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  1. Oh god. Americans, bless ‘em.

    (Please don’t ask me how I know it was an American calling Austria, Australia. In the U.S. they have maps with two labels, “U.S.A” and everything else labelled “There be dragons”)

  2. You must be from dragon country…

  3. Codename Dutchess

    “That’s a lovely accent you have. New Jersey?”

    “Austria! Well then…g’day mate! Let’s put another shrimp on the bahbie!”

  4. Gee Crystal. whatever could you mean by ‘f**king? Do you use those asterisks because the letters ‘u’ and ‘c’ are so terribly offensive? Do you think that censoring your expletives like that mean people will somehow not know that you mean ‘fucking’ dollshouse?
    Is there something wrong with you?

  5. Detour east for a hostile takeover of the Kehlsteinhaus!

  6. gulps weiners haha

  7. Same thing as Crystal almost happened to me. I was about to buy very inexpensive antibiotics on the web for a friend without health insurance. They were so cheap! Until I realized they were for fish.

  8. It sounds like MAT comes from a broken home.

  9. I read Ed’s response first and was surprised it was a guy…

    Gulps is always a funny word..wieners Ha!

  10. U.S.A!!! U.S.A!!! U.S.A!!!

  11. I want some new background checks. And its a legit mistake, he might have glanced at Austria , and could have very well thought Australia.

  12. ^you have a pretty good working knowledge of how morons operate, don’t you Flamey?

  13. MsAnne, always so butthurt at everybody and everything ;D

  14. ^now there’s something that has always made me curious.
    MarioLizard, can you tell me in your Big Girl Words what butthurt actually means, and then use it correctly in a sentence?

    Because it doesn’t mean ‘sneering condescension’, that’s for fucking sure. Prat.

  15. MsAnneThrope is a cunt.

  16. aw shucks!

    but fuck off – you can’t have me.

  17. How do you buy a rug without first checking the dimensions? How else would you know if it would fit in your room?

  18. MsAnneThrope how much does Lamebook pay you to live your life here constantly pressing the refresh button? And where do we apply?

  19. why would you even want to? i’ve fucking ruined this place, apparently.

  20. I think the only thing you ruined is your life MsAnneThrope,because apparently you’re the only one who have the deepest commitment on this site. I mean your “friends” are also often here too, but i think your the most commited.

  21. *you’re

    o.k. then, semi-literate internet stranger, so what does that make you? You who bothers to stoop so fucking low from your pedestal so high above me?
    indulge me with sum moar of your petty bullshit. tell me as i lie here ‘mongst the ruins of my shattered life.

    p.s. don’t tell me. because you didn’t have the grace to rinse the bits of undigested corn of your tasty ‘opinion’ before you threw it.

  22. …and look! now it’s got all flies on it.

  23. ‘moar’ ? Really msanne, your true 15 year old self shows itself more, and more each day and lonely night.

  24. dammit.
    I fucking hate it when i bait the hook for a nice bit of pink snapper and it gets taken by a fucking blowfish.

  25. Ok, I finally admit to being curious, Ms. What kind of job do you have that allows you the luxury of commenting as prolifically as you do? Back in the day when this joint was at its most popular and there were a lot more people regularly commenting, including myself, there was never anyone who spent the amount of time here throughout the entire day that you do. It’s the sheer amount of your commenting on threads, returning to them time and again, often for days on end, that I find to be the most interesting thing about you. There’s been a few different types of trolls here over the years, but there’s never been one with the absolute single-minded commitment to having the last word, like you do, however smart or silly it may be. Truly amazing. More than a few people have broached these things with you before, I know, but you’ve never really answered them other than in the way that you just answered Grammer. And I now expect the same, so feel free to virtually fuck me in the ass with your strap-on wrapped in barbed wire for joining the ranks of those who waste their breath daring to be curious.

  26. Sigh…it’s the internet, for all you know “she” is a 60year old dude with too much time on his hands and a fondness for young male wordperverts…

  27. Ahhhh Austria for Xmas, birthplace of Hitler and the First World War, can’t think of anywhere else more festive than that can you?

  28. #25 tl;dr. Guessing it was some sanctimonious bullshit which is funny in that it probably talks about someone else wasting time.

  29. Ms is a whore, lots of free time during the day – but no internet access while kerb crawling.

  30. what kind of shitty backwater do you live in, crusty? there’s free wi-fi hotspots all over this fucking city.

    wordpervert…i dunno what to tell you. you pretty much covered everything.

  31. @26 is there or has there ever been any indication from ‘it’ that ‘it’ is a ‘she-it’ I don’t know/didn’t relaise if there was. Do we need to clarify that MsAnneThrope is clearly sensational spelling and/or cacography based on the word Misanthropy and which caused a metanalysis leading the reader to assume a female creature is behind th screen name? There is no doubt in my mind that Ms is a guy, sounds like one anyway…

    I would also make the point that the times posted don’t take into account international time zones. Much ado about nothing. Good day.

  32. @Pepito, WordPervert is a woman.

  33. MsAnneThrope,

    I might regret saying this later, but I actually enjoy your comments. I think I like you…

    And to those who wonder how you have time to comment at any hour of the day, I say: People can access lamebook by a number of mobile devices nowadays. They don’t have to be sitting at home, in front of the computer to read a post and comment on it.

    Gracias, señoras y señores.

  34. Ms, I didn’t really think that you’d tell me what you do, but kudos, love, if you can get paid while spending a good deal of the workday fucking around on the internet.

    Ms and I are essentially on the same time zone (being from Austria and all), so from where I’m sitting, there’s nothing international about when he/she comments. And on that note, I’ve always thought she was a he until he/she mentioned and defended Regretsy. Mostly chicks over there, so I dunno. Good job on keeping people guessing, anyway.

    Sure, a lot of people now use mobile devices to access the internet, including myself, but I don’t care what anyone says, it would still take a decent amount of time to check/recheck websites commenting multiple times on multiple posts be it on a mobile device or otherwise.

  35. “feel free to virtually fuck me in the ass with your strap-on wrapped in barbed wire”

    Okay, that made me laugh.

  36. MsAnneThrope has everyone telling her she needs to get a life yet has the entire website paying attention to her and curious of her ‘pathetic’ existence. Well played, Missy! And for those you who think Americans have the lock on ignorant, try traveling. The world is filled with idiots(scroll up). Wordpervert, you sound like a good soul–a bit of alright.

  37. ^^ Says the newest winner of the Darwin award who puts down in words the exact same thing that everyone else has been doing. You’ll be giving Einstein a run for his money. Or maybe you could just dribble like Hawking.

  38. I’m out of pot again :(

  39. Fucking Thor is weeping right now, why is it every four or five threads some new cock decides to troll on in and claim, the whole, “Hey, I’m new here and I just created an account to tell MsAnne he’s a cunt burgler who wastes entirely too much time on here insulting useless cunts like word”. Anyhow, if anyones decides to cowboy up and do some fucking in the ass with barbed wire, please, god, PLEASE, let me know long enough ahead of time so I can grab my digi and get that priceless shit on camera. Let’s try this condom on for size..NOBODY gives enough fucks to care about your whining and bitching. Yt was more fucking interesting then you winy ass new cocks, at least he/she/it plays along with the cuntfuckery. Yes, this is the first time I’ve taken I’ve taken a precious two minutes of my life to bitch about people bitching like little girls. Thanks guys, I could have been masterbating.

  40. @37 Thank you for supporting my theory. Look up ‘irony’ you ass pimple.

  41. I gotta admit I wrestle with how I feel about this crap.
    See, on the one hand, I love the butthurt and the impotent, frustrated gnashing of mong teeth.

    Although, I sometimes wish all the flouncing cunts would just STFU.

    But then how would I know if my cunning plan to piss off The Idiots was working?

  42. Ooh, I love the “mystery” about what MsAnne does for work that allows him to post so prolifically on Lamebook.

    Wait, no I don’t fucking love it, because he’s already answered what he does. Attention to detail, lurkers, attention to detail.

  43. Last word. Again. This is troll on troll action if ive ever seen. You guys are so fucking worked up. It’s hilarious. Face it, you all live miserable lives. It’s so transparent, anyway time to check if anyone’s tweeted me

  44. *squints*

    Can’t tell if using ironical humour, or actually has a Twitter account…

  45. ^don’t. just don’t.
    thinking too hard about it will only make your head asplode.

    (but the key here is;- do you really think anyone would publicly admit to knowing Flames – in any capacity?)

  46. I get the feeling that Flames is a drummer, so it’s possible that some underage, fat, goth girls in corsets would admit to knowing him. They might even follow him on Twitter, and squeal amongst themselves when they see that he’s leaving his mother’s basement for a “gig”.

    I mean, who else but a tryhard drummer would call themselves To The fucking Flames?

  47. I don’t think him leaving the basement to buy new batteries for his Band Hero drumkit (for his wii) really counts a ‘gig’, Bacchante.

  48. You’re right, but tell that to his chubby goth fans.

  49. I don’t speak guinea pig.

  50. no..no…wait..
    i don’t squeak guinea pig.

  51. Wordpervert, I’ve missed you.

  52. @#39, not all new accounts are here to rage on MsAnne. Some are here to join the (longer) line waiting to give a grateful rimjob to Our Lady of Universal Disdain.

    All holy praise to the one who keeps the internet interesting by ruining it.

  53. @39 *masturbating

  54. P.S. what did you just say?? I was thinking about… eggs.

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