Friday, April 16, 2010

FANtastic Friday!

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  1. Ben???

  2. Am I the only one that thinks these Justin Bieber jokes are getting old?

  3. Hey preppy girl…LOL

  4. Justin Bieber is getting old! I heard that kid is 16!!! I thought he was 10 and I was like, “ok, I guess he is a cute little 10 year old, and the 10 year old girls would love him”. But 16??? Eww.

  5. Christina.Willemina

    I can’t wait to see all of these tan-a-holic girls in about 20 years when their skin looks like beat up leather and they are dying from skin cancer. It’s not even like they look good now, they look like Oompa Loompas.

  6. no cherry… i didnt get them in the first place… i mean just too easy a target… making fun of a kid is like being proud of out witting a retard

  7. Ahahaha, I found Rob. From the picture on Lamebook, I was like, “Eh, maybe he’s an albino black guy.”

    He is so super-white.

    (Also? The Sassy Gay Friend video is awesome.)

  8. i’m 90% sure that girl’s tan is of the paint-on variety.

  9. Who's That Girl?

    @ Christina – I’m thinking the orange girl has a spray on tan, not a Fake-n-bake tan.

    I learned the hard way never to accept drinks from aroused donkeys, no matter how they smile at you!

  10. @Who’s That Girl: great minds think alike!

  11. @dc (#8)
    only 9O%? I would have gone for the big 1OO.

  12. Do not get the last one first maybe their god has nothing against gay people and second if we are assuming it is the Christian god doesn’t he teach them to love thy neighbor and leave the judging up to him?!

    How do you get cancer from a spray tan? Wait, I forgot everything gives you cancer according to some study.

  13. Wow, spray tan girl needs to back away from the sprayer….seriously.

  14. Wow. Usually I’d say the joke about women was old and tired, but actually this time it’s the Justin Bieber shit that’s getting old…

  15. Who's That Girl?

    I bet Rob has a black great-great grandmother and he uses that to proclaim his blackness.

  16. Why do people think the orange look is so attractive? I just don’t see it and I have no problem admitting a girl is hott when she clearly is, but I have never seen a beautiful orange girl. It’s weird.

    I also have not been approached by an aroused donkey today, so contrary to what I thought, maybe today has been a good day after all!


  17. I just fanned the “orange whore girl” one, haha.

  18. i love orange chics… first I am a bronco fan and they match my wardrobe… second when i come on a pale chics tits its tough to see cum, but on an orange chic i can see just how much i spooged the bitch

  19. That preppy orange girl is what you get when you let oompa loopmas mate with the general public. I wonder what colour you’d get if two oompa loompa offspring had a kid?

  20. Why is everyone hating on the donkey? Poor guy can’t get ass for shit. Maybe he and the orange girl would benefit from a accidental meet and greet. :)

  21. Mmmm – aroused donkeys. What can I say? I like the way they buck me.
    As for the orange chick, it might be fun to sing “Oompa Loompa doompadee doo…” to her whilst in the heat of passion…

  22. @tommyboy16 – dammit, you beat me…

  23. i love malteaser too

    I know who made the donkey rape page – this guy:

  24. These made me smile……..but I wonder nobody has picked up on Tonya’s comment? I reckon Tonya FTW

    And btw .20.Nonnieyrissa…..the donkey probably gets more ass than U do………pun intended ;)

  25. @ 24 – :)

  26. i love malteaser too

    lol lol

  27. I really love reading this site and all of the comments but how do all of you come on here all the time? I’ve been getting viruses like crazy lately and the only new site I come to is here.

  28. I need to share this with you guys. A cop steals some weed from the evidence room and makes brownies and he and his wife get high for the first time and freak out and call 911.

  29. @18 slim
    Does cum do anything to an orange spray tan? Does she end up looking like an orange zebra when she’s wiped down?

    @27 puppy power
    I’m pretty sure it’s not from lamebook. Lamebook wouldn’t mess up your computer, only your mind.

  30. Kristin, another great legend for you right there.

  31. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced getting raped by an aroused donkey. Making sweet, sweet love to one sure, but never rape.

  32. trying getting raped by a facid donkey… they will just jam that shit in crooked

  33. The donkey one made me laugh so hard. If I get fired I’m blaming the creator of the donkey page.

    slim, #32 was my first great mental image of the day. Thank you.

  34. @puppy power maybe you should stop clicking on all the ads on the side.

  35. prolefeedprocessor

    YAY! The money one! Finally one I’ve joined BEFORE it appeared on Lamebook.

  36. *shivers* I hate orange people. First off it looks disgusting. It just does. Nobody is orange. That shit ain’t normal. Second, it looks like they’ve been out in the sun way too long, and everything they brush past causes them pain. And I hate to see people in pain.

    Except orange people.

  37. No, wait…

  38. lol

  39. i know people who have actually become fans of the money multiplying one, or at least are friends with them on facebook and it pops up on my news feed

  40. I would join the money one but it only has 1 guy in there.. maybe when it becomes popular, lol.

  41. i love malteaser too

    What if Ms. Orange was a ginger?

  42. If she was a ginger, we would be even more cruel. Gingers have no soul. Buahahahahah!!!!!!

  43. Who's That Girl?

    I don’t know, I’m scared of gingers. Pretty sure thay can all whoop my ass…

  44. id fuck a ginger… then when i pull out i could play connect the dots with my cum… i made a horsey!!

  45. I work at a tanning salon and that is all spray tan. I spray tan people and never had anyone look like this. These salons need to get more natural looking solutions. Jesus.

    Now I want all of you to think about this.
    Spray tans can only get in certain spots so far. I bet when you spread her ass cheeks apart it’s enough to make a penis invert, shrivel up and die…then have your nut sacks spontaniously explode.

  46. I get the mass difference deal, #45, but… does anyone ever spread their ass when tanning? That’s an alarming prospect.

  47. i dont care if she is purple… if her ass is hot, spread those cheeks and i will enjoy

  48. When you’re in a bed you can’t. But if you’re spraying someone I tell them to bed forward a little to spray under the butt. But I don’t spray so damn dark that if a chicks boyfriend spread her ass apart for action he’d be disgusted by the difference in color.

  49. I love Oompa Loompas. They make me feel so much better about myself.

  50. The day is a good day if I don’t get assaulted by aroused oompa loompas.

  51. @Zoobert: I feel the same way. There haven’t been very many good days lately, though.

  52. What’s the Sassy Gay Friend video?

  53. @ slippyslappy

    OMG Sassy Gay Friend is the funniest video ever. Well, at least the Romeo & Juliet one. I was gasping for breath from laughing so hard when I first saw it:

  54. @skeleton_key awesome! I got a good chuckle out of that one. Thanks!
    It was also very reminiscent of a gay guy I’m friends with LOL

  55. My friends were all becoming fans of “I wish money would have sex in my pocket and multipy”. I thought it was retarded then, I STILL think it’s retarded.

    How can you be a fan of that? It doesn’t make sense…

  56. @Demarion – no, it doesn’t make CENTS.

  57. I must admit, I am interested as to whether the beeb has gone through puberty, coz if not his music career might go on a downward spiral. And when he grows facial hair, ‘lesbians who look like justin bieber’ will look a lot different!

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