Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Everyday Errors

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  1. ben!

  2. ….?

  3. He kepted it?

  4. Nickey needs to learn about the cropping tool.

  5. That felt surprisingly not as fun as I thought it would….

  6. I can’t believe anyone could think “kepted” is a word.

  7. @snip, it’s one of those cutesy words like “mwar” and “I can haz?” There is a whole website dedicated to cats with captions in this nonsense. I never understood the appeal of being a grown man or woman who talks like a four year old, but meh. To each their own I guess.

  8. Wait, the last one is just a picture of a girl with one of them ankle tag things. It’s not even got a caption from the girl going ‘people with ankle tag things are retarts’, it’s just a picture of summat we all know exists and happens in everyday life.

    Fucking a man.

  9. You’re right Aries, meh. Just meh.

  10. bollywood_rocks83

    I’d still do Nicky. Besides,aren’t those for alcohol related offenses most of the time?

  11. Bollywood, they can be used at the discretion of the judge. I knew a guy that was on house arrest for rape. Pretty much any charge that would require a short jail stay can be turned into house arrest.

  12. Hobo, what does you having sex with a dude have to do with these posts?

  13. britishhobo ur gay why botherwritin cumments

  14. Anon your so funni lolololololoO!!!!1111111

  15. The picture made me lmao. Was scrolling down slowly, “She’s hot…” a bit further, “Oh, there’s the ankle bracelet. At least I know where she is all the time if I dated her!”

  16. Why’s everybody suddenly attacking Hobo?? don’t mind them Hobo..

  17. Hobo isn’t being attacked by everyone, just anonisgayisgay. Bystander was making the fucking a, man vs fucking a man joke. Borderline funny.

  18. Poor hobo…

    why don’t you go stand on a duel carriageway? I hear it’s fun! :)

    With a name like that, you can’t say jack shit :P

  19. bystander is Wallace

  20. So defensive… Jeez louise, lighten up people. No idea who this “Wallace” person is, but it’s not me.

  21. Wallace is not a bystander, however. No, no, no, NO – he’s very much active.

    bystander is Wallace.

  22. Bystander, did you see the post about the hamburgers? someone was like, about to have five guys in my mouth. Then another one talked about how they couldn’t wait to get their hands on mcdonald’s secret sauce? Then conversation they had about hamburgers was not so subtly full of innuendo. Then wallace came in and said, “dude, if you pretend that hamburgers don’t exist it sounds like you guys are talking about sex!” Which is obvious. You just totally wallace’d hobo’s post.

  23. Ah thanks ariesdragon123 for reminding me about that…

    @Bystander.. I am a reasonable person… I take back my comment.

  24. ariesdragon summed it up well. britishhobo tries to be funny but fails and is only borderline funny, which is another way of saying not funny at all and shud go away fromt he comments to a life of self guilt over raping his daughter

  25. anonisgayisgay, I was talking about bystander. Please learn reading comprehension. Thank You. :)

  26. Thanks, aries, for actually being human and not telling me to go get run over by a bus. Obviously I missed the hamburger post. The thing that’s cracking me up the most about all this nonsense is that Hobo’s posts are actually most of the reason that I even bother reading the comments, and I figured he could handle a little jab. Silly me, I just walked right into a trap.

  27. @anonisgayisgay – how did you get from ariesdragon123′s post that hobo is borderline funny?

    Stay off the drugs and out of mens poop-holes man, it’s fucking your mind up

  28. Anon, if hobo was gay, how would he have a daughter that was his to begin with? You got to come up with some better material homo.

    @18 I agree with the last part cass, I think he just wants hobes and alord in his bum.

  29. bystanders are always the first collateral damage in any dangerous situation, just thought I’d point that out.

  30. Oh sweet, I’m borderline funny! :D

  31. Don’t cross that border Hobo! Them redneck border patrol freaks have no tolerance for humorist types. They might even let anon have a go at you.

  32. Have you had a first-hand experience sideshow?

  33. BritishHobo October 13th, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    Oh sweet, I’m borderline funny!

  34. I like the last one…. Looks like a cute face… Nice top and cute body…. Cute legs….. Cute anklet. I mean really. That anklet is soooooo hot.

  35. I’m with nuff. The last one made me laugh.

    And Hobo you’re great.

    In unrelated news, who saw this story?

  36. i think they ought to make a movie about this little girl. it would be inspirational.

  37. She’s fairly cute but I couldn’t deal with those pixellated eyes looking up at me while she was giving me head

  38. @Lex That was pretty fucked up. Gotta love the classes fuckers that fill this lovely planet.

  39. @blondie yeah i see that girl every time i turn on the news which, unfortunately is about the only thuing on 7 hours a day. its sad. all about a bouncy house.

  40. @Candid yeah I read the thing below it. I’m pretty sure that’s what went down with the Motegue’s and Capulet’s right? Starts with an innocent bounce house at a party, and ends with coffins.

  41. @Pedanticoldgit

    Take away the word pixelated and you would seem like one heartless mean spirited paedophile.

  42. @blondie–history repeats itself. Although now the little girl needs to socialize w/ crazies’ kid if they have one. Too young for a secret marriage.

  43. @Candid She either has kids (because CPS was called) OR nieces and nephews or something. Which is good enough for me for a badass story ending in the double murder of her and her husband. Not that I support murder…but if I did…I would support them being murdered.

  44. @candid yeah the crazy family has 2 daughters. it could be the modern version, Juliet and Juliet

  45. did anyone else fap to the last one?

  46. @Lex Perfect plan. I think there should be a way to put it into action, this Juliet and Juliet business.

  47. I’ll agree Nickey’s cute as long as she didn’t get the braclet cause she wants to be Lindsay Lohan.

    And seriously, all over a bounce house? That’s pretty low, tormenting a dying girl. I make jokes about people dying in various unsavory methods, however in this case not sure how much I’d be joking. And I hope people taunt them too.

  48. @blondie
    it would have a sad ending too, because the little girl would die at a tragically young age. and the other girl has a horrifying mother.

  49. @comments
    no kidding. it seriously pisses me off. i’m ashamed of humanity because of these people.

  50. lol, ‘bounce-house’, it sounds like a genre of music to my British ears.

  51. @ Lex, sounds like a block buster hit to me.
    @Comments I watched like all 6 videos they have up on it, they got egged, death threats, and a bunch of crap…I feel like it’s not enough. Seriously? It makes you feel good to taunt a DYING SEVEN YEAR OLD!? Seriously? That’s pathetic. I know she said she was doing it to get at the grandmother, but seriously? If you’re going after Grandma dig up her flowers or something.

  52. Hot chick with an ankle bracelet? You know what they say: “THe crazies give the best sechs,” double capitals and misspelling of sex and all

  53. @blonde

    The video wouldn’t play on my chit box computer here at the office – it was to get at the grandmother? There are no words for how ass backwards that is.

  54. @Comments Yeah, in the video they asked her why she did it and she said it was because she knew it rubber the grandmother’s ass raw that she made fun of her dead kid (they dying girls mom) and the sick girl. She was super in-your-face to the news guys and came off like a total cuntwad. And I hate the word cunt and reserve it for very special people. She gets it. It was at the grandma/her other daughters for not responding soon enough to the text about her kids being allowed over. I guess when the grandma went outside during the party the woman freaked on her and said she didn’t want her kids playing with “fucking retards” anyways. She seemed SUPER classy to me.

  55. Yeah it takes a special kind of ässhole to taunt a dying child. I mean, there’s cool ässholes, like myself and my friends, and then there’s this woman who’s just a fücking diarrheal turd.

  56. if someone were taunting my son if he were dying, i would go (insert crazy serial killer) on their ass.

  57. that asshole needs to be on

  58. 1) Mary is a damn feminist…she needs to calm her shit down.
    2) Freaking rednecks.. “kepted?” Dang….they make me (once again) feel ashamed to live in the South.

    3) It took a few seconds to spot the fail.

    “She’s hot, I don’t see anyth- oh…ankle monitor. Can we say Lindsay Lohan. AKA LiLo?”

  59. @Mad, Yeah I’ve done and said some pretty mean kids…but never to a dying kid…or really any kid that I wasn’t the same age as at the time. That’s just too far.

  60. I just now had a look at the news story and video. I’m with candid ^ If someone taunted my dead kid and dying grandchild, I would go nuts. People fuck with others all the time, but I can’t wait to hear a story where someone taunts or attacks another for no reason, and it turns out they fucked with someone with a mental illness.

    (Being bipolar and taking no meds as I want to attempt to control myself without them, I speak for others of my kind in saying that it’s very difficult at times, but not impossible by far. I keep myself on a mental “leash” and control my anger very well. It’s getting easier over time with practice. But God help if someone taunted my kids or grandkids.. I can let myself off that leash as quick as I can put it back on. There wouldn’t be a need for any support, but it would still be greatly appreciated nonetheless.)

  61. @Keona I have no diagnosed illness, but let me tell you same here, about them neededing the help of God (And probably all the pagan gods) if they pull shit like that with my kids.

  62. Fuck me people, let’s talk about indecent sexual practices and do some over the top flirty stuff. Getting a bit heavy on here.

  63. I’m with you Paranoid, here’s hoping for a bit more debauchery today. A bit of ranting from the big man wouldn’t go amiss either ;)

  64. Curly, Paranoid, I got your back on this one. Let’s all gangbang. Today is a day for group sex, drugs and satanic rituals. I got me a goat in my back garden (oo-er) and I’m ready to shake, rattle and roll *wink wink*

    Seriously though – if those vicious fucking cocksuckers were taunting my kids like that, they wouldn’t still be my neighbours, one way or another. Adults who pick on kids are fucking scum.

  65. Aw, PA, I’m sorry it’s gotten too stuffy…do you want me to take my leash off myself and tie you up while I rage fuck you? ;)

  66. You know your Facebook Glamour Shot is messed up when you can clearly see the ankle monitor.

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