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  1. Too much irony.. my brain cannot compute.

  2. I lol’d.

  3. stupid likes turtles

  4. keiran seems like a nice guy :/

  5. I don’t get it. what makes these funny or lame? Oh and the 3rd one, bitches should be bitch’s

  6. Emma=win.

  7. @flexo


  8. flexo – actually bitches is correct.. bitch’s would be possessive… way to go.

  9. slobo or slob

    Wow what asshole?

    matt, your a moron, it is bitch’s. I can guerentee that

  10. flexo.

    no, “bitches” is correct. i can GUARANTEE that.

  11. Flexo

    Eat Shit

  12. Steph FTW!!

  13. Steph
    That was awesome

  14. Steph

    You missed the point.

  15. I like turtles.

  16. Oh, poor flexo. Go back to school, dear.

    Emma FTW!

  17. steph, i would bet my life it is bitch’s so stop being such a bitch.

    veronica, you can stop being an asshole anyday now.

  18. Hey guys, flexo is a little slow. Go read the stripper comments on one of the submissions like 5 or 6 back.

  19. Wow,maybe I missed something.Alright,I withdraw.

  20. Are you sure you’d bet your life? Be very careful what you say, flexo! It might actually happen!

  21. OMG, Is that Rick Springfield?

  22. LOL @ ” I can guerentee that”

    Nice. Retard.

  23. People, please stop falling for flexo’s attempts at getting people to correct him when he already knows he’s being an idiot. He’s just an attention seeking whore, like the majority of people who have their Facebook comments submitted to this site.

    Anyway, I like the first one best, it was quite amusing. In answer to “wtf is with girls who don’t give head?” – it’s a pretty bad sign if a girl won’t give you head. It generally means you have a cheesy dick, or something along those lines.

  24. ps. xtine – it’s petard.

  25. Flexo, it’s “bitches” and in your post at #9, it should be “you’re” not “your”.

  26. lol. I always laugh at these updates when I get them. I had one yesterday that said Xxxxx became a fan of “I hate saying hi to people and they don’t see you and you feel retarded”, “I know at least 5 douchebags” and “puppies”.

  27. This is one of the funniest posts in a while… =D I literally lol’d at the first one… yay! :)

  28. Hehehe he called me an asshole. I have never been called that before.
    I haven seen some good ones of these before myself, but Dr Hymen takes the win with douchebags and puppies.

  29. erm, you are the biggest asshole of all. stop being a doosh and learn how to be nice to people. american POS

  30. The thing that frightens me is that I have a feeling Kieran is about 14.

  31. You know what i hate? School, this website isn’t blocked and its hilarious how they block photobucket.
    fuck the system!

  32. i want to get FUCKED.

  33. flexo, you’re really beginning to bore me now

  34. Obvious fake Flexo is obvious.

  35. I actually Lol’d at them all.
    So funny :) x

  36. you guys are all retarted, their is nothing funny about these.

  37. I like boner John. I need a mouthful of that goodness.

  38. I am on my period

  39. I am into the scat scene.

  40. Great, the cloner guy/girl is back. What a loser.

  41. Don’t you mean Boner Bob?

  42. I like playing in garbage and I stink.

  43. Hmph. I would like to know what type of person is bored enough to type numerous comments pretending to be other people. They are probably fans of the groups “I never get Laid” , “I wish a I had job” and “I heart Farmville”

  44. I killed a whore.

  45. @ cloner

    You fail!

  46. Don’t feed the troll (flexo)
    it is bitches by the way.
    Some people should go back to their education.

  47. @ Veronica

    LMMFAO HAHAHAHA. You rock in my book. :)

    @ Anubis

    The original flexo was pretty funny, this cloner of flexo is just lame.

  48. really?

  49. hi im a dumb bitch

  50. flexo just trolled all you nerds.

  51. Dirk – Where’s Rick Springfield?

  52. Thank you Chazz
    Apparently I upset the cloner…

  53. Wait, I’m an imbecile – it only truly counts as trolling if people are actually annoyed by flexo, but people are just laughing at him and already know what he’s trying to do. Thus I am stoopid. I’m just gonna go now, and go back to fapping off to hentai seiyoku.

  54. shouldn’t it be “real men don’t…… women” and not “woman”? i hate it when people open facebook groups with spelling mistakes in the name..

  55. I guess that was what Chris Brown was doing.

  56. What the ffuck is with girls that don’t give head? Honestly. Dumb bitches, who do they think they are?

  57. Clone will be upset by this too

    Veronica (#43), absolutely top marks to you.

  58. 56, they aren’t dumb bitches, they’re stupid…now wait for Christmas.

  59. wow guys. lurk moar in relation to flexo.

  60. The comments were actually funnier than the posts. Thank ye.

  61. Ohhh, look at what I’ve found! A fanboi!

  62. I hate Flexo but I love how he makes me laugh. He always “guarantees” he knows he is right when he is ALWAYS wrong. It’s hilarious, seriously at this rate Flexo will “guarantee” himself the position of biggest retard on lamebook.

    Keep em comming Flexo, keep em comming.

  63. Interesting-

    Interesting how Flexo just somehow manages to make me laugh and hate him at the same time, isn’t it?

  64. Reinventing Inventions

    I too would like to join Hitting Things To Make Them Work, but do it while hitting a girl. I mean, that would be optimal, because she might get a job.

  65. … wonder why more people don’t realize the red line under the words you’re typing in the comment box means it’s spelled wrong…

  66. do you mean wrongly?

  67. Phillip’s a loser for being a fan of the California Hotel. Gross.

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