Wednesday, November 3, 2010

F’ed upville

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  1. I heard about this…classy woman. But seriously, I wouldn’t touch FarmVille with 49 and a half inch pole. Some people are also using this to attempt to sue the makers I THINK don’t quote me. But America is overly sue happy these days anyways. I hope they have the death penalty waiting for her and her goddamned crops.

  2. PS First twice today. So suck on that 49 and a half inch pole. As I a sure you can all tell today is my day off…dedicated to “studying”.

  3. People who play games like that on facebook are sad, seriously, fking addicts. Brb, WoW.

  4. *am sure

  5. now she can play prisoner in “brainville”.

  6. How did that woman even have a baby? I mean, since she plays FarmVille, she obviously does have a minimal social life. How did she manage to get laid?

  7. How the hell does someone even admit something like that? “Yeah I killed my baby because she was fucking with my imaginary crop harvesting.” Reminds me of that couple who let their baby starve while they were taking care of a freaking cyber baby online.

  8. great, so while reading this i was trying to open my cranberry juice bottle and since this post really upset me, i twisted it too hard and spilled the juice all over my top AND my laptop.

    also, that is one crazy bitch. i bet she’s more concerned with who will take care of her farmville crops while she rots in jail than with the fact that she’ll have to go to jail.

  9. Too soon Trish, this post just mad me incredibly sad.

  10. I have to say that I feel pretty bad for the mom here. She doesn’t appear to be all there or to have had the best upbringing, and yet here her life is ruined (she will receive a minimum of 25 to 50 years and could receive life imprisonment). And why? For shaking the shit out of a screaming little brat. Her best sex years are being taken away from her.
    Ok, she over-reacted. And granted, farmville is hardly ‘important’ in most people’s eyes (including mine). But think about if, say, you were on the verge of discovering a formula to cure cancer, only you couldn’t because this goddamn little wiener would not shut up. Now to some people farmville is that important. And values are subjective.
    So, fine, she was wrong. But I still feel really, really bad for her.

  11. Trish isn’t funny

  12. Seriously, I have no idea what’s actually involved in playing farmville, but can you not step away while you’re playing? The only time it would be acceptable to neglect your children is while one is “raiding” while playing WoW (I don’t play it, but my bf does – and for reasons beyond my understanding, “raiding” uninterrupted is important)

  13. i seriously hope you’re being ironic @mad2.

    how could you possibly feel sorry for her? and how is a cancer cure even comparable to farmville? why the f* did she even have a baby if she couldn’t handle it. i don’t feel the least bit sorry for her, she killed a BABY. i hope she rots in a cell.

  14. WTF O_O

  15. @jellica I play WoW, and raiding uninterrupted is important because it’s a live steaming world and in a Raid specifically you have anywhere from 25 to 50 players depending on you to be present and alert. If you have to get up to tend to something/someone too often you risk fucking over everyone else.

    However, it’s still just a game and a raid can take from a half hour to an hour. It’s best to either make sure you have someone to take the baby while you’re playing, that or time it if the baby’s on a predictable schedule. Leaving a baby to scream, hungry and/or wet for that long is a decidedly bad idea. Best to just schedule your raids around the baby rather than tell the baby to suck it up while you kill that dragon.

    Or, what I did when mine was still tiny and have her sleep right next to me while I played with everything I might need, so I wouldn’t have to step away :P

  16. No, I’m not being ironic whatthe.
    A cure for cancer is not comparable to farmville – to you or me. But different things matter more or less to different people. Just because you think her farmville is meaningless doesn’t mean she agrees.
    She killed a baby. You don’t find it ironic that had she done it a few months earlier it would have been perfectly legal (not to get all Fargis-ish here). I mean you are flipping out on her because she waited till it exited her womb to kill it?
    I actually oppose abortion. But I still feel bad for this woman. Her life is being fucked up way beyond what she deserves.
    Honestly, I think she needs therapy more than anything.

  17. How can you feel bad for a fucking murderer? You people are seriously fucked up.

  18. Every violent criminal has a sad story behind what they do. For that I can see they might deserve some sympathy but unless they’re insane they are still responsible for their actions and deserve to suffer the repercussions of their crime. I don’t find anything worse than taking the life of an innocent child. No matter what that woman’s story is, she deserves everything she gets because if you’re struggling as a parent there is help out there and she chose not to seek it but to immerse herself in a ridiculous game.

  19. mad2, wow. Seriously? You feel bad for a woman who killed her child? Even ignoring the fact that she killed it over Farmville, SHE KILLED HER INFANT. By what leap of logic is she the victim? Her life is not “being fucked up.” She did that all on her own.

  20. I feel sorry for her as well mad2, she probably didn’t realise what she was doing til now.
    But that’s why we have punishments that fit the severity of the crime – to hopefully make others realise (before they create a tragedy) what the impact and consequences will be. Feel sorry for her … but still think she should go to jail for a very, very long time, even if she gets therapy in there.

  21. When you murder someone, they don’t base your punishment on what matters more to you. If you murder someone over Farmville or because you’re defending your beliefs, it’s still LEGALLY and MORALLY wrong. And yes, according to the law, it absolutely, positively does matter that the baby exited her womb before she killed it. She fucked her own life up. There is no way I’m going to believe that she thought it was okay to murder her baby because of Farmville, just because it’s a baby and Farmville really matters to her.

  22. how are people addicted to these?? fuck its just a game i tried all those facebook shit and i didnt like it at all some people need a life.

  23. @myredstar: thanks for the parenting tips, I was just being an ass though lol… And I understand (to a degree) why you can’t step away during a raid, but that was part of my question – I’ve never played farmville, is it the same kind of thing where you have to stay chained to the keyboard?

    And @mad2: you comparing the abortion of a fetus during the early stages of pregnancy to murdering another human being is just plain ignorant – give your head a shake

  24. mad2physicist apparently has his/her priorities in life all fucked up and I feel sorry for him/her. I would suggest therapy.

    As far as therapy for this murderous cunt, since she is now in the “system” so to speak, that would require everyones tax money to go towards therapy for this bitch…and I say “fuck that”.

    Give this bitch the death penalty. If her mind is that fucked up where she can murder a 3 month year old child…for ANY reason…apparently, she is a danger to society as a whole and therefore has no use in society. I”d like to shake and beat this cunts head against a wall until she dies…while I am busy playing Fallout 3, of course…I hate Farmville.

  25. Someone fertilized her crops too soon
    this is what happens when irresponsible kids become irresponsible parents…although no one can call her an irresponsible cyber farmer, so she does have that to her name.

  26. @mad2 oh no, no, you misunderstood – when i said “why did she even have a baby…” i meant, why didn’t she use protection if she wasn’t ready (which she obviously wasn’t!) to raise a baby. i didn’t mean she should have had an abortion, cause i am actually against abortions (except for rape cases, but that’s a different story).

    so yeah, i just get really mad when i think how there are so many people who can’t have kids but would be ‘perfect’ parents and then there’s people like alexandra tobias. that just really upsets me. but yes, she definitely needs some psycho therapy – but i also think she deserves jail time for killing a baby.

  27. I haven’t tried to play farmville in many months, but my experience was it was very easy to step away from. I have 3 small children and no way could I go raiding. Farmville is very doable though because you can walk away any second and come back whenever you want. Not even any saving involved.

    Poor baby was probably crying because she was neglecting it. If the baby was such an inconvenience she should have dropped it off at a fire station or something. I don’t feel sorry for her. We don’t get a consequence free life. Tough shit. Shake a baby to death over a video game, you pay the fucking price.

  28. p.s. also, i understand what you mean when you say “to her it was really important” but that’s in no way an excuse to kill someone! especially not an innocent, defenseless baby >:(

    i mean i really, really like chocolate, so if someone bought the last bar of my favourite chocolate would i have reason enough to kill them? i don’t think so. actually, no matter what the reason (e.g. if i had a kid and someone raped or killed them, i’d want to murder that person with my own hands – but it still wouldn’t be justifiable and i’d still have to go to jail) we have no right to kill another human being.

  29. @mad- Don’t feel sorry for her…no matter what the circumstances or how much the baby cries, you should know not to take a helpless little infant, who you an feel is a barely connected mass of flesh and bone; and shake it…period! especially hard enough to kill it and especially if it is your own baby that CAME OUT OF YOU. would you lose enough control to deck a baby? That is just what shaking is, punch a wall or something.

  30. @watthefargis – saying that we don’t have the right to kill another human being is pretty ridiculous, we don’t have the “right” to do anything. There’s no such thing as a “right” when it comes to doing anything at all. I agree that killing a baby is reprehensible but at least use a valid argument.

  31. I think mad2physicist might really be Alexandra Tobias. That would be the only reason to explain how they could defend a fucking murderer.

  32. Part of me thinks that this kid got lucky, I mean imagine having her as a mother. This kid would have been raised in a abusive and neglectful home. Years of emotional and physical torment have been avoided.

  33. You might be right, unbelievable.

  34. @whatthefargis
    clearly in that situation it would be morally right to kill this person, legally you must pay the price though. Of course in that case, the price is well worth it.

  35. No, Spanka…if she didn’t want the responsibility of caring for an infant, she could have easily dropped it off in front of a hospital, fire station, 7 Eleven, or ANY populated area. At least the child would have had a chance to LIVE. I would definately not describe this child as being “lucky” by any stretch of the imagination.

  36. @mad2

    She couldn’t do what something that was important to her because of some “wimpering brat?” That is why you feel sorry for her? Feel sorry for the kid and quit being so dismissive of that baby’s life. Also 3 month old baby’s cant be brats, they are infants who can’t talk. A brat is someone is misbehaved. A baby doing what is supposed to do when it needs something, like crying is not a brat. This woman destroyed her own life and that of her child. Her child unfortunately had no say in the matter. The electric chair is too good for this woman.

  37. @xploder okay, let me rephrase that:

    it is MY opinion that humans don’t have the right to kill other humans, no matter what the circumstances. as i said, there are a few situations in which i could see myself being angry enough to kill someone – but that doesn’t mean that i have the right to do it. you can argue with that, but i’m just stating my opinion as i was before.

    and guys, mad2 is certainly not alexandra tobias, as he’s been on here for a long time. i can’t really understand why he’d feel sorry for her either, but that’s no reason to get all insulting.

    @jonjones i understand what you mean, but i still don’t think it’s “right”. e.g. if i had lived in the 30s and crossed hitler’s path (knowing what would happen in the future) i’d have killed him, but i still don’t think that it would have been ‘right’. i just don’t think killing anyone is “right” even though it might be replicable in some situations why someone did it. i hope that made sense, haha.

  38. I agree sneaky. She should have dropped the child off but she didn’t. She decided to bring the kid home, collect money from somewhere and abuse and neglect this child. This abuse would have gone on for many many years. My heart is heavy but i also feel that this child has been spared a life of torment.

  39. @ariesdragon
    Clearly, any infant who cries is a whimpering brat…nearly 3 months old and still crying for such useless things like food..milk…diaper changes?! It’s time to grow up, get a job and get your own food. If you don’t start setting boundaries and pushing your child away to work things out on their own, they’ll never be succesful adults. You let your child push you around for food and water and bam! next thing you know they’re 40 and still living in the basement, Alexandria was probably just trying to teach him how to push the other infants out in the street(where I assume the baby spends most of it’s time since Alexandria is clearly far too busy and important to deal with him) After all, a boy’s gotta learn to fight sometime.

  40. i honestly have to say this is the first time in my life that i’ve been offened by a “joke”. I’m so pissed off at so many things said and joked about in this post i can’t even gather the words to say. Dumb fucking bitches like this phsyco should be forced to get an abortion. I’m sorry, but thats my opinion. When i hear about all these babies/children being beaten, neglected, starved, just being treated horribly it brings tears to my eyes but i would rather the child be put out of there misery before they have to suffer. AND I DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR ANY OF THOSE FUCKED UP PEOPLE WHO WOULD HARM A CHILD. i don’t care if you had a horrible upbringing and are fucked up by it lots of people do, doesn’t fucken give them a right to kill there own child. I hope this cunt dies a slow painful death.

  41. Sooo let me get this straight jo101. You believe that the government should force women (that may be “psycho”) to murder their unborn children because they might kill them in the future? Either way, the kid is still being murdered. I’m not disagreeing that what she did is completely horrible and that she should be punished but abortion shouldn’t be the answer. That’s sick.

  42. I just wanted to say, it’s hard to feel sorry for her when you read the reports of what happened. On one hand she claims to not have “been the same” since the death of her mother.

    But she picked the baby up, Shool him, LIT and SMOKED a cigarette and then picked him up and shook him again.

    The break in between the two assults is what makes the her story unforgivable

  43. ………..there are no words..

  44. That sounds smart jo101, let’s give the government the right to kill babies if they believe someone is ‘psycho’. Sounds like the most reasonable response to a bad mother shaking her baby to death, I can’t really think of any other reasonable response apart from maybe outlawing children altogether…but that seems too reasonable. Did I mix up my definitions for reasonable and completely insane again?

  45. Fucking Farmville.

  46. Good lord there’s an angry mob on here today (with pitchforks, torches, and straw hats too, I bet). Twice in one day guys?!

    I’ve no doubt in my mind that mad2 knows the difference between a foetus and a human child, and that murder is wrong, he’s probably playing the devil’s advocate to level things out (I would have if he hadn’t).

    # 24 “3 month year old child” is my personal win of the day :)

  47. This is bullshit. The pigs and political fat cats are all in on this conspiracy. She’s just covering for Michael J. Fox. Stop being such sheep, and allowing yourselves to be steered by emotion. Farmville is just a convenient scapegoat.

  48. I don’t think that giving the government the power to kill an unborn child is the solution. However sterilisation for all murderous bitches, I’m all for.

  49. I’ve changed my mind: “Stop being such sheep, and allowing yourselves to be steered by emotion” is my personal win of the day. Hail Soup.

  50. Agreed, Saffer. Hail Soup! *Holds a ladle in one hand, a can of soup in the other* What shall be his war cry? Help me out here.

  51. “Her best sex years are being taken away from her.” -Mad2physicist

    A valid concern there! Her future is ruined! RUINED! Sex is the new 42! Afterall, any sane person’s First concern is not being able to have sex when convicted, right? :D

    I’m not a fan of crotch-spawns, but since she was too stupid to use a condom or go on a pill (Had she not heard of the magical contraceptions?), and delivered the spawn, well, there’s this thing called Priorities, Responsibilities, and Parental Obligation. FFS, she’s already 22, an adult. Just what is today’s age for developed mental maturity? Cyber farmer > real life ? Sheesh.

  52. Umm I just recently bought a baby from Wal-Mart. I knew something was fishy when I didn’t receive a receipt, now I don’t know what to do with him….Would anyone like to buy a baby from me?

  53. Oops wrong section…Maybe I was bought from Wal-mart.


  55. Shay, leave the stupid pro-religious “abort is wrong” argument outside please, this is an attempt of a serious conversation, we don’t need ridiculous (retarded) arguments here.

  56. So if I think abortion is wrong it’s retarded? I don’t think so. Just because it might be a different argument to yours, doesn’t mean it’s a retarded one.

    As for Mad2 …. I am really hoping you are pissing about.

  57. its a shame that everyone is so focused on the stupid farmville part of it, and is focussing on using that as the main reason, anyone heard of POST NATAL DEPRESSION, YES what she did was wrong, but maybe there were signs that she was depressed? maybe instead of asking for help she used the game to take her mind off the fact that she couldn’t cope. maybe her PND was severe? do we know the full story?? NO

    yes I am a parent and yes I have suffered PND so I know how it can make you think and do things that are uncharacteristic. but gladly enough I recognised something was wrong before I got any worse, I couldn’t imagine harming my child though, my thoughts were more aimed at myself, and how my child would be better off without me.

    I AM NOT SAYING THAT I FEEL SORRY FOR HER OR ANYTHING> but before I jump to conclusions and focus of the stupid game she was playing I would rather know her full story before condemning her completely.

  58. It’s retarded because it doesn’t fit in this topic at all. It’s totally unrelated.

  59. I’m going to try and make my comment as non-judgemental and non-argumentative as possible. LOL JK this is lamebook.

  60. The pro-abortion comments were also off topic. So lets not pick on shay. It’s not like it’s the first time comments have gone off topic from the original posts.

  61. I’m a bit late to teh party here butI feel the need to get a few things straight in my brain…

    All of you think it is wrong to kill a baby. Right?

    How many of you know anyone who would think it was O.K. to kill a baby? I’m guessing probably nobody.

    Therefore would it be a fair conclusion to say that somebody would have to have serious mental issues to deliberately harm their child?

    Isn’t it also widely known that many mental issues leave you incapable of normal thought processes which can lead to improperly concieved actions?

    So… This woman obviously has mental issues as she killed her own baby, most likely by accident as she was probably not fully in control of her thoughts and actions at the time.

    Killing her baby was wrong. Nodoby is saying that it WASN’T wrong, at least not to my ears (well, eyes, but you get what I mean)

    What mad2 is saying is that he feels sorry for the woman who, when she gets over her mental issues (something that not a single friend or relative noticed), will have to live for the rest of her life with the knowledge that she killed her own child.

    Many may say that it is what she deserves, she killed her own child, living with the consequenses is only a small recompense, however it is unlikely that she was fully aware of what she was doing and as such I too feel sorry for her.

  62. nicknack and Tazinijif are completlely right in this conversation.

    The rest are all trying to be politicaly correct to feel good about yourselves in today’s society.

  63. That stupid bitch is too stupid to have a baby and she should be imprisoned (and de-vaginised just in case she came in contact with any male guards or the warden). If she had the intelligence of the average idiot she would have just thrown the baby down some stairs and claimed she slipped or that a black man pushed her.

  64. I can’t believe it took 56 comments before anyone thought to mention post natal depression. Thank you nicknack and Tazinijif, for pointing out that there must be underlying issues.
    Instead of everyone jumping on mad2physicist for feeling bad for this woman, why not think about what could have possessed her to do this?
    I feel bad for her. She has to live with the knowledge that she killed her own baby, and the world will judge her for that. It’s something she will never get away from, and she is being punished for it. I feel sorry for her> If she did have post natal depression then she hit breaking point, unable to cope with the demands of a baby and unable to understand why she felt the way she did. Her actions were incomprehensible to us, because we are not suffering from PND or and mental illness, but if she was then it wasn’t a logical thought process.

  65. Careful Walter, Scuzz Bucket will think you’re being too politicaly correct.

  66. Yes, the first thing I thought of was PPD (Post-Partum Depression). In the picture she looks “out of it”. She very well may have been suffering from Post-Partum Psychosis. She also very well may have just been a horrible and vile excuse for a mom. I’m sure psychological evaluation(s) will come into play that will help us determine what the hell was going on with her to kill her own baby over a game on the internet. I bet she was severely depressed and Farmville was her way to escape, her way to cope. I’ve had 3 children. My PPD got worse with each. Fortunately I had just “regular” PPD and an amazing husband and support system. Perhaps this woman had no support system or family/friends that didn’t notice or didn’t care to notice? I had nowhere near psychosis but lemme tell you, I wouldn’t wish PPD on my absolute worst enemy.

  67. She has pleaded guilty. If she had PPD and it was so bad that it caused this kind of psychosis wouldn’t she be pleading innocent by way of mental incompetence or something like that? Or in the trial is that when they will bring the matter up and ask for leniency? Anyone?

  68. I don’t give a flying fuck about her post-partum depression. I have suffered from serious depression for almost my entire life and I have never KILLED anyone, let alone my own goddamned CHILD. The only way that mental illness is an excuse for murder is if you are so out of touch with reality that you literally don’t know what you are doing, and that’s not the case with any kind of depression. You are a bunch of sick fucks.

  69. @idontknow – apparently those of us with the same opinion of you are just …

    “trying to be politicaly correct to feel good about yourselves in today’s society”.

  70. When I first saw this my immediate reaction was ‘does she have a slightly lazy eye?’

    My second reaction was ‘Don’t let the old bog eye’d thing put you off, you know you’d rat-a-tat-tat it anyway’

    My third reaction was ‘Ah No she plays Farmville, She probably considers reading a bus ticket as a serious thought provoking read’

    Then I went and had a completely unrelated wank.

  71. @mad2: I was going with what you said at first, maybe she had severe psychological problems, post-partum depression, learning disabilities, possibly schizophrenia etc etc and it’s sad that this is how her life turned out. Alright got that, sympathy for the mother and the baby, check.
    Then you veered off on this cancer cure shit, her ruined sex life and proceeded to call the baby a “goddamned little weiner”.
    What the fucking fuck? I hope this is some kind of deranged joke on your part. Sick.

  72. I just have one question. Was Andrea Yates playing farmville when she drowned her children?

  73. @stareway Yes, and surprise of all surprises, the COlumbine shooter was as well…and come to think of it…OJ?

  74. @idontknow

    You are obviously having trouble understanding so I will explain again.

    Killing children is wrong.

    There is no excuse for killing children.

    I don’t think it is right for people to kill children.

    Killing children is and should be, a crime.

    Killing children is bad.

    Is that enough different ways of saying it?

    There is a difference between condoning killing children and pitying those who do it. Perhaps looking at it a different way will help, if a child is killed, you feel sorry for the parent of that child, right?

    Her child is dead. I feel sorry for her because of that.

  75. @mad2 : I usually agree with you, but not here. Really believing in something and it being fundamental to you does NOT excuse killing. Period.
    Only need to think of honor killings : She looked at a man so she should die, and I should be the victim here because my honor is soiled.
    And that’s not even farfetched.

    @ nicknack : I had a post-partum. I didn’t kill my kid. I got help. Depression is serious. It may help explain what happened, but it’s no excuse.

  76. Tazinijif, not completely invalid points, but they don’t take the whole situation into consideration. We all agree that a lot of things are wrong, but people do them anyway. Just the fact that you’ve done something wrong doesn’t automatically mean you are mentally deficient. It could just mean you’re an asshole or that you have no respect for the law or for morality.
    You make a point of noting that none of her friends and relatives noticed that she had a mental problem–maybe that’s because she didn’t have one? Again, I’m not saying she did or didn’t, but neither of us has the information required to make that guess. Or maybe she’s a clinically defined narcissist. That’s a psychological condition that would explain why she got so mad when her Farmville game was interrupted, but it’s not an excuse to murder.

    Second, I don’t think your point is the same one mad2 was making at all. If he felt sorry for her in the larger picture of “I feel sorry for my fellow human that she would do something like this,” fine. But he feels sorry for her because she won’t get to have anymore sex and is losing the “best time of her life.” He has completely abdicated her of all responsibility, and you don’t get that in this world. In this world you take responsibility for your actions. If she has an actual mental disorder, fine, but you can’t assume that just based on the fact that she committed a crime.

  77. Also, in your defense of mad2 you say none of us agree that there is ever an excuse to kill a baby. On that point I invite you to mad2′s posts, wherein he says if you’re doing something really important to you, you might in fact have to kill your “screaming brat.”

  78. @lametothemin
    I am not basing her having a mental disorder on a crime, I am basing it in the fact that she shook her baby to death because it cried whilst she was playing farmville.

    I imagined that mad2 felt sorry for her because she would have to live with what she has done for the rest of her life and was simply trying to be funny with the no-more-sex type stuff, but I appreciate that I could have been wrong there.

    Shaking a child is not the first thought that comes to mind when you think about murdering it (not that I have ever tried, but it’s not an obvious method of murder, is it) and it is highly unlikely that she meant to actually kill her child, whatever her mental status.

    Whether she was mentaly ill when she committed the crime or not, if she feels the loss of her child then I feel sorry for her, becuase that is something you can never come to terms with.

  79. @lametothemin

    I assumed it was a poor taste joke and as such ignored it. Just to clarify before anything else comes up, I was agreeing with his feeling sorry for the woman, not his views on screaming brats, sex in your 20s, abortion or anything else.

  80. So I was reading the title and missed the apostrophe so it read “Fed up ville”, which was also appropriate.

    I also say my tax money better be paying the electric bill for her chair, not for her therapy. Ridiculous. I’d settle for life in prison, but she should NOT be getting out any time soon.

  81. I have no problem with that. If and when she is sorry for what she did, I’ll feel sorry for her too. I still think she should be in jail for a very long time, but I’ve always felt sorry for people in jail. It looks like it sucks in there. Anyway, whether something’s wrong with her or not, I’m happy to know that she’ll be far away from anymore children.

  82. Calm down everybody, like all good farmers she will reap what she has sewn.

    Still can’t make my mind up about that lazy eye though, i’ll try another wank and report back later.

  83. Well I don’t think that jail is the answer to most crimes, it is costly and ineffective, but that is by the by. :0P

  84. Can we remind ourselves there was a little baby who was hurt and killed by his mother who he trusted to keep him safe. He is the one we should all be talking about and feeling sorry for.

  85. Obviously I feel sorry for the baby, it was an awful thing to happen and something that should never have happened, but feeling sorry for the baby doesn’t mean that you can;t also feel sorry for the mother.

  86. Wandr, I NEVER said killing a child is RIGHT! I see why it came off that way though.
    What I meant was: let’s say you are trying to defuse a bomb that is going to destroy New York City, but there’s a screaming infant next to you. If you get pissed and shake it and it dies, yeah, you did something wrong, but people aren’t going to be as angry with you. My point was, try a little empathy for the mother here as well.
    I nonetheless maintain she was in the wrong. For the record, I do not condone the killing of infants.
    You have to remember also that what this woman did (shaking the kid) is done by many, many parents. They shouldn’t be doing it, but they do, and they’re not punished for it. She’s being punished because her baby’s constitution was weaker than those others. And all this anger towards the mother isn’t helping the baby. He’s beyond help at this point.
    Lex, I am absolutely opposed to the death penalty, so my tax dollars had better be paying for therapy and not executing people. By the way, do a little research – executions cost more.

  87. Nice.
    Our hero: “I’m defusing a bomb here, shut that screeching up before I shake the shit out of you! Arghh, that’s it!!!! ….Hmm I seem to have killed this baby…”
    The grateful townspeople: “No worries, it was really important and you couldn’t focus, eh fuck the baby, someone get this man the key to the city!”
    Not likely. People would definitely fucking care.

  88. The utter absurdity in mad2′s comparisons is almost amusing.

  89. You need a license to use a pen (in school), to drive a car, boat, plane. But anyone can have kids. There should be a test.

  90. Like i said it’s my opinion if you don’t think its ‘smart’ to damn bad, however spanka you had a good point maybe sterilisation is a better idea. lol

  91. mad2, I really think you should just stop. This hole is getting deeper and deeper. Maybe you enjoy it in there.

    Anyway, point 1, ticking bomb scenarios are always moot. First of all, they never happen as simply as in the analogy. Second of all, bomb technicians are trained to work amid distraction. You think bomb techs can work in warzones with bullets zinging by but will freak out when they hear a baby? Third of all, this was not a ticking bomb scenario, so the analogy is irrelevant anyway.

    Point 2, no, parents do not shake their children all the time. Know why? Because it can kill them. This is not news. It is common knowledge. If you have children, please don’t shake them. And we have no evidence that this baby’s constitution was weak. What a fucked up thing to say. All we know is that the baby was shaken violently not once, but twice, and according to the story this mother also hit the baby’s head against the computer during the shaking. I realize you think that screaming brats need to be able to fend for themselves, but no baby could withstand this. It’s not a question of the baby being weak. It’s a baby.

    Point 3, please, please, just stop, and also please never have children.

    I’m beginning to think you’re being outrageous just for the sake of it.

  92. Well i blame zynga and farmville if they knew how to make a real game then that bitch would have been easily able to ignore yer yelling kid and concentrate on her game. Haha the kid was prolly yellin at her hey bitch why dont u play a decent game like mine sweeper OR the once where she counts how long she can stay awake after cutting her wrists I like to convince any1 to play that 1.

  93. Wow lots of strong feelings on this post.
    I’m of the believe that killing babies is wrong, and also that she was suffering from some serious emotional and mental problems. PPD also occurred to me. However I just read an article that she had also just been put on probation for a domestic battery charge. Which makes me wonder if she was currently being abused by her whomever as well.

    Lots going on this woman’s life that we don’t know about.

  94. Sorry, but there’s no excuse for shaking a baby. None whatsoever.

  95. Well since everyone is announcing there position on whether or not they think baby killing is wrong, and seeing as it appears the ‘killing babies is wrong’ bandwagon is now full; I believe that baby killing is right. I think killing a baby is the right thing to do. Glad we got that out of the way, that infant clearly deserved to be shaken to death Mad2…after all, what kind of sick beast would interrupt someone during harvest season? Don’t they know that that food will go to feeding starving cyber babies? Real-life children are irrelevant by comparison. Also, you’re right. It’s clear he was unfit for survival if he was unable to fight off a mere 22 year old woman! HA! what kind of man would he have become? I take it as an infant you were regularly engaged in mortal combat with jungle animals.

  96. @Jonjones, Ah, you clearly weren’t looking hard enough there was a seat in the left back corner of the bandwagon…

    Also, fun story, there are ways to cope with PPD both medically and behaviorally, and despite having that as a mental illness it is in no way an excuse, reason yes excuse no, for her actions. Many a woman suffers from PPD, some do and some don’t seek help, but if every one of them shook their baby or drowned it, starved it, dumped it, whatever, then there would be a significantly lower population than existing. My point: Get the help you need, because despite mental illness you are responsible for your actions. Just as I would hold a paranoid schizophrenic responsible for killing someone they believed to be a member of the government stalking them and tapping their calls, when it’s really some random business man. People cannot be continually excused for their actions for having mental illnesses. And Jesus, this is all coming from a damned psych major.

  97. Ah, I don’t know why I’m bothering to comment, this is only Lamebook after all….

    However mad2 #86 – saying that her baby had a weaker constitution is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. No young infant can be shaken without being injured or suffering from permanent brain damage or being killed such as in this case.

    You can’t apply utilitarian morals (diffusing a bomb) to a case involving murder as the right to life trumps ANY utilitarian argument.

  98. Jesus fucking CHRIST. I loved Farmville for a while but DAMN… I didn’t even get mad when my daughter fucked up my farmville game by deleting a bunch of shit… well, a little bit, but jeez. I said fuck it and let the game go. :/

  99. She killed her own child.
    Whether or not she was playing with a full deck is irrelevant, if she was, the baby is still dead, if not, the baby is still dead.

    Club the bitch to death with cans of Jolly Green Giant.

    ‘Interested in crops are you? chew on these’

  100. I feel sorry for her that she was in a situation that she felt that shaking her baby to death (I’m assuming accidentally) was necessary, either due to her mental state, a lapse in intelligence, or just because she’s generally into that sort of thing. We’ve already established that none of you would kill your baby, so maybe wonder at what made this woman the way she is that she would do that. And then understand that, if there’s nothing wrong with her and she’s just like you and me and she killed her baby by accident: she now has to live with that. And that’s pretty fucking terrible.

    No one has said (as far as I can tell) that it was a good thing that she killed her baby. Just that they felt sorry for the mother for various reasons. That’s their opinion, they can feel sorry for her if they want to. Just because you can’t, doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

  101. I have to say I would be more upset if she killed her dog but thats my opinion i hate kids :)

  102. @101
    Hey look at that blonde, it looks like people are already jumping on the ‘I think killing infants is the right thing to do’ bandwagon.

  103. Well, never mind then, it seems like you’ll have some company, I’ll just let someone else have this seat! Maybe next time…Oh, hey, if you really wanted though you could start ANOTHER bandwagon…That’s always fun.

  104. I’m sorry that I laughed at #99 saxon, but I did.

    I do agree with one of mad2′s points: I hope that she gets real help for whatever condition she may be suffering from if that is the case, and not just stuck in jail to rot… or worse, let back out to potentially/eventually make the same mistake again. But, unfortunately she won’t get help because the system thrives only on having as many people in jail as possible, plain and simple.

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