Friday, December 31, 2010

Farm Ill

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  1. number3 is just creepy

  2. Fucking a man. ?

  3. Tim ♥

    HAPPY NEW YEARS Douchebags!!!!

  5. My mother would prob feel like #2.
    Happy NY y’all

  6. Well, Tim is playing hard to get

  7. Happy NY to y’all too, ujagoff.

    I am going to follow the trends as i always do and welcome in the New Year with a lamebook facelift. I would also like be judged on my stupid comments of the future rather than the past (or present).

  8. Tim sounds a big cocksucker.

  9. Janek, I accidentally the whole thing.

  10. #2 is also something my mom would say and her name happens to be Tammy… I double checked my moms wall and made sure this wasnt her :|

  11. Scarab, huh?

  12. Oh right.

  13. Happens.

  14. i’m drunk for the first time in two years and i ended up on lamebook… you guys are the bees kneeeeeeeeeeeeees.

  15. .. I’ve been drunk for two years.

  16. @hp .. the cops tell me you have a nice rack.

  17. These people have absolutely zero lives. With the possible exception of Frank, who may just be making a joke. Tammy and Tim scare me, though, and I hope I never meet them in real life.

  18. Well fuck you lamebook, for not letting me thank the ejaculator commentators on the site…

  19. it’s kind of a dilemma.. they’re nice now…but in 20 years i’ll probably be able to tuck them in my socks.:(

  20. I have been meaning to try out farmville but haven’t got around to it yet because I don’t have any time because I accidentally made a baby but I imagine there would be a few steps involved and possibly some confirmations required and that you would basically have to be dumb as a brick to delete your account. Congratulations Tammy.

  21. Let’s enjoy them while we can, hp.

  22. @Janet- I literally LOL’d at “I accidentally made a baby”. Thank you :)

  23. I’d like to know if Frank is joking. Farmville blows massive chunks, but if he’s serious, then for once something good came from someone playing it.

    On another note, I’m trying to work out what ujagoff means by ‘ejaculator commentators’…

  24. BelindaintheAttic

    Well if Audrey doesn’t want that spanking, i’ll have it. ;-) lol

  25. It’s not Janet. It’s Janek – pronounced like Yon-ick. Jesus.

  26. Is that Jesus, pronounced as “Hey-Zeus?”

  27. I’ll leave it up to the reader. If you’re an English speaker it’s Jee-zus. If you’re a Spanish speaker it’s hey-zues. If you’re Keona, it’s just some Mexican who is called hey-zues but who spells it “Jesus” for some bewildering reason.

  28. Janek, fuck off.

  29. I hate to be that person but Tammy’s comment looks tampered with. Her name is all fuzzy like it was saved as a different image first.

  30. In case anyone is wondering, that was Keona, pronounced as “MOE-rahn.”

  31. Happy New Year crazy Lamebookers.

    @nexus I’m also wondering what “ejaculator commentators” is all about. Care to expand ujagoff?

  32. krasivaya_devushka

    Hey everyone! Happy New Year! :D
    I see Walter & mass are still here. :)

  33. I just Googled ‘krasivaya_devushka’ out of boredom… sweet mother of all that is good and holy!

  34. That Tim is one silver-tongued rogue, I reckon he could charm the devil.

  35. Fucking a Farmville.

    Oh for fuck sakes, someone’s hacked my account!! I didn’t post at all on the Friday’s posts until now. Well, it was inevitable. Everyone has gotten a taste of then LB hackers. My turn now.

    I bet it was shesucks, the stalker.

  36. @Janek Yes, I say it’s hey-zues for the Mexican/ Latinos, because their J is pronounced with an H sound. Though, I thought that was common knowledge?

  37. @Keona #35,
    What the hell are you talking about? Did you not respond to Janek on the ‘Big Winner’ post in relation to his comment #27?…

    January 2nd, 2011 at 11:34 am

    … janek, you called me out first with some stupid shit about Jesus. I was just returning the favor. You have all the qualities of troll so I’ll say it.

    ^ Is this not you?

    I have said it before. You are a raving lunatic, and you are the biggest troll of all. Why would anyone want to hack into your account? You are full of shit.

  38. ….believe what you want. But I did not get on this site at all yesterday or the day before, and the two most recent posts before this one, were me. Now, because you love me so much, prick, I can just make a new account, and the hacker can do whatever they damn well please.

    Why would anyone want to hack into my account? Are you daft? So many people hate me on here, even though I was posting very few comments on each post. Of course someone would want to hack my stuff and post a million retarded comments, Understand now?

    Someone actually wants me gone so bad that they’ve done this. I think it’s funny, actually. :)

  39. What I mean when I say why would someone want to hack into your account is I can’t believe anyone would be motivated to do it. You really flatter yourself, don’t you, Keona? Also, all the retarded comments you speak of actually sound like you. So what was this hacker’s mission, exactly? To get you to go? Well mission unaccomplished. Keona is an unstoppable force. Only shesucks can save us.

  40. Pedantic Romance Language Nazi

    I wish vincent were on this thread… :(

    @26 and 27

    You know, it’s technically just English and French where the “s” is pronounced like a “z”. In Spanish, it’s actually “hey-sooce” (“sooce” like Dr. Seuss), despite how white people in America or Britain may crappily speak.

    Unsolicited? I know.

  41. Pedantic Romance Language Nazi

    Oh wait, if you’re British you probably don’t have a gardener named Jesus, but Ahmed or something (I don’t really know many Pakistanis or Indians, so that’s the best name I could pop off my head).

  42. What I meant, was that they would want to hack into my account and post 20 comments as opposed to my usual few. Spammers are hated everywhere, so why not try to get more people to hate me than already do, by essentially making me a spammer of “retarded comments”?

    I don’t flatter myself at all. I don’t think I’m hot stuff,or funny. I think I’m just someone who, like all of you, is just trying to make comments on a post without being attacked for not being “funny” or “clever” enough. How am I being a nuisance for just trying to comment?

  43. shatteredempathy

    I wish you would get off my internets and stop ruing this site

  44. I wish you would learn how to spell and stop RUINING this site. :)

    I keep saying this over and over, and yet everyone still says mean childish things to try and get me to go. How about you guys make comments on the posts, shut up about me, and give up, and I’ll do the same? Let’s all go back to the way things were.

  45. I wish you would learn how to spell and stop RUINING this site.

    I keep saying this over and over, and yet everyone still says mean childish things to try and get me to go. How about you guys make comments on the posts, shut up about me, and give up, and I’ll do the same? Let’s all go back to the way things were.

  46. You are seriously screwed up, Keona. Go on, continue to amuse yourself by linking and unlinking your name in the hope we’ll believe you have a ‘hacker’ as you put it. You REALLY must be bored. Somebody, throw this idiot a fuck or something.

  47. I’m bisexual so no one needs to throw me a fuck. I get it from both sides. Shut it, you fucker nexus.

  48. krasivaya_devushka

    Lol@mass ;)
    Does alordslums still come on here? Where is everyone?

  49. krasivaya, I’m here. How are you? Long time. Where have you been? I haven’t seen the alord for quite a while, though. I miss him.

    And what the fuck is going on here? Not getting involved.

  50. krasivaya_devushka

    wordpervert :o ) hi there! I haven’t been on here since I got back from my vacation; I;ve just been working and all that fun stuff. How are you?

    And I have no idea what’s going on here or who these people are. There must be a ton of new ones…

  51. @wordy

    Basically, everyone’s piling on Keona because she’s so young and naive and easy to provoke a reaction from that she will just keep going and so it’s impossible to stop tugging.

    Go to the “BIG Winner” thread and click on “shesucks” profile. It’s beautiful and this has been going on a whiles.

  52. @word Pepe pretty much has it correct. I am young, and naive. So, I’ve tried attacking back, and now I’ve made a new account. I’ll try ignoring.

    This will probably double post, one of which is the hacker. alternatively, “I” will say retarded things after this. It’s so hard to convince people when the hacker is just mimicking everything I usually do and say.

  53. And, this, is what I think of you all.


  55. aww, how cute … a Gnome.

  56. Its the fucking Beatles

    That is just fucking nasty! As for the original posts. Yep, lame just about covers that shit.

  57. Best to just stay out of it…..

  58. ha! 2 keonas. lamebook is like an internet insane asylum.

    jonjones, you need to be in it. these winter months are keeping me in shape! it’s snowing!

  59. Oh good! I was afraid that perhaps you had given up and died on me! That’s excellent news of course, I assume you’ve bloomed into a beautiful stripper skeleton by now. If not, Crystal meth has done wonders for many of your peers!

    I would join in, but I fear that keona’s psyche has already been completely destroyed. If I were freud I’m sure I would link it to her attraction to her father and solve everything but unfortunately, as beatles would say, I am a mere lamebook peasant living in the shadow of those damn lamebook elite right beatles?

  60. Its the fucking Beatles

    I’m not sure if you guaged the sarcasm in my use of the term “elite” and the fact I keep putting that word in quotations marks. I used it because someone else called the clique within the comments pages as the “elite”. I personally don’t have opinion one way or another on the subject, as frankly I don’t give a flying fuck.

  61. I’m new here, but it sounds like that Keona person is going to be off to a loony bin soon enough, as Jonjons said. Who are these elite, though?

  62. krasi, I am doing ok. I trust you had a great holiday. Lamebook has been pretty quiet during your absence, but you’ve come back at an interesting? time.

    Pepe, I saw shesucks’ link when she first posted it. Yes, it was beautiful in a twisted kind of way. And it was mooted by vincent that I might have been behind it. Haha. It was an entertaining thread for a couple of days, but things seem to have deteriorated. Now it’s just… tedious.

    Keona, my God. I’m not easily repulsed, but that is freaking disgusting.

  63. I’ll say one thing about what’s going on here, Keona. It does indeed look like someone has duplicated your account, and I get why you might be angry and want to fix it so people can differentiate. But, if they’ve done it once, they can do it again, yes? I think you may need to come up with an alternate solution to your problem. In the meantime, can you change your picture, please? That is truly disturbing.

  64. I’m so happy.

  65. Oh come one word you don’t really buy that whole fake account thing?

    She was making a bunch of comments and people were ragging on her for them so she claimed she had a fake account and then everyone questioned why the fake account sounded and did everything just like her and had her link, then suddenly the ‘hacker’ unlinked his/her name. Now, she posts something and says, ‘the hacker will probably do so and so’ and then the alleged hacker did just that. The ‘hacker’ seems a little predictable and seems to do whatever we question it for not doing. If we all started saying that every hacker on here does the uber username man bit then I’m sure that would be the next thing keona posted.

    I mean come on keona, if you’re going to fake a hacker to take back your words atleast make it believable. Or maybe…maybe just stop fuelling the fires and posting this disgusting stuff.

  66. I changed it. (I’ll keep an eye on my account to see if the hacker decides to change it again) I did what I could so far, changed the password for this, unlinked my name, and even made new email accounts and a new account for here. For my own account safety, for what it’s worth I won’t be disclosing the name of the new account.

    Sorry Soup, you’ll have to go back to being miserable, you crotchety old Scrooge.

  67. Jonjones, I’m apparently young and naive; and what is a quality that naive people possess? They never lie, and completely tell it all to strangers. I honestly was gone for the past two days, enjoying my New Year’s, came back on, and saw that comments had been posted by me. Now, obviously this is the internet, and you can trust someone as far as you can throw your computer. I AM telling the truth.

    Did you ever think that the reason I predicted what the hacker would do, is because they watched what I typed and went from there to fuck with me and everyone? A double post to make me look like a “raving lunatic” or a string of responses to people I might respond to, when in fact I myself had not touched the keyboard.

    As for the disgusting picture and link; again, that was not me. I took down that disgusting picture. Why, why would I randomly post that crap?

  68. Soup, not for long, buddy, it would seem.

    Jonjones, bloody hell. It would take me forever to decipher what you’ve said there. Maybe later.

    Keona, merci.

  69. As for the disgusting picture and link; again, that was not me. I took down that disgusting picture. Why, why would I randomly post that crap?

    Keona, what the fuck? Are you saying that #54 is not you? I am totally lost. This. Is. Nuts.

  70. Keona, I meant to put your? words in inverted commas. Fuck it. I’m out.

  71. I’m still happy. I had no expectation that Keona would leave. But the dissension, and animosity that has been displayed here in the last couple of days just warms the cockles of my heart.

  72. Yes, I am saying #54 is not me, that’s correct.

    Take care, word.

  73. Dude… I’ve been a member of Lamebook for about 2 seconds and can already tell that Keona has the maturity and trolling skills of a second grader.

  74. @Caroline,
    Amen. This is amateur hour, and it’s all Keona.

  75. Right….based on the past few days, as opposed to before this all started, you can infer that? Why is the concept that a hacker, wanting to further ruin an unpopular and hated poster, take these measures shown in the past few days, so difficult to fathom? Have you not heard of cyber bullying? (I hate to use that term here, but it’s the most appropriate)

  76. Well ok, then, Keona. Maybe this will all make sense to me at a later date. I’m not at my sharpest at the moment.

  77. No… Based on the past couple of minutes, after all of this started, I can infer this.

    Also, your story is flawed. If you’re unpopular and hated already, why would anyone go through the trouble of hacking you to re-smear your already smeared name?

  78. Why would they? To make me look more like a fool. To fuel the fire that began to brew between me and others before two days ago. Look at us now. Now they’ve made me look more idiotic, made me have more enemies, and here I am, trying to defend myself and explain, once again.

    You all didn’t believe me before, and any that did, well they definitely don’t now, after all this.

    I don’t care who did it at this point, (I’ll never know) but I’ve taken measures to protect this account and my new one. If this one gets messed around with, I’ve got my anonymous one.

    If I had to pick, I would say nexus. Because he/ she seems the one to hate me most, and if you read, they’re an instigator. They’re fueling the fire, look at the past few comments and on the past few posts by nexus. “@ … I agree” (insert some attack towards me)

  79. Why would they? To make me look more like a fool. To fuel the fire that began to brew between me and others before two days ago. Look at us now. Now they’ve made me look more idiotic, made me have more enemies, and here I am, trying to defend myself and explain, once again.

    You all didn’t believe me before, and any that did, well they definitely don’t now, after all this.

    I don’t care who did it at this point, (I’ll never know) but I’ve taken measures to protect this account and my new one. If this one gets messed around with, I’ve got my anonymous one.

    If I had to pick, I would say nexus. Because he/ she seems the one to hate me most, and if you read, they’re an instigator. They’re fueling the fire, look at the past few comments and on the past few posts by nexus. “@ … I agree” (insert some attack towards me)

  80. Listen, sweetheart… This is the internet. No one gives two shits about you enough to do what you’re accusing. It takes time, effort, and waste of time… and you are not worth that. By your own admission, no one likes you. So why would someone do something that means we have to see your face and posts triple-fold?

    Get a grip on reality. Turn off the computer and take a walk outside. Then, come back, and delete your account and smash your computer.

    I mean, if you’re going to troll, at least think it through first.

  81. The mustache gives away Keona’s evil twin. Oh wait. She’s just all gooned up on a Bud Golden Wheat and forgot to shave. Now I’m as confused as she is.

  82. Keona, comment #54 has your new picture attached to it, and you say it isn’t you? So the ‘hacker’ has done it again, have they? Give me a fucking break. And you think it might be me doing all this. Again, give me a fucking break. You really do think a lot of yourself.

  83. The hacker’s changed their picture now. so, Yeah.

  84. Caroline, the fact that I’m gone for days at a time doesn’t indicate that I have a life? Right, you must think I turn it off for several days, and sit in the house to make it seem that I do.

    You don’t seem to understand what a cyber bully is.

    Soup, as clever as ever I see. Har har.

  85. Best remedy for a troll: Ignoring them!

    So…. hey guys! I’m Caroline. This seems like such a peaceful place…


  86. #83 wasn’t by me.

    Alright you all. By your logic, if NO ONE would waste the time and effort to hack and troll my account, why would I? If I really was some attention loving whore, there’s better, easier, and faster ways to go about that. Like, offline things? If I wanted attention, the best kind is in person, and not e-attention. Your arguments are flawed as well as mine (allegedly) are.

  87. #83 wasn’t by me.

    Alright you all. By your logic, if NO ONE would waste the time and effort to hack and troll my account, why would I? If I really was some attention loving whore, there’s better, easier, and faster ways to go about that. Like, offline things? If I wanted attention, the best kind is in person, and not e-attention. Your arguments are flawed as well as mine (allegedly) are.

  88. Poor Keona. Did you at least get to see your boyfriend over the holidays?

  89. Probably because you’re not attractive, annoying, and unwanted… Therefore, you hide on the internet to get the attention Daddy never provided.

    And now I shall ignore.

  90. Unfortunately, no.

  91. But I did almost get hit by a car, the fucker.

  92. ….You know what? (speaking to the 2nd post about the car) Fuck you hacker/ spam bot/ whatever you are, I’m done with this account for awhile.

  93. Me too.

  94. Keona, how do you change that icon on the right?

  95. You know, you can see the difference between Keona’s original little photo and the copy.

  96. ..Not so crazy now, am I?

  97. This is a test.

  98. Wait… CAN. The original one is clear. The fake one is blurred. Nice observation, Janek. Thank you. I hope this might help clear up this situation. If not, I’ve got my back up account.

  99. ^^I really hate lamebook right now. fuck me, if this isn’t batshit crazy!

    I strongly believe (and hopefully will find all those previous threads to back up my claim) that the user formally known as Alord is also Dukey, Krasivaya, shesucks, and was Yoink and some Czech troll. (He’s made a couple of mistakes that caught him out, and also Anonisgayisgay once caught him out on one of the names and he didn’t challenge it).


    I got into a spat with Keona at one point because her and Shelley’s long boring discussions almost chased me off the site but she’s been OK since she apologised and stopped ranting on about her body shape and low-libido’d boyfriend, why all the attacks on her?
    I don’t think any of the comments dated the 2nd of Jan are her. It doesn’t even sound like her. Give her a break already, (Alord). fuck.

  100. This is another test.

  101. one last test

  102. Ha ha. This is the best Lamebookmas ever!

  103. I hope the hacker has had their fun and fill of all this. antixmas is correct. I admit, I was stupid and naive enough to say those long boring rants and such way back when, not thinking anything of it. It didn’t help that mad2 seemed to do the same and even encourage me. But I did apologise, and I have since tried to just put my two cents in, and maybe have a debate over a post. Nothing more.

  104. Soup, you are welcome.

  105. Fair enough keona, and yes I think we can all agree that mad2 is a jackass and I have always blamed him for that.

    now that all that is finally settled…….witty banter!

  106. OK. that last comment wasn’t me.

    I’m not coming back onto lamebook until this shit goes away.


  107. Haha. :) I wonder what sort of posts we’ll get come tomorrow. Personally, I think we should get more background checks.

  108. Really, Saffer? Considering all the “testing” going on, and since yours was the last one, I assumed it was all you. You’re just trying to throw us off your scent, aren’t you?

  109. i love you, keona

  110. Fuck me. I am tripping, and it ain’t the drugs. So much craziness, Lamebookers.

  111. I’m going to have to take a rain check as well, since shesucks is back. On top of that, I don’t know who’s who anymore. Most of you don’t have pictures, and therefore we can’t see a blurred effect for the fake.

    shesucks I hate you, so very, very much. I ask you to take down that disgusting site, please.

  112. Three cheers for shesucks! Told you she was the only one who could save us.

  113. 95, 98 and 99 were me. (7 is also me, in case you missed that.)

    Anyway, I found the page where you can change your display name back when I wrote the Big Cocksucker post, but I want to ruin the fun for the imposter now, especially since he seems to always target me.

    If you go the lamebook homepage and click the the “registered member” link you can change your display name to anything.

    If lamebook just removes the link and doesnt DELETE THE FUCKING PAGE, ths is the link….

    (remove ALL x’s)


    Have fun!!!

  114. Walt, you crazy bastard, you. Ahahahahahaha…

  115. nexus, I’ll be here…just under a different name, still making comments. ;) Sorry. No, wait, no, I’m not sorry at all. Peace all. Time to finish my last two beers.

    Janek, thanks for that handy little tidbit of information.

  116. This is impossible.

    This thread doubled in length in a few hours; and Keona really was not lying.

    Good troll, whomever you may be, that was most impressive!

  117. @111

    Wait, did not everyone already know how to change the display name?

    For shame.

  118. Janek is Walter? And true, Keona does not appear to be lying. I was wrong, but I still maintain she’s a nutjob, and will be easily recognizable no matter what name she comments under.

  119. Does anyone really care? About any of this? You’re all creating drama on the Lamebook comments section as if this were high school or some awful reality TV show. Grow up and move on.

  120. Keona’s hacker is one funny motherfucker….Love it, keep up the good work!

  121. @116

    Who said Janek was Walter? You just keep saying everyone is everyone else.


    Wow, you’re totally not incorporating yourself into the landscape by commenting on the train wreck. ;) There’s a niche for that too.

  122. @119,
    Isn’t that what word said in comment #112? Anyway, everyone is saying everyone is everyone else. I’m not the only one saying it. Also, some people are admitting to being someone else. This is a circus, and Keona is the lead clown.

  123. Stolen Identities… Instigation… Bullying… Accusations… Wow, the comments here have officially become more dramatic than Leonardo Dicaprio’s movies. Love it! Keep it up!

  124. Hey-sooce! Two posts in as many days with 100+ comments all about Keona. What a pathetic lot we all are. I love it, too. Happy New Year, nuts.

  125. Yes I did, nexus, but don’t listen to me. I’m on drugs. I’ve really got no clue who’s who in the Lamebook zoo, ok.

  126. I thought #’s 7 and 8 would already make it clear but I have a tendency to overestimate people’s ability to read between the lines in some of the things I say.

    I’ve changed my name back because if the lamebook guys delete that page I would lose the ability to get my name back.

    Remember how there was a fake yoink? I think at one point lamebook deleted a link to that page. Then the fake yoink said he couldn’t change his name back.

    The other think is that on that admin page there is a link on the top left that shows the most recent comments. It also shows the icon that some people have on the right. On that page the icon is larger than here and that is how I noticed the fake keona’s icon was very pixelated.

    Nobody ever answered my question about how to add a little icon there? I also saw when Keona changed her icon, there was a short time before the other person changed his.

  127. Umm

  128. I just wrote a long comment but it’s awaiting moderation and I don’t know why…

  129. But how do you change that little icon?

  130. omg, i don’t even come onto lamebook for the posts themselves anymore. lurker 4 life you guys. i love shit like this.

  131. I only joined yesterday – is it always this interesting on here?

  132. hey wrenchmuller, i joined yesterday too but have been reading this stuff for a while. Usually it’s not quite as dramatic as this and there is a bit more focus on the posts but ringing in the new year i guess these guys put serious effort into putting on a show! :P

  133. jonjones, are you mad2? Does everybody know what name jonjones used to post under except me? Has the whole world gone crazy?

    Good night losers.

    (I thought I made it clear in 7 & 8 that I had changed my name. sigh.)

  134. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    I like turtles!

  135. Did I miss something or are turtles the random comment for the day? :)

  136. Its the fucking Beatles

    Bobbette, unless you’re willing to go through hours of pages of LB then lets just pretend it’s a random comment for the day! ;)

  137. Oh, sorry nexus, you were right. I thought she said, “wait,” not “walt.” I’m illiterate.

  138. Ok 134 comments! What have I been missing overnight … time to get reading!

  139. Fuck it why did I feel the need to click the link at #54! Why!

  140. Well thank the lord I didn’t come on here last night drunk …. I’d have been totally confused. This was awesome, thanks for the show people!

  141. Random comment it is so! :P

  142. Keona, If you are feeling cyber-bullied (which this is really not) then why do you keep returning? Why? Because you are enjoying this way too much to really be offended. Classic pattern of grandiosity….. But please keep it coming – way too entertaining for the rest of us!

  143. it isn’t cyber-bullying until someone commits suicide on webcam. until then, it’s just horseplay, joshing, hijinks or simply good old fashioned tomfoolery.

  144. Well I just had another look through this melee… so, Walter is Janek. Cool. I was right. As for Jonjones being mad2, I’m not so sure. With so many people (allegedly) using alternate accounts, no wonder there’s confusion. But carry on with all your theories, people, it’s a riot.

  145. My theory is that there are really only seven or eight people who post comments, but all have wild mood disorders and change their names almost as often as their prose.

  146. @141, 130
    Yes, you discovered me! I am Mad2! All those old arguments between me and him were actually arguments that I was having with myself.

    Actually, I’m everyone on here apart from the lamebook ‘elite’. Let me tell you, it is a pain writing all those messages and juggling all those personalities, but it’s worth it to entertain lamebook’s 15 visitors a day.

    Seriously though, mad2? Of all the people you could accuse me of being…It’s too painful to think of. I’m just going to assume you were asking if I was mad, too?

  147. Pep, you think? It’d be no mean feat to have multiple accounts and sound different in every one of them. I’ve got my own theories which I will keep quiet on for now, but I will say that some people are better than others at pulling off the scam. Some have such a distinct way of writing that it’s almost impossible for them to hide. And not many people are clever/creative enough to create more than one “personality”.

    I’ve got another few weeks of recuperation before I can go back to work, and I can’t really go anywhere, so I’ll just sit here and try to figure it all out. Yep, I’m lame.

  148. @Defective User With Smoothy Buns, are you Zombie kid?

  149. I apologise Jon. But please don’t be terribly offended. The sad and embarrassing truth is I barely read through the comments, and when I do I hardly look at the names, and when I do I rarely remember anything at all.

    So are you mad2?

  150. Jonjones, I didn’t accuse you of being mad2. I was responding to what Walter had asked you. I don’t think you’re him at all, but you are mad.

  151. word, I’m thinking it must be VERY easy to disguise yourself, considering I changed my name, thought I had made it obvious that I had, and even when I said “7 is also me” people STILL didn’t realise it.

    And with the obviously traditional Polish Janek SOBski. Hey-sooce, please help me.

  152. Well, I realised it, and I was drugged at the time. Hmmm, yes. So what does that say about everybody else? I know what you think it says, haha…

  153. @147
    Just figured I’d add you in since you were part of the discussion

    That’s nice, so any guesses as to who that mystery man janek is?
    I think it’s probably saffer.

  154. I don’t actually think that, I just thought it was funny to say. I’ve given up on trying to disguise my prose when posting under other names (and I have 2 accounts) months ago since Walter effin’ guessed my nationality across the internet in a different time zone.


    eh…easier for some than others. I used to think vincent was here all the time disguised as other people, but I don’t think he’d put forth that much effort now. I think wordy is pretty right.

  155. I also have been lame and spending too much time on the internets lately, wordy. The university is closed (and everything around it a dead ghost town) for another couple weeks and I did not go home for the break.

    Though, I don’t have oxycontin to keep me company. I don’t know if I’m envious of you for that or not.

  156. Jon, I think janek is pep. Never trust a Frenchman.

  157. This is what the internets is for, Pep, to amuse us bored, housebound/enforced to holiday folk. And you can be envious in a way about the meds. They’re great, but I’ll have to part with them soon – they could get me into trouble. It’ll be a sorrowful parting…

  158. @wordy

    That’s what I was thinking. If you don’t have an infinite supply, you have to come back down eventually. If you do, well shit, you’d die at some point.


    The funniest joke I’ve ever heard from a Brit was when he said their entire foreign policy with France can be summed up as, “Leave the chees and the wine on the beach and BUGGER OFF!” It sounds funny when it’s shouted with a British accent, but I bet he stole it from a TV show or something.

  159. Oh, Walt, you might really like this:

    Don’t worry, it’s not a scab or skin abscess.

  160. Yeah well the British have a weird sense of humor. They would watch a nun slip on ice and land with a dildo going up her ass and think “that is hilarious! Because I can relate to that!”

  161. I’m more into funny cat videos, like where the cat chases the dog, or jumps on a box but falls through, etc. I’m very simple.

  162. Oh man, you’re like an old lady.

    I also have bad taste. LOLcats are a guilty pleasure of mine.

  163. Pep, the view from the clouds is a such pleasant one at the moment, but I’ll eventually have to come back to earth. Next week. And your link is funny. So was what you described, Walter. Thanks for the laughs, guys.

  164. How do you make the italics and bold like that?

  165. Use this as a basic reference, but don’t use the strike through one. That doesn’t work in here…

  166. Haha, good one.

  167. Testing…

    What’s a good one, Walter?

  168. So that one works… haha.

  169. Saying the strike through doesn’t work.

  170. Testing…

    Well let’s see now…

  171. Nope, it doesn’t work. It’s a deprecated tag. But the one I used works.

  172. @157
    That’s a strangely specific example…

  173. Thanks.

  174. I’m chiming in a bit late here…but the problem with Keona is not just that she’s young and naive, but that she tries SO hard to be funny, cool and accepted. When everyone slammed her for oversharing about her supposedly interesting sex life she eventually apologised. It’s obvious she really does place importance on the Lamebook commenters community and that is truly sad. She comments on EVERY post and tries to interact with other commenters and form alliances but generally the only people to respond (other than insults) or find her funny are the newbies. Keona’s comments are always either boring, crass or plagarised from elsewhere. Considering what a hostile environment it can be here I can’t believe she lets everyone see what she looks like in real life – especially when that’s pretty average to be honest. (Southernbrunette, although attractive, is no better in letting all the internet losers leer at her pictures and thinking that somehow validates her).

    However, I don’t really think Keona should be worried that she is not part of the Lamebook in-crowd because if we’re honest it’s not really that much to aspire to. I hope Keona sticks around because although she annoys me with every comment, she seems to regularly stir up drama and entertainment.

  175. goddamnit mb. are you really trying to start this again? and even add in a little snipe at southernbrunnette. I’m pretty sure someone else looked her up on facebook and posted her pictures, then she changed her privacy settings…so that is other people creeping so that’s really just on you being jealous. Now look what you’ve done, you’ve already started the long, boring paragraphs of explanation and destroyed the witty banter…

    Always trying to ruin the witty banter….

  176. Yeah, where’s Vincent when you need him, that little bastard. He’s probably up behind the altar giving the ol’ mmmbop to Dan Fargis.

  177. This was …uh….something….

  178. I don’t do witty banter. Very few Lamebook manage to but I don’t even try. Besides, we are all motivated to be here for different reasons and you can’t assume that all commenters are going to comment the way you want them to or that you can make them (hence we have Keona).

    When someone posted pics of southernbrunette, yes she apparently changed her facebook privacy settings but she didn’t complain that they’d shared her pictures here and was quite happy with the compliments, vulgar or otherwise. You complain about me sniping about her and then snipe at me. Jealous I am not.

    None of this Lamebook stuff is really of any importance to me other than a fascination with online behaviour and the total or partial anonymity, especially when people have numerous profiles.

  179. Where are these pics? I’d like to see them.

  180. So basically, you’re saying the only reason you’re here is to affirm that you are a better person then most of the people who comment on here, but at least they try to add something. And now you’re making me write these damn paragraphs again…I hate you so much.

    Also that’s complete BS, the only reason to be mad at an attractive woman for getting compliments and laughing about them (as opposed to…? being furious and starting a flame war?)
    Obviously it is important since you’re putting in so much effort, you are just like keona except you don’t even try to be funny.

    We all would boogie, but it turns out southernbrunnette for some odd reason doesn’t seem to want everyone on lamebook looking at them…can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want anonymous strangers looking at your personal photos…
    I like to keep recent naked photos of me in the wings ready to post for strangers at any time…can’t seem to get many offers since chat roulette shut down though. (is it shut down? I don’t actually know, I just stopped hearing about it in the news/media)

    and now i’m back to paragraphs… I hate you mb.

  181. mb, hey baby, you don’t need all those flames to warm you. Let me do it. I’ll give you my deep, hot, heavy breath, caressing your body.

    You don’t need those elite. You just need my tingly love.

    Here is my picture. Imagine me breathing softly through your hair, standing over your warm bed tonight.

  182. I’m not trying to perpetuate this thing, but note that all the posts by the real Keona no longer have her thumbnail attached to them, which she now says she has removed, and the ‘fake’ Keona posts still do. If that is the case, then comment #54 must be by the real Keona. The post she denied was hers. There might be a simple explanation for it, but I can’t think of one.

  183. This whole comments line feels like a very poorly written episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory. My head hurts.

  184. This whole Lamebook commenter multiple-identity/identity-theft thing is doing my head in.
    Is anyone even still reading any of this.

    >I like turtles is an old meme that was carried on here for a while by someone with the username zombie kid.
    The original is this

    They would just add the comment ‘I like turtles’ to every lamebook post. It’s not really random, just an old meme/joke dredged up here.

  185. Who are you all?

    Are you all who you say you are?

    Are you the same voices who told me to do those naughty things to the next door neighbours’ dog?

  186. If you are not that other mb, then will the new mb please come back?

    I want to shout at a stranger on the internet for how stupid ethnography is.


    On the website Stuff White People Like, there was this guy (maybe it was many) who always wrote, “I crapped my pants” in the comments.

    It was head-breaking at first but became really hilarious after seeing it a hundred times. I don’t know why.


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