Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Driven Too Far


Join her group HERE

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  1. douchebag. That is all

  2. Douchebaguette

  3. Yeah. Cuz exploitation is just… Soooooooo coooool.

  4. @ Nicole, I can give it to you very fast and very hard…I also like robots and sausages…

  5. All she’s interested in is a car? Brain dead broad.
    Good work you dumb bitch.

  6. Holy shit!

    a sms AND a photo of them together! :O

  7. Incredible. The things people celebrate…

  8. The market for skanks trying to cash in on Tiger Woods is saturated…she’ll be lucky if she gets a free golf club, delivered upside her head by Tiger’s crazy wife.

  9. Good point.

  10. You can have the one with the smashed window…

  11. The Scarlet Pimple

    When life gives you lemons, I guess…

  12. I think all of this is disgusting. What does it matter how many women he’s had one night stands with anyway?? We all know he cheated, so end of story. Let him and his wife sort it out on their own for goodness sake! I hate the media because of shit like this.

  13. OMG! Dude, I totally slept with Tiger too. I have a used condom to prove it. And the first thing I’m gonna do with my paycheck from OK magazine is to buy all my less attractive relatives cars/iPods/houses.

  14. Click the link, the comments attached to this post are hilarious!

  15. The I’m-an-asshole car lot is empty now.

  16. I fucked Tiger in the ass. Give me my car.

  17. Sef I totally missed the link after first glance, totally glad I checked it out. She tries to defend herself against and her sister, its pretty funny.

  18. make sure to click “view previous comments” though

  19. oh god, I just went to the group and the sister that’s meant to have slept with Tiger Wood’s and I have mutual friends!!! the thought that I could actually run into this person or have met her before makes me feel just a little bit dirty!
    Oh and I love that she claims she’s a size 4- we don’t even have size 4′s in Australia and her boobs would never fit in anything that small (look at her profile pic!)

  20. i don’t know about australia, but here in the US size 4 is NOT a bra size.

  21. I love how none of it mattered until there was a chance they’d get money out of it. Selfish cunts.

  22. if you guys havent read the entire post and have time to waste, i really suggest you do. it’s quite a laugh, i especially love nicole’s brutal and cutting insults like “you’re fat; you’re poor; you’re ugly” (and my personal favourite) “people will be calling you long hair!”

    massive lols to be had.

  23. i mean generally the smallest size u can get in Australia is a size 6, so you have to be bloody skinny with no boobs to fit into anything that was a size 4, and considering she looks like she’s had a boob job she wouldn’t fit into clothes made for girls that are basically anorexic… it wasn’t really important, I just found it disturbing more than anything, calling a size 10 fat is a bit creepy, as the Aussie average is probably 12-14
    but yeah definitely go read the whole discussion thread, I’m trying to figure out which private school they went to cause they sound like absolute idiots!

  24. omg… thanks for suggesting we check out the link. Crazy!

  25. How on earth do you know which “I had an affair with Tiger Woods” group it is? There are 50 of them!

  26. How much money are we talking here? I mean, because I hear Tiger’s about to become available, so this deal is gonna end.

  27. I spent way too much time reading all the comments on that. Nicole seems like a troll. I like to think that she is, because it would be even more pathetic if she weren’t.

  28. ^ me too, the comments are way too good

  29. “he he! i might get a car!”

    What a dumb whore. I hope someone punches her in the face!

  30. bitch

  31. fail post, retards in the comments.

    Just for Fun – Outlandish Statements
    Outlandish statement, just for fun.

    y’all can’t click a link?

  32. also, i love the sexist brain dead fucks who call the women he slept with skanks and hos…what does that make the dude who was married? man, there are some dumb little children on this site.

  33. i mean the retards are here, since apparently you can read all the comments there but not the damn info on the group. ah well. i don’t expect much from the comments here.

  34. i hate this leg less nicole and everything she stands for, so much so that a she doesn’t even deserve a capital letter.

  35. So Nicole’s sister screwed Tiger and now she needs representation to figure out how much to bill him for that?!?
    Well I don’t know about the rarified circles they travel in but in my circles, if you screw a guy and charge him for it, we call that *prostitution*. Guess they probably call it something else in *private school*.

  36. Learn to spot a troll.
    Then you wont look so fucking
    stupid on facebook.

  37. This is a joke. One of my roller derby pals started this group, and they’ve all been posting shit like this for the last few days. BUSTED GIRLS! xo

  38. I just think it’s sad… In the past, you fucked someone famous, married or not, it was end of discussion – you were called a groupie, nowadays, seems you fuck someone, get yourself a lawyer and make a couple of bucks…

    What happened to doing it for the cause? :P

    I would do a couple of celebs for free, just because I can… :D

  39. I heard Tiger Woods was looking for a support group. But he couldn’t find one for men “who cheat on their hot blonde Swedish wives”.

  40. insane .. thanks for brightening up a cloudy morning

  41. Dear Nicole. Never breed. Even with celebrities.
    The world has enough successful trolls to be going on with.

  42. wow shes getting a car cos her sister cant close her legs

  43. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    My sister is so selfish. She married the guy she loves instead of fucking random celebrities for profit. Fuck her. No new car for hitme.

  44. How long before a “I didn’t have an affair with Tiger Woods” group appears? Soon that will be much more noteworthy.

  45. i wonder if she’s getting a jaguar?

  46. Why would Tiger pay anyone? The truth is out, so it’s not like he’ll be paying to cover it up…

    Also, I’m gonna say this is fake.

  47. So she slept with him even though he was a major asshole to her? What a whopper

  48. Yeah, that’s what I want people knowing about my family. I guess some people will take their 15 minutes any way they can get it.

  49. It is fake. Just take a look a somemof her posts. Pretty funny actually hah. I’m having fun with it :)

  50. Definitely fake. Look at the post she put below. And she has her sister on there, as well as a fake Eldrick Woods account in on the action that only seems to have one FB friend. Who? That’s right, you guessed it, Nicole. I must say though, this chick has a PhD in trolling.

    “What would any of you guys know? Fuck this city is full of bogans. I’ll sleep my way to EUROPE one day. Now there is a place where rich men know how to treat a babe like me. As soon as I finish high school I’m flying there, first class, on the arm of some Euro billionaire. Then we will see who is laughing…”

  51. LMAO!!!! So much stupidity in one place was *incredibly* entertaining. The link definitely kept me laughing for awhile.

  52. Sensible Madness, your comments are hot!!!

  53. thank you lamebook for posting the link to it :)

  54. If I kissed him on the cheek,do I get a keychain???

  55. And here I was blowing a mechanic for a new transmission.
    Boy am i stupid!

  56. The best thing about that post & comments is the massive amount of people falling for it and getting super worked up lecturing her. Is a sense of humour that rare these days?

  57. @A Bla – Aussie women’s sizes are different than the US. Your size 12-14 is an 8-10 here.

  58. yeah I know US and Aussie sizes are different- I’m a dual American and Australian citizen. What I was saying is that Nicole and her sister are Australian, they’re from Melbourne, I have a bunch of mutual friends with the sister and I asked around and people know her, so she’s an Australian size 4 (not that this is really important, I really shouldn’t have bothered bringing it up!!)
    Basically it’s probably not true that she slept with Tiger Wood’s but the sister is a real person, and I find it really weird that she would be willing to associate paint herself as a homewrecker just for fun

  59. No worries Father Sha.

    If Tiger doesn’t get divorced he is going to owe his wife some seriously freaky and painful sex!


  61. @owen420: You’re just jealous he didn’t sleep with you!!! *pokes out tongue*

  62. “and I find it really weird that she would be willing to associate paint herself as a homewrecker just for fun”

    Maybe it’s that Australian humoUr you spoke of…?

  63. ^ I invite you to come and mingle with the lads and ladettes of the land down under, to learn the discourse of Australian humoUr! Come and learn the Aussie art of shits and giggles! It’ll be a blast, or a boomerang!

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