Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Still Matters





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  1. Cool Grandpa lmao!

  2. meat missle. ha

  3. I also found meat missle amusing

  4. Dawn is just being a bitch to get attention. She clearly needs more meat missile pronto.

  5. He spelled missile wrong….j/k that was funny, and why was his aunt mad about meat missile? I mean its better than if he said dick or ass or something?

  6. lmao.

    the last one is priceless.

  7. Alex’s mom isn’t shocked by the sex, she’s disappointed that she raised a complete idiot.

  8. Someone called Gwen gets a comment from someone calling her Courtney?

  9. You know Aunt Dawn should have sent him a private message instead of trying to obviously shame him into what she wants his behavior to be. It is not his responsibility that her crotch fruit reads facebook.

  10. bwahahahahaa crotch fruit

  11. @Pale – “Crotch fruit” LOL! I learn something new every time I visit Lamebook :-)

  12. On the other hand, Dawn might have just wanted to delay the inevitable sex talk with her spawn. You know how it goes:

    “Mommy, how are babies made?”

    “Well dear, when a boy and a girl love each other very much, the boy puts his purple-headed meat missile into the girl’s moist pink love tulip.”

    It can get very awkward.

  13. @Sensible Madness – “Purple-headed junket-pumper” is also acceptable :-)

  14. It’s a purple helmet warrior!
    Also, weed is good. Babies, I’m sure at some point, are good. Fetus+weed=worse than some southern Americans

  15. That’s what comes from not rembering all of your freinds

  16. @ Gwen, please get in touch with…I know that I could give it to you very fast and very hard…I also like robots and sausages…

  17. Epic gramps

  18. Dawn needs that joint a whole way more than Gwen does . . .

  19. I just keep thinking about “Naked Gun 2 & 1/2″ while reading these comments

    “His strong manly hands probed every crevice of her silken femininity, their undulating bodies writhing in sensual rhythm, as he thrust his purple-headed warrior into her quivering mound of love pudding.”

  20. LMAO @ Alex!!! Maybe he should take his mum as a date so he can practice some of what he learns ;)

    Can anyone understand Joseph?

    Go grandpa! Not that i like that game.

    @Sensible Madness: Sausage wallet can also be used.

  21. @ratcoons widow

    “her quivering mound of love pudding” – Made me spit out my water.

    I do like the Purple-headed warrior thing though- It’s like a soldier when it stands to attention; Ahahahaahahahaha!

  22. Gwen’s child would be better off if she dumped it on the street and ran away quickly.

  23. Why is Gwen’s child on Facebook?
    In what way is that appropriate? How about instead of censoring the world, we try PARENTING a little??

    Sheesh!! Uptight dull-eyed suburban bitch.

  24. Fawwwwk I need a laugh

  25. Goo Grampa!

  26. @Anitalaff: The next time you’re riding your man (assuming you have one) tell him you fucked his brother/father and try to stay on.

  27. no alex, that’s why you’re supposed to block your family members on facebook

  28. Aunt dawn is a fucking Debbie Downer.

  29. How can i join that group ??????

  30. Does anyone else think it’s lame that Jason can’t spell grandpa?

  31. @26 Insane

    I’ll say, “That’s not how your DAD does it”

  32. ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! The funniest comments for a while, thank you people! Also, I’m LOVING it how everyone ignores that robot bloke…

  33. Hmmm. Bugger. Did I just encourage him? Sorry about that guys.

  34. @31 Anita – if your man manages to keep wood and still wriggles after you tell him that . . . he’s a keeper . . .

  35. Thesaurapist
    Funny you should mention that. Keepwood is his middle name…

  36. His dad’s middle name is Bonher…

  37. That Aunt Dawn character is like a few of my family members. It’s really sad that my family didn’t even just “hide” me, they de-friended me. (I think it was just an excuse because they realized my lifestyle didn’t fit in their cookie-cutter mold!)

    But seriously, it’s Aunt Dawn’s job to police her children’s computer time. I don’t have friends that aren’t old enough to know what sex is or anything, and this is why.

  38. Agreed. Dawn should grow the fuck up and start being a PARENT.

  39. Also agreed, I have family members that are the same. And alike with EC they just unfriended me rather than bothering with the hide, kinda stupid. I was also told off by them through one of my status’ because their kids were near by the computer and I had the word douche bag in my status, pretty lame.

  40. I fuked ur granpa, nd promoted him from hitman to enforcer

  41. lightxspeed

    They are idiots. SOMEHOW I am able to monitor & parent my children. It must be MAGIC.

  42. Dawn it’s called parenting! Where have you been and what have you been doing???

  43. He should give his aunt the meat missile in the ass.

  44. At least mum can be proud of the correct use of grammar by Alex.

  45. @Panis: FTW!!!

  46. gwen – abort that baby… don’t want to have that abomination come out… if ya already havnt… and maybe goto a std clinic & get sum condoms

    jason – thats nice

  47. I like how Joseph apologizes to his aunt. Then suggests that they go to dinner. Right after he says “meat missle”.

  48. I still think “crotch fruit” is funny.

  49. lol……….imagine the stuff u’d learn at a conference like THAT!!!!

  50. I know that Gwen girl. She’s a nice person.

  51. I’m glad you know that Gwen girl. She needs to quit effin smoking pot when she’s pregnant though. What a GREATT mother already!

  52. She’s not being a bad mother, she’s parenting the way she believes is right. She strongly believes that marijuana is a health-promoting drug, and uses it (as many women do and have done before) to relieve fatigue and nausea during her pregnancy.

  53. BTW Gwen goes as Gwen or Courtney, that’s why someone calls her Courtney in one of the comments.

  54. Are you high on crack and marijuana or completely fucking bonkers? Drugs and other materials affect people differently. The placenta cannot ‘filter’ out all of the harmful substances from reaching the baby – alcohol, paracetamol, tobacco to name a few. While there has been a significant number of babies who are physiologically unaffected, there is also a high number of babies who have been affected from physical deformations (such as Microcephaly) as well as impairing cognitive development. So Gwen may be a nice person, but she is obviously fucking retarded as are you for backing her inbred decision to smoke pot while pregnant!

  55. You mention alcohol, paracetamol, and tobacco, but not THC. Do you have a documented case of THC harming a fetus? I have looked, and I can’t find one.
    The only reason I can see it being potentially harmful is because, when you take the hit, you take in less oxygen than you should be in a normal breath, and therefore cut off some of the oxygen that should be flowing to the child. But it doesn’t seem so detrimental if you only take a few hits in one day. Not the same as smoking several cigarettes, where you would be depriving the baby of a significant amount of oxygen.
    Anyway, I’m not saying I would do the same thing, I’m only saying that it is her right to decide what she believe is right or wrong for her and her child, and I can’t criticize something that I don’t know for certain to be harmful.

  56. There are alot of inconsistent results in such studies. But I must ask you, why risk it? Or in your case why endorse (for lack of a better word) someone who is willing to risk the childs health for a quick buzz? Evidence or not she should be doing her best to make sure the child comes out safely with no disadvantages.
    Do me a favour. Read this and tell me that Gwen should not be criticised:

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