Wednesday, September 9, 2009

EXcuses EXcuses…


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  1. Other 16 comments, please.

  2. Yes – I hate being teased like that. Either give us the whole conversation or nothing!

  3. I need more!

  4. Trust me. We want to see them also.

  5. This isn’t an entry, this is a trailer for an entry.

  6. Ah yes, the ol’ He-raped-me-I-didn’t-cheat-on-you trick. I remember Uncle Hank got in a bitter divorce with his ex (my Auntie Midge at the time) because he tried to say that _I_ was the one who raped _HIM_.
    Hank was into some pretty weird shit, so I think it was the fact that he used to fart in her face while she gave him analingus that really sent her over the edge. Hank had bad showering habits as well, so that didn’t help.
    On the other hand, they were pretty similar in that they both liked dropping mudbabies on my chest when I was four, up until I was about…13? Once they saw fur where there was no fur before, Uncle Hank sat on me in a weird position and almost crippled my weener. It was at this point that Auntie Midge left him and the 8 kids on the street.

  7. @AnonisGay
    Just the fact that you typed that out mean you need serious help or attention.
    But you probably wanted someone to say that to you, didn’t you?
    Poor wittle guy.

  8. “See more of this entry” plz.

  9. What part of that post does Sawan like? The raping, the cheating, or the Rob is dead meat part?

  10. @Daytime

    Thank you for being there when I needed it–ten years ago. I’m AllGrownUp now and while I don’t trust Uncles in general, I am no longer afraid of mudbabies on my chest. Progress is progress, I suppose.

  11. Also, what the hell kind of damage does Sawan have to like this?

  12. Si, she a cheated, but she was a raped! You’re a… how you say… dead meat paisano!

  13. yay, ‘fterklang’s back!

  14. Gawd this is pathetic…

  15. So she’s only a cheating slut if he DID rape her. Good to know

  16. I actually have no opinion on this entry or on one certain posters comment.

    Unless that was my opinion……

  17. why is lara laughing like a mad scientist in the middle of her spiel?

    i think sawan has raped a chick before and approves.

    and rob isn’t fucking dead meat, he is a fucking dead meat. i like the important difference that little article makes to the sentence.

  18. Anonisgay, u are lame

  19. rape is good :’)

  20. David just wants everybody to know how important, dramatic, and complicated his life is (that’s why he has to explain it on his facebook page make sure everybody is clear on every minute detail of his ex-girlfriend’s rape sesh).

  21. I await further installments of AnonisGay’s memoirs with baited breath! Will you ever publish a full autobiography?

  22. why the suspence, why why why why why, there’s 16 more comments that would have given me more meaning to life

  23. The whole use of parenthesis is what I find amusing with this one. It’s like he says”Rob So & So you’re a dead meat” Stops and turns to us, the audience like on Saved By The Bell and explains, “He tried to rape my ex…blah blah blah”. As if he needs to explain to those not in the know the reason why he’s so angry. Silly boy.

  24. @Michael
    Yes, the parenthesis were my favorite part too. I bet he looks like Zack Morris. Christopher talks like him with that whole “Gee Rob you’re dead meat” business. Simply awesome

    (BTW when I wrote David before I meant Christopher. My bad)

  25. @23 Michael – I was imagining the “Rob, you’re a fucking dead meat”bit as part of an opening montage for a film-noir style movie, with the next bit as a noir-esque anti-hero voice-over. Made it much more interesting.

  26. Facebook: The new Springer.

  27. Tony is the definitely the kind of guy I’d go to for all my rape clarification needs.

  28. Um…. rape =/= cheating… because if it’s rape it’s not consensual.

  29. Rape: No means maybe.

  30. @Jonas – kinda like “her mouth says no, but her eyes say yes?” :P
    man, this people seem to be a little confused –
    - your girlfriend being forcibly raped means she cheated on you?
    - your girlfriend not successfully being raped also means she cheated on you?

  31. Wow, so not the emoticon that was intended. ^

  32. Well, I’m waiting with masturbaited breath.

  33. AnonIsGay: AllGrownUp!

  34. chris thinks being raped is cheating? what a fucking tard. and that lara bitch can go off herself too. these people are scary. they probably think rape is A-OK.

  35. Maybe i’m just old fashioned, but you’re not supposed to use RAPE as an excuse. Ever. Ever McEverton.

  36. You can’t lose with rape, Nazis, paedophilia or Jews. They will always be funny.

  37. Note to self – “tried to” = cheating. Hmmm

  38. The fact that Tony’s sister says it didnt happen is proof enough for me.

  39. drama queen ;) if he ‘tried too’ she didn’t cheat on him.. and why teh fuck would you count for girlfriend getting raped as her cheating on him??? this guy needs slapping with a tuna fish tbh.

  40. (borat voice)you’re a rape!

  41. I wonder what the other 18 comments said?

  42. y wuld u post sumat like that on facebook?

    i also agree with FreeshTillDeath coz tryin is completly different to doin and rape isnt cheatin!

  43. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    lol @ my responses getting deleted by the admin cunts

  44. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    @AnonisGay I’d love your autobiography also. Any details on a pre-order would be appreciated.

  45. this makes no fucking sense at all.

  46. @RZ…thats why its on lamebook!

  47. I wanna see the other comments!!!

  48. the comments on here are worse than the actual facebook post. this is disturbing!

  49. Um, WTF. Even if she had been raped, that isn’t cheaping because rape isnt consensual. Retard.

  50. @Carrotflower

    I know what you’re feeling. Me too. O__O

  51. @AnonisGay

    Just wanted to let you know that someone has seen all of your posts on the different threads.

    With different names of uncle’s in every one and various horrendous incest stories each time, are we really meant to take you seriously? If these aren’t true then you need just as much help as if they were true. It is undermining and disrespectful to all of the poor people who REALLY went through those sorst of horrible ordeals.

  52. i don’t understand any of this guy’s logic…

    first of all utter douche for posting something like that on facebook

    secondly, if (and may i say that is seeming like an “if” the size of the pacific) she was indeed raped, that no longer denotes the situation as “cheating”

    what an insensitive, illiterate moron.

  53. maybe he tried raping her, but then unexpectedly she said yes?

  54. Wow. So apparently rape = cheating now. Good to know.

    Victim blaming is BAD.

  55. @jenni Y’know what’s ACTUALLY bad? When a woman (much like yourself) cheats on her significant other, then claims that the person she cheated with forced himself on her to try and make it look like she’s a victim, and not a lying, cheating whore.

    So please, don’t get all “Victim blaming is BAD.”, when women are the ones who make false claims of being the victim to try and get out of what they’ve done in the FIRST PLACE!

  56. @Joshua

    Victim blaming is bad. Lying about being the victim of a crime is also bad, but rape is the only crime where the victim is automatically doubted and the burden of truth placed on her (or him) — how often do you question whether a burglary or mugging actually happened? Not often, I’ll bet. Here’s hoping you grow out of your misogyny.

  57. @Aine

    The burden of proof is always placed on the person alleging a crime.

    The presumption of innocence, and the requirement of evidence is pretty fundamental to the law in most democratic countries.

    Victim blaming doesn’t question whether a rape took place, but suggests that a victim encouraged an attack. Victim blaming is disgusting, and I cannot imagine any sane person suggesting that any victim of violence asked for it.

    Victim blaming is a social issue, and not a legal one. The idea that women are the gatekeepers to sex, and that any openness sexually is an invitation to sexual aggression is social, not legal.

    If I claim that you broke into my house, or mugged me, the burden of proof is entirely on me. I have to prove that you committed such a crime. This is true in ALL crimes.

    The major issue with regard to rape is social stigma, not legal. The fact that women do not come forward due to potential social repercussions mean that other women do not come forward due to social repercussions. Rapists know this and count on it. If every rape was reported than every rapist would have multiple allegations and little chance to hide.

  58. WOW, the reasoning here. First, Christopher thinks that if someone tries to rape his GF, she’s cheating. Then comes Lara, who points out that it’s *not* cheating, because she *wasn’t* raped, it was just a try.

    I’m going to kill myself now.

    Also, Joshua: I think you missed Jenni’s point. Yes, those kind of women suck, but that really wasn’t the point here.

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