Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Final Warning

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  1. sharon ftw

  2. Sharon is dumb. who needs her

  3. So great! I love Sharon’s last comment! I knew a guy once who I worked with at UPS that would leave for the weekend, play WoW all weekend, not shower, and ordered pizza several times so he didn’t have to cook all weekend…Video games are crazy yo!

  4. Did I mention..that it was “all weekend”..hehe

  5. It’s boys like this that make 19 year old gingers with bad teeth date older (creepier, though more attentive) men.

  6. Go Sharon! Gamers are losers and anyone who types ‘ZOMG!’ is a freakin turd.

  7. WoW is a whole different ballgame to the rest of the gaming kingdom. Saying that, I’m enjoying FFXIII now, and though it’s tempting to stay up all night tonight I won’t be ditching out on planned holiday with significant other over it. It’s about balance.

  8. lol

  9. I’m with Sharon and Ivygurl7 on this one. Video games are fun, but when you play them to the exclusion of everything else, you have social issues. My ex-husband evolved (or devolved) into just such a guy, much to the detriment of our marriage and his relationship with our growing children. Sad that some people can’t handle “real life”. If he had made an effort to play less and spend time with his family, he might still have one. When Dave posted “lol” I wanted to reach into the computer and smack him.

  10. The fact that they went and saw Avatar makes them both worthless.

  11. Sharon, you’re being a little tough on your man.
    Think outside the xbox girl, get your ass over to his place, grab hold of his joystick, and work it like there’s no tomorrow.
    It’s all good, everyone scores when you play the game like this.

  12. Ugh, Sharon sounds like a bitch. If she really wanted to hang out with him she’d get off her butt and go over to play the game with him. That’s what I would have done >.> lol

  13. I did same thing that Sharon did.
    Only my bf played WOW.

  14. Sharon, you learnt the hard way, but congratulations. Thank fuck you didn’t try to pander to some moronic sofa turd.

  15. @wordpervert, Yeah, she might get some lovin’ for a minute, but then he’d go right back to playin’ his game :) Not an effective method if you want their attention for the span of more than a few moments of diddling.

  16. I almost spit out my coffee when I read “sofa turd”..hehehe thanks for that leequette :)

  17. I don’t care how pissed you are at me, if you start berating me on my public Facebook page where all of my friends and family can see you airing our dirty laundry, bad things are going to happen. We might go to the lake, but only one of us is coming back, and that one is going to be playing video games all weekend with no distractions.

  18. Ivy, not necessarily, if one has all the right moves, he’ll can the game in a heartbeat.
    Can’t talk from actual experience here, cos I’ve never had a man who liked his games more than he liked me, so it’s never been a problem.
    So girls, step it up!

  19. Okay, there is a difference between playing video games all the time and wanting to stay in for this one game they’ve been waiting for. It’s just like any other hobby — she KNEW it was important to him and he’d been waiting for this day — they can go to the lake some other fucking time. From the information given, Sharon was in the wrong, even if her comment was funny (which it was.)

    I wouldn’t put up with a crazy person trying to put me down/dominate me in front of the world.

  20. I rather doubt the final fantasy douche is worth the effort.

  21. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, that’s what I did, and I’ve never been happier.

  22. I tried to up my “moves” once by reading “They Joy of Sex”…it was a problem though, cuz the copy was from 1974, and all the pictures had underarm hair and talked about the fragrant body odor and what…I put it down after that..my moves stayed lame.

  23. @12 – Agreed.

    Fuck bitches. If you can’t support your bf / husband through their (probably temporary) hobbies just because you aren’t interested in them, get the fuck out. It’s not clear that this guy always doesn’t hang out with his gf due to video games, but it is likely that he’s a big dork, and if his gf isn’t okay with that, fuck her.

    Ladies, as interested as you expect us to be in all the shit that you do, it’s unbelievable that many of you turn your nose up at guys’ activities in the same way.

    Full disclosure: I’m not into video games at all, but have had similar accusations from ex-girlfriends about the hobbies I have had.

  24. @19 – Totally agreed.

  25. let’s be honest guys, why the fuck would you turn down some sex just so you could play a game? no need to defend him


    the fact that she would shag such a clear geek means she must be pretty fucking grotty. i guess i would rather play a game

  26. word… we are normally in agreement, but not on this… games are fun and great, I love them… I play an online game called landgrab, which is like risk with a lot of different maps and rules… I had to search around for a game that was fun, mentally stimulating and compatible with life (this game lets me check in once or twice a day as needed)… If you have to tell a gf, wife, child, etc… that you will hang out with them at some point cuz ZOMG a game is more important, then you have gone too far… I tried Wow and its a fun game, but sooooo time consuming… so I picked my family and my life over a game… this guy is on the path to picking games over his life… and if you go and blow him then you just encourage him to be a lazy ass gamer… its douches like that who give responsible gamers a bad name

    Good gamers, like me, translate our enjoyment of games and social interactions into things like coaching sports and the like… In fact we got our first practice for little league is tonight

    so to summerize, dave is a douche and dont deserve no action

  27. I don’t know that much about games, but aren’t all Final Fantasy games only one player?(My brother used to play them a lot).
    She can’t really “join” him if it’s only one player.

  28. It’s not a big deal. Some people just aren’t compatable. My husband and I actually enjoy gaming together. He enjoys football and I like making guacomole. But if you aren’t willing to make it work then it’s better to move on sooner than later.

  29. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    wow Sharon sounds like a raging hormonal funny BITCH. this is why we should all say no to monogamy.

    and I repeat, “The comments on this site are the true wins.”

    and also Sensible Madness FTW.

  30. Elizabeth Bathory

    I don’t care who’s the douchebag in there, but Sharon’s last comment is an absolute win. Classic!

  31. I’m still with the guy. I got really into poker for a while (to the point that I even decided to forego a job and made my income off of it) and my girlfriend did not understand at the time that the challenge and enjoyment I got out of the game was not a replacement of her, but just a different part of my life that was also important for me to pursue at the time.

    In the example of an avid video-gamer, who has probably loved all of the previous titles in the series, it makes sense for him to take some time to himself and explore the new game. It’s not something that will last forever. I don’t even play that much poker anymore, for example, because I eventually found other challenges I wanted to pursue. I’m sure if his gf was like, “I’ll let you have the whole weekend, but I expect dinner on Monday” or something similar he would not only have complied, but thought that his gf was cool and understanding.

  32. I agree, Sensible Madness FTW!

  33. Dukey Smoothy Buns: “…we should all say no to monogamy”

    Damn straight. If anyone out there should take advantage of their George Clooneyesque abilities to pull tail, it’s gamers.

  34. Actually, that final fantasy joke is pretty played out. As the series has been around for over 20 years, I’ve heard every rendention of final fantasy jokes out there mainly because people don’t get that the game was designed to be time consuming. This game is actually gonna save me tons of money cause I’ll always have a reason to hang around my house and pool now instead of going pay money on an unappreciate, non-understanding Sharon. The dude was in the right on this one as I’ve done a bunch of stuff with my girl to get ready to hang out and play this game. My gf is actually a fan of the series only to watch the stories.

    Other than that it sounds like the classic gamer to non-gamer relationship, which usually fails.

    Also, the ZOMG was pretty ghey.

  35. @ carrot

    Its not about saving money… its about priorities… from the sound of it, this isnt the first dave dave has blown her off for a game… he has made gaming the priority

  36. What gamer doesn’t? Movie fans have a priority to go see a movie on release. Sports fans have a priority to go watch the big game. Apparently, she has a priority to go hang out in a bacteria infested body of water. =P

    She really does sound like a B though cause they went do something last week and now it’s his turn, it’s just not something she wants to do so now she’s gonna complain. Money always has alot to do with relationships… especially when I’m the one paying the bills. When I can save money it means I can go spend it on her, bills permitting.

  37. what a little B*tch. My boyfriend is going to do the same thing when he gets it this weekend and i’m not being (or going to be) a whining little brat about it

  38. I’m with Dave on this one. I would never nag my boyfriend to spend time with me on the day that a game he’d been waiting for came out. That’s really important to him and she should respect that.

    On the other hand, Final Fantasy is THE LAMEST GAME EVER. If my boyfriend was excited for it to come out, the ridicule would be never-ending.

  39. I wouldn’t go out with either of them. LOL Everything in moderation. I play games. Don’t know if I’d call myself a gamer though. I can’t think of anything like that I’d put in front of my family. However, I suspect they are both young, and really have no business putting a serious relationship as a priority. Some people need more attention than others. Sharon obviously needs more than she is getting. She’ll get it somewhere else, or drive some other guy crazy. Either way no big deal.

    My husband has one game a year that is important to him. As he’s aged it’s importance has dropped dramatically. I usually encourage him to take some time to himself and enjoy it, because he is such a giving and attentive partner the rest of the time. It works for us and life is about balance.

  40. the number of chics supporting dave is crazy… oh well… guess chics will take any dude if he has a job, teeth and vehicle… other than that he can be a complete douchebag loser

  41. Slim has earned +1 wis.

  42. according to that logic i am in! yes!

    also what the eff does ZOMG mean?

  43. It’s really nerdy leetspeak that just means OMG with emphasis.

    Pronounced “Zoh muh gawd!<3!!11!!11<3"

  44. thanks. i appreciate it carrot.

    @slimjayz i find it weird that the girls are all backing him up. it gives me hope for their species.

  45. ApplesauceBitch

    I would be surprised if my boyfriend WASN’T playing final fantasy right now. And if he was to call and cancel our movie date tonight, It wouldn’t be the end of the world. HOWEVER, if he stays down there all week to beat the game, without giving me a little action- I, like Sharon would be pissed.

  46. Apple,

    No legitimate fan would be careless enough to plan something on release night… if he did that… then tell him verbatim that “he fails for planning something on release day” and his punishment would be to make them repay the raincheck twofold.

    Just sayin =)

  47. You know, it makes me sad that there actually are people out there that do this. I always thought that the sort of people that go ‘COD BEATS HANGING OUT WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND ANY DAY’ were just ones that had never had one, lived in gaming worlds, and inhabit FMyLife.com.

    But anyone who neglects their partner for a GAME… they need help. Don’t get me wrong, I love gaming. I understand people love it a hell of a lot more than I do, and have it as a proper hobby. But I have hobbies too, and I wouldn’t cancel a date or neglect my partner for them.

  48. To cut a long story short: Dave’s Frodo.

  49. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Carrot wins on #41

    @Soup my bad, I keep assuming everyone is as hot as I am, but BITCHES like Sharon make you weep for what the average guy has to put up with just to get regular sex.

  50. cheers hobo

  51. Ok I’m out… work is about to release for the day. Later all.

    Dinner w/ GF last night… check.

    Cool new bunnies and pancake shirt for GF… check.

    Run home and kiss GF… in progress…

    ZOMG Final Fantasy… pending…

  52. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @48 Hobo no one is arguing about dave being frodo, because we all agree he is, But Sharon knew that before she started dating him.

  53. Everytime I see IveyGrl7 comment’s she makes herself look more and more like a douche

  54. for some reason i have an urge to dunk my balls in iveygrls mouth and yell out, gargle bitch… is that wierd?

  55. @BritishHobo

    I don’t see how you can jump to the conclusion that Dave is neglecting his partner, or that he thinks playing games is better than hanging out with her any day.

    My boyfriend plays games, but he also spends quality time with me, and helps out around the house, and satisfies my womanly needs. He’s the most caring guy I know, but a healthy relationship doesn’t mean spending every waking moment together. You have to respect each other’s right to spend time doing things they enjoy on their own.

    Staying home to play a video game the day it comes out is the equivalent of going to that big sporting event or, I dunno, the arts and crafts expo, if that’s what you’re into.

    If you don’t have a hobby that you can enjoy on your own, you make a very clingy partner to someone else, and that’s what Sharon seems like to me. Plus I bet she’s a bitch and hardly ever gives him sex.

  56. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @EmKitteh none of that really matters, the short story here is that Sharon is a bitch (like you said) and that Dave definitely has a pool.

  57. @EmKitteh: Well, in the status, Sharon says that he plays the games way too much, and that it’s ridiculous. They basically talk like they never hang out, but he keeps promising they will, then cancelling, because he says ‘we will hang out soon.. promise’, but she still acts like he doesn’t mean it.

    Hang on… I’m confused. There’s no reason I SHOULDN’T jump to the conclusion that Dave is neglecting Sharon. If Dave was anything like your boyfriend, spending quality time with Sharon, and satisfying her womanly needs… this Facebook post wouldn’t have happened, cos she’d be all satisfied.

  58. @slimjayz…that’s cuz I got a perty mouth :)

  59. Also slimjayz, for a minute I thought you’d made a comment saying you’d neglect anyone for a game, and were sarcastically thanking me for insulting you. But… glad we agree :P

  60. @RollTideRoll–At least I can laugh at myself and am not a pedophile like you..

  61. This reminds me of my ex roommate. One day his then-girlfriend was pretty horny so she got on top of him to try getting it on…and he picked up the controller and proceeded to play video games… Smh


    Seriously :P

  63. @BritishHobo

    Actually, if he was spending time with her and satisfying her womanly needs, that wouldn’t necessarily stop the whining if we go with my conclusion that she’s a bitch…

    But I digress. The real point is that I was riled up by slimjayz implying that guys who play video games are douchebag losers. In my book, playing video games is not on the list of things that make a guy a douchebag loser.

  64. The Blind Assassin

    Fuck you Sharon.
    I’m not a guy, and I think Final Fantasy is awesome.
    You are not worthy!

  65. He might be gay if he chooses gaming over pussy.
    just sayin’.

  66. I can’t believe that there are people that still go to the movies, worthless entertainment, as videogames, if you want to ignore yourself and this life, pay good dollars to shag your neurotransmitters with Pikachu’s thunderbolts…Facebook is so lame…

  67. The Blind Assassin, you sound cool. Any woman who’s into gaming is cool in my book.

    As for Sharon and Dave, I think they’re doomed from the get-go. Like Chris Rock said, “Whatever you’re into, your woman gotta be into, too, and vice versa, or that s*** ain’t gonna work. [...] If you born-again, your woman gotta be born-again, too. If you a crackhead, your womman gotta be a crackhead, too, or that s*** won’t work.”

    “You can’t be like, ‘I’m going to church, where you going?’ ‘Imma go hit the pipe!’ That relationship ain’t going nowhere. Two crackheads can stay together forever.”

  68. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I play games more than I should… and I’m well aware of that, but a booty call is so far above a game on my priorities list, that they’re not on the same page.

    A technical note: I saw a review on FF13 (I will not be getting it), and the game takes roughly 20 hours before it PROPERLY BEGINS!

    This is not “just a weekend” thing.

  69. how eloquent #66. ;)

  70. I’m with dietpill…
    Gaming is NOTHING like being into sports or a team or some other such ‘hobby’. I watch F1, my bf watches NASCAR – all totaled, we may watch 3hrs a week (each) during race season – ok, with pre-race and post-race BS, maybe 5hrs…
    Gaming is more like 5+ hrs a day. It’s not a weekend past-time or a little sumpin’. It’s an addiction – not a hobby! You cannot compare the two.
    Having said that, if you are so incompatible that there is no middle ground (less playing/more nookie) then it is time to end it. The relationship will never improve if she wants to go to the lake (read: fresh air and exercise) and he wants to be a gamer (read: pasty, indoorsy guy)

  71. -Absurdrelief
    There are such things as casual gamers. Just look at Nintendo.

  72. bollywood_rocks83

    I just got a bloody headache from reading all the comments.

    As the girlfriend of a gamer(who plays D&D every Sunday), I’m with Final Fantasy boy. I know never to plan anything on Sundays and know never to call him. That’s my compromise to him as long as he doesn’t drag me to his “geekfest”. For other games, I tag along with him even if I won’t play. It’s what he’s passionate about and tagging along is showing him I’m interested in what he likes.

    Sharon should cut the dude some slack. Like someone said, she’ll always find something to nag about even if he forgoes the game for her. She can go hang out with him while he plays. It’s still hanging out time.
    Plus, someone needs to tell Sharon that spending time together ALL THE TIME kills a relationship faster than nagging.

  73. oh I agree AfroMexican – I’m not saying there aren’t – but in this situation, where she says he plays too much, I’d say he’s more of a gametard than a causal gamer.
    @bollywood – IMHO you could use a new man…someone who wants to spend time with you doing your thing – not just having you tag along to his geekfests. That sounds sad to me :(
    I wouldn’t spend 2 minutes doing something ‘to show my interest’. I say “honey, you do your thing, I’m gonna be over here doing my thing”. I’m no one’s lapdog(but, that’s just me).

  74. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday my man has free rain over the TV and to play any game he chooses. All other nights it’s sex. He doesn’t complain and we both win. It’s all about compromise. Doesn’t this girl get that?

  75. I just fot FFXIII a couple of days ago. I wanted to call in sick to work, but my husband made it clear that if I chose to do that he would keep all the kids home from school to keep me company. Which means I would’ve had to share my game. *sigh*. I went to work, but took the game with me. See it’s all about compromise.

  76. Hell yeah. Let’s kick this pig in the nuts.

  77. nice not.bed. It pays to be smart, and compromise!

  78. *not.ben.

    Seems as though that’s where my thoughts are…my bed. night.

  79. slim, I like that we can disagree on occasion, it keeps it interesting, and we can have great make up sex after as well.

  80. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    It seems like the topic of gaming is a little close to everyone’s heart. Long comments, didn’t read all of them so if I’m repeating someone else then withhold your rotten tomatoes but my simple suggestion is cosplay motherfucker.

    Is Sharon paying any attention at all? There’s got to be someone foxy in that inane series to dress up like to get Dave’s joystick going in the non-virtual sense… Go drop some cash on a costume you unimaginative wench.

  81. haha and i suppose that if they went shopping together and he complained about that she would be all pissed off.

    I am a gamer and some of my GF’s watched stuff on tv or had hobbies i didn’t care about but i am not one to nag about that.

    It’s all about compromise , i a game comes out that i have been anticipating for a long time well then i will be non existent for a short while but if my girl wants her needs met , i am game …

  82. Sharon obviously doesn’t know how to satisfy her man so he’s looking elsewhere for kicks, if she had any ounce of decency she’d be on her knee’s giving felatio rather than whining about it on f/b…shame on her

    (take note ladies, if your man would rather play games than hang out with (or of) you – you just ain’t sucking it right)

  83. dietpillpyramidscheme

    If a woman dressed up as a video game character, I’d be freaked out…

    My other hobby however, could prove a bigger turn on. Is it just me, or does an attractive woman become roughly 60% more attractive by picking up a guitar?

  84. smart girl.

  85. She obviously watches too much of the Tyra Banks show… >.<

  86. I’m laughing at a lot of the ignorant comments made by some people here about WoW players in “general”, as all being lazy nerds who have no life outside of the game. This is true for a large amount of players, but don’t label everyone who plays as the same. I play it, it doesn’t take up all my time. Most of you probably watch TV, or cant miss your new episode of Lost each week. In the same amount of time you spend watching TV, I’ll probably be playing WoW instead. I play with real life friends, and have made some new friends by playing. I ALSO go out quite often, and I socialize with people who don’t play, and I don’t talk about the game unless I am asked, or unless I know someone who does, and even then, it doesn’t dominate my conversations. I’m out every weekend, and multiple times during the week days for hours at a time, socializing, and having a good time.

    But if you are a female, or a guy, who cannot get used to the activities and hobbies of your significant other, you’re the one that needs to grow up. If you are in a relationship just to change the other person, you are in it for the wrong reason. Life is about a balance, and doing some personal leisure activities, there is room for that. The only reason people come down so harshly on gamers, is because they are not gamers themselves. They can’t accept the fact that other people are, so they see all of them as the same pathetic losers with no life.

  87. bollywood_rocks83

    Absurdrelief, trust me he does. I watch Indian(Bollywood movies) and can watch up to 4 in one sitting. That’s 12 hrs of staring at a screen and he puts up with that. Why then can’t I put up with his hobbies? Plus, I like gaming too just not Dungeons and Dragons.

  88. I think someone said that Sharon needs to dress up as a video game character to help their relationship. Maybe nobody said that. Either way, fuck it, I’m replying anyway.

    That’s FUCKING ridiculous. Why the hell should Sharon do anything here? XD It’s obvious from the status that she keeps trying to hang out with her boyfriend, but he keeps blowing her off for games. Even if she’s being clingier than what you consider normal, that’s how she is and she should probably be with a guy who respects/helps with that. But whhy should she make any effort, when he never does?

    Fuck it, I know nothing about this couple, my time is wasted here. I’m gonna go sleep or wank or something.

  89. stereotaxic is right, not all gamers are the WoW variety that game for hours with a mountain dew IV and have no outside hobbies or friends. Most of the gamers I know play a few days out of the week, and have other social activities or hobbies on those other nights. FFXIII is the first final fantasy in years…it’d be like if there was a movie that was coming out that you were excited about, but you couldn’t go see the premiere because your boyfriend wanted to go hang out with his friends that night instead. Sharon could have just as easily called her girlfriends to go shopping or get a coffee or something, or have some hobbies of her own, and maybe if she let Dave do his own thing for a while he’d eventually put down the controller and give her a call cause he actually wanted to hang out with her. Or schedule a few nights a week for couple stuff. IMO it works out for my boyfriend and me, I rarely have to nag him out of his apartment and he often takes initiative to plan things for us to do, thought maybe that works out for us because we’re both gamers

  90. I’m a gamer my self, hell, it was my girlfriend that suggested she pick up my copy of FFXIII. I play when she is asleep or when she watches something in her language that I cannot understand. I have two full time jobs, so Final Fantasy will take a long time to pass. I would think my girlfriend is ok with me when she is willing to get the game for me. She her self plays farmville and likes puzzle games on her Nintedo DS.
    @Jaz: True, except for Final Fantasy XI which is a on line multi-player game.
    @carrot: So true, I may not have played all the FF games, but I’ve heard all the bad jokes.
    @amp333: Thank you, I just hope he’s not planning on beating the whole thing in one sitting.
    @EmKitteh: Hahaha, you just had to go and insult FF. Is it the fact that it’s a RPG? Or maybe you disliked Aerith dying… Nah, I’m kidding.
    @Absurdrelief: I’m a gamer my self, I am lucky if I can play 3 hours in a week. You’re being too harsh.
    @not.ben: That is funny, and I can relate a bit.
    @DivineMonkeyTrigger: You mean like this from Final Fantasy VII http://avatarwa.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/81753-151.jpg ?
    @stereotaxic: Well said.

  91. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7htH1SdYygE this should prove that gamers can indeed be clean people with normal lives and blah blah blah.

  92. @5 dtronol
    LOL :D

    @40 Slimjayz
    Chicks turning out to be more understanding than expected? :)

    @80 DivineMonkeyTrigger
    I think you managed to make a unique comment, as always ;)

  93. Sorry, went a little over the top with the :) ‘s

  94. And on top of what I said, Sharon sounds like a bitch. If she wanted to break it off, she could have done that in private, instead of trying to make Dave look like a total douchebag for liking games, and not wanting to spend every second of his fucking time with her. She sounds like one of those clingy bitches, who cant let their boyfriend do anything without her. High five and props to Dave for not giving a fuck. I certainly wouldn’t, if my girlfriend started calling me out on my walls, that would be it for her. Thats what private messages are for.

  95. @stereitaxic: Sorry but no. Good for you if you’re happy playing WoW, but no need to call Sharon a bitch.

    Sharon sounds like she is pretty damn fed up. It’s true, it’s completely inappropiate to break up with someone over FB and she shouldn’t have done it. But to be honest, from the way she talks it looks like this is NOT the first warning (“I’m serious”). While he just sounds like he doesn’t give a crap.

    I’ve heard this argument so many times already. It’s pretty annoying. If a boy prefers his console to his girlfriend then he shouldn’t be with her in the first place. It’s not us who are the bitches all the damn time; a serious gamer should take responsibility for the way he distributes his time. If he can’t do that, it means he has an addiction. I should know, I’ve had one before.

    Have a good day, now.

  96. fwiw i date a gamer, am not one, and it works out fine. he has his gaming time with his roommates and i do girly things/go to events he’s not interested in with my girlfriends, and then we have time together, which gaming does not come into at all. occasionally people want to do things that they enjoy; hanging out with significant other is not all anyone wants to do all the time, and it’s much healthier not to be together all the time anyway.

    however, this boy sounds like a bitch, and the girl has obviously been trying to get him away from the screen for a while. if you can’t EVER make time for somebody because of your hobby, you’re doing it wrong.

  97. @bollywood_rocks83: Wow, so your side of the compromise is not spending time with him and his side is not asking you to spend time with him; sounds fun

  98. @MonkeyMusic

    LOL! Seriously, I don’t really see proof in it that he was choosing a game over her, or that he is always more into his games than her. Some girls can be total bitches, and judging by her response by posting that shit on his profile, she sounds like the type that over reacts and bitches about the fact that her boyfriend doesn’t want to spend every second of his precious fucking time with her. She sounds like the type of bitch I probably wouldn’t want to spend time with anyways.

    But anyways, high five to Dave! There’s a whole bunch of less bitchy, non-clingy women out there who can accept him for what he likes to do.

  99. @stereotaxic

    I don’t think its overreacting if they’ve had this conversation many times before cause he’s obviously been treating her like shit for a awhile. Its understandable that she’d flip at him saying lol cause he’s not taking it srsly.

    She prolly just wants a man who doesn’t flake out on her for something like games, which he can do any time. The sad thing is i don’t even think he’s sad about it. Probably thinks ‘score, now i can play games w/out getting nagged.’

  100. coming from someone that has a boyfriend that is constantly gaming, I believe both parties were in the wrong in this situation. if this game is obviously important to him then he should be able to spend some time on it, however he should never put a game before his girlfriend. either way the conversation shouldn’t have been on facebook where everyone could read it because that is lame.

  101. My boyfriend is also a pretty big gamer. Something came out this past tuesday that he has been waiting for. His friend came over Monday night, they played all night, and he’s staying at his house until Friday. They’ve been staying up until 6 in the morning playing it. I got to see him Tuesday, but his friend was there too.

    This seems a little over the top to me, and pretty lame, yeah, but he gives me all of his attention almost all the time. I can deal with not hanging out with him for a week. He plays games when we don’t hang out, not when I’m around.

  102. Ugh. I think she is overreacting a bit. Especially to be doing it over Facebook instead of doing it face-to-face.

    My husband plays games all the time, but luckily so do I (and we sometimes play them together) so things work out. Even if I didn’t like video games as much as I do, I would try to take an interest in it, or play some games with him. If you are willing to compromise (“Hey, I’ll play some games with you if we do something I want later.”), things might work out better.

  103. pearls-before-swine

    This dude sounds a lot like my ex. Operative word: ex.

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