Monday, October 26, 2009

Father Knows Last


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  1. ergh really don’t care.

    and why the hell would you post a status saying “omg how do i tell ryan!!!!!!”…after showing that to probably hundreds of people i doubt it’ll be YOU telling him at all.

    what a moron

  2. I thought this was going to be funnier – with her own dad finding our via facebook and being pissed off.

  3. How does she tell Ryan that it “might” be his?

  4. lamebook fail.

  5. utter, utter toss

  6. Wait…hang on a sec. Whoa.

    Brit, why didn’t you tell me?!!?!

  7. I foresee this ending with Ryan posting a snapshot of a paternity test.

  8. Dear Brittney, you are hearby expelled from Womankind. Sincerely, Women With Brains

  9. *Hereby expelled.

  10. Brittney probably isn’t even sure she’s the mother.

  11. That poor fetus is going to have a very dark sad future.

  12. Yahoo! Answers Caveman

    How is babby formed? How is babby formed? How girl get pragnent?

  13. It blows my mind that anyone would take a picture of a positive pee stick and post it on facebook.


    Oh my god, I hope someone tells this stupid kid she’s on Lamebook so she can come bitch at us for judging her.

  15. @Mikey, WIN!

  16. I really hope whoever posted this is friends with Ryan too, and we get to see the reaction!

  17. @yahoo answers! caveman

    they need find way instain mother.

  18. Why is there so much crap on here bathroom sink? Thats the real problem…

  19. I meant her… I know I just committed lamebook suicide

  20. How do I tell Ryan?
    Err… no need now!
    Anyone else wondering what the role of the girl in the background of the second photo is?

  21. the girl in the second photo is the reflection of Brittney in the mirror

  22. What as dope, I hope she doesn’t bree…. whoops, too late.

  23. ^^what??

  24. @han: Uh, well spotted?

  25. How much you want to bet that Brittney has a sister that will be anxiously awaiting the results as to whether she’ll be an aunt or an uncle?

  26. @Chinchillazilla
    han was responding to my question.
    On closer inspection it does indeed appear that that’s our dear Brittney. What a relief. For a second I thought there was a friend pathetic enough to aid Brittney in her attempt at relationship suicide.

  27. I just don’t understand people.

  28. @24: Try to keep up.

  29. Dammit *my* question.
    In an attempt to post my anonymous two cents in another post without getting too personally involved on the issue of dog sizes, I got too clever for myself and forgot to swap back. Apologies :S

  30. What a dumb, dumb, moronic mole. God! There aren’t words that can describe how stupid that bitch is.


  32. It isnt mine, I blew my DNA down the throat, my frat brothers tag teamed her, not me though.

  33. Public is the new private. When in human history have more people eased their interpersonal angst by shouting into a megaphone. Somehow our collective judgment is what consoles her. Sensical? No. The new norm? Yes.

  34. well, at least i know whose ass my taxdollars are going to cover next.

  35. I once got a girl pregnant by cumming in her arse.

    To be sure, to be sure.

  36. Diddledy diddley idledy do.

  37. Goodest Spellerer

    @ Paul Crik

    Ben Elton would agree with you. The entire premise of “Blind Faith” is that only perverts do things in private.

  38. She’s obviously just looking for attention. The whore.

  39. While she’s an idiot to publish this on facebook (particularly before telling her boyfriend), it’s endlessly amusing to me that so many people write comments here as if she’s a slut who sleeps around. Wake up and join the 21st century, people. Making unwise facebook posts and having an unplanned pregancy does not = sleeping around.

  40. Dirty pirate hooker


    You’re anonymous whether you change your screen name or not…?


    You say “so many people write comments here as if she’s a slut who sleeps around”? Firstly, by calling her a slut it means she’s sleeping around, no need to define the meaning of a word you’ve already used, you’re effectively saying slut slut. Secondly, there are only THREE out of 40 comments insinuating this girl is a slut. You’re an idiot.

    Besides, I think we have every right to make any assumption we want to about someone stupid enough to post a picture of a positive pregnancy test for the world to see before they’ve even told the supposed father.

    My guess is you’ve probably done the same. Slut.

  41. What the issue here. The pregnancy is hers. To inform her boyfriend is her choice not a must. Chanukeni!

  42. Brittany now has two braincells – the one in her head, and the other in her womb.

  43. @ 39: I was referring to her being an attention whore.

  44. Dirty pirate hooker, you’re wrong. ‘Slut’ implies somebody who has sex thoughtlessly/often, whereas ‘sleeping around’ implies sleeping with a large number of people. You can be a slut without sleeping around.

    You have every right to make whichever assumptions you choose, but I have an equal right to point out that this particular assumption is without any merit at all in this case. And – as a frequent reader of lamebook – it seems to me that any post which implies that a woman has sex is invariably followed by comments suggesting that the woman is slutty. There are some cave-dwelling lamebook readers, without doubt.

    Arguing a point without calling people names is a valuable grown-up skill: look into it.

  45. @exilednzer
    I don’t care what or who you’re arguing with or about. That was amazing put down

  46. *one

  47. I don’t understand why she will post her pregnancy test for the whole world to see…i swear it’s meant to be private.

    Common sense.

  48. I’m waiting to see who actually informs the father.

  49. Dirty pirate hooker


    I stand by my point.

    “Refers to a sexually promiscuous person, usually female.

    One who engages in sexual activity with a large number of persons, occasionally simultaneously.”

    I could go on but I don’t want to keep proving you wrong, it’s not hugely satisfying.

  50. It would appear that you find it hugely satisfying, given your evident appetite for it. You may need to admit, at some point, that is not necessarily the final authority on language. You might also consider that people use words differently to you, and that this isn’t necessarily the end of the world.

    In any event, your desire to nitpick over semantics really doesn’t diminish my initial point: that sharing a pregnancy test online (and before telling the father) does not mean that the woman in question is promiscuous, despite what some lamebook readers might think.

  51. I agree, exilednzer. Brittney could very well be married to Ryan and just be dumb. I know many married, dumb girls.

  52. @Dirty Pirate Hooker: haha since when did urbandictionary become a credible source?

  53. @Hand: Word…

  54. Erin shouldn’t have stuck her fuckin’ nose into it.

  55. Maybe this is just one of a series of photos of things Brittney’s peed on.

  56. For God’s sake, people. Any female who posts her positive pregnancy test to the world before telling the father, who will obviously find out now in any case, should not be breeding. That’s the issue, not whether or not she’s promiscuous from a sexual or attention seeking perspective. Who cares if she’s single or married, slut ot not, she’s incredibly moronic.

  57. Some people post this stuff to get ideas.
    I know on Yahoo Pregnancy, lots of women ask for cute ideas on how to tell the soon-to-be dad.
    Not sure that was the point of this one, though.

  58. THis was obviosly going to happen,
    she IS called Brittany after all.

  59. ahhhh… tell him to log onto facebook idiot!!! who does that!!!

  60. soooo dumb. I was hoping to see a comment from dad…but no such luck. I did laugh though…girls are stupid hahaha

  61. Word.

  62. wow!!!
    you are a sad individual!

  63. Jesus fuckin’ Christ women are stupid as shit.

  64. To all the men who left a comment saying women are stupid: OBVIOUSLY, the moron who posted the pic of her positive pregnancy test is a complete and utter retard. Not all women, however, are stupid.


  66. This bitch is so fucking stupid.

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