Monday, September 14, 2009

Don’t Care Jordan

don't care jordan

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  1. Why is this up here? Dammit, I’ve turned in way cooler stuff then this and they never get posted

  2. This sucks

  3. I think my recumbent pose on my ford fiero is far from lame. Don’t you realize that it’s like the cheap version of a Ferrari? Bitches love my shit.

  4. Dammit people, you’re just not trying! It takes two to Lamebook: one to Facebook and one to find fault! Start pulling your weight!

  5. The lame is the fact that he feels the need to post quotes that he himself said as if wisdom spouted from his every orifice.

  6. Why is this on here?

  7. There is brilliancy in the stars tonight. fag.

  8. jordan’s a tit.
    And why do some of his quotes have quotation marks and some of them not?

  9. Jordan sounds like he just may be mildly retarded

  10. “Why is this on here?”
    Umm if this does not constitute the lame, then I dont know what the hell does.

  11. @10 simp

    my thoughts exactly.

  12. Has anyone ever met a Jordan they didn’t deserve a good cockpunching?

  13. Didn’t–couldn’t–read it. My eyes just glazed over.

    I knew the comments would be much more interesting, and as usual I was right.

  14. This is total crap. A lot of lamebook posts are stupid, or funny or clever, but by definition, this is just straight lame. They’re all original “quotes” which are just contrived pieces of shit. They might as well be on his quotes page. The entire post is also super pretentious. Do you really think these quotes are clever?

  15. douchebag.

  16. You sir, are a major douchebag

  17. Fiero. Lame.

  18. What a wanker. What a pretentious, overbearingly smug dipshit. This makes me want to beat him to death with his own ripped off arms.

    I’d like to see him get through that brutal hardship.

  19. How can you quote yourself?

  20. Arrogance, thy name is Jason.

  21. Sorry, I meant Jordan. I fail. :P

  22. No Jordan. Your undeserved sense of self-worth is truely lame

  23. I should start my own lamebook-themed quotation bank.

    “Why is this funny?”

    “How come my funnier entry wasn’t posted and this was? The gall!”

    “Actually, I was being sarcastic.”

    “We’ll have to start a lame lamebook site! LOL No one’s ever thought of that before I bet!”

  24. I wonder if this twit realises how many contradictions there are in his ‘quotes’.

  25. Goodness gracious. If you can’t find the lame in this than you must be blind. Look at this toolbag doucheface. I bet you all of those “quotes” are from him. Not only that, but he pretends like he gets all these #s but when reading these posts, you know no girl would give a tooldouchefaggotbitch their number. I want to destroy his ass.

  26. I would like to see the notebook he jots down these “Jus’ Bein’ Jordanisms” in. Dollars to donuts there’s an unironic animal on the cover.

  27. Haha, I read the last one as “So much flatulence in so little time.” That would have been the saving grace. But no, I misread. The quotes are full of FAIL.

  28. What CLEVER quotes. This guy is SO cool. I want to be his friend.
    Sarcasm off.

  29. Learn the difference between “then” and “than”

  30. So much ejaculation in so little time. I’m close now.

  31. I love people who give big dramatic spiels about the “hardships” they’ve been through. Occasionally I have asked. “My parents divorced” and “my true love dumped me” seem to be top on the list.

  32. Fiero. is. Lame.

  33. yeah the line – that’s why i always win…is he talking about girls who like him more than he likes them? WTF?

  34. a good friend once said that we are never as cool as our facebook profiles make us seem…howeverm i have a feeling that jordan has an amazing adventure that correlates with each one of these quotes.

  35. fucking douchebag. maybe you’d have cooler quotes if you weren’t fucking in love with yourself.

  36. Narcissist?

  37. then again one of many on lamebook

  38. tl;dr

  39. ‘They wanted it more than me. That’s why I won’

    No Justin, I don’t think that’s right. Although I think we can all agree – you lose.


  40. I think we all know someone like Jordan. What an asshat!

  41. What is more lame, owning a Fiero or investing is performance parts for said Fiero?

  42. Collectivists want you to pay for this guy’s children.

  43. YOU CAN’T QUOTE YOURSELF ON YOUR OWN PAGE. Not only that, but holy crap, these are the douchiest quotes on the planet. What an asshole.

  44. I was about to make fun of him, then I realized he boasts about driving a Fiero (complete with a new exhaust he is REALLY proud of) and I just felt bad for him.

  45. I’m going to entitle my memoirs “A Unmeaningful Moment”. Thanks, Jordan.

  46. Well his car’s a nice colour…

  47. Sounds like a try to be pick up artist. lulz

  48. MY God, this guy is lame.

  49. Douchetastic! Could this guy possibly have his head further up his own ass without disappearing completely? How can he fit himself *and* his ego into such a small car?

    Tragic of course – he’s never going to find anyone capable of loving him as much he already loves himself.

    If you could lure him into a room with entirely mirrored walls he’d probably starve to death in complete contentment.
    (I think it’s worth a try)

    If the ‘friend’ of Jordan’s who posted this is still reading, please drag a key along the paintwork of the twunt’s car.

  50. Man, what a loser.
    I didn’t even bother reading after the first few quotes.

  51. Hes wasted 3 minutes of my life i can never get back. He must die.

  52. ‘What’s the point of starting something if it’s just going to end badly?’ – Jordan, sadly your parents didn’t have this as their mantra.

    ‘What the hell went wrong in the universe to make me…(period)’

  53. i go back to this particular entry every day because it makes me laugh so hard..

  54. Vincent Van Gopher

    It’d make for a suitably lame suicide note.

  55. The ‘fixing mistakes’ and ‘part of the plan’ quote were good but how do you ‘stumble’ across ‘blurred lines’?

  56. i only know one jordan, but he’s not as much of a cunt as this guy… what a pussy!!

    how much do u wanna bet that there hasnt been an actual situation in his life when he got a chance to actually say one of these shitty quotes!!!! he just probably imagined saying them in makebelief situations in his fucked up head!!!

    you, Jordan, should not be allowed to procreate…

    nuff said.

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