Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For Three Win!




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  1. Why do people get so uptight over Farmville posts like Jared there. It’s just a game. A time waster. If he really wants to know what is going on in Jenna’s life, why doesn’t he call her instead of sitting on her page waiting for an update like a fucking stalker? He’s a douche for letting a game piss him off.

  2. BTF, someone needs to show Jared how to hide lame FakeFarm notices in his friend feed!

  3. Spanky, because it takes up huge amount of space on your own home page. It’s very annoying and if you click on hide then I think it hides all updates on that person. I don’t think you’ve got any mates who are on it constantly it then you’d understand.

  4. @Ketchup

    Obviously you haven’t tried hiding it as it gives you the option to either hide all of that person’s updates OR hide the application itself (eg. Farmville).

  5. Oh and Sarah is an attention-whore, but clearly only if it’s Cody giving her the attention

  6. I’m with Jared, that shit is annoying.

  7. The ribbons are beneficial to friends who also play the game. Every ribbon someone wins is 100 coins in friends pockets. I get that but the constant updates about farkel scores, fish tanks cleaned, what does your eye color say about you, etc is really fucking annoying.

  8. Is it worth mentioning that there’s an option to block updates like that?

    Guess not.

  9. Sarah: whore

  10. I feel ya, Kristy – friend of mine was constantly writing cryptic attention whoring status updates but would then tell everyone “I don’t want to talk about it.” I finally called her on it much like Kristy here – not because I’m cool (obviously) but because I LOST IT. I am happy to report (read: no one gives a fuck but here we are) that she has cut way back on her attention whoring ways. At least via status updates.

    Oh, and people like Nikita make me puke. Put down Twilight and get yourself more of a life, dear.

  11. Love how Jared is “speaking for everyone.”

  12. Test.

  13. In my day we wanted to be footballers, actors, doctors, teachers etc. What’s the world coming to where everyone is a vampire, werewolf, mafia leader etc. I get the whole, lets escape reality thing, but really, a farmer? A virtual farmer? If I gave 99% of the people who play this game a spade and a pile of shit and I told them to fertilize the crops, I wonder what their statuses would then be, I’m pretty sure we’d see a lot less ribbons around thats for sure.

  14. I don’t understand why people don’t just click to the right of those posts and select “Hide Farmville”
    It will never ever show up again, and they can still keep up with the “offending” Farmer.

    Le duh.

  15. Used to play a farming game years ag, Harvest Moon I believe it was called. Loved that game. Don’t remember texting everybody telling them I’d just grown a carrot or found a lost cow/sheep.
    Yeah fair enough, you can block them. Or, you can not be the irritaiting friend in the first place and not constantly post it. I have often in a moment of sad weakness done a quiz or two. At the end I chose NOT TO PUBLISH! That way people would not only not find out my sad act, but wouldn’t find annoying posts either.

    Noone else notice the without out you? No need for another out there love

  16. I hate Twilight.

  17. Every time I block updates for one application, there are 3 new ones to take its place. It seems to be never-ending.

  18. Stu let himself down there with his spelling of ‘would’ and ‘myself’, otherwise I would have been entertained.

  19. Stu: mastered breathing for himself, aged 0. I’m guessing that’s mouth breathing.
    Spelling continues to be a hurdle for the poor little window licker.

  20. I wish Sarah could explain to me how using a smiley face in the middle of her rant seemed like a good way to get her anger across.

  21. #19 – Don’t you think it’s just a teensy bit ironic that you criticise someone’s spelling when you don’t even know the difference between letters and numbers? The letter ‘o’ isn’t a number.

    And what’s that about “mouth breathing”? Is there something funny there I’ve completely missed, or do you just think saying “Ha, you breathe through your mouth, not your nose!” is stellar comedy?

  22. Ahh, just realised the site doesn’t know how to draw a 0. My bad. Still, mouth breathing?

  23. @ wonkavision 20. I dunno, I actually use that smiley face when I’m being sarcastic, taking the piss etc.

  24. Farmville is f*cking annoying! It spams up my entire status page.

    Also, thank you Kristy for putting attention-craving whores like Sarah in her place.

  25. #20 wonkavision – it’s classic passive aggression. Our Sarah is a real catch.

  26. This site needs to be more selective about what it posts. The top one is the only one worthy of display and even then it’s bottom tier.

  27. That last one reminds me of the sort of person who goes to the bother of posting “No Comment”.

  28. But can Nikita breathe without IN you, that’s the question.

  29. @Bob http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mouthbreather

  30. I hate the use of “they” and “their” as gender-neutral singular pronouns. “Jenna” won something and wants to share “their” success with you? Is Jenna a multiple-personality freak?

    Can’t these stupid games just use “its” instead?

  31. @ 21 Bob – It’s criticize. With a z.

  32. @Gabrielle.. Bob could quite possibly be from Australia were we spell criticise with a S not a Z

  33. @Gabrielle: criticise only has a Z if you live in the US or use US-English. In the UK, Australia etc, Bob’s spelling was spot on.

    @Neal: I loved Harvest Moon too!

  34. I see. You learn something new every day. :)

  35. Jenna – nobody cares what goes on in Farmville unless you spell your achievements or any private communication out in hay bails. And even then it’s not that great until you come on here and make a tit of yourself trying desperately to defend yourself.

  36. Jared needs How-To-Block-Apps 101 lesson.

  37. @ Gabrielle

    Yeh. But like Nikita, you should be mastering these things yourslf when you are much younger. But don’t worry, I’ll try not to harbour any resentment.

  38. I play farmville. The only reason why I post things like that, is so that my other farm friends can get a coin reward.

    Dorky yes, but its part of the game and I want to help others who play it out.

  39. well jared perhaps you need to learn how to either stop showing what jenna does on your page or just learn how to not have the farmville displayed. either way you’re a loser.

  40. Farmville is for losers!

  41. jared’s a dick
    and ashley seems like kind of a bitch

  42. Farmville, mafiawars, fantasy gardening shit; its all for fucking losers… if you need small time wasters like this in your life, you need to get some hobbies.

  43. @R

    They found some hobbies, they’re called Farmville and Mafiawars.

    I don’t personally play them, but if you want to, more power to ya. I bet Jared submitted this post here and when the comments didn’t all praise him, he decided to not reveal himself.

    He has probably also blocked the apps on facebook and feels embarrassed for being such a tool, now.

  44. Trouble with Farmville is that it periodically publishes photos to an album in the user’s profile, meaning you can’t block those updates unless you block the Photos application itself.

  45. ‘No Comment.’

    (Passive aggression is fun!)

  46. @Jane

    Hey Now!

  47. Sure, you can choose to hide the updates from Farmville etc… HOWEVER, I can’t on iPhone FB and being a small screen as it is, the Farmville updates etc are a MAJOR EPHING WASTE OF SPACE… I’m with Jared… 100%.

  48. Annnd if someone told me they couldn’t breathe without me I’d walk away and let them choke…LAME.

  49. now that youve mastered breathing on your own its time to work on spelling…

  50. Nice try, damen, but the “n” on “now” should be capitalized, “youve” is not a word, “its” was used incorrectly, and you need a comma in there somewhere.

  51. @pupik:

    That’s the trouble with the English language. We don’t have a proper gender-neutral pronoun so people are stuck either using they/their or he-or-she. While the former is incorrect, it’s a hell of a lot easier than constantly saying “he or she”.

  52. @ alissa

    Actually “they” as a singular gender-neutral has been in use since the 15th Century. Please see Geoffrey Chaucer’s “the Canterbury Tales” for evidence.

  53. Miche, your an idiot.

  54. Miche….you’re.

  55. ok…who’s the little shit that used my name! i know this wasn’t coinsidence!!

  56. oh what the hell. i admit it…im a cunt!!

  57. The last one would have been so much better if he had only used correct grammar.

  58. he did use correct grammar. he says aged 0. like aged zero

  59. The really stupid thing about Jared’s post was that it’s pretty easy to get rid of those. If you hover your mouse on the right side of any application post then there’s an option to hide either posts from the application or the user themselves.

  60. Yeah I used to think those farmville post were pointless but actually if you click “Get a bonus from …” you get coins for your farm. Not that I play farmville… anymore..
    And yeah, if you don’t like posts from an application you can just hide them, it’s that simple. No need to try and be smart and make a stupid comment.

  61. Jared, I want you to be mine dude! I am with you 100% about that stupid Farmville shit.

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