes doing it wrong.

  41. Casey and her boyfriend have totally ruined My Little Ponies for me. Why Casey? Why? WTF!

  42. Pah! Two of those ponies aren’t My Little Ponies.

  43. Wow I can’t believe her bf let her do that to him! You can definitly see who wears the pants in that relationship LOL

  44. Just a little horseplay, that’s all.

  45. @Lady Dane -

    Considering he isn’t wearing pants, I’d say that’s a good assumption.

  46. As much as I’d love to come up with something witty in response to this, I must admit the My Little Ponies simply left me wordless. Honestly, wtf is wrong with people?

  47. I’m sorry but why can’t people crop that too much info stuff out? It’s not about the nurse going clam digging. It’s about the new baby! My little pony maybe because he has my little weenie?

  48. my little ponies was a win!

  49. Birthing pictures are no big deal, but the unfortunate thing here is, that if you’re gonna have an arm in you, you’d at least want it to be a more attractive one.

  50. I see a closet for Casey to exit in his future.

    First photo…um..they put cropping in photo editors for a reason!!!!!!!!

  51. Just a little tip for all the idiots out there – before you post anything on a public forum like FB, take a quick reread of what you’ve written. If the word “placenta” appears in there, for any reason, then erase it and step away from the computer until you get a visit from the common sense fairy.

  52. that nurse is literally elbow deep in clunge…

  53. There’s something a bit “off” about the hand holding the baby.

  54. @26
    ….and stop calling me shirley!

  55. Picture 2 – why would you post that on Facebook, and why would your boyfriend allow you to? What. The. Fuck?

  56. I’m going home to see if my hubby will let me take a pic of him like that– only with troll dolls instead of ponies.

  57. my little pony boyfriend is super creepy

  58. he looks like he’s getting a kick of of posing for the pic..

  59. I’ve found my new desktop wallpaper…thanks My Little Pony guy.

  60. The first picture… Well, that’s why we have the crop tool. Gawd.

    FaFaFooey’s comment made me lol harder than either of the photos.

  61. Casey’s bf is either whipped or secretly wants to be Mariah Carey, only with My Little Pony instead of Hello Kitty.

  62. I would’ve let my girlfriend do that to me, before internet.

  63. ok, I don’t know why the my little pony guy is getting more attention; I think the first picture is far more DISTURBING. The my sick pony could be a joke or a bribe, but Vanessa in the first pic totally doesn’t understand why it’s NOT OK to upload pics with someone’s hand up ur vajayjay, people like her have no place having children!

  64. Wow, Tante. That was one of the STUPIDEST things I have heard in a long time. How do, “people like her have no place having children”? The woman is taking a picture with her new born baby. Did you consider that she did not notice the nurse when she posted the picture? Unless you have been under a rock for the last decade or two, there are more disturbing shows on TV than an elbow near a VAGINA. If anything, Pony Boy should avoid having children.

  65. PosterformerlyknownasTristan


  66. Those My Little Ponies are protecting his modesty, but not his dignity.

  67. Casey’s boyfriend is one of her little ponies.

  68. Casey’s bf ‘My Little Penis’ picture… Classy.

    Not only will that preclude him from any form of public office, but also from intimate relations with must of the opposite sex. And, probably, from showing his face in public for the foreseeable future – the more physical members of our society may not show as much restraint as the Character Assassins lurking on LB…

    Watch out for the next one in the series: Casey’s bf ‘My Little Plastercast’ picture, strait from ICU!

  69. Heres guessing the ponies aren’t the only little thing in the second photo.

  70. Am I the only one who thinks the guy in #2 looks a little bit like Hitler? And I didn’t think it was possible for Hitler to be any weirder…

  71. you can still see his junk in between the legs of the pony…

  72. My Mother-in-Law collects My Little Ponies… some of those in the picture are seriously valuable. Like… several thousand dollars kind of valuable.

    …Maybe not anymore. XD

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