Monday, April 26, 2010

Farm the Win!

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  1. Finally a few good ones. Being gay=farmville LOL

  2. almost ben.. fuck me right

  3. yahoooooooooooooooo first!! as a non farmville player all I can say is these suck

  4. dammit

  5. haha u suck

  6. FIRST posts are gay enough, but when you post FIRST when you really aren’t makes you look like a douche! HAHA

  7. first

  8. My point proven.

  9. @ freakyfix – as a non-farmillve player what exactly is your opinion based on, go play it then decide, don’t be so ignorant and presumptuous, it’s actually good fun and addictive.

  10. @ Lenny – as a troll, why would you think that anyone here is interested in your opinions?

  11. Question for the other regulars here , i am looking for a post about a guys who’s account was hacked by his friends. They sent a facebook message to the mother of one of his friends claiming she was super hot and then some

    One of the funniest things i have seen on here but can’t remember te name of the topic unfortunatly


  12. Was it this one, Father Sha:

  13. Father Sha, are you talking about the one where she calls him a rapist?

  14. lol no that’s from this weekend , my memory is a bit on the slow side but not that slow

    Thanx for trying though !

  15. yeah , a potential rapist indeed and she is asking for a restraining order

  16. I don’t know what it is either, but if you find it, you should let us know. I haven’t read that one yet.

  17. Ben is Frodo.

  18. Lenny failed a little with the Ben joke.
    RAWR I will be cranky at strangers and stomp my feets cause It makes me grownd up.
    Father Sha, maybe look through the Parents/Family category for it?

  19. I think the first one is awesome! I’ve never played Farmville and I’m thinking about trying it, but I still think this is some funny shit just because i’ve had similar experiences with other games on FB. So addictive!

  20. @FatherSha- This one?

  21. I know the one you mean Father Sha. No idea what it’s called. I’m gonna have a wade around and see though.

  22. Eyyy. Cynicaloptimist found it.


    I think?

  24. AND I should have refreshed. Ha.

  25. Yeah that’s the one!

  26. Guess I can say I got to it FIRST?! *knee slap* I couldn’t resist the lameness…

  27. Thats it , how could i have forgotten it … The guy has my name. Thanks o lot, you guys rock !

  28. lol… i still want to make love to you

    i wonder if that was his attempt to cover up his failed advance… claimed his account was hacked and had one more ‘hacking’ to back that up… hmmm… new way to hit on someone you shouldnt, the OMG i was hacked defense

  29. He was testing the waters. If her response was friendly he could push it further, but since she was disgusted he “ZOMG HACKED!11!!”. I give him kudos.

  30. Hehe slim thats also an option but i really do think it was hacked , one of the funniest posts ever IMO , such a shame the jason monster fail is gone … That was some hilarious stuff.

  31. wow fucking hilarious that he plays farmville AND IS GAY!!!!!! not.

    Fuck lamebook for being so homophobic

  32. Flaxv, gay related anger issues ? Boyfriend stood you up ?

  33. No I just don’t see how anyone finds that post funny.

  34. Maybe the problem was that the boyfriend couldn’t “stand up”. They have a pill for that…

  35. It is not a great topic , i ll give you that

  36. flaxv… gay is the new lame… i know its not pc… but thats life… so its calling farmville gay, aka lame… not meant to be a hit on gays, whether they be homos or happy

  37. EITHER WAY I find it stupid and offensive, but we all know that doesn’t mean much here. So I’ll move on with my life.

  38. flaxv is frodo

  39. I suppose this would be the wrong time to use my line about if you don’t like it go see the Department of Butthurt Feelings.

  40. Almost everything on this site is offensive or/and stupid. And i for one am thankfull for that , although this particular post is mediocre at best. But if such a small thing is all it takes for you to be offende then … Well lets say your treshold is on the low side. But all is well, you are entitled to have a mind of your own, diversity makes life fascinating. Sorry for the easy stab at you earlier on, couldnt resist.

  41. HAHAHA Tlyer…. I’m going to use that next chance I get.. ” If you don’t like it go see the Department of Butthurt feelings” That was the best thing I have heard all morning.

  42. hey lenny…go fuck yourself buddy :-)

  43. The first one is such a douche. If he hates Farmville that much, why has he been playing for so long? (to expand his farm that large)

  44. Ok,so now Farmville is a gay thing to do?
    Guess that means I should start my farm to day.

  45. today*

  46. MsBuzzkillington

    I don’t see what is so “win” about the first one. For something to be win instead of lame.. it has to be really really really….REALLY interesting/funny/clever. But the first one is not.

    The first one is just stupid. He is most likely saying he quits because he is frustrated with all the glitches and errors. If plays enough to get THAT mad about it.. there is NOTHING win about that post.

    Also, I play. Not as much as some people do. But I really don’t understand what the big freakin deal is. Everyone has a heart attack about farmville being stupid. Block the application and move on with your life. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. There’s no real need to stress about making fun of people who do.

  47. I actually really like the first one. It’s very creative. I tried Farmville and I just didn’t like it. :P

    Can someone explain to me the Ben thing? I don’t understand! loll

  48. I seriously doubt I’ll ever be Ben….

  49. One day, a friend invited me to One day, a friend invited me to play farmville. I started to play, planted a few crops and then I realized that I had to wait until I could do more. So I went outside and did something better with my life and never touched it again. End of story.

    The game is about as exciting as that boring story was and kills brain cells.

  50. Stupid iPhone, how the he’ll did that post without hitting submit comment? Bleh.

  51. That MILF one and Jason’s Monster Fail are probably the best ever.. well, Jason’s only because of his ridiculous overreaction (and subsequent hilarity rebroadcast on J Doosh — as if he is STILL such a jerkoff). And his blog.. ah, JMF is more like a cultural phenomenon than a lamebook post.

  52. Okay, that last one is incredibly offensive. To gay people.

  53. are people being serious will all this ‘offensive to gay people’ malarky?

  54. I would love to send the Farmville finger to all my facebook friends that play it.

  55. I am now officially a fan of the very dedicated farmviller on 1st post, adorable

  56. freakyfox (#42), aww, did I hurt you paw widdle feelings? Well, suck it up you’re a douche for your post.

    #9- Oh look, somebody can imitate me, I feel complimented!

    And Cumdumpster, I can care less if somebody values my opinion or not, I am free to throw in my 2 cents and if you don’t like it then too bad.

  57. Did I mention I suck cock?

  58. @Lenny – shut up please, I can hear your whinny voice through your messages, you’re as bad as Ben, so many hypocrites on here trolling for attention, can we just focus on the lame posts and comment on them, avoiding FIRSTS and BENS and FRODOS and any reference to any of the aforementioned owning a POOL. Grow up.

  59. What the hell ? I have an impostor ? Quite an honour or something ? Do i need another nick now ?

  60. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    * giggles *

  61. @57, I never mentioned it because I never do it. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

    To Father Sha’s imitator (I’m assuming), if there were no FIRST posts, then there would be no bitching or mocking it, right?

  62. not one comment on “Tulessa” and “Kismit”?!??!?! WTF kind of names are those?

  63. Tulessa is finnish meaning “on fire”..

  64. homophobia ftw!

  65. lol

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