Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earthly Updates

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  1. ben!

  2. oh dear! I just want to know if his names actually “jo’Nathan” as opposed to jonathan?

  3. And if you’d pronounce it jonathan or joe then nathan?

  4. Good times indeed Jo’ Nathan (your parents are dicks)

    the earth is in such capable hands….we are a delightful species

  5. SomeRandomChick

    Either way, real or his cool way of spelling it, I vote FAIL.

  6. jo’nathan’s one was the only one that was even remotely funny though. the other ones were quite pathetic attempts at humor. i find it strange that he’s burning democrats and republicans though. he must belong to the green party.

  7. yeah, this did nothing for me. Other then the fact that I loved the Captain Planet comment. Sadly, I used to watch that way back when.

  8. It came on after my favorite, Dark Wing Duck! (just thought I’d throw that in there, sorry.)

  9. I decided to switch to a reusable bag to do my part, but the hooker just won’t suffocate. I’ll be going back to plastic.

  10. Dancinganimal256

    Anyone up for seal clubbing tomorrow? I would do it today but I got an exam in about 30 mins =(.

  11. Dancinganimal256

    Soup, you have to stuff it down their throats to get it to work.

  12. SomeRandomChick

    You don’t have to “shove it” just stick it in there, hookers always swallow!

  13. Well, obviously that’s what I started with, but she just gagged and vomited on my dick.

  14. Dancinganimal256

    Try decomposable then, but be careful, they rip easily.

  15. suckmebeautiful

    I’m in for clubbing.

    And thanks Soup, I had to get daddy to buy me new clothes to replace the vomit covered ones. And then he beat me. You owe me a new sequined tube top and clear heels.

  16. ha…haa…..Chase is funny…..but his parents are dicks too

  17. Damn those cheap hookers not dying…..

    I LOVED Dark Wing Duck, was on after Monkey Magic….another love!!

  18. Oh how I laughed and laughed when you tried to suffocate that hooker

  19. @suckmebeautiful well maybe if you weren’t such a whore he wouldn’t have to beat you. i bet you’ll never charge daddy for your services again will you?

  20. Hey suckme, if you would have just worn the Smurfette costume I offered, it wouldn’t even be an issue.

    And to be fair, if I hadn’t tried to go green, you would have gone purple, and ended up in my dumpster. Then your daddy would have never seen red and beat you black and blue.

  21. suckmebeautiful

    You’re right. Sorry daddy.

  22. for that matter what’re you doing on the internet? get back on the street!

  23. suckmebeautiful

    I love the many colour descriptions. I actually visualized myself there.

  24. or else i’ll dip you in crude oil…whore.

  25. suckmebeautiful

    I’m really not a hooker… It’s actually called being an escort! And I make a nice living this way!

  26. that’s actually not a bad idea for the next one that won’t suffocate soup. try some crude oil.

  27. lex, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but dunking them in a vat of oil just seems so impersonal. I’m a tender whore killer. I like them to be in my hands when their dirty soul departs to hell.

  28. Omg. I think I have a tiny virtual crush on Soup. *blushes*

  29. not if you hold them under. or light them yourself. i’m something of a pyro so i usually take the latter option.

  30. suckmebeautiful

    Soup, that comment just made me wet.

  31. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  32. @Emma Royds
    Tiny? Don’t lie. You know the only tiny thing between us is my penis. Our love is huge.

    @lex, lex, lex,
    Fire cleanses the soul. That option is only used for family.

    We might just have a future together. My misogyny, your love of abuse. I’ll lay some newspaper down in my crawlspace so you have a place to stay.

  33. SEALS ARE PEOPLE TOO!!!…wait..

  34. wait, i have been saving them all this time? dammit, why does no one tell me these things!? i wish i could do it all over again…

  35. suckmebeautiful

    @Soup, only if you choke me til I orgasm.

  36. why is it reading the comments is so much funnier then the posts…

  37. Then call me emphysema, because I will severely restrict your ability to breathe. You’ll come so hard, the jumper cables on your clit could charge a semi truck.

  38. Earth Day is Master Frodo.

  39. Soup, I want you steaming hot, in a bowl, with an extra wide spoon.

  40. Don’t kill the whores, I need they to make my money! I got a side business to run here fellas!

  41. Hmm.. seems like Lamebook isn’t a fan of Earth Day at all.

  42. suckmebeautiful

    God Soup, you really know how to charm a gal. Come on over ;)

  43. @Emma
    I agree to your scenario. Just know that I might burn you, so lots of blowing and slurping would be advised.

    You’re a Madame? So you’re the queen of the whores. For this, I will make your little death the hardest. Shakespeare would be proud.

  44. @suckmebeautiful
    I think my dungeo…um, house would be more suited to our activities, but I suppose if you have a blender, a generator, and twelve 3-foot lengths of rubber tubing, we can make an arrangement.

    Jo’Nathan, Captain Planet will plant his foot in your balls. Protect the environment, or he’ll fucking kill you. CAPTAIN PLANET!

  46. Soup, I heed your warning and will take precautions as you suggest. Now heed mine, I will consume you so completly you will feel like you no longer exist.

  47. suckmebeautiful

    @Soup I actually have all of that in my room… Meet you there in 15 mins.

  48. Well, shit. What do I do now? Emma is apparently a succubus that is going to eat my soul along with my cock. That’s rather intriguing.

    suckmebeautiful is as kinky as my adopted black sister’s hair, and that gets me going on so many levels.

    And it turns out that eenerbl is the Wal-Mart of prostitutes. ALWAYS LOW PRICES! ALWAYS!

    My dick is like a compass in a magnetic field. It’s just whirling around in every direction and doesn’t know where to go.

  49. Hey, my prices are not low!!! My girls are high priced and dress well. You will not find them on a street corner!

    And I’m still pissed that you’d want to make my death the hardest. The least you could do would be seduce me first! I am hurt Soup, Hurt!

  50. You could always hire ee’s pros while you have suckmebeautiful and when you’re almost done, Emma will suck the life out of you. It’s a win, win, win situation.

  51. eenerbl, my sweet, sweet eenerbl. Google “la petite mort”, reread my comment, and recognize the depth of my affection for you. I will be awaiting your apology.

    nuff, your solution is sublime (as long as eenerbl’s girls aren’t skittish). I humbly ask you to be my Second and take care of any business I might leave unfinished (unlikely, but I want to be thorough).

  52. suckmebeautiful

    @Nuff, care to join Soup and I? It might hurt for the first few minutes, but once the terrible burning pain subsides, all you’re left with is pure pleasure.

  53. suckmebeautiful

    P.S I need a hot tub pal. My girls bailed on me, so now I’m left alone! Someone come? :D

  54. Shit. I went from “little crush” to “succubus” in record speed. Way to play it cool Emma *facepalm*.

  55. Dancinganimal256

    This has gotten extremely graphic since I left. It is weird that a part of me kinda likes it? Anyways, why is only 1 guy going seal clubbing with me? It aint easy seperating the young from their ma you know.

  56. Dancinganimal256

    Emma you can be my succubus =).

  57. @Soup I accept, and I shall learn thy ways and leave nothing unfinished.
    @suckmebeautiful A few minutes of terrible burning pain and then pure pleasure? Sign me up.

  58. suckmebeautiful

    Hey I’m a girl. And I volunteered to go!

  59. suckmebeautiful

    Wel Nuff, by pure pleasure I meant Soup and I would take pleasure in your pain… But our happiness should make you happy.

  60. @Dancinganimal256 I’ll have to see if I can fit seal clubbing into my schedule this week. It’s pretty busy, but i’ll make an effort for one of my favourite past-times.

  61. @suckmebeautiful I always try to do anything once, i’ll want to get the seal clubbing done first. Takes a lot out of a guy, ya know? It would be hard to be in tip-top shape after what you have in mind.

  62. suckmebeautiful

    I’m very aroused right now.

  63. @Emma
    No shame. You did beautifully. Most women require a ring to make the transition you did. I look forward to our battle to see who can decimate the other’s spirit first.

    You just maintain that level for the next 3 days and then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be ready for me.

    If they don’t take care of you, and I’m not dead, I’ll take things into my own hands to make sure your pain was not in vain.

  64. Soup, you have my humble apology. I jumped to conclusions, instead of jumping you. I look forward to my little death, and all the sweet pleasure you have to offer! Please accept.

  65. nuff, my girls will take care of you, and what they won’t do, I will. ;)

  66. “It’s midnight now you must escape somehow, torture is his leisure, don’t try to hide he’ll make you subside, as he exchanges pain for pleasure!”

  67. suckmebeautiful

    Oh Soup, I’m ready. Just bring Nuff, I’ve got the roofies… It’ll be a good weekend.

  68. suckme, you are a wicked minx. I think I have a lesbian crush on you!

  69. suckmebeautiful

    @eener, I say we take over all the hoes together and rule as a lesbian power couple.

  70. @ee I’ll have to recommend you to the Better Business Bureau and give you a XXX rating. That’s so good, it’s not even on there! I think the next best thing is AAA.

  71. Yup, I’m in love!

  72. XXX sounds amazing! I am honored nuff!

  73. suckmebeautiful

    And we can use nuff and Soup in our dirty 4some nights. *sigh*

  74. i leave for a few minutes and this turns….well it doesn’t actually turn into anything. kinda just kept rolling. but still. i’m hurt that you would turn to nuff soup. don’t you remember the boat times?

  75. suckme, we could take turns bringing the men to climax. Then make them bathe us with their tongues!

  76. suckmebeautiful

    @eener, you rival me in imagination! I love you.

  77. Aww, sex, I still love you. We shared a special night together, one not far forgotten. ;) Don’t be sad.

  78. ok i feel a little better…might need some more consoling though.

  79. Too bad word had to leave earlier, she’d be all up in this. All this kinky talk is practically cheating on her ee.

  80. I’ve got some whip cream and strawberries here, would you like me to get them, I’ll console you with a little ‘snack’.

  81. nuff, I feel badly. I miss my word. We’ve been at this for months. She’ll be home from work in a few hours, I’ll catch her later and make it up to her.

  82. suckmebeautiful

    Ooo ee can I come too? I’d put that whipped cream in places it should ALWAYS go.

  83. eenerbl, of course I forgive you. I’m kind of like Jesus: Loving, well hung, and all too familiar with nailing. But my second coming won’t take 2000 years.

    lex, certainly you can’t blame me for being an opportunist? I can only strangle so many before they overpower me and exploit my dongtastitude for their own nefarious purposes. I had to protect my integrity.

  84. suckmebeautiful

    @Soup, your lingusitic abilities only further my lust for you. Talk dirty to me baby.

  85. suckme, you can always come!

    I was worried for a few there Soup, thought I may have to work my way back up your pole. Um, I mean ladder.

  86. suckmebeautiful

    And I usually do come. Unless the other person is terrible.

  87. ee, yes. i want snack. snack good. :)

    alright soup i guess not. they are kinda throwing themselves at you. i guess you had to do something.

  88. Completely off topic, but lex and soup, did you two randomly come up with those names or did you know each other before joining lamebook? Couldn’t help but think Lex Luther and Superman (soups). Total nerd moment, couldn’t help but make the correlation between the two.

  89. Dancinganimal256

    @suckme: I am deeply sorry for calling you a guy. Do you forgive? How can I make it up to you? =)

  90. suckmebeautiful

    Well, you can start by getting down and your knees and not getting up til you’re wearing a p_ssy mustache.

  91. *puts mind back in the gutter*
    @Dancinganimal256 letting her put a strap-on on and fuck you? lol

  92. suckmebeautiful

    ** down on your knees.

  93. suckmebeautiful

    @lex, would you like me to throw myself at you as well? We can always make that 4some a 5some.

  94. Dancinganimal256

    Umm, I’m not too thrilled by either one, but I shall endure for the sake of our … not sure what exactly.

  95. @suckmebeautiful
    Dirty talk huh? I would bury my bone in your velvet lined box. You would urn for more, while we soil ourselves with our own viscous fluids. Our relationship would of course be filthy, but still sedimental. The continuous eruptions experienced by us both would form the bedrock of our love.

    No connection. I just like to fill people with my hearty goodness.

  96. Sex, a snack does sound good. I am hungry, but I fear food is not what can fill me.

  97. @ee One thing I want to do in particular, is find a good pillar, press your body up to it facing it and then wrap you up from your shoulders to knees in saran wrap so you can’t move, and then rip a hole in the back of it and do naughty things to you.

  98. Wow Soup, that was hot!

  99. @Dancing, you have to at least pretend to enjoy it.

    @Soup I said dirty, not romance novel. Where are all the degrading and dirty aspects? Next time, I want fetish erotica.

  100. buff, wrap away! What are you waiting for!

  101. let’s sub that ‘b’ for an ‘n’ k.

  102. Oh for the love of Christ, I freaking love that woman (suckme that is) She’s so dirty, it’s mesmerizing!

  103. Trut me ee, the feeling is very mutual. And I’ve never even had your tongue inside me!

  104. @suckmebeautiful

    No love for the metaphors and puns? That deserves punishment. I will have to break out my Pear of Anguish. I’ll let you flip the coin to decide whether it goes in your ass or your snatch. I’ll then take care of the unencumbered hole.

  105. @ee I’m waiting for you to get the hell over here! Show up wearing nothing but heels and a trench coat.

  106. @Soup, I want it in both holes either way. No coin toss necessary.

  107. suckme, we should rectify that immediately!

    nuff, I’m on my way! All you had to do was ask!

  108. suckme i love a dirty girl. i’ll gladly add to the group.

    and ee i would gladly fill you over and over again.

  109. @Soup, lex, ee, and nuff. Meet me at my place. There’s ample room in my bed for everyone.

  110. @suckmebeautiful
    How can I punish you properly if you get off on all horrible things I do to you? How about I drink Tabasco so I can deposit my really hot load in your vag?

    I have no doubt that you will rectify her assiduously.

  111. @suckmebeautiful Beds are good and all, but there’s an entire house to romp all over.

  112. sounds like soup might have a better locale (aka dungeon) for the depraved acts that have been planned for this party

  113. @Soup, I’ll just pretend like I don’t enjoy it so you can feel like it’s punishing me.

    @nuff, like the hot tub, pool, sauna, pool table, kitchen… Ok, just come on over.

  114. @Soup Have faith Soup, there’s something to punish ANY woman with, it’s just a matter of trying different things one after another until she finally succumbs to the multitude of positions and devices never experienced before.

  115. never mind. party at suckme’s place. i’m a pushover for a hot tub.

  116. Wow suckme, there are 5 of us! I think this is a record. I welcome it with open arms and will go where I am told. I always was a submissive one.

  117. nuff, I could trump you with experience. I look forward to sharing my arsenal of knowledge with you.

  118. Well everyone’s welcome in Canada. :D
    It may not be warm here, but I can guarentee we’ll all be covered in fluids and sweat about 5 mins in.

  119. ee, it’s hard to find women as kinky and willing as you and suckme are. I’m sure I could finally fulfill some of my more wilder fantasies with the likes of you two. So trump away, it’ll be all weekend.

  120. canada? well it’s better than france i guess….alright i’m there.

  121. I think we should switch locals suckme, and you all should come down to Florida! I fear I lack a coat to kkep me warm for my journey.

    nuff, a weekend is not near long enough for me to demonstrate my talents. We’ll have to make it a week of pure pleasure and bliss.

  122. I’ll be 23 years old on the 27th and I’m embracing my fuckin kinky side. I’m a dirty dirty bitch who needs to be put in my place.

  123. @ee, I would love to go to Florida. I’ll be there in a few hours… Keep the front door unlocked.

  124. Noice suckme! At least I don’t have to go over any borders, I hate the traffic, though the duty free’s do have excessive amounts of cheap liquor for the occasion.

  125. i would keep you warm ee…but florida is more desirable than canada so i vote ee’s place. but i’ll still keep you warm.

  126. ee, you won’t need a coat, i’ll keep you warm and coming. Though, maybe instead of that golf trip to Florida, I could just take an ee trip instead that would last all week?

  127. shucks, you beat me to it lex! DPee?

  128. So who’s taking me to Florida for my birthday? :p

  129. nuff, i’m in. no pun intended.

    i’ll take you wherever you want suckme.

  130. suckme, come on in!

    lex (god, how I want to call you sexy lex! I’ve been wanting to do it all night!) I get chilly often, so I may be excessive in my need for warmth.

    nuff, you gonna knock down my door too? Is FL too far a drive for you? I’ll get you a ticket if need be.

  131. I’m in love (or lust) with all of you. Please take me away from this drab and boring place where we can all be exhibitionists and fuck all day long.

  132. I’ll come in your back door as soon as i’m there ee.
    Want to join the mile high club on the way down to Florida suckme?

  133. Sorry nuff, I should have refreshed. I never meant to doubt your devotion and your eagerness to visit me, in me, what have you.

  134. @Nuff, I sure as fuck do. But only if we can do it in plain sight of everyone on the flight. I like it when people watch.

  135. The back door is a good choice nuff, suckme already has the front. lex… where are you coming in at?

  136. ee, call away. i like it ;) word usually goes for just plain old sex but that can get confusing sometimes. i’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep you warm.

    oh and speaking of my name, nuff my last name is luther and the lex kinda came with it. one of the nicknames that stuck. i just remembered that you asked and i never said anything. i got excited.

  137. i can come in up top or we can see how much the front can take….i’ll leave it to you to decide.

    what about soup? i guess he can take care of suckme and we’ll rotate every now and then?

  138. @suckme I’ll bend you over the food cart in the middle of the aisle and pour champagne down your back.

  139. Well, ee and I both have 3 holes, and there are 3 of you. Although ee and I will also be fulfilling each other. This will get very confusing.

  140. @nuff that’s my kind of flight. Take me big boy.

  141. something doesn’t add up here….but oh well. we’ll figure it out as we go.

  142. Damn, I miss word.

    lex, I prefer a more subtle approach. Imagination is important in these endeavors. I also think I’d prefer if you chose up top!

    Soup will weasel his way in somewhere, he’s not forgotten.

  143. 9pm… Yup, completely reasonable. I need a booty call, i’ll see you babes around ;)

  144. alright well i will do my best to satisfy your urges but i should probably get off now. other obligations and all that. take it easy my nympho friends.

  145. lol it’s 12 here… I need sleep. Enjoy and picture us while you’re doing it nuff.

  146. nuff, enjoy yourself!

    I’m tapping out as well. lex, suckme, nuff, Soup… till our next encounter. Have a good evening all.

  147. What’s lame is Chase sending in his own comment on the Qdoba one. A bunch of comments were posted within a few minutes, so he had to have grabbed his own before the other ones showed up. And it’s a stupid comment anyway.

  148. Soup is gone, I ate his soul. Who’s man enough to be next?

  149. What? No Aussies? That’s a shame.

  150. All my buddies leave as I come!

    It’s not the first time I’ve been left all alone today.

    Thanks for nothing guys.

  151. As you (and everyone who cares to read a hundred-something comments) can see, you were sorely missed here today Miss wordpervert. I’m sure plenty of them rubbed one out thinking of you.

  152. There’s some hardcore talk going on here.

    I must admit people, and disagree with me if you must, but I prefer a subtle, more artistic approach to the whole sexing process.

    I like to keep certain things to the imagination, keep it fun, light, and most of all, deliver it with style.

    It’s all just too raw and hanging right out in the open here.

    I’m just not on the same wavelength as some of you.

    Some of you are in fact, kinda scary.

    Oh well, that’s life.

  153. Emma, I like you though, and by the by, I’m Aussie.

  154. Nice! I agree with you about it all “hanging out” here. There’s a fine line between sexual wordplay and apparent desperation and some of these characters are tippy toeing on that line. The rest of them dived straight over it.

  155. Yes it’s an art form Emma, it really is.

    I colour within the lines for the most part I think, occasionally I’ll move outside them, but not very often.

    For me, keeping it funny, and often ambiguous, are the most important things.

    People still get offended at times by what I say, but fuck me, let them check this one out.

    They’ll think I’m Mother Theresa.

  156. Ah word, you know you’ve already been painted as the ringleader. Warranted or not, you have been branded with the scarlet letter. Probably not an “A” in this case, but maybe an “S”?

    Emma, my soul is at best pretty flimsy stuff, so I have to ask: How did it taste? Like a rice cake? Chewy smoke?

  157. Soup, that may be true, but honey, I have soul and warmth, and I’m sure you can’t deny that.

    This thread is colder than my best friend’s bed.

  158. Soup, strangely enough, a little bit like pineapple. *puzzled*

  159. Forgive my exhausted mind and body Soup, but what do the “A” and “S” denote?

  160. Of course not. And why would I?

    As for your disdain of this thread, all I can say is I go for the laugh. The sexual stuff is just one avenue towards that goal.

  161. i feel like a post voyeur…

  162. Word, there’s an old book called the Scarlet Letter where they force female adulterers to wear the letter “A”. I figured an “S” for sex would be more apropos.

    Emma, my friends always claimed I was a fruit. I guess it was just buried a little deeper than they thought.

  163. YOU were fine, as always, keeping it amusing and thought provoking.

    It was the others Soup, the others.

    Forgive my weird prudishness at this moment, just feeling a little off kilter, I don’t know why.

    I’ve worked very, very hard the last couple of weeks, and it’s taking its toll.

    Having a beer right now though, life is always better with a beer in hand.

  164. Oh yeah right, coming to me now.

  165. Word, the last line in your #163 post? Truer words were never spoken.

  166. It’s ok bluenails, I love watchers.

    Re your name though, do you have a medical problem?

    Chronic airway limitation or congenital heart disease of some sort?

    I say that because when I see blue nails, it is never a good sign for the person.

  167. I have a 3 day weekend now, for ANZAC day.

    Close to my heart, my grandfather was a WW1 hero on 2 fronts.
    Gallipoli and France, highly decorated and admired, and all that jazz.

    No flying this weekend Soup, and for that I’m grateful.

    Doing some long overdue catching up with some neglected friends.

    I’ve been putting a bro before a ho, and that’s not my style.

  168. just really sucky at diy….:)

    actually hang over from my “Rebellious” teenage years

  169. You know when you stumble across something you feel you ought not see, so you clap your hands over your eyes and peek through the fingers excitedly? Yeah, thats me right now.

  170. Actually blue, I regularly paint my nails a deep navy colour.

    It’s my fave, and matches my work uniform perfectly.

  171. Don’t sweat it dare2, I have nothing to hide.


  172. wehave all read your previous posts word i can only guess your not hiding much…

  173. I have barely touched the sides darlin’.

  174. word, if you do in fact look like that bar girl from previous post, then you should have nothing to hide. In fact, you should hide a little less.

  175. I reiterate the fact that I do.

    I’m older than her, but the look is definitely me.

    My current profile pic on facebook has me in a somewhat compromising position, and while you will have to take my word for it, it echoes the pic, and the girl in it, very closely.

  176. oh man looks like i missed out on some HC action here

    This is becoming the text version of youporn very fast

    I am not sure what to think of that evolution , the funny part of lamebook is going down the drain but all the funky talk is really motivating when i go out on one of my douchette hunts

  177. Word, “navy nails… matches my work uniform perfectly”. Are you a lady cop, by any chance? (please say yes! please say yes! please say yes!)

  178. And as much as i like some subtle foreplay i have been known to cross the line more then once before

    Apparantly asking old women if they like giving head without there false teeth is considered inappropriate , well you live to learn i guess ?

  179. Father Sha, I might be dirty girl at times, but the funny part of it all is my primary motivation for being here.


  180. Sorry to dash your hopes Master, but I’m a nurse.

  181. You’re from Belgium right Father?

    Love your country, great beer, especially in Chimay.

  182. Master, regardless, I have handcuffs and I’m not afraid to use them.

  183. even better!

  184. Helllloooooooo Nursie!

  185. Father Sha i had one tell me her husband gets a choice teeth in or out

  186. word is drunk.

  187. Paranoid Android

    BEN! Fucks sake, late again.

    Anyway back to the love-fest

  188. You have me singing Radiohead.

  189. Paranoid Android

    ‘”I’m a weirdo, I’m a creep”

    Not Radiohead lyrics, just statement of fact.

    No pool either, fml.


  191. “Karma police, arrest this man”

  192. “And for a minute there, I lost myself”

  193. I really think I’ve fuckin’ lost myself.

  194. lol

  195. Too many beers, shameful wordperv, shameful.

  196. Home alone, more freedom than I’ve had in weeks, Bose speakers blaring my ipod, dancing round the living room.

    Fuck yes.

  197. Haha i am from tiny Belgium indeed , it always rains , people speak three different languages and we never amount to anything sports wise

    But hell the Beer is freakin Awesome, i strongly reccomend :

    Duvel, La Chouffe , Delirium Tremens, Westvleteren, Orval and Rochefort (the dark one)

  198. And the girls are lovely but maybe the omnipresent beer has something to do with how we perceive our women

  199. ee, I don’t think I said it before, but you can do much much better than that suckme chick.

    She’s not for you, and most definitely not for me.

    I’m your girl, and always will be.

    The pretenders will come and go, but I’m the real deal.

  200. there is no such thing as too many beers. So you don’t feel alone, word, i’ll dance too.

  201. We get some decent boutique beers here, so I’ll look into those, thanks.

  202. I like alone Master, never get much of it, but I would love to have a boogie with you.

    Join me.

  203. Father, I was a bit freaked by the amount of sediment in your beers, but I drank it all down anyway.

  204. Thank you, Word, don’t mind if I do. I’ve got to admit, I’m not much of a dancer so I apologise in advance if I step on your feet.

    @Father: being near enough to go there, ever been to OktoberFest?

  205. Thats my girl !

    Once it’s in the mouth , you might as well swallow it down

  206. Nope havent been there yet

    I am not a fan of big drunk crowds filled with germans

    Love the retro short skirt outfits though

  207. I’ve only passed through Frankfurt, but my next trip to Europe is going to involve Berlin, and other eastern European countries.

    All part of my bucket list.

  208. That’s too bad, Father. Drunken German crowds aside, beer wielding, pigtail wearing, blonde twins named Hildegard and Gertie sure do make it worth while.

  209. Master, I can get my boys moving in sync with me in no time at all.

  210. Father, that applies to all fluids.

  211. Word, I may lack the moves on the dancefloor, but I have other talents that make up for it. You teach me the moves and I’ll show you just how long I can hold my breath for.

  212. Male breath holding abilities aren’t high on my list of priorities.

    I’m more interested in how long you can hold on to other things.

  213. The empty beer bottles are lining up on the kitchen bench.

    I’m a little frightened at myself.

  214. It’s not even 8pm here, and I’m hammered.

    Having trouble seeing the computer screen, and you boys are very slow on the uptake, fucking working my ass off here, with not much response.

    I’m almost done.

  215. Goodnight fellas.

  216. Aah, my impatient little Word. So sorry to see you go. Speaking of priorities, I happen to still be at the office and had to devote a little of my time elsewhere for a moment. But enough excuses. Rest well, you’re going to need your strength.

  217. Check it out!

  218. suckmebeautiful

    I apologize if our discussion was too frank for you! I got carried away by all of the dirt Soup was spilling.

  219. This got off topic fast.

  220. After reading a few comments (and it didn’t take many) I have come to the conclusion that you lot are either a bunch of fucked up nymphomaniacs or fat 60 year olds living out your fantasies through lamebook. I prefer the prior.

  221. Good gracious.

  222. Is it not possible that some are both and none are neither?

    Or… something…

  223. dirtylittlepretty

    at this point I don’t even remember the topic of the post. I myself enjoy debauchery, but I tend to agree with feels better when done with subtlety, humor and a little ambiguity. I don’t have a problem with blatant sexual talk..for myself tho, I prefer that to be in a more private forum. ~stay sexy

  224. dirtylittlepretty

    oops ..word* now Word

  225. Some are both, some are either but none are definitely neither.

  226. Uhm… Okay then. I just read this entire thread.

    Moving along…

  227. Oh my god what is happening?! Going to this website now kind of feels like getting in a hot tub that people just had sex in…

  228. first 1 is funny…rest are pathestic…c’mon lamebook!

  229. *pathetic

  230. Jo’Nathan just makes him sound confused about his gender.

  231. oh my word.I died a little that was SO funny.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandonyou!-

  232. Actually, it wasn’t.

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