Monday, April 19, 2010


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  1. I was once in a Special class too. We didn’t get to wear the awesome hats though.

  2. I trust god too

  3. I think Clint and Byron would get along very well.

  4. Andrew’s dad=asshat.

  5. For those of you who are going to immediately start dissing the rebel flag as redneck racism, get a life. The flag is a representation of states rights not racism (although the middle top one is wrong!!).

  6. Wow, Somebody didn’t get their morning quickie.

  7. hmmm, rebel flag doesn’t have anything to do with racism? just states rights? hmmm. tell it to the klan.

    speaking of asshats.

  8. When one of my friends posted the same comment Todd posted, I responded with, “Jesus would have to disconnect; he didn’t speak English.”

  9. but since Jesus and God (and the Holy Ghost) are all one and God in omnipotent, he’ll be able to press one since he’ll understand!

  10. @ dc: It depends on the person. I grew up in the south when I was younger so I know exactly where eman is coming from. But, as you said, it IS used for racist purposes also.

  11. I see all this going somewhere I don’t really want to go.

    Knock yourselves out lamesters, I’m out.

    A side note: Hesaid, I missed out on one yesterday.
    Someone had the gall to refuse ME.

    There will be consequences.

  12. Thank you eman, I get sick of people writing off anything to do with the Confederacy as racist no matter what. But yeah that one picture is definitely wrong.

    I couldn’t help but chuckle at 2 and 3. Just the look on the kid’s face is priceless

  13. I don’t speak english; how will I know to press 2? Todd really needs to think these things through first.

  14. @HeSaidWhat: i’d note the third of Byron’s downloaded pics: the Confederate flag behind a white hooded character holding a noose.

    i rest my case.

  15. @ slimjayz … good one, took me a sec. I, too, trust God atleast twice a day.

  16. dc, I’m kinda fascinated with you, you do all that Ben and Frodo shit, but on more than a few occasions, I’ve see you are truly eloquent, and well informed.

    You are an interesting animal.

  17. i’m pretty sure a hooded klansmen holding a noose in front of the ‘stars and bars’ isn’t so much about states right as it is about violent hatred… maybe i’m reading too much into it tho.

  18. hate to break it to you, but the overriding meaning of the confederate flag is racism… Just like gay used to mean happy, now it just means gay… And if you use it thinking that noone is going to think you are the gay when you say, hey i’m gay, when you meant that you were happy, you are wrong… so go ahead and put up the confederate flag and think you are showing support for states rights… most people are instead going to think you are showing support for racism

  19. Hey, Todd! :D Yeah, I pressed 1, and, I have a few questions. Okay, first of all, what’s with the answering machine style that suddenly segues into it just being a normal Facebook status?

    If I don’t learn English, and I disconnect, does that mean I have to leave? Cos, uh… blahdy blah boring point about blahdy native Americans or something else (that’s blahdy as in a descriptive form of blah, not a wanker-ish way of typing ‘bloody’).

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I love America. I love an American woman. Like, a specific one, that is. I’m not being all ‘mmm, I do love an American woman…’ I love the food, and the people, and… the other shit you guys have.


    Wait, shit, nothing annoys me about your status.
    Uh… I feel bad now…
    Do continue.

  20. rebel flag is america’s swastika

  21. WAIT, NO, I don’t believe in the Jesus Christ stuff, but I’ll let you off because I don’t feel like being an intolerant shitbag, and I’d rather not have a seven billion comments long Lamebook page filled with boring arguments and even more boring comebacks until I take your fucking phone and beat myself to death with it.

    Also, points for not making any spelling mistakes when telling people to learn English. You’re still a racist, though.

  22. I don’t take the time to argue with those I see wearing confederate flags to ask if them mean them with a racist intention or not. Therefore, anyone wearing them is presumed racist. If you know most people believe them to be, why don’t you just not sport one if you’re worried about being labeled as a racist either way? If you’re okay with sporting something that many people assume to be racist, but you’re not, that still makes you an asshat.

    Also, Todd, the American Solider? As opposed to the American Liquider, who apparently only dies for himself.

  23. no 2 FTW! That is funny.

    FWIW, at the time the confederate flag may have been about states rights (cheifly, the right to own slaves and other economic rights), but in the time since it has been used by countless racists as thier flag. The reason? Probably because if the south would have won there would have been slaves for a long while longer.

    In the end, the flag as more than one use, hence the more than one meaning. But there is a reason it is used as a white power sysmbol.

  24. @ mass

    :hifive: I’m about the same… i think i need to move to canada where I can just grow my own

  25. I have see your wrath Word. I feel sorry for his stupidity.
    Lmmfao @ BH.

    @ dc: I may be mistaken but I was pretty sure I was agreeing with both of you.

  26. seen*

  27. lol… i <3 ya word… but i do find it good fun when people whom arent used to getting refused, get denied… makes my insides tingle

    from those of use that have been refused many a time – neener neener neener

  28. lol :|

  29. @word: Yeah, I can see why you wouldn’t wanna stick around for this one xD THis shit looks like it’s about to get reeeeeeeeal boring.

  30. See, even poor old malteaser’s getting worried :(

  31. There is no reason anyone should still have the rebel flag, on ANYTHING. Especially where I’m from, but even in the South. You guys lost the war, get over it. You’re lucky that you’re a part of our country because if the Confederacy had to run on it’s own, all those dumbass hicks with thier shitty school systems and KKK memorbilia would have ran their country to the ground. Then again, if the South really did seperate, I guess we’d be rid of those idiots…

  32. Well tingle away my dear slim, I’ll let you have that.

    In the meantime, I’ll plot my revenge.

  33. Also, word, welcome to the reason a good lot of us are on Lamebook in the first place ;)

    Actually, that’s more FML than Lamebook.

  34. Chewbacca shagger

    So, just to be sure, Bo and Luke Duke were racist?

  35. Yeah I think I’m going to bow out of this one too.

  36. so it was apparently only the american soldiers that died for freedom was it? I didn’t think they faught all wars for freedom on their own but oh they must have bacause hollywood and a facebook status told me so.

  37. Who cares that the South insists the Confederate flag means values and tradition? I see the same flag in Michigan all the time from the red necks that have never been outside of the state. They don’t give a shit about the south, they are just a bunch of racist ignorant pricks.

  38. as long as that revenge isnt against me…

  39. Never honey, just good hard sweet sex and lovin’ for you.

  40. Like I said, it has two meanings. Just like the swastika(sp) didn’t used to mean “10 million dead jews”, but the Nazi’s sure fucked that one up.

  41. yippie!! hard and sweet, passionate and aggressive… the way it was meant to be

  42. Ooh! Variations on a theme of racism.

    Message to Byron: at least my half of the country knows how to win a war. Can I get a ba-ZING?!?

  43. slim jay- I’m from Michigan too, and I can not stand it when someone I grew up with here has the redneck flag on their car/shirt/whatever else people put it on. The high school I went to suspended a kid once for having the rebel flag on her car. People were offended. You can’t have southern pride if you’ve never been south of Cedar Point, so…I’m thinking it’s racism too. Those are the same kind of people that call Detroit “n*gger town” and such…

  44. not slim jay I meant slippy slappy ^

  45. its ok bianca… i know its tough to get me off your mind… my strong and sensual touch… the way i leave you gasping for air… the way you walk like a penguin for the next two days… its very understandable

  46. I love Michigan. I’m moving there next year.

    That is all, for I am too ignorant for this boring argument.

  47. Confederate worshippers need to GTFO, my dad’s side of the family included.

  48. Well, I’m joining this party late on, hope I haven’t missed all the fun. I have no idea what those flags are, never seen them before in my life. However, from reading the first twenty or so comments I sorta get the debate, and boy is it dull.

    On a brighter note… No, wait, there was nothing funny about this post. Bored. =/


  49. @slimjayz .. I manage to grow one NICE a year on my balcony… here in Southern Ontario.

    play safe

  50. Hey tomorrow’s 4-20 ..and above I meant ” one NICE one once a year” …yeah a little out of it with all those variations of ‘one’

  51. if you’re not a white supremacist, why would you display a symbol that you KNOW will cause people to infer that you are?

    that said, i’m with the others who are bowing out of this one.

  52. I thought the interweb was beyond racial prejudice.

    But then again, in my country we just discovered something called “dial-up”… I can download, like, an entire PHOTO of Cybil Shepard in LESS than 47 minutes! God, she’s hot!

    … wait, what year IS this anyway?

  53. @Bianca:
    Must beg to say that you referring lumping everyone in the south together as a big pile of incompetent idiots is its own form or bigotry and the worst kind of stereotyping. Good luck with that. I love when people combat hate with hate, it proves how awesome and incredibly ignorant and closed-minded they are.

  54. Anyone else notice that Lamebook blurred out the I in THE N WORD? (see, I just made you say it in your head).

    Thanks, Louis CK.–wGEgY

  55. I havent read all the comments but did anybody pick up on the irony of Clint asking “WHATS UP with the n*gger speak?”

    I think “what’s up” would have been considered “n*gger speak” by idiots like Clint 15 years ago, until enough idiots like Clint started using the phrase.

  56. good save, Lamebook! without you blurring out that one letter in the N-word, i would have had NO idea what it said.

    whew. that was close.

  57. Speaking of which; Lamebook has gone soft. They selectively blur out the “bad words”. Then turn around and let fuck go in one post and blur it in the next.

  58. I am not for the usage of the Confederate, but when I do see it I think of 2 things. The first is rednecks, and God bless them because they are a lot friendlier than most of the pompous rich people I know. Second I think of the civil war and states freedoms. Slavery needed abolished, but that was not truly what the war was fought about, even though that is what the textbooks teach.

  59. *flag

  60. I had to go back through four months of emails so I could get my password to comment to @bianca. Way to go trying to combat racism with assism, douchebaggery and plain old idiocy. That hatin’ on Southerners thing is so 2000 and lame. I concur that Byron sucks, but so do you, my friend. Apparently you have friends who are like Byron.. Guess what?? I do not. And guess what else? I am a Southerner all the way. So, basically this whole rant was to tell you to suck it.

  61. Is it the South’s fault that history books have twisted that flag into being a symbol of racism when it is clearly not? Methinks they are not the ignorant ones here.

  62. No matter what people infer the flag as, if (hypothetically) the South did ‘rise again’ it wouldn’t be a racist, slave owning nation. The flag, first and foremost, stands for states’ rights and independence. Just to clear a few things up.

  63. @ImUpHere, way to get in my head and drag out my thoughts you fellow southerner, you!

    Now I have a question for everyone..okay, well two:

    1. If more southern minorities sported the confederate flag, would we even be having these conversations?

    2. I’m black and southern and personally enjoy and wear confederate stuff from time to time (mainly because I’m just cheap lol). So, does that make me racist too?

    and BONUS QUESTION! Would Northern people care so much if they had actually designed a specific yankee flag???

  64. I’m about as northern as you can get (Minnesota). I’m a Yankee, but without the uppity-better-than-you crap that comes out of the New England states. :-)

    Go, southerners, go. I’ll agree with eman. The rednecks, the southerners – they know how to be decent to folk. I’ll take a redneck over some too-busy-to-look-at-you shithead in NY rushing to catch his next switchover in his more-important-than-you life.

    I *like* that the flag represents states’ rights. The power is *supposed* to belong to the states. I think people forget that. It’s only in recent history that the federal government made a power grab to shift the governmental power to more federalism.

  65. @Kuppycakez – My comrade, let me be the first to tell you: YES!! You are racist!!! It must be because you are from the South!! Well, I have to go now, my cousin needs impregnatin’. :)

  66. I’ve never seen any of those flags…then again I’m in Canada =/

    In any event…is anyone else remotely amused that the one person has eye holes in her hat o.O….then again…I’m blonde and easily amused

  67. XD Oh,shoot! Massa dun tol’ meh’ I gotta up in ‘is chambahs so’s he can use mah babeh makin’ parts! Betta run affo’ tha ovaseeah beat meh!!!

    lol@ Icey, that kinda piqued my interest too…maybe she literally has eyes in the back of her head..and put the hat on backwards

    @Zoobert, We do tend to be a friendly bunch as long as you arent a pretentious asshat lol

  68. Except Floridians…they’re a misplaced northern state

  69. @ Kuppycakez – Exorcist style? Cause that would be bloody awesome to see XD!!

  70. Well, I hate to break it to everyone, but that Confederate flag is indeed used for racist intentions. The original Confederate flag didn’t have a huge, ominous X through it. You can always google the original Confederate flag, if you’d like!

  71. The KKK also uses the Cross as its symbol. Does that mean the Cross is racist?

  72. @ Saywhat. That is not the point. There are people all over the world who have views I consider Ridiculous. Racism is one of them. However, picking one group to be the “spokespeople” for racism is just as bad as being a friggin racist. Not everyone in the south holds those views. Confederate flag or not. Get a grip. So, I hate to break it to You… No, I do not carry around a confed flag with me. Do I care if someone else does? No. Do I care if they try to make it a symbolism of Racism? Yes. I hope the South does “rise again”. But I hope it is risen as a symbol of forgiveness, equality and pretty much just not being a Northern Douchebag with a bullshit opinion.

  73. Oh, and BTW.. “ImUpHere” does not refer to being a southerner up north. It refers to my fantastic rack. Just sayin’.

  74. I hate black people. And southerners. But black southerners are A-Okay in my book. Kind of like multiplying by two negative numbers.

  75. I think some people that were slamming Bianca misread her post. She didn’t say shit all about the south, all she said is “You can’t have southern pride if you’ve never been south of Cedar Point, so…I’m thinking it’s racism too.”.
    Cedar Point is an amusement park in northern Ohio. Doesn’t make sense for anyone in the North to be sporting the confederate flag. It has no other meaning than racism in the northern states.

  76. @Loretta

    If I see a giant cross in my yard, burning, you can bet your last dollar that I’m getting the fuck out of there. FACT.

    Also the confederate flag is used by many, many people as a racist banner of bigotry and hate. The Civil War may have been about states rights, but the issue that was used as the prime example, focal point, and last straw, was indeed slavery. Yes, they were fighting for the right of States to determine their own property laws because that is something that is a more personal issue, but they still choose slavery as the overlying, and ostensible cause. That is why white supremacist use this symbol, regardless of their affiliation to the South. To completely ignore history and not admit that the confederate flag does not carry many connotations, and that for some people first and foremost that issue is not states rights is stupid at best.

    That is not to say that the flag doesn’t carry the connotations that you want people to recognize the flag for, nor does it make you automatically a white supremacist when you choose to fly it. However, you also don’t really have a right to get angry if for someone else the flag means white supremacy and slavery either. Because it does carry that connotation also. If you are not comfortable with that and don’t want people to think of that when they see your house, then don’t wear or display something that carries those meanings. It really is that simple.

  77. Uh, @slippy slappy- you didn’t read all of bianca’s posts.. Apparently. And I quote; ( copy and pasted) “You guys lost the war, get over it. You’re lucky that you’re a part of our country because if the Confederacy had to run on it’s own, all those dumbass hicks with thier shitty school systems and KKK memorbilia would have ran their country to the ground. Then again, if the South really did seperate, I guess we’d be rid of those idiots…”

    Before you make a point.. Uh.. know what the fuck you are talking about. I mean, It’s right there for you to read. Thanks. Seriously, it has nothing to do with your fabulous amusement parks. Suck it to you too. Oh, and also- ‘ “thier” ..would have ran it into the ground’. No. Not quite in that verbage, no.

  78. Plus – we kicked your ass, so stop raising the flag. Ain’t nothin’ gonna go rising again, except taxes.

  79. And again.. I believe these comments were posted to bianca and her/his obvious disdain for Southerners. Not all the flag comments. Different story. Age old story about hypocrisy. I am sure you read it in that book you are trying to act like you know ALL about.

  80. The Confederate flag does represent the South;at least down here it does. It doesn’t represent racism.

  81. Todd is slightly racist. Todd needs to get a dose of reality. It bugs me when people are that bigoted about their religion, their language and their military.

  82. hahahaha lamebook arguments :D

  83. Best part of this – Slimjayz neenering. My heart skipped a beat.

  84. @Jaz

    I’m originally from Iraq, and I give a thumbs up to your comment. I also lived in Turkey, so maybe an Okay sign would be more fitting. But currently I’m a tiger, so I’ll just let a smile represent my intentions.

  85. Im with Todd on this one…i trust God and soldiers

  86. *Currahee

  87. My high school was actually called the West Monroe Rebels.There was a huge mural of the Confederate flag that covered an entire wall of our gym.It was everywhere in the school & on t-shirts.

  88. How is the first thing a disgrace?
    It’s true.

  89. The 2nd one just cracks me up every time

  90. Woops i meant 3rd, but the 2nd one is hilarious as well haha. Just to look at though, not sayin the KKK is funny or anything…

  91. dcrearview, Jesus can’t be able to press 1. He’s a jew and he spoke Aramaic. True story.

  92. I am in the USAF born in Chicago(after 6 months moved to south) and lived all of my life in the south including NC, AR, MS and TX. I am now stationed in Germany and just recently got a “confederate style” tattoo on my arm. Now I serve proudly side by side of people of all races, whites, blacks, Germans, Mexicans, Asians…I do not discriminate nor do I harbor any ill feelings towards any of them. I love the south, I love the American flag and also love the Confederate flag. I have been to countless Southern and NORTHERN Civil war battlefields and truly believe that these men fought for what they believed in, as do I. So do you fancy me racist? If you do then you are sterotyping and you are just as bad as any racist.

  93. I don’t mind rednecks, but the people where I live are idiots and more racist than anything. And then the black people, forget it. Southern Florida sucks for the most part. But sometimes I get the nice, polite rednecks who work hard and treat people right.

    I don’t mind the flag too much, its a part of history. Just the way some people use it is just wrong…

  94. #8 src FTW!

    I always find it absurd that a country born out of immigration such as the US keeps making demands of new immigrants. What if the Native Americans had demanded the English that they learn to speak their language? (Oh wait, I know: they would have mass-slaughtered the natives for their “insolence”; as they indeed did)

  95. My knowledge of American history is very limited, in fact all I know is what I see in films such as The Patriot etc but whilst trying to find a little information about the Rebels I stumbled upon this little beauty:

    You would wouldnt you…

  96. Press #2 if, like Todd, you can’t spell soldier. Unless he means “solider” as in more solid. Which doesn’t make sense, so either way, press #2…

    I’m going to ditch now too – I’ve been reading all these (this and prior) comments for an age now and only just registered for Lamebook today (sad). My 3 favourite, funniest, guaranteed-to-make-me-smile commenters have opted out of this thread, so here I toddle off too, to see if I can stalk them on another thread…


  97. #88 – America is supposed to be about diversity and freedom and all that good spice. Telling someone to speak english or gtfo goes against that. Disgrace.

  98. Have to admit, had a good lol when I suddenly noticed the girl wearing her hat backwards with eyeholes cut in.

  99. @ Liam: Racist or not, that is hot. I would love to wrap a noose around her neck. Whip her till she can’t take it no more. Then I might un-cuff her.

  100. Strawberry something , are you trolling or just plain ignorant ?

    And people as much as i love the odd Hobo,Word, Slim and Soup remarks (not so much the inside sex jokes repeated to the extreme … but that may be jealousy) do not always follow the leaders … It will help you develop a mind of your own.

    No wait , scrap that last remark , people developing individual opinions might cause a world wide revolution and overthrow the capitalist system and then where would i get all them goodies i love so much.

  101. Some people really need to get a clue and educate themselves before they open their mouths.

    Do some racist organizations use the Confederate Flag as one of their symbols? Yes. Does that mean the Confederate Flag represents racism? No. The Aryan Nation uses the U.S. Flag and Christian Flag to represent themselves. Are we now going to consider the stars and stripes and a cross a racist symbol because a racist organization adopts it? I’d say that’s pretty silly if we do.

    The general mentality (for people who don’t live in the South) is typically, “Confederate Flag = Southern Symbol of the Civil War. Civil War = War over slavery. Therefor, Confederate Flag represents a racist mindset!” However, these people are either ill informed or too narrow-minded to comprehend and other meaning beyond their own.

    The truth is, assuming the Confederate Flag is a racist symbol makes you no better than the “racists” you claim it symbolizes. It’s a stereotype. To automatically assume the flag = racist would be like looking at a black person and automatically assuming they like fried chicken, watermelon, and kool-aid. Do some black people like fried chicken? Sure. Is it wrong to assume they all do? Yes. Likewise, to assume this flag is a racist symbol because a handful of outspoken bigots use it as such is equally as foolish.

    The truth is, many, MANY people accept it as a symbol of Southern pride and heritage. It’s like a Mexican having the Mexican flag so people know where they’re from. Hell, the State Flag of Mississippi still has the Battle Flag incorporated on it’s design. Clearly, everyone in Mississippi must be White supremacist for living in a state that’s represented by the Confederate Flag, judging by previous comments people have made. Lets completely ignore the fact that nearly 40% of the state’s population is African American. They’re obviously all Uncle Toms who support the white man. /sarcasm

    There’s absolutely nothing racist about the Confederate Flag and to automatically default it as a racist symbol because of a handful of bigots is incredibly ignorant on your part. I’m part Dutch, part Cherokee and the majority of my friends are a minority race. However, I will still proudly display the Stars and Bars – not because I’m a racist – but because I take pride in my Southern Heritage.

  102. lol dude tl;dr

  103. hazydream999,

    I’ve decided that I will have your babies.

  104. @Malteaser, No prob. I wouldn’t expect ignorant individuals like yourself to have the mental wherewithal to read and comprehend more than a few brief sentences written on a 2nd Grade level.

  105. The Salmon Mousse

    “The truth is, assuming the Confederate Flag is a racist symbol makes you no better than the “racists” you claim it symbolizes.”

    Um….not really. I’d say there’s a pretty big gap between falsely thinking something is a symbol of racism, and wanting to shoot black people.

  106. The Salmon Mousse

    Oh, and I can’t pretend to know anything about American flaggy things, but it kinda seems similar to the BNP (British National Party) who high-jacked the Union Jack flag for their own racist ends. I assume this is the same kind of thing.

  107. The Salmon Mousse

    Hijacked* – God, what was I thinking.

  108. Elizabeth Bathory

    WHOA how much talk over that flag, I had no idea it bears such a heavy social controversy. I personally only relate it to “Gone with the Wind” which is just a cute chick novel, but that’s why I’m not sure if I sure press 1 or 2 on Todd’s answering machine.

    The second one is funny.

  109. Kanji, malteaser was only commenting on the lamebook post, you pompous retart.

  110. And might i add (as been said before) that we can assume Byron is a racist because of the KKK inspired third flag ?

    … with the white cap and the string rope. So you are arguing that it is not racist on a post of somebody who is clearly using it for racist purposes.

    Somebody get kanjo a soapbox and put him in the middle of times square , the man is on a mission.

    Or maybe you should put some more trust in God , that would calm you down!

  111. WOW (not World of Warcraft), This one really brought the spooks out of the woodwork fast.

    A symbol is in the eye of the beholder.

    And to quote Malt, LOL.

  112. @The Salmon Mousse
    I like your thinking. Don’t lose it. Not enough individuals in this world think for themselves and truly analyze what they’re hearing. In this day and age, they just regurgitate any drivel they’ve absorbed as fact.

    That’s what Faux News banks on.

  113. Fact one: this guy is a racist and is using the flag because he is racist.
    fact two: not if you are not in the “American south” and you see the Confederate flag the owner is ether from the south or a racist
    if you are in the south it is likely there for the purpose of southern pride (tho the owner can still be racist)
    fact three: I live in Texas and I once saw a African American with
    a tattoo of Confederate Flag bigger than my head on his back

  114. @Walter – It’s spelled “retard”. Please educate yourself before you post next time.

    @Father Sha – No one said the guy in this post wasn’t a racist. Clearly he promotes racist ideals. I’m merely saying that not everyone who holds up the Confederate Flag is a racist like so many people responding to this entry would like to assume. In fact, most people aren’t.

  115. on here it is spelled Retart … it really is. Please educate yourself on lamebook customs before you post next time.

    And have a nice day.

  116. No Kanjio8, it’s “retart”. It’s kind of like “Frodo” and “Ben”.
    Just thought I’d let you know before you make an uneducated fool of yourself.

  117. Oops, Father Sha beat me to the punch…again.

  118. Word,

    Would you like a boy and a girl? Because that’s what I am kinda hoping for.

    To all ends, this debate will rage for years without a solution. Southern pride still stands very strong for many people. Personally my dad had a Confederate flag tacked above his bed as I was growing up. My dad proudly served 20 years in the USMC and is a Marine for life. He never filled my head with any sort of racist rhetoric. Everybody needs to get off their damn soapboxes and face the fact that everyone has different views. That is what our(US – alot of readers are of different nationalities) was build upon these values. As such I serve this nation proudly in the Air Force and will continue to honor my dedication to the south and love everything about it – minus dickhead racists


  119. @Father Sha – If you visit a site so much that is has it’s own “customs” and you’re fully aware of them, I’d say you need better things to do with your time. =) Besides, there is never a valid reason to use improper grammar, regardless if it was intended or not.

    @SeeBea – See above.

    Try as you might to argue against them, every point I’ve made thus far is valid and without flaw. Arguing my facts with your opinions is futile.

  120. You are priceless my friend …

    As much as it goes against my stubborn nature , i will let you flow gently in your own existence where your opinions count as facts. Arguing with you is indeed futile.

  121. If you’re gonna claim states’ rights or heritage or whatever at least get the flags right! The “Confederate Flag” commonly shown is the Virginia battle flag. If you aren’t from Virginia it has nothing to do with you. The flag of the confederacy was the “Stars and Bars”. Either use that, or your state’s flag for it’s soldiers. I know that the Virginians were the best fighters in the CSA, but still it bothers me that people refer to it as the “Confederate Flag” and say it’s their heritage.

  122. damn you typos
    *shakes fist

  123. @ImUpHere love what the name represents ;) I was wondering.

  124. Chinchillazilla

    I’m always weirded out by the sentiment of “The South will rise again”.

    When is this supposed to happen? I need to know so I can get my ass to the North.

  125. @Kanji08

    I’d sooner read a funny post by FatherSha or others written in Lamebook vernacular thanks, you could always just ignore them?

    And grammar isn’t the same as spelling.

  126. @Kanjio8

    Did you really blast someone for using improper grammar, while using the wrong form of the word “it’s/its”?

    Although I do agree that not knowing customs is fine, as we welcome all newcomers to the lamebook community, I do not agree that the knowing of such customs should be viewed as “spending too much time” here.

    I have been coming to lamebook for about 10 minutes per day on average, for months. I’m sure everyone has a list of 3 or 4 or more websites that they visit every day… unless you work somewhere that has no internet connection, I guess.

  127. lol Kanji08 is trying to be sassy but is just plain boring *yawneth*

  128. @Walter – No I was referring to Kanji08′s tedious post m’afraid

  129. @Kanjio8

    Please remove yourself from your high horse and step off that soapbox. This is Lamebook for godsakesjehsus. You want to go on southern pride tirades? is the place for all that crap you just wrote.

    Oh, and you mess with Malteaser, you mess with this whole site and all his fans… which I would estimate to be upwards of a cool million. You should probably go now.

  130. My first post so here goes…

    Seeing as I’m from the UK, I don’t think I should comment on this argument.

    @Kanjio8. Calm down please. If you are going to have a moan about everyone on this site then please leave. And as katypants said, don’t mess with Malteaser. He has more fans than the population of South America. Seriously…

  131. @Kanji08: It’s okay, you’re new here. We could have just let you go on…

    @Tyler: Feel free to comment. But, be sure to comment on things you know very little or nothing about. Oh, and don;t hesitate to go on and on and on about those things in long boring posts.

  132. @dc omnipotent means almighty. i believe the word you were looking for was omniscient (all-knowing).

  133. @SeeBea: Ohhh, be nice to Tyler. He’s new and he <3's malteaser with the rest of us… =)

  134. wow…implied racism makes people touchy…the moral of the story is that the douche kid is a racist douche and the meaning of the confederate flag and its potential offensiveness varies from person to person…geez people, take a pill

  135. Calvin would never do that. Bill watterson would be rolling in his grave (or in his bed since he isn’t dead).

  136. More British soldiers died in your “attempt” to gain freedom by being shot by American soldiers….

  137. Sorry SeeBea.
    Thanks katypants for backing me up :)

  138. wait wait wait…maybe im late here…but why is the first post racist?

  139. I agree with ambchop, the first post is ignorant, but certainly not racist. It mentions nothing about race, just Christianity and patriotism. It is just biased against non-English speakers.

  140. Ok, there were too many comments on here to read them all so if I repeat anything that has already been said I apologise:

    Why does Todd have to emphasise that English is spoken in the United States? Maybe if it was called ‘American’ instead I’d give him the time of day, but it’s not even an American original. Also I REALLY REALLY hate it when people like Todd think of the States as their land, they took it from natives who had their own religion and languages. American natives should be the only people that should make comments like that (not that it’s right to, English people from England should also be the only people that can say a snarky comment like “speak English in England”, and while we’re at it Todd should go back in time and stop slaves that spoke a different language from coming into America, and tell his Dutch/Italian/German/Danish/ etc great grandfathers to all speak the Queen’s language because nothing else should be tolerated on this stolen land. Good heavens!

  141. * (not that it’s right to)

  142. So the Klan is alright with Greens?

  143. Kanji, just to make sure you know. The Virginia battle flag seen above is not the “Stars and Bars”

  144. Emam, you are wrong.
    The confederate flag originally symbolized the confederacy, but since the second rise of the KKK it has become a national symbol for hatred and racism. Crack a history book, this information is only 90 years old.

  145. Good ol’ Southerners, if only you had won the war! I know, I know, it’s a symbol of Southern pride and all that. No way it could be construed as racist. And sure, everyone from the South exists in a land of magic, racial tolerance, and economic opportunity. There is no way the North should be bitter, especially after you carried in that retart Dubya for a second term.

    Nah, you folks are just peachy. Keep on dropping our education rankings and upping those poverty indexes!

  146. Right on! ^^ You’ve got it all figured out. Douchebag.

  147. I’m not religious, but I still agree with the first one. If you are in this country, LEARN THE LANGUAGE AND CULTURE! If you liked yours so much then go back!

  148. Pashta: I know I’m repeating myself now, but is that what you think the native Americans should have told the European settlers back in the 17th Century?

  149. oh the classy folk on facebook..

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  150. Elixabeth, cut it out. You’re annoying.

  151. .

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