Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Family Time!

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  1. BEN!

    And WTF is wrong with these people??

  2. Same birthday as me. I’m happy as hell that my mother isn’t like that Amanda bitch.

  3. Chloe, for Christ’s sake, stay in there!

  4. Chloe’s mom meet stairs, stairs, Chloe

  5. aww.. ain’t chloe cute…
    you’re all heartless..

  6. Aww you guys are being unnecessarily hard on Chloe’s mom. A mother who loves Facebook enough to have her unborn daughter on it. Big deal. It’s almost cute.

    Now if Chloe was Amanda’s daughter…

  7. no! samwise don’t get sucked in! it’s not cute for people to have profiles for their pets, even less so for unborn people

  8. krasivaya_devushka

    Ok wtf to #1? 0.o

  9. Maddie wins Facebook.
    Though to be fair, so do Aunt Beth and Mallory.

  10. good for maddie…..

  11. I’ll try to resist, Shipoopi!

  12. yes, it was a palpable blow by maddie

  13. @shipoopi.. you are a cold hearted, lonely individual, aren’t you?

  14. I don’t wish Chloe’s mom any ill will, but I do think it’s fairly pathetic to be creating a Facebook page for your unborn child. I’ve never tried but I hope you can edit the birthdate after account creation, in case she’s off by a bit.

    Although it will be interesting to check back in 12 years or so and see how Chloe’s page has evolved post-birth. =P

  15. Who the hell let Amanda breed?? I hope her parents keep her child. Then again, they didn’t do such a steller job with her . . .

  16. Oh and congrats, Trenton.

  17. Do you want a high-five Trenton? You seem to be very excited about this new revelation. Um…yay you?

  18. @tisonabull,

    no, i am actually not lonely at all, i just like making fun of people on the internet

    i mean, i could fairly surmise the same about you, saying that you must be lonely to emote so for a shapeless blob on an ultrasound that you don’t even know :)

  19. besides, puppies make much better babies

  20. Lamebook begins at conception.

  21. +1 for heisenberg!

  22. Maybe it’s just where I’m from but I don’t get the “Two Pump Chump” lingo…is he talking about ejaculating twice? If so, I’d think that would be a good thing…. Boo-urns. Boo-urns indeed.

    And “In love wit my self to the hard way?” WTF??

  23. Abort, abort! (and I mean for Chloe to abort her mom, but I don’t think that’s possible).

    Trenton, congratulations, but having a loose girlfriend who’s butt ugly and gives bad blow jobs is enough to make any man last that long.

  24. @bry.. thrust, thrust, squirt

  25. I am not sure what is *quite* so bad about Amanda’s post. I mean she said her parents are taking her daughter for a week, so she is going to party. And why is that a bad thing?

    I mean she is definitely an idiot, but I don’t see how that post makes her a horrible mother.

  26. @msbuzzkill

    because once you become a mom, you can’t have fun and have to wear mom jeans!

  27. Hey, I don’t wear mom jeans. Your statement does not apply here!

  28. The only ones who should create Facebook profiles are the ones who are capable of doing it for themselves. Ugh. Stupid.

  29. The issue with Amanda’s is she’s dumping her kid off on her parents and going out partying on the kid’s birthday (posted on March 19, kid’s birthday is March 21, kid is gone for a week). I’m all for a good party, but if you’re going to pick one day to stay at home and be sober, make it your kid’s birthday. The money you save in future therapy bills will be worth it.

  30. @eenerbl

    you mean to tell me you’ve had a kid and are still a fully functioning woman rather than an asexual “mom”?!


  31. First Facebook, then Catbook, now… Fetusbook?

  32. Spot on Shipoopi!

  33. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Lol that dude must have been having nightmares about premature ejaculation for him to be that happy. I think I will have to incorporate two-pump-chump into my vocab.

  34. ee, I’m with you. Exactly what type of jeans do mothers wear? I get that pregnant, and recently post birth mothers might have to wear those unattractive stretch waist numbers, but down the track, there’s no reason a mother shouldn’t be wearing regular jeans, OR to have fun on occasion, for that matter.

    I must have missed that memo.

    Anyway, we don’t know how old Amanda’s child is. It may be too young to know, or too old to care. Regardless, she’s still an idiot.

  35. CommentsAtLarge

    Trenton, sure you’re not buddy. Offering that sort of info without provocation usually makes people think the opposite.

    MsBuzz, ee, and wordyperv (provided I am interpreting the “missed that memo” comment right) strike me like they’d be the “cool” moms.

  36. Comments, you interpreted correctly. I can’t speak for Msbuzz, but as for ee, she’s definitely cool, not just as a mother, but as a person.

    ee, love you.

  37. CommentsAtLarge

    Gold star for me – and anyone who is as passionate about books as ee is already cool by me (I am too)

  38. Back at ya word!

    Thanks Comments!

  39. Good for Amanda. A mother is allowed ro have baby free days as well.

    Maggie is probably just a barren, bitter bitch

  40. Maggie FTW!

  41. @tits – Why thank you! Might have to add that to my vocabulary =)

    It’s not that Amanda is having fun on her free time. It’s the fact that she posts it like a 14-year-old girl going to her first house party.

  42. Oh right, I forgot that once one had a child one isn’t allowed ro be excited anymore. Epecially not over the probably first week off she had since that kid was born.

    Magie should have been aborted, same as the rest of judgemental cunts

  43. Oh right, I forgot that once one had a child one isn’t allowed ro be excited anymore. Epecially not over the probably first week off she had since that kid was born.

    Magie should have been aborted, same as the rest of judgemental bitches

  44. agree about the books thing. but when you read something like robert musil’s man without qualities, it kind of makes ‘murder at heartbreak house’ by candy mcairport-trashpaperback look like horse feed. or just like a trashy airport read.

  45. YorkshirebornNBread

    i think amanda is 14! can you spell “Brooklynn” like that?

  46. hahahah wow I’m an idiot, I thought Amanda’s parents went to Brooklyn, New York from California for the week, so she’s out partying two days before her daughter’s due date is..
    hahah, then i re-read it.
    Well, I actually knew a girl whos mom met her stepdad on her first birthday, because on her 1st birthday her mom went out to a bar to partayyyy..

  47. YorkshirebornNBread

    @ijkl0marissa Don’t blame yourself, it’s not like it was written by a halfwit with a basic grasp of the english language. The woman’s a freak… as Bry said, “In love wit my self to the hard way?” WTF?? WTF indeed.

  48. Maddie (don’t know why people are calling her Maggie) is awesome. Usually anything baby related gets posted and the womenfolk are “OMG! that’s so awesome!”

    The chich who made the profile pic for her goo-sac? Yeah, that kid is going to wish mom had been pro-choice.

  49. Jesus christ on a bike.

    Who lets these people breed?

  50. PeanutButtercup

    I love that IVB’s hate rants were completely ignored :)

  51. I hate it when people write in all caps. Grrr.

    Oh, and I get the mum jeans thing. But the thing I notice the most are prominant panty lines. And I kind of understand why older women have panty lines but not girls the same age as me or younger. I have always wondered if they just don’t check in the mirror or if they just don’t know what type of underwear to wear.

  52. When I was a kid, I actually thought that older women just had huge crotches since most of the teachers at my elementary school wore mom jeans with the waist up above their guts

  53. You have to be 13 to register for Facebook, so how the fuck did she create a page and get the baby’s age to be that young? Facebook doesn’t let you change your birthyear.

  54. LMFAO @ shipoopi
    I always wondered why they’d wear jeans that showed off their gut so bad, now I know.

  55. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these people are high.

  56. “Get it in nigga?”
    Seeing as one child is apparently too much work for this chick, I think “Pull out nigga” would be a better option.

  57. Whats so wrong about people who give their baby, unborn or not, a facebook? These women are clearly at the peak of their pregnancies( what with the movement of the baby and people being able to feel them and the ultra sound pictures) so what else do they get to do all day BESIDES be on facebook? They can’t work, clean or do a lot of things without being uncomfortable. Also, some of these women may possibly be first time mothers. Why can’t they be excited for themselves and their family? Its not that big of a deal. Now people who make facebooks for their pets…….I can’t back them up on that.

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