Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall’s Coming, PUMPkins


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  1. why…just why?

  2. Or should I say whyyyyyyyyyy?………..?

  3. …I thought the point of the word ‘better half’ was to suggest that your partner was better than you? With that and the “fattt HUGssss” it’s a wonder he still has a girlfriend.

  4. Aren’t you supposed to call the OTHER person your better half? Not reference yourself as the better one? Lol!

  5. Jesus H Titty Fucking Christ.

  6. I never get tired to see the girls go all Cobra Commander on their posts – Like, Damn You, Joeesssssss!!!!

  7. What the hell? Is this person typing with their vibrator?

  8. Maybe it’s a form of tourettes, where the nervous tick is to either hold down the shift key or repeat random letters every few seconds?

  9. @rdrr : I think it’s “wHYYYyyyyyyyy……..?”, but you were very cLOOOOOOOse.

  10. @Strubisatoaster, I’ve typed with a vibrator before and it didn’t look nearly this jacked up. Although I did have to replace my keyboard afterwards…

  11. I think someone needs to invest in a new keyboard. This one seems to be broken.

    lol at strub

  12. bitch needs to clean her keyboard. she’s got some keys sticking.

  13. This actually makes my face hurt.
    It… makes my face…. hurt.
    How is that even possible?!

  14. I like it how even the faces in the tropic thunder poster have been blurred

  15. The DVD commentary on Tropic Thunder is epic. Robert Downey Jr. stays in character for the whole thing.

  16. He/she needs to go chase some fuckin’ butterflies and stay off of the interwebz.

  17. We were given two hands to hold. One to hold, the other to “pinch”? Yeah, right. More like to jack the other person off witHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  18. I think Gollum posted this.

  19. Would it be morally incorrect for me to laugh at someone with the name Bahar?


  21. i know these people. the girl is 23 and graduated from college. ew

  22. Were they f’n drunk when they typed this? Idiots!

  23. Aww, how cute. Her love is so strong that she needs twice as many characters than necessary to express it.

  24. In reference to 21: how did she get through college with so little self awareness? My thirteen cousin has better Internet etiquette than this woman.


  26. Your ”BETTER” …WTF?

  27. Oh wow. Just. Wow.

  28. Boring.

  29. I sure hope she doesn’t talk like this in real life.

  30. Speaking of PUMP kin: what do rednecks like to do on Halloween?

  31. Ba-harf.

  32. If she’s the better half, wonder what he’s like…

  33. fuck

  34. She types like the crazy homeless guy on my street corner talks.
    Taking aim at lousy advertising

  35. The sheer effort it must have taken her to nt only extend certain words but to go so far as to mix capitals and lower case?
    Your (infinitely) better half

  36. Jesus Fucking Christ!!!!

    I’ll admit, I call my husband “pumpkin.” I would never ever call him that on any public space because I just wouldn’t and he’d kill me. But I guarantee you I’d spell it right. Dumb bitch.

  37. Boy, that person sure LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSS her PUMPkinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Gah, I’d hate to know someone like that.

  38. I was given ONE mouthhh to throw up while reading this crap

  39. It’s face in a hole, that’s why those faces are blurred.

  40. Is that person on crack…?

  41. Was that a guy or a girl? Either way, I’m going to slap that bitch.

  42. Oh dear. I just read it properly and it seems that he plays the guitar while she sings………………

    I so want to see that!

  43. @Anon

    I think that might be a good explanation

  44. I was actually waiting for the last line to read “is no longer listed as “In A Relationship”. That would have made my night.

    Alas, it was not to be.

  45. Cherry popper? The dude, of course


  47. Just when I pieced it back together, this had to come along. My head a-slpoded once again. Sigh.

  48. Oh my hat! Are such people allowed outdoors?

  49. Ha ha. The Tropic Thunder guys’ faces are blurred too.

  50. “WE’re so aweeeesome, like everyone loves US”

    Guess again, you dumb twunts . . .

  51. What the fuck is this bullshit?

  52. WTF is adnoxious advertising “Taking aim at lousy advertising” – just a touch ironic, no?

  53. Surely if everyone really had two hearts and gave one to another person then no one ever meets the one they gave their heart to.
    They should possibly consider taking a course in philosophy. And not reproducing.

  54. sweet motherfucking jesus christ monkeyballs, this is HORRIBLE!

  55. Is this one of those bots?

  56. LOL @Jesus H Titty Fucking Christ

  57. This one belongs on too.

  58. Well, that’s the kind of person I’d love shooting in the face just before blocking from my FB.

  59. All this was lacking is, “Bahar is now Single”

  60. poor, poor PummmmPKInnnnn. I hurt now. I need drugs to recover from that.

  61. wooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  62. grossly obnoxious.

    or rather

    GROSSlyyyyyy oBNOXXioussssssssssssssss ;) <3<3<3

  63. We were only born with one brain, but she obviously hasn’t discovered half of it.

  64. fucking puke!

  65. I’m a guy all about being lovable and “romantic” and all… But damn. XD That’d just come off weird…

  66. Oh dear LORD!!

  67. Lol I wonder how scared the partner is right now, over whelming much?

  68. YIKES!

  69. I believe this is grounds for a restraining order…or just a really great time to buy a gun.

  70. I have to wonder if she talks like that too.

  71. Maybe the b*tch has had a stroke and is now writing to signify that.
    I like to think that she’s had a stroke anyway.
    Like, REALLY REALLY hoping, so much so I have just made a pact with the devil and he has promised that he will smite that ho fo sho’.
    Good times!
    Proof positive here that the human race is failing on so many levels.

  72. Actually, I can’t let this go, what a c*nt.
    I feel slightly better now.

  73. HAH! I love how Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Robert Downey Jr.’s faces are blurred out.

  74. @Tim they arent, its another persons face in each hole. notice it says face in a hole at the bottom.

  75. If she ever offers me dessert, I’ll decline. Who knows where I’m gonna end up.

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