Friday, May 14, 2010

FANtastic Friday (Part 2)

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  1. Agreed! Deport the juggalos

  2. Mario and Dreddy

    I hate it when my Blackberry also gets peed on, which has happened, oh, never.

  3. Who's That Girl?

    Oh, man, don’t get me started on effing Juggalos. Those little clown punks can all die slow deaths…

  4. Who's That Girl?

    And I’m pretty sure I’m going to Hell for laughing at Dan. Add “5 year old sister” to that little mix and I’m guaranteed front row seats…

  5. i’ll bet Erica does like waking up with a boner.

  6. Well Erica, I don’t mind waking up next to one, if that’s what you mean, if not, shouldn’t I call you Eric?

  7. Dan FTW!

  8. With you 100% Word
    and Dan FYL

  9. Thanks lamebook for directing us to the phone number and Blackberry pin of Nick Belanger, the guy who drunkenly peed on his own phone. Good job on protecting people’s private information.

  10. Grammar Police

    I don’t know about the rest of the guys, but to me, waking up with a boner in the morning (unless you’re super horny and ready for a quicky)is just inconvenient and annoying.

  11. No way, two juggalo posts in one day! That is a sign. I must repost my previous link.

    Let the juggalo leaders tell you all about MIRACLES.

    “I’ve seen miracles all around me,
    water, fire, air and dirt,
    fucking magnets, how do they work?”

    The best part is they are completely serious.

  12. yo @knobjockey: that’s a public page. i don’t think that lamebook can be held responsible for some dumb shit that pisses on his electronics posting things on facebook. if it’s out there it isn’t their fault it is the bonehead that made it public. lighten up, would ya? you’re the one who actually looked for it on facebook anyway.

    @word: i was assuming that’s what Erica meant.

  13. lol

  14. Thought the insane clown posse fad died in the 90′s…ugh

  15. What’s with all these Juggalo posts lately? I something happening that I’m not aware of? Is this a sign of the apocalypse? Juggocalypse?

    Sort of makes me pine for the days of seeing Maggots everywhere. But I don’t recall what seeing Maggots everywhere caused me to pine for. Sweet, sweet release through death, maybe.

  16. Clown scare me… people that actually want to look like clown without being paid for it scare me too. The combination is terrifying.

  17. All your base are belong to us

  18. CommentsAtLarge

    Again with these clowns? (pun intended) Are they taking over or something — are we caught in a Juggolution??

  19. I laughed wayyy too hard at the name of the dubstep group. I’m all for dirty dubstep.

  20. Dancinganimal256

    I never knew hat a juggalo was till today, and I’m glad we don’t have them were I live.

  21. CommentsAtLarge

    Well Dancing, we are looking for a place to deport them to…

  22. Juggolution made me giggle.

  23. Dancinganimal256


  24. Dancinganimal256

    where* damn it >_<

  25. Dancinganimal256

    @Comment: Don’t even think about it.

  26. Dancinganimal256

    Then again, I think most of them would die out when winter comes along.

  27. You may soon, Dancinganimal. I hear they’re going to be deported soon. That ups the odds.

  28. May soon have them where you are, that is.


  29. May soon have them where you are, that is.


  30. “You say you want a Juggolution, well, you know, they all want to change the world”

    Sincere apologies to Paul and John, but it’s all Comments fault.

  31. I repeat myself when under stress.

  32. @word You don’t need to apologize to Paul. That’s a Lennon tune.

  33. He’s in there somewhere.

  34. What about the guidos? How come they get to stay?


  35. So are Ringo and George, though. You should apologize to them, too. As well as George Martin and Nicky Hopkins.

    I’m just being a playful dick. My apologies.

  36. CommentsAtLarge

    Word, you may even have to apologize to George and Ringo for that one. And Italian guilt be damned, I accept no responsibility for that one ;)

  37. CommentsAtLarge


    Didn’t mean to steal your thought, I hadn’t seen yours while typing

  38. If you want to steal my thoughts, that’s fine by me. Be prepared for the nightmares though.

    They usually involving being eaten alive by Juggalos…

  39. Speaking of Italians, there have been two mentions of the term “guido” in the past two days. Isn’t that still a ruthlessly offensive term?

    Not that I’m offended by it, per sé. I just find it strange that no one has commented on that bit of racism.

  40. jersey shore made it mainstream acceptable

  41. CommentsAtLarge

    I’m Italian and find no insult in the term “guido” — it’s only insulting to the over-gelled-spray-tanned-fist-pumping jackholes, mainly found on the East Coast. Even they are starting to wear it like a badge of honor.

  42. That pretty much answers my question. I’m not Italian, and I was curious.

  43. Comments, I knew you weren’t that kind of Italian. You would appreciate good food, and good wine, and the lovely ladies, of course.

  44. CommentsAtLarge

    Indeed word, all things deserving of appreciation ;)

  45. I don’t even know what Guido means. Anyone care to enlighten me?

  46. Also…that fan page about midterms is spot on! I graduated from college, and its very true, they don’t mean shit!!

  47. you should apologize to pete best

  48. Jersey Shore and that one Lamebook post mean I get enraged the moment I here the word ‘Guido’ now. No offence to any normal Italians – the preening bell-ends like the tits on Jersey Shore can take as much offence as they like.

  49. *hear

  50. I don’t think Erica actually meant to like that. It got me too. All I did was click to look at the page and next thing I knew I had several wall posts from friends commenting on my liking for waking up with a boner.

  51. So…you don’t like waking up to a boner?

  52. Who the fuck fingers their sister? The beauty of family is that familiarity allows you to skip all that bullshit. Talking, romance, foreplay: not necessary. You can just stick that shit right in there. My one eyed baby Ooogan is a testament to maintaining our single branch of the family tree.

    Dad wishes he had my access, but sis always complains that his dick tastes like my ass.

  53. Oh sure, I enjoy waking up with a boner at my disposal. In fact I enjoyed it just this morning. But I resent being tricked into publishing unauthorised newsfeed stories.

  54. Yes, labeling and grouping together an ENTIRE fan-base is indeed pretty lame.

  55. #54, ICP is pretty lame in general, i hope you’re not a ‘juggalo’

  56. I understand that ICP is lame, but to classify every single one of their fans as the same thing — as I’ve seen happening a lot around the web — is even more lame. You don’t see groups called “Deport every Radiohead fan” or “I hate all fans of Green Day”, you know?

  57. Umm…every Radiohead fan isn’t dressing up like a demonic clown and labeling itself a Juggalo.

    In any case, your argument is ridiculous. The term “Juggalo” wasn’t tokened by anyone but ICP and their fanbase. They WANT to be excluded into that group. And that’s fine by me. It’s easier to pick ‘em out.

    Let me reiterate: Not all of their fans are lame. The ones that dress up like fucking clowns and call themselves stupid fucking names like Juggalo are lame. They started it…no one else.

    Get it?

  58. Someone that likes Star Trek isn’t a Trekkie. Somone that gels there hair, alters their ears and puts an upside-down V on their chest is a Trekkie.

    It’s not fucking rocket science, dude.

  59. *someone


  60. Juggalos are everywhere! You will never get rid of us!

  61. Insane Clown Pussy sucks (And the got owned big time by the Real Slim Shady! )

  62. @Bucky Fellini
    You just ruined my life with that youtube link… I couldn’t stop it because I couldn’t believe that it was really happening.

    That explains everything!

  63. Nuff,

    I apologize. I realize it was difficult viewing. I felt it was simply my duty as a resident of this planet to share the perils of our civilization, to set forth in motion a united front against stupidity.

    At the very least, good for a laugh, no?


  64. Okay, I guess I’m not the hippest of individuals and had never heard of Insane Clown Posse before. So thanks Bucky for the link. I learn so much from Lamebook. Fuckin magnets, how do they work…really? Oh. My. Garsch.

  65. There are miracles all up in this bitch.

  66. where do people find this stuff??

  67. @ImSlimShady- ICP definitely got fucked by Eminem. No coming back from that for them. But shit, I still like ‘em. Also… there are other artists that are ‘juggalos’ that also advertise it and have worse lyrics… look at them.

    @seriouslywtf- People find this stuff on facebook. Hence the name of the site.

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