Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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  1. RAVer!!!

  2. Today, I did a big shit and I think this warrants, nay demands your immediate attention.

    … and the photo is of a character from popular British soap, ‘Emmerdale (Farm)’

  3. Helga reminds me of my dearest Agnes.

    #4 reminds me of Porno Birthday.

  4. You still bitchin about that, Walter? Just let it go.

  5. Calmer than you, Dude.

  6. Not a dude, actually. Just a concerned citizenne.

  7. ew, you still have foreskin?

    yup. so i never get a chafey bell-end, i never have to spit on my dick, and i don’t have to spend all those pennies on kraft cheese slices.

    all praise the prepuce!

  8. enormous once an era shits truly are a reason to celebrate. there’s something so cathartic about them…and you feel proud for having produced an almost superhuman amount of excrement. The pain of pushing through it, followed by goosebumps of relief as you make it past the thickest point and the rest slides on out…it’s the closest we men can ever get to childbirth.

  9. hrm. I could have used the “please don’t bother if you’re still eating breakfast” disclaimer.

  10. Historyprof, I think gallstones are the closest thing you men can get to childbirth.. we women also have bowel movements contrary to popular belief, however we do not feel the need to share those moments with our circle of friends..

  11. Hear hear, tamika.

  12. If Nick gets circumcised, can i have the foreskin. They are delicious wrapped in bacon.

  13. Okay so my own curiosity got to me and HAD to go to the link above and honestly I was not impressed. Eat some bran muffins and try again.

  14. My foreskin is so thick and gnarled it looks like the bark of a tree, in fact it is not dissimilar to Seth Armstrongs’ hat (he’s the moustachioed poacher who’s forcing a donkey to lick his bell end in pic three)

    In the UK we are currently going through a media induced panic over the rising crime rate caused by uncircumcised young men.. or Hoodies to use their vernacular.


  16. Sixteenth!

  17. I am actually jealous of anyone with a foreskin. But they are just as jealous of my manboobies.

  18. Oh Anthony how I loathe thee…

  19. Nicholas, keep it! Uncut boys FTW!

  20. When will people learn that ‘Like’ does not equal ‘I am interested in viewing the massive shit you just took’?

  21. Wtf, why would you want to chop part of your dick off if you’re not a Jew. I can understand infections… and I also understand that you have to fucking wash your dick. It’s not like we’re thousands of slaves walking around the desert looking for a burning bush. I can understand not having foreskin back then, but nowadays… what the fuck. I have a friend who had to remove his foreskin but only because he broke his dick while masturbating in the shower. So yeah…. I can only see being circumsized as logical for those two reasons only, being Jewish (because you can’t help it. I really feel for you guys) and breaking your dick.

    As for the girl who said “ew you still have foreskin?”, this leads me to believe in many options.

    1. She is a cock swallowing puffer fish, she’s seen her share of cocks and her preference has been outspoken, she likes visible throbbing mushroom heads for supper and I respect that. In my head however, although she has a preference she doesn’t discriminate, she’ll swallow the pole whole, prepuce or not.

    2. She’s curious. I could swear I sensed a wondrous appeal to her comment of “ew you still have your foreskin?”, it just strikes me that since, for some reason, most of Americans are of Jewish families or have at one point of their life broken their dick, this girl might not have another chance of looking at a complete dick in her whole life. What she passes as “ewie” thoughts might actually be repressed thoughts of lustful wonder.

    3. HOLY SHIT IT WAS A GUY! For some reason my brain forgot about the “Jeremiah” part as I read that post and only as I look back did I see my mistake. Obviously the first two options are viable yet a total turn off and disturbing.

    4. Amish people just got internet. Internet gets +10 points in awesome.

  22. It is a rather impressive poo..what is called a “bowl spanner”: http://img187.imageshack.us/i/tbsy1.jpg/

  23. Ewww, you don’t have foreskin? Why are Americans so keen on mutilated penises?

  24. Does nobody understand the concept of phimosis? I’m English and I was circumcised as a baby due to phimosis.

  25. Man that’s like a watermelon dump. God, that’s so fucking disgusting.

  26. Let me just throw in my American 2 cents and say that an uncircumcised penis is a dealbreaker for me. Sorry – say what you will, but that’s the culture I was raised in.

    In women, I also believe armpits should be shaved, babakannosh should be neatly trimmed or shaved, and while your at it, might as well bleach the “limited entry with tequila” zone.

  27. *babakanoosh – I misspelled my own made up word.

  28. Us Americans, for the most part, get circumcised. As stated above, foreskins can get the crank infected.

    My son was circumcised because that’s how it is in America. Sorry, but I’m not going to make my boy self-conscious about his manhood because I got all high and mighty and decided to leave him uncut.

    I could give two shits less what people do in other countries, and can’t figure out why others care what we do in ours.

  29. I agree, quit with the genital mutilation of infant boys! I am American and went against our family’s tradition of chopping off foreskin. If you researched circumcision, you’d be against it too.

  30. @stinkbait, it’s actually “high and mighty” to think it is your right to alter his body. You know what else gets infected if you don’t clean it? Vaginas, teeth and heck, even tonsils, and that happens without cleaning them!

  31. Wait. What do kraft cheese slices have to do with penises?

  32. Wow… that’s just what I needed to start my day, a picture of a giant poo. Classy…

  33. Two words, Nicholas: KEEP IT. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. I honestly cannot understand why someone would consider this. I’m circumcised and I can tell you it’ll be the biggest regret of your life.
    I don’t get people who are grossed out by foreskins; that’s how it’s supposed to be. Also, you don’t “get it taken care of” as a baby. Complications with circumcision are more common that ever having a problem with a foreskin (and in fact an infection of the dick hole is almost exclusively found in circumcised babies).
    It’s not how it’s “done” in America. My God, that’s ignorant. Only about 50% of Americans are circumcised today. I was born in the early 80s and a lot of my friends have their full penis. Any parent who circumcises their child should be ashamed of themselves. Many American parents force their children into it for their own selfish reasons, but many take the high road. In fact, stinkbait’s a good example of the former: she pretends she did it for selfless reasons, but the truth is she went out of her way to take away her son’s choice. He’s going to be self-concious anyway, at least with a foreskin, he’s got somethin gon the competition (and a choice, if in the off chance he ever considers getting rid of it). Disgusting.

  34. i dated a brazilian guy once,he wasnt circumcised,it grossed me out.

  35. “29.GrahamDunk
    August 24th, 2010 at 11:57 am
    I agree, quit with the genital mutilation of infant boys! I am American and went against our family’s tradition of chopping off foreskin. If you researched circumcision, you’d be against it too.”

    Well. Isn’t this amusing. Yet another example of one that types before he (she or it) thinks. Perhaps you should proof read before sticking thy foot in thy mouth.

    One who calls one being high and/or mighty, where one just got done posting a comment that sounds High and Mighty.

    If you are going to debate and call out, may I suggest you do it correctly.

    And may I also add that perhaps you should worry about your own offspring without being too concerned about what other parents do.

    And to conclude this post. your previous two replies pretty much solidify my previous post reference why it boggles my mind that people give a shit about things that do not concern you.

  36. Wow… self conscious for an uncircumsized dick? Are you fucking serious? It’s not like he’ll be walking around with his penis hanging out the whole time. Uncircumsized dicks are “deal breakers” …. what the fuck, really. I seriously can’t see a situation like this happening, if its your boyfriend, then I’m sure you like him for something more than a prepuce, if it’s a one night stand, then what the fuck are you doing having sex without a condom anyways? Unless you’re just thinking of giving the man a blowjob (because really the prepuce slides back during sex) without a condom… in the first date, or a party… or such a situation where the fact that the man is uncut would come as a surprise, meaning you know little of the person you’re about to go down on. So basically, you’re going to go down on a guy you’ve never met before, and you’re gonna get picky? You’re gonna get slapped I tell you, if you are not “self conscious” about this then I don’t really know what your parameter of self consciousness is.

    The truth is the foreskin is there for a reason, to prevent infection of the urethra, sure in ancient times people bathed like once a year, which is probably why they started this practice. Nowadays however? I don’t see a practical use for it other than it being a family custom. It’s like undergoing surgery for appendicitis at the age of 5. As a matter of fact it’s even worse because the Appendix is a vestigial organ, the foreskin is not vestigial at all… it has a fucking purpose.

    So yeah…. high and mighty…. self consciousness…. bullcrap. You can argue it’s just the way It’s been done in your family for centuries and even that would be a much more understandable reason. Personally, I’d rather just leave the choice to my son, the operation can be done anytime in a man’s life, A MAN SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOSE HOW TO FASHION THEIR OWN MANHOOD!!!


  37. I have yet to meet someone that has regretted getting circumcised. But then again, I also do not have conversations with other men about their penisis.

    I have had discussions with other women reference “cut or uncut”. And by a large landslide most American women would not have sex with a uncircumsized man. Shallow as it may sound but it appears that most american women prefer a cut penis.

  38. Oh… sorry stinkbait, I must have misread you because when you said things like a “vast majority” and “most” as a quantitative qualifier for “American women” I was silly enough to ACTUALLY think you meant about the whole of the USA. I now know I was stupid since your poll seems to involve “women you have discussed this with”. I see my mistake, because when your conclusion was that by a “landslide most American women prefer uncut penises” I should have extrapolated this to a diminished circle of known acquaintances.

    My bad.

  39. Walter, your wife’s name is Cynthia, not Agnes. And you’re watching her Pomeranian while she’s in Hawaii.

    Just thought you might be confused.

  40. @stinkbait
    oh snap!

  41. This is the kicker of all of this. By reading most of this babble, it is quite obvious that most of you (meaning those who are judging parents decisions).

    A) Don’t have a penis.

    B) Don’t have kids.

    It is very easy to to give a “no holds barred” opinion over the great mask of the Internet, but would you express your strong opinion to a group of parents if you were all in the same room?

  42. Just gonna add that my husband chose to be circumsized at 17. It was a personal decision, it wouldn’t have mattered much to me had he had it done or not, but he did say it was something he was self-concious about at the time so he chose to have it done.

  43. I agree


    Oh sorry johnjohn, you were talking about Nicholas’s foreskin–I thought you were talking about Anthony’s monster shit. Never mind.

  44. @stinkbait To a group of parents? Are you shitting me? Are these parents armed with chainsaws and signs that say “I will cut you up if you speak against circumsision”? I don’t need a fucking mask to tell you you’re speaking out of your ass. You’ve been throwing around polls left and right about how the great majority of the women have sided with you on this discussion and won with a vast landslide. Hell you’ve pumped your results so much I actually think you’ve got a shot in politics.

    No… I don’t have kids yet, but really…. you wanna play the “parents” card in this discussion? Over fucking… foreskin? I think you might wanna save your aces there champ… it’s just foreskin. We’re not talking about the morality of death sentence to the rapist of a daughter. It’s a fucking circumsision. Get over yourself and your parenting skillz.

  45. Who's That Girl?

    Hey hey hey Rodo. Don’t hate on me just because I made a comment about my personal preference. Everyone has physical dealbreakers. Can’t help it if I prefer a mushroom tip. Don’t take it so personally just because my dealbreaker excludes you (and 80% of the rest of the world – but I’m cool with that). I’m not hatin’ on or demeaning those with circumcised penises – it’s just not for me.

  46. I seem to remember reading a very similar discussion about circumcision a couple of months ago. But anyway, pretty amusing stuff, so keep it coming.

    I’m going to brave here and ask an honest question. Please don’t cut my head off (or anything else for that matter har har har).

    If stinkbait is right and “most American women would not have sex with a uncircumsized man” …. I can’t help but wonder: how the fuck do they know? I mean, if you’re going to have sex for with some dude for the first time, his penis is going to be erect continuously, from way way way before he takes off his boxers, until 20 seconds after he has dropped his load. And I don’t believe you can spot a difference between a cut and an uncut penis when they are in full battle formation.

    So maybe while taking a romantic post-coital shower together, the woman sees her mistake, and shouts out “Eeew, you still have your foreskin?”. But it’s going to be too late then, isn’t it?

  47. @stinkbait I don’t understand how I “debated and called out incorrectly.” If you would have countered correctly, then maybe I’d understand, but you did not specify, you only pointed out that I was wrong? However, I will say that you are correct in me sounding “high and mighty,” but I am actually just being defensive because I get a lot of flack from family about keeping my sons intact. But I also never claimed to be humble. You called people on the intact side, “high and mighty” and I was merely pointing out that it was also “high and mighty” to choose the fate of your son’s foreskin.

    But I will say, your argument that one should not care about another’s foreskin is somewhat valid because that is the same argument I use about the existence of my sons’ foreskin.

  48. @Who’s That Girl? – If I took you out, wined and dined you and regaled you with my extensive wit and boundless charm.

    then we got back to mine and after my sultry strip tease you said that a fuck was off the cards because my dick is uncut.

    You know what would happen, a good old raping. Or do you ask about foreskins over the entrees?

  49. Sorry Who’s That Girl? I didn’t mean to hate really. I just thought it was a funny situation, I was joking when I described the whole “deal breaker” situation. I just got this image of a woman getting grossed out at the last minute and it just seemed funny you know. I still have trouble imagining how someone can be “surprised” by that, I just have a very humorous scene playing in my head. Of course you have your personal preference, that’s fine. To each their own obviously.

  50. Well I’m a woman, and I’ve never seen a cut penis, and really really don’t want to either! That’s when I think “ew.. you don’t have any foreskin??”

  51. Who the fuck cares if a dick is circumcised or not? A dick’s a dick. Now everyone just shut up and bow to the wonder that is known as the penis.

  52. Some literature for all you round-head munchers:


  53. LOL buckle_up that’s what I keep imagining when she said that about being grossed out. See Who’s That Girl? I wasn’t the only one :P … just to confirm it wasn’t anything against you personal it’s just a very funny situation.

  54. Who's That Girl?

    @buckle-up: I mentioned that an uncircumcised penis was a dealbreaker for me, so I feel comfortable responding to your question. So here’s the answer: It’s never even come up before! That’s it. Simple as that. The majority of the men in my area are circumcised – so I’ve never even come across an uncircumcised one before!

  55. if I ever saw an uncircumcised penis in real life I would NEVER even THINK about letting it anywhere near my whooziwhatzit. EW, NEVERRRR

  56. @shutit – tell me exactly what the problem is? And don’t say hygiene or STD’s because it’s already been established that’s a crock of shite.

  57. As someone who has seen my fair share of penises, I’m all for foreskin. Makes my job of getting you to spuzz like a geyser a million times easier. I’m a big advocate of less effort and more satisfactory sperm showers.

  58. blownupdollface is like an angel, sent from heaven

  59. Who's That Girl?

    Oh, and no hard feelings Rodo. I admire your fire :-)

  60. @ Who’s That Girl: Thanks, but that doesn’t really answer my question, though. The issue is: how would you spot an uncut penis before it’s too late and you’ve already had it in you?

    Because I’m no expert, but I think they look identical during erection. Then again, as a hetero (uncut) dude, I don’t see many erections up close and personal. So maybe someone who has seen both variations can confirm or refute.

  61. @stinkbait

    I have a son and a boyfriend. Everyone I know apart from a few who were circumsized for medical reasons, still has their foreskin and we are a very open family so we talk about sex and bodies with everyone (aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, etc).

    Both my son and boyfriend are not circumsized and we have no intention of getting our son circumsized (he’s 7mths). My boyfriend and i both agree the only reason anyone should get circumsized is for medical reasons.

    The 2 most common infections among uncircumsized men and boy are urinary tract infections and thrush. Which unless you’re a GrrManlyMan-nothing-hurts-me-i’m-Ard sort of person then you would get the UTI sorted before you got kidney problems.

    Just because you circumsize your son or prefer them to uncircumsized penises doesn’t mean they are hygienic.

    To be honest baby boy’s are so small that i would hesitate to get my son circumsized even if he kept getting an infection because i think that although the risk is very very small, there is still a chance something could go horribly wrong and my little boy will be too ashamed to ever get a girlfriend or have any children of his own.

    Oh and i would never touch a guy with a circumsized penis ewww. Just my opinion but seeing as how my guy still has his foreskin that isn’t a problem.

  62. Who's That Girl?

    @DukeGuy – I don’t suppose it would appease you to say that, in my case, I simply find an uncircumcised penis unnatractive. Has nothing to do with cleanliness or infection or whatever. I just think a mushroom tip is a beautiful thing.

    I will admit this though: Until this post, I was actually unaware that 80% of the world was uncircumcised. It just wasn’t something I researched. And around here, most guys are circumcised. Actually thought it was the norm. So this has actually been very educational to me! Just another thing the US falls behind the rest of the world on (seriously, I don’t get why we can’t get the goddamn metric system moving along here). I ain’t changing my personal preference, but it does shed a light on perspective.

  63. Matthew 49:44: “When a child of God makes a graven image of his faeces, he condemns himself to the eternal sulfurous fires below.”

    (just holdin’ down the fort ’til dan fargis gets here)

  64. Falky- do you not understand the concept of a penis? Every baby has “phimosis” when they are little, the foreskin isn’t supposed to retract for YEARS. Then, part of the reason that older boys get phimosis is because they (or their caregivers) had tried to pull back the foreskin at some point and created scar tissue.

    Man, people are idiots! I’m an American woman and I can honestly say that I prefer uncircumcised men. I have never had better sex in my life- it just WORKS better and honestly, it is more appealing visually than a big purple scar. I think that gentiles keep doing it “just because”. Just because their parents mutilated their genitals and just because immature people would supposedly make fun of their children if they weren’t. Cut men who make fun of uncircumcised men are probably just pissed off deep down that they are missing part of the very thing that makes them a man. Women who do it just don’t know what they’re missing.

  65. Circumcision has been previously debated ad nauseam on LB. We all get it, don’t we? Some people are for it. Some people are against it. Some people don’t care either way.

    My preference is for cut – for a few reasons, but having said that, an erect uncut penis doesn’t look any different to a cut one. It’s only when the uncut penis is flaccid that the difference becomes apparent.

    Bottom line – it’s down to personal preference. Cut your kids, or not. Screw a guy with an uncut dick, or not. Simple.

    Oh, and hi, WTG! It’s been forever.

    Carry on.

  66. #61
    Hurray! Peace for our time! Foreskin-lovers and -haters unite. Drinks and food and satisfactory sperm showers for everyone!

  67. Oh, and thanks for answering my question, Word. Finally someone knowledgeable arrives to enlighten me.

  68. Thanks DukeGuy, but I prefer the title Paladin of the Pork Sword.

  69. Who's That Girl?

    Word! My love, it has been too long. Much like sperm, I come in spirts of radiance.

  70. Maybe you ladies that think whole penis is gross would be happier licking roast beef. Try it, I’ll bet that’s what’s missing in your life.
    Cut ones are always seem to be lint-y and need a good rinsing before they are approachable.

  71. Here’s the big difference that I have noticed between the cut and uncut penis since I have seen more than my fair share of both:
    Cut penis is more often than not, bent in one direction or the other.
    Uncut penis is on average a little bit bigger (I’m guessing more room for growth?)
    When erect, the cut skin looks really tight and shiny, like it could rip easily. Uncut skin looks the same.
    Some intact penises have very little movable foreskin left when erect and some are still completely covered up.
    Cut penis a lot of the time has underwear lint stuck to it, gross.
    Cut penis requires some sort of lube for masturbation/hand jobs.
    There are so many more fun tricks to use on the uncut penis for masturbation and fellatio.
    Circumcised guys always need to keep a sock handy when the rest of the world doesn’t.

    Just a couple of notes:
    -Phimosis is normal up through puberty. Phimosis that lasts beyond puberty, in most cases, can be fixed with stretching exercises and hydrocortizone cream. In most extreme cases (usually causes by parents or doctors) that require surgery, circumcision is still not necessary.
    -Routine Infant Circumcision in the United States is down to 33% as of 2009.
    -Routine Infant Circumcision in the United States started with a guy named John Harvey Kellogg (the cereal guy) who was a hardcore Christian that believed that cutting off a boy’s foreskin would keep him from sin via masturbation. He also wanted to burn girls clitorises with carbolic acid for the same purpose, but that idea wasn’t as popular.

  72. Wow. And I thought we were all here to make fun of idiots on Facebook. How did this turn into a personal choice debate? I respect everyone’s and no one’s opinions equally. Just keep them out of the forum I use to entertain myself with while I should be working.

    But then again all this talk about dick is getting me hot. Off to the bathroom with my Jerkins and tissue! I will try not to get any on your shoes if you are in the stall next to me.

  73. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx89xECfHG4 – Watch this documentary and then decide if you want to do this to your sons.

  74. mebe24- No, I had it really bad. Like, completely closed up. Couldn’t piss without it getting infected. Also, big purple scar? I don’t have a big purple scar, no idea what the hell the doctors near you were doing.

  75. Who's That Girl?

    @anne – I find your comments quite informative! I will be the first to admit that I have found this debate to be VERY educational. I’ve always been an open minded person, and I’ll admit that I had no idea that I was so closed minded on this! I simply thought circumcised penises were the norm, because they are in my area. I looked at the statistics and indeed the stats for circumcisions are vastly declining in America.

    I actually posted a debate on my facebook and it’s quite entertaining, though I still have yet to get anybody to admit that they still have their foreskin. So, call me a victim of my upbringing – but I promise to reconsider the uncircumcised penis. You have now opened my mind to millions of penis prospectives and possibilities.

  76. #72 The documentary is a bit long …. but I think the short interview with the guy at 39:12 sums it up nicely. Poor fella.

  77. Proponents of circumcision in babies: do you even realise what agonising pain those infants suffer when they have the most sensitive organ chopped off?

  78. You as a parent have the right to make the circumcision choice. It is also important that you at least consider taking your doctors advice on if you should or should not circumcise.

    For me, anyone that gives their opinion on parenting that do not have kids, your opinion really has no merit. You have to have a child to understand. You have to experience the unconditional love you get when you become a parent to understand decisions parents make.

    As a parent, I can definitely speak for most parents by saying that it is unwise to tell someone how to raise their child.

    My wife and I chose to circumcise our son. It was our choice, and your opinion is your opinion. It really doesn’t matter what you think.

    One of the reasons why there are dramatically less morals, respect for others, and countless other problems in the world (especially in America) is that people care about other peoples beliefs, issues, and actions that are none of their business. If society would worry about themselves rather than what others are doing, the world would be a better place.

  79. Oh how I enjoy debates… Especially ones between super biased individuals :)

    Personally, I’m pro-choice in the matter. It’s not my penis to cut.

    But to all of the “boys should be circumcised in order to be attractive” girls out there… Have you ever freaking looked at a vagina? Look at it. Go ahead, look at it right now. It’s the scariest, most disgusting looking thing ever developed on the human body (and that’s between the female AND male body).
    And penises, well, they’re pretty awkward too. I just don’t understand how a girl could go as far as saying “a mutilated penis is prettier.” Penises definitely aren’t pretty…
    But I digress. Still looking at your vagina? What if a guy were to tell you that they wouldn’t have you until you cut off that nasty clitoris of yours?
    Just saying… Men take a lot of flack from women for no reason. Try imagining that flack being thrown at yourself.

  80. God these circumcision debates are annoying. It’s a cultural debate at this point. Both sides have positives and negatives, but neither way is overtly harmful or beneficial, so just fucking let it go!

  81. Any woman (or man, for that matter) saying they’d never touch an uncircumsized peen needs to go without for a few years … I prefer ‘the look’ of circumsized but would take a thrashing from either right about now.

  82. Doesn’t anybody follow TFLN? The text that one chick sent it about uncut dicks being the Lazy Susan of handjobs is, in my experience, very accurate. Other than that, I don’t see what the big deal is. Just wash your dick, I’ll wash my vag, and we’ll be good. There is of course the whole debate about taking away your son’s right to choose what body parts he wants to keep. Circumcision these days is unnecessary, so why do it?

    Circumcision is not, however, the male equivalent of female genital mutilation. There is no male equivalent to having your clitoris sliced out of you and your labia stitched up to make you tighter for your husband, thereby making everything from sexual intercourse to urination painful as fuck. Sorry. You men will never have that pleasant experience; you’ll have to make do with simply imagining being a submissive wife in a Third World country with no rights of your own.

  83. fortheheckofit, you are a retard. The female body is a work of art. The penis is far scarier and more disgusting looking than a vagina. If you think vaginas are gross, you are a huge fag. Granted, the woman has to be in shape, etc., to look good naked but if the woman has a nice body, the vagina is super hot. How is a clitoris disgusting? It’s tiny. Men’s bodies are vile. Lumpy, hairy, sweaty with hairy assholes and that disgusting thing called a dick and the even more disgusting things called balls. Oh sure, it feels good to get plowed by a monster cock, no question, but visually it leaves a lot to be desired.

    Oh and uncircumcised dicks are even more gross. I saw one once, up close, had nightmares for weeks.

  84. Personally, I prefer uncircumcised penises because I find them to be more natural, and yes, it makes giving a hand job easier and smoother. That’s not to say I would kick a lovely, circumcised man out of my bed just because a part of his skin has been removed.

    In Australia, circumcision is declining in popularity as health professionals compare the prospective benefits with the impact of psychological damage. Initially, circumcision became popular here during the first and second World Wars, when young men fought in dry, arid environments and sand grains became trapped in their foreskin. The next generation were circumcised most likely due to an expectation that they would fight in a dry, arid area in the Third World War. Largely, circumcision here is carried out for religious reasons, or in order to have sons resemble their fathers below the waist (which I find a bit odd…)but there is a movement to reintroduce circumcision and certain doctors are pushing for it to be made compulsory. I follow the perspective that it’s an unnecessary procedure though, except in circumstances where a boy has urinary tract abnormalities, which occur in about 1% of males. I’m overwhelmingly of the belief that ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’. Add to that the possibility of complications during the procedure which are rare, but can be quite severe when they do occur – in Psychology we discussed the story of a little boy who was forced into a gender reassignment after equipment malfunctioned during a routine circumcision and burnt his entire penis off – in my mind there are insufficient proven benefits to justify circumcision. Also, the claims that circumcision reduces the chance of STDs in males and females and cervical cancer must surely be religiously motivated, because condoms and the cervical cancer vaccine (even though it only targets certain strains at this point in time) serve this purpose in a way which does not permanently remove a part of the body.

    Female circumcision is definitely in the top ten most ridiculous and poorly thought through ideas of all time.

    And on the issue of the aesthetic values of vaginas and penises – they’re not meant to be appreciated as works of art, they’re meant to facilitate reproduction and pleasure (and expression of intimate love, if you want to get deep and meaningful)! Genitals, to pardon the pun, are an acquired taste and if you like and can accept the way they look – that’s fantastic =D
    If you think they’re hideous and you can’t bear to look at them, you’ll just have to be content to conduct all your sexual activity in very dim lighting.

  85. but those feelings are what inspires art

  86. ” poustis August 24th, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    Proponents of circumcision in babies: do you even realise what agonising pain those infants suffer when they have the most sensitive organ chopped off? ”

    First of all, nobody is going all Lorena Bobbit (sp?) on these kids. So to say they are having their most sensitive organ chopped off is ridiculous!

    Second, are you circumcised? Do you remember the procedure? My son was circumcised at 16 hours old and slept through the procedure. I’m going to go so far as to say he didn’t suffer “agonizing pain”. He was sleeping when they removed him from the room, and still sleeping 10 minutes later when they returned him to me.

    I was planning on leaving my second son in all his natural glory but his father actually took him to the Dr. and had the procedure done when I was napping. When I confronted him about it, he told me about the immense pain, both physical and later psychological, that he went through as an uncircumcised child/teen. He made the choice as an adult to be circumcised and said he went through incredible pain and didn’t want his son to ever experience that.
    Apparently, the nerve response is not quite intact in infants because though the second child was awake, he did not cry either.

  87. Circumcision is a complete waste of time for babies. I notice that it’s a very fashionable thing to do in the US and it’s a shame. Waste of money, waste of surgeon’s time and what’s the point? Men are meant to have them! A very few men have issues and they can have it safely sorted out later. Couple of friends of mine have done just that. And they took painkillers after the op too. I’d never do it to my children and I don’t think any of my friends have done it for their children. Madness.

  88. I can’t believe there is even a debate about this. Evolution created the foreskin, and bam! there it is. On, no, lets go mutilating our bodies, especially the genital area- that is more sane than respecting and learning about our sexuality. Lets get rid of that annoying flap of skin called an earlobe next that hangs down below our ears. And if you think I am fucking anyone without that earlobe cut, guess again. That is a dealbreaker; even if I close my eyes all i can see is that flap of skin…

  89. @AZFreckles Ok really… where is the physical pain in uncircumsized penises? I can kinda understand about the psychological pain, though I can’t imagine anyone going through so much psychological pain from this, I guess you can always say it’s a personal choice… but physical pain? What? Did he try to jump over a fence naked and a barb got stuck to his prepuce? How do you get physical from it? I live in a country where circumsizion is mostly a Jewish practice. You don’t see men walking down the street grabbing their crotches in pain and screaming “GOD DAMNED FORESKIIIIIIIINNNNN!” waving an angry fist at the sky. The only person I ever knew that got any pain from his foreskin is that friend I mentioned earlier who literally “broke it”, it was totally his fault though.

  90. I agree with Rodo. I think that when Mr. AZFreckles was confronted by his wife, he just lied through his teeth to get himself out of a delicate situation. Which I can understand, she sounds scary as hell.

  91. 1: Eww. No one needs to know that shit
    2: I’ve had that problem
    3: I have no coherent words
    4: I’ve taken large shits before and even had the desire to photograph them for posterity, but I never acted out on those urges

  92. Not sure how I sound scary, but, moving on…
    He had multiple infections as a child and eventually scar tissue built up so that when he had an erection, it would pull and be very painful. No he didn’t make shit up. First of all, who would make that shit up in the first place? Second, after his death his mother and I talked extensively about all aspects of his life.

  93. I considered it carefully when my first son was born….I came to the conclusion that if I am so vehemently opposed to docking dogs tails and cropping their ears, then I’d have to be a complete hypocrite to circumcise my son. I did some research about the pros and cons and decided that there is only one path to take if I want my son to have a choice. I left him intact and if he has a problem with that, he’s welcome to change it later. circumcision isn’t so common here (Canada) as it is in the US. I’ve slept with men from both camps and I’ve never noticed any difference that matters to me. My fiancé’s uncut and he is very happy with that.

  94. Scanny I have no idea where you live in our great country or how old you are but you are very confused. Not doing circumsicions is a relatively newer concept here in Canada. I am assuming you are quite young and so for your generation it may seem more uncommon. That being said I can only think of 3 friends that did not circumsize their boys. 1 had to have it done when he was 7 anyway due to infection. I think the main reason it started to become unpopular was at one point they started charging for it. My son was not circumsized due to the fact he had what they called a “perfect foreskin” ie: Able to pull back at birth and therefore could damage him by doing it. There were issues over the years because he was “different” his words not mine. He’s 18 now and we dont discuss such things but I am sure he is happy. That being said I cried for days after I was told they wouldnt do it. If I had another boy I wouldnt think twice about having it done. Especially after seeing what my friends son went through at 7.

  95. Seriously, Tulip? When I had my first son 26 years ago – in Canada – doctors were discouraging circumcisions. I only knew of one couple that did it to their sons, and that was over 20 years ago. I don’t think that circumcision is very common at all in Canada anymore.

  96. Well I find that odd to say the least. I now live on the other side of Canada and my job deals with infants and their parents. Out of the 300 baby’s I have seen so far this year only 4 were not circumsized. So it is not only my group of friends or the men I have been in contact with. Say what you will but I see no signs of it ever stopping in Canada….and to be honest I hope it doesn’t.

  97. Tulip where do you live?? Circumsizion is NOT common in Canada… In 2003 the rate was 13.9 % and I’m shocked to see that it was as high as 50% in 2008. Maybe it’s just what I’m used to but circumsized… yuck!


  98. Sorry that was meant to say 1998, not 2008.

  99. I lived in Toronto, then Kingston where my son was born, then to Ottawa, and for the last few years Vancouver Island

  100. And I am more of the yuck thoughts on uncurcumcision mairelys.

  101. Circumcision.. When soap and water is just too much effort…

  102. Circumcision fetish: another good reason to look down on Americans. Get your hands off little boys, you perverts.

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