Monday, March 1, 2010

Ditz Blitz

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  1. LOL on that tatoo, I would be pissed

  2. I am not able 2 figure 2 what 2 Jazmin is saying.

  3. Ack! I hope that tatoo isn’t real.

    Jazmin real should go do her homework. Like right now!

    I solved the blinker situation by constantly tapping my breaks. Can’t get up much speed, but at least everyone knows I’m not turning.

  4. Your dumber than your think

  5. And Brooke is a TOTAL “ratard.” Even I know what LaBron James plays and I’m the girliest girl ever. A fuckin’ lady, I tell ya.

  6. HA! @ GeezMom’s blinker solution.

  7. In my head Jazmin is 11. (It makes me feel better about the situation.)

  8. Ah, Lamebook. Because we all know somebody making a simple spelling mistake is fucking hilarious, right?

    Except the tattoo one, that one actually IS lame.

  9. cynicaloptimist

    Makes me wonder what the other tattoo says. Maybe her tattoo artist has a sense of humor and will go back with red ink and correct it…. Or not

  10. Brooke, total ratard

  11. Paris is probably being ‘forced’ to buy an abortion.

    …I don’t know where that came from.

  12. Gotta love misspelled tattoos. Maybe you should try spell check before, you know, applying something to your body that you will have for life.

  13. There really are a lot ink artists out there who seem to have no problem and/or no pride to be etching these grammar/spelling catastrophes into someone’s flesh.
    This kind of shit would pretty much kill ongoing business.
    Then again, I’m using the term “ink artist” with terrible abandon.

  14. @BritishHobo

    Are you really defending Jazmin? Do you think that her random grouping of letters and numbers was a “simple spelling mistake”? The others look lame for other reasons besides spelling, I think, haha.

  15. @ Wordpervert

    I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks that! I’m forever wondering if it’s that so many tattoo artists are functionally illiterate, or just unscrupulous. Surely any decent/literate human being would point out the glaring mistakes before permanently inking it onto someone’s body?

  16. @mcowles: Ah yeah, Jazmin’s is just nonsense. I missed that.

  17. Those Ivy League tattoo colleges are really turning out some poor students. It’s like they never even went to class.

  18. * Getting vision of Albert Einstein getting annoyed at having to deal with us average beings the way I’m getting annoyed with these brainless missing links.*

    Paris and Jazmin shouldn’t bother with education, they should just quit while they’re ahead and go work at the tattoo parlour that the last girl went to.

  19. I also think that “simple spelling mistake” is a bit of an understatement since Brooke mispelled “basketball” as “soccer.”

  20. I remember when I was young and trying to be mature but had to spend my college money on things my parents wouldn’t buy. I mean cigarettes and beer wouldn’t have broken thier bank.

  21. She misspelled “LeBron” too.

  22. Who the hell is Labron James? (perhaps a US thing)

    And I don’t get the “blinker for the strait” one at all, what exactly is she talking about?

  23. To be fair, I’d have misspelt it ‘I don’t give a fuck about sports’.

    Also, I have no clue what the hell Alisha is trying to say.

    Okay Lamebook, these people are idiots. You win this time *shakes fist*

  24. Brooke’s mom should have swallowed. I didn’t know LABron played soccer either. But LeBron plays basketball, dummy!

    WTF are Paris and Jazmin (<—Name fail) trying to say. Apparently, I need to be drunk to read these.

  25. I’m with JDPower, whats the blinkerone all about?

  26. *blinker one

    before I get pounced on hehe

  27. I’m pretty sure the blinker one is talking about driving. As in “Why don’t they have a blinker for straight?”

    Which even then is still really fuckin’ retarded.

  28. thedecisionisyou

    To those confused about the blinker, I believe it is the indicator light on the car. It blinks the left light when they wish to turn the car left and right for right. Alisha is asking why there is no light they use to drive straight, which is pointless as it is naturally assumed you are driving straight unless indicated by said blinkers.

  29. thedecisionisyou


  30. Wow, and here I was visualising something far more intriguing like flashing lights for water channels.

  31. I bet she’s one of those people that indicates left, then carries straight on, for fuck all reason.

  32. Wow I had no idea people called them blinkers… I thought everyone called them indicators :S
    also TATTOO FAIL, I can’t believe people are really that stupid.

  33. maybe you could use hazard lights for straight on xD

  34. Lapis Lazuli Long

    Maybe tattoo girl is making a point. You’d have to be pretty strong and secure with yourself to live everyday with people pointing out what an idiot you are.

  35. SomeRandomChick

    I’ve said it a thousand time here, and I keep telling myself I’ll let it go. But, seriously? People here think so little of tattoo artists it’s annoying. They ARE artists. Every tattoo artist I know (an I know a lot) are clean, sober, and educated. Walk in to any area tattoo shop and I’m sure you will see all the signs about writing. Write it down how you want it, because that is EXACTLY how you will get it. A responsible tattooer will ask did you research this? Is it exactly what you want? Etc. YOU are the one who wants the tattoo, YOU make sure it’s legit. I know I wouldn’t go in for something, especially writing, and leave it up to someone else to get it right, this is why you review your art before the tattoo starts. Always.

  36. Gah, sigh.

    Does a person have any recourse for a screwed up tattoo? I would like to have been there when the artist said, “This is what you want? Read it carefully, check it for misspelled words. You’re sure? Okay, no take backs.”

  37. I agree with somerandomchick but surely the tattooist should point it out. everyone I know asked at least 3 times what I wanted and any adjustments before he had even drawn it. and twice after that. not sure if anyone else is like that but it should be checked…

  38. Maybe tattoo girl is Chinese and she wanted to get some English script because it holds such a deep and personal meaning for her. She should consider herself lucky she didn’t end up with I Love Goat Cock.

  39. LABron sounds like a roll-on for labia pain.

  40. Oh dear. Ashamed to admit I have come out with some statements similar to the first two, the only difference being I can spell correctly. The others, though… I have no words.

  41. So does Alisha think everyone should have a constantly blinking light on their cars letting everyone know that they are in fact going forward?

    LOL @ Soup


    To answer the questions: DEF is real,
    Also if they would have posted the comments, you would see that when someone pointed out there was not 1 but 2 errors in the tattoo, that she WANTED IT SPELLED YOUR!!!! Sooooo, following that logic, I can def see how the artist couldda done that on purpose. If you insist on someone mis-spelling a tattoo, can’t be mad if they add in another error for the hell of it.

    and no, she’s not asian, she’s as white as can be!!

  43. The only way the first one could be more of a fail is if she’d spelt it ratart.

  44. Only way that could have been worse is if it said, “Your stronger THEN your think.”

  45. Did she say why she wanted it mispelt? It doesn’t add lame irony to the phrase or anything..

  46. What does the first tattoo look like?

  47. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ Soup thanks for lolz… made my day : o D!

  48. I was thinking maybe Brooke spelled it “ratard” because of the movie “The Hangover”? But they said it more like “ritard”…hmm…I’m probably giving her too much credit.

    p.s. That tattoo made my day. I really want to see the comments :(

  49. I’m sorry, but shut up RandomChick, the tattooist that did that up there is an idiot, not an educated artist.
    Sorry love, but that’s that.

  50. I really hope Soup is a dude, because I ♥ him.

  51. lol

  52. Seriously, the last pic. At least “Your stronger” is a common mistake, but “your think”? Come on, people.

  53. Ah… Classic Soup! I have a Kanji symbol tattoo and went to an Eastern diner to ask if it said what I wanted it to – they thought they were being very funny pointing to a dismembered prawn while snickering…

  54. @35~ Shut up. A responsible inker will ask if a spelling/grammatical error is intended and state WHY they are asking. Not just a lame “you sure you want ‘you” there twice?” and leave it at that vague statement. You may think you know a lot of inkers and that + the internetz makes you a credible font of knowledge of ALL inkers, but it doesn’t. The 3 your know doesn’t even begin to cover the amount in the world.

  55. Ooh, look. Another string slagging off Tattoo artists/inkers/victims on Lamebook. How unusual.

    @BritishHobo 31: At least Alisha knows what the ‘blinkers’ are for on a car, so she can’t drive a BMW. I don’t think they even bother wiring those little suckers up in the factory… Either that, or she’s even more dense than we’ve giver her credit for; Blinkers are used on horses to make them go strait, not jump all over the place when they spook.

  56. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    It is my observation that tattoo artists utilise spellchecks at roughly the same level that the average moron utilises the auto focus feature on a digital camera. However two spelling mistakes on one tatt and it seems like we have ourselves a sadistic tattooist.

  57. Ok, I’m Australian and knew that he didn’t play soccer. When getting annoyed at people thinking you’re a retard, check your spelling. Simple.

    Maybe Alisha thinks straight people should have flashing lights so you know that they’re straight and you don’t keep hitting on gay guys…

  58. Milo… Have you not seen the movie “The Hangover”? There is a line in there that says ratard instead of retard. DUMB ASS!

  59. that tattoo would be ugly even if it were spelled correctly!

  60. @Hobbes2006 – calling me a dumbass because I haven’t seen a movie? seriously?

    1. I’m not the only one that has mentioned the ratard thing (see #48) and
    2. I was referring to her writing soccer instead of basketball

  61. @Hobbes2006 – calling me a dumbass because I haven’t seen a movie? seriously?

    1. I’m not the only one that has mentioned the ratard thing (see #48) and
    2. I was also referring to her writing soccer instead of basketball

    So please chill, this anger can’t be good for you…

  62. @Hobbes2006
    Insulting someone for not having seen that movie makes you look like the ratard. So go live your ratarded life, watch your ratarded movies and keep on with your ratarded trolling and posting ratarded insults. Ratard.

  63. rofl , i hope that you typed “ratard” intentional

  64. You may be stronger, but you’re not smarter

  65. okay so i know the girl with the tattoo and this is the story (had the comments been put in the screenshot)

    she wanted the first your to be spelled your instead of you’re to allow it to flow easier. however, it is the second your that the artist just decided to add in.

    she has 5 tattoos in total now and all the other ones are beautiful with no mistakes – she also did go see a new artist after this mishap

  66. How does “your” flow better? It ruins the flow for anyone who notices the error.

  67. Lmao. I never realized spelling errors allowed a sentence to “flow better”. Then again I suppose if you’re a moron who can’t spell you’ll do just fine. And the artist didn’t add a “your”, he added a “r”. =P

  68. ok with the explanation from #65, I can see how the tattoo artist could get confused. But surely she would have checked the sketch/stencil before being inked.

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