Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Failed Research


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  1. They must not need spelling in the field.

  2. That sounds like a shit PhD.

  3. Oberlin alumni?

  4. Aw, Brittany, I’m sorry to tell you this, but the other “woman” and I have discussed this thoroughly and we’re revoking your PhD.

    Okay, I’m actually not sorry.

  5. She also made a than/then faux pas.

  6. those damb idiot geans.

  7. “then woman”? Idiot.

  8. i should carry you, because your an idiot

  9. Also a woman / women faux pas.

  10. ah, the infamous idiot heart cherry. I love those.

  11. She’s young – 27 years is probably all or most of her life. Her research started from birth. Some would say that’s more than sufficient research – it only takes about 2 minutes to spot a stupid man.

  12. wooo Spanish facebook

  13. Martina Navratilova

    Yo quiero Taco Bell!
    Yo tengo mi pene erecto!

  14. And she keeps on spreading THEN legs…

  15. simon – it’s “you’re” not your…

  16. she must be pretty smart to start doing research when she was born


    Jasons Monster Fail! Deleted from Lamebook!

  18. Good thing she’s been going to the “you-ne-ver-city” of life, otherwise she might be giving people the impression that she is uneducated. Too bad her status proves she is a moron.

    Plus, “almost conclusively” is less than convincing.

  19. OMG, Nick, thank you for making my day!!! Jason’s Monster Fail will live on in infamy.

  20. Your geans don’t fit, Brittany, give us back our PHD.

  21. Novice clever crash-and-burn. And doesn’t “proven almost conclusively” equal “not yet proven”? You’ve strayed a little too close to the sun, Brittany. And by that I mean you stepped out of doors.

  22. Poor grammar kills puppies Brittany, puppies. Do you want that hanging over your head Brittany? Go back to elementary school for further field research.

  23. Nick thanks for the link to Jason’s monster fail…. It just keeps on getting better and better

  24. Like a fine “whine”…

  25. “Gean genie, keeps all your dead hair for making up underwear..
    Poor little Greenie, wooh-hoooo..” (Old-school David Bowie, TM, for those of you born in this millennium.)

  26. People are stupid. Girls are just louder about their stupidity.

  27. Hahahaha! classic :)

  28. Going back to the “Jason’s Monster Fail” thing – I can’t believe those girls actually believed that Jason might have grounds to “sue” them! All they did was repeat something that was already in the public domain and if there was any “slander” it was by Jason – so if anyone broke the law then he did.

  29. What ‘Helz’ said.

  30. Maybe she the typo is less than obvious. Maybe she meant to talk about an “idiot bean”, for which was traded the only asset the family had – Daisy the Cow.

    Later that night, however, the idiot bean sprang up into a giant idiot beanstalk, from whence all the lamebook entries are plucked.

  31. …And another thing – if Jason the “Dooshbag” and “his good friend Daniel” really are two different people, then why are their writing styles identical? Look at their two posts one after the other, close to the end of the thread. Neither of them separate their text into paragraphs, they both capitalize random words IN THE MIDDLE OR AT THE END OF SENTENCES, they both use trails of two or three full stops… and they are both terrible at grammar and make the same mistakes e.g. confusing “your” and “you’re”.

    Either they’re both the same person, or Daniel idolizes “Dooshbag” so much and is so obsessed with him that he’s emulating his appalling, uneducated writing style.

  32. Helz, I thought the exact same thing. “Daniel” = Jason for sure.

  33. She can’t look in the mirror and realize that it’s the men she’s picking, eh?

  34. Devil's Advocate

    Her facebook is in Spanish, so it’s probable that English is not her first language. Doesn’t seem so lame now…

  35. But Devil’s Advocate – her name’s Brittany (not very Spanish) and the spelling mistakes don’t sound like mistakes a Spanish speaker would make. It’s very easy to change your facebook to another language. Mine, for example, used to be in “Pirate-Speak”. It’s now in “English Upside-Down”.

  36. Sorry not “Pirate-Speak” – it’s called “English (Pirate)”. You just click on where it says “English” at very the bottom of your facebook page next to where it says “Facebook 2009″ and all the language options will come up.

  37. May I..? Just for a moment…?
    My 27 years of field research have [demonstrated or verified without a doubt almost serving to put an end to doubt] that more men carry the idiot gean (which is a seedling sweet cherry, according to TFD…) then woman.
    Sooo she could be possibly almost definitely maybe sure that it might be true that…ok, my brain is about to esplode.

  38. just a guess here but…….
    isn’t HER actual facebook NOT in spanish, rather, whoever screen captured her status update has the spanish fb?

  39. Im wearing my skinny genes to my dissertation defence on male geans tonight

  40. Very good point wt!

  41. Britney carries the “idiot gean” and doesn’t even know it

  42. I did not believe that Jason could win a lawsuit about the entry.

    Daniel is a friend of Jason’s, but he does not have the best spelling or grammar skills, so I’m thinking that maybe he had Jason edit his entries.

  43. Trillian, Britney IS the idiot gean.

  44. i like green apples and i eat small children.

  45. i submitted this screenshot. it’s my facebook which is in spanish. brittany is a native english speaker.

  46. i just bought a new pair of genes.

  47. you’ve just given a counter example to your data

  48. Their idiot gene has obviously rubbed off on you

  49. Years of research HAS shown….
    Gean LOL.

  50. Hmm… nope, sorry Cindy, years HAVE shown. Glad you are swift to correct though.

  51. Additionally, (and I could be incorrect here, as I freely admit science is not my forte) I believe that men carrying an idiot gene signifies nothing, as we can carry genes without them being active in us. So perhaps more men do carry an “idiot gene”. For instance, Brittany’s father, who may or may not have been an idiot himself, obviously carried one of these alleged “idiot genes” or Brittany wouldn’t have made it onto lamebook.

  52. If it’s a sex-linked gene, males will exhibit that gene, while a female may only be a carrier.

    This is because males have an XY set, while females have an XX.
    So if there was to be an “idiot gene” on the X chromosome, the male would show it more often than the female, because the Y chromosome doesn’t carry much genetic information. A female would have to have both X chromosomes carrying that gene.

    Apart from that, what a dumb bitch.

  53. Emily,

    It could be a gene with additive qualities, which would make females express it more strongly than males. Yeah I think that’s it.

    Or it could be a dominant gene.
    In that case females would also express it more frequently.


  54. No, Brandon, I think Emily’s explanation would be more likely, if the idiot gene (or gean) existed.

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