Monday, April 5, 2010

Family Follies

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  1. Haha first comment!!! Harriet wins.

  2. that mum on the last one wins xD
    Harriet was good too.

  3. Aw, what’s wrong with Barney? He should check out How I Met Your Mother, then he’d love his name.

    Mondays at 8/7c, only on CBS.
    Check it out.


    Man, Dylan’s a whiny twat. I’d have loved to get shit like that when I was a kid.
    And why does Jason say ‘lol mom hey its true tho im dyin i need my sex’? Like she’s gonna go ‘oh, you weren’t kidding? good cos I can help.’

    She has a friend, okay?

    Is 8/7c right? You crazy Yanks confuse me with your time-zones.

  4. Dylan, just eat around them and stop complaining.

  5. So anthony’s gonna fuck a 14 year old? And so is Makayla? Well damn. I think im gonna head to the middle school today and find me one, since everyone seems to be doing it.

    @Britishhobo, Ive fucked a friend of my moms. It was tight. Not her vagina, but the experience.

  6. Harriet pwns.

  7. Good old grandpa. (sigh).

  8. Was Dylan’s dad going for a Macgyver thing?

  9. @BritishHobo I agree… being named Barney would be LEGEN– wait for it –DARY.

  10. wow, grandpa, wtf??

  11. CommentsAtLarge


    Until Slapsgiving that is.

  12. Hmmm possibly Dylans dad is indeed MacGyver?
    And why the Hell do people keep adding their parents to their friends?!

  13. I dont see why we have “yank” time-zones.. aren’t there time zones everywhere, but the UK just happens to fit within one?

  14. wow grandpa! You can still pop wood? Awesome!! :hifive: um, wait… on second thought :fistpump:

  15. Harriet wins! Lauren was kind of cute though too.

  16. @13 Shut it.

    There is endless embarrassment and fun to be had when people have their families added on facebook.
    I’d forgotten about grandpa. That image would NEVER leave your head.

  17. haha xD nice one slim

  18. @slimjayz, from the sound of it grandpa brought his own fist pump.

  19. I hate to say that I know this, but Lauren’s is stolen directly from MLIA. It was lame there, and it’s lamer knowing that… “I’m going to name my future child Stacy. I will be Stacy’s mom. And I will have it going on. MLIA”

  20. @shitit, yeah, but you got more than one :P Which leads to confusion whenever I’m in America and see one of those adverts saying something is on at 8/7c, and I have no idea when to watch, because I’m too ignorant to even know which of the time zones I’m in…

  21. *shutit. not shutit. Aww, now I feel like I’ve insulted you :( I wasn’t trying to, if that’s how it looks :P

  22. **shutit, not shitit.

  23. People really need to stop naming their kids weird shit. “Dakotah”? Seriously???!

  24. Ewww… God, seeing Grandpa beating off would literally scar me for life!

  25. @ slim: Viagra does wonders these days. I use that stuff when I’m doing laundry. Makes a wonderful towel rack, or to hang clean clothes when you’re folding them.

    That’s nothing Justin. Whenever my grandpa would get caught, he would ask you to come show him what he was doing wrong. Once I walked in and he had a Good Housekeeping magazine in hand and a gym sock in the other. Another time he was watching The Golden Girls, in their last season.

    I agree Miss Shegas, Dylan’s dad was MacGyver.

  26. Ahhh good ole grandpa Ben. -_-

  27. is it just me who has a problem with the way ‘Chelsea’ is written?

    also Dylan’s dad and mine would get along, when i was little he thought it was hilarious to give me and my brother batteries as presents and write ‘toy not included’ on them :P

  28. that wasn’t meant to be a smiley

  29. Dylan’s status made me think of my good ol’ Uncle Richard.

    On my 14th or 15th birthday he gave me a pack of balloons and corn cob holders. This past Christmas he gave everyone cans of tuna.

  30. a couple of years ago my brother gave me pine scented car air freshener thingees (i don’t have a car) and my parents got a pack of those little twist ties things – my dad still considers it one of the best presents ever

  31. If I caught my grandpa beating off in the living room I would have a heart attach, no doubt!

    By the way British, in reference to #3, right you are!

    Sex on Easter… I am well satisfied, all my eggs have been stuffed! (Shit, I hope I did not jinks myself into a pregnancy!)

  32. Oh ee, come on baby, old man self love is ok…

    You know there was a post last week late where some old dudes were torn apart for having gay geriatric 3 ways, and now this one.
    I say leave the poor old bastards alone. If they still have the old sex drive, and they can get it up (drug induced or not), I say go forth and jack off.

    I can only hope I still have it in me when I’ve got one foot in the grave.

    By the way ee, hope you had a good Easter, sounds like it.

  33. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ HOBO, you rule for acknowledging MR Stinson

  34. I don’t understand Lauren’s status. What is “Stacy’s mom” supposed to mean?

    Karen is the mother of the year.

  35. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    @ Bone

    it’s a topical and not very funny reference to a kiddie-pop song with the lyrics ‘stacy’s mom has got it going on’

  36. lol

  37. My mom used to do the same thing Dylan’s dad did with the Easter eggs. She used pretty much those exact same items and more, such as peanut butter, cereal, a leaf, one penny, and a rock.

  38. Ha… Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters. Karen seems like a pretty cool mom yet her son slightly douche-y.

  39. #1 is from TFLN …

    start reading it, lamebook. recycled jokes are not cool.

  40. I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t understand why Harriet said dinosaurs?

  41. Just kidding. I forgot Barney was a dinosaur. Not that funny.

  42. CommentsAtLarge


    Though I don’t usually go for the “that’s what she said” response, I read your comment and it brought the first entry in the Easter Wrap Up post to mind.

  43. @swamphen

    sorry but i lol’ed. your dad FTW

  44. and now you know what i’m getting my own kids for xmas – spoilt the little brats rotten, now on self-correcting course

  45. @24

    Literally? Seriously?

  46. @27 swamp hen:

    Looks like she’s using Cyrillic characters in her name, in particular the letter ‘en’. (Н, н)

    Or did you mean the extra ‘a’ tacked on the end?

  47. i meant the extra ‘a’

  48. JesusOnADinosaur

    Stacy’s mom… Win.

  49. hahahah
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  50. *pities poor lonely elixabeth*

  51. I think it’s just cruel to name your daughter Снеlѕеаа. Unless you’re Russian.

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