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  1. .Ouc..h FB + Death = Ouch

  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8327607.stm

  3. Jamie’s sarcasm. Deadpan. Nice.

  4. That BBC story is hilarious – I love the Facebook guy saying that people don’t leave our social network, just because they’re dead. Yes they do. They’re DEAD.

    The whole death thing aside, I like James being so rude about Henry and talking about what a cock he is, despite having him on his friends list. What a treat it would have been if Henry was still alive, to have that comment come through on his newsfeed.

  5. It leaves me bemused when people go through the pointless exercise of being FB “friends” with someone they obviously dislike.

  6. Yikes.

  7. Jamie wins 5 internets

  8. I hate it when people get pissed off when people say something bad about someone who has died.
    Yeah, sad thing they’re dead, doesn’t mean they weren’t an asshole.

    And Jamie, quite obviously copied and pasted that from someone else he ‘reconnected’ with.

  9. “You are now dead. Please send your death to 10 friends”

    It’s gonna end up being a bit weird when we get old and people on our friends lists are dying left right and centre. The ultimate point of depression will be when you’re left sitting there in a little grey nursing home room, smelling vaguely of wee and cabbage, staring at a Facebook account with every single friend on it dead.

    On the positive side, you’ll be able to clean up on Mafia Wars.

  10. i agree with both suoh and Candy Blackmail :p
    I don’t say all of my fb friends are true friends, but I certainly like them.
    And the thing james said was indeed a bit harsh, but offcourse he didn’t knew about his dead. And if Henry really was an asshole to james, it’s normal that James would say that. Too bad Henry’s dead.

  11. Facebook is always suggesting this one friend I had under “People you may know.” He killed himself senior year. I’ve told it not to show him to me again, but it is pretty insistent that I should be his friend. And I totally WOULD, if he was accepting friend requests and not, you know, dead.

    Jamie totally cracked me up.

  12. Presumably somebody needs to tell facebook and delete the profiles of dead people, though?

  13. See link to the BBC story above.

  14. @exilednzer
    Good idea, unless you fall out with someone and they then tell facebook you’re dead. Obvioulsy facebook would check first (ie send you a message, see if you respond) but I can see it getting inundated with people letting them know john, dick and harry are all dead

  15. Haha – that’s a very good point, Neal. It would ruin my whole day if I logged into facebook and found a message saying ‘so, we’ve heard that you’re dead…’

  16. ^ This is why I love the comments section.

  17. Jamie’s a twat, and James is stupid for being friends, even if just on fb, with someone he dislikes so much.

    The rest of this isn’t lame, just sad.

  18. I’m with James on this one. Good riddance.

  19. Just because he’s dead, doesn’t change the fact he was a cock.

  20. to Neal and exilednezer:-

    Agreed, the bbc article says FB would need to see an obituary or a newspaper article to verify the death (photoshop much? see 419eater.com for some great “death related new articles”)

    Oh the fun we could have “killing” our friends off on FB.

    Anyway, on a completely separate anyone who hasn’t visited Silent Koala’s blog (linked to his name here)really needs to.

    I’ve been popping into it every few days or so for the last few weeks or so (glad you’re back btw) and it is pure excellence.

    Being a NI man myself I have natural respect for the guy, but really “The Boss”- couldn’t make that stuff up, if you have done you need to start writing fiction!

  21. Kudos to Jamie. What a great response. I bet he regretted “reconnecting”

  22. note to self, don’t write forum messages when so tired:- apologies for the bad grammar /omitted words,

    please don’t post this on Lamebook forum lamebook.

  23. Jayjayuf, many thanks for mentioning Silent Koala’s blog – I’ve just visited it and it was hilarious!

  24. i’m pretty sure “arturo”‘s whole facebook persona is a reference to john fante’s character arturo bandini, who lives on bunker hill.

  25. You know, just because he was hit and killed by a car doesn’t change the fact that Henry was a cock to James in HS. Karma can be very vengeful.

    Though I am curious… Why would you be friends with someone if they were a cock to you? Maybe James likes cocks?

  26. I found it irritating enough when I was presented with “Friend Suggestions”. I have 169 people on my Block List to prevent just such a calamity. This new Reconnect thing is balls, though. Why do they think I deleted those people in the first place?

  27. Just because someone was killed doesn’t mean they weren’t an asshole.

  28. Geez, Arturo, way to make sure no one ever follows the suggestion to reconnect with you again!

  29. Nice to see that while Arturo is sick to his soul he still has time for a bit of good old fashioned facebooking. Don’t even want to imagine what his status updates would be like.

  30. Why would Liz use Henry’s full name? It’s already been established which Henry is being talked about.

  31. I really hate Facebook’s new layout because it keeps insisting that I add people I went to high school with. I’ve been a member for a year…if I haven’t added them yet, it’s because they were dickheads and I don’t want to add them.

    Even more annoying is when people I absolutely hated (and who hated me) add me as a friend…I’ve ignored several of those recently, including one who added me 4 times before giving up.

    And I have to agree with the people defending James…just because the guy died doesn’t mean he isn’t a douchebag. If someone who treated me like shit in high school died, I’d go “Oh, how sad…” and that would be it. No tears, and they’d still be an asshole in my memories.

  32. Facebook keeps asking me to reconnect with my aunt who hasn´t been able to use Facebook for a while because she´s dying of cancer, and a friend I haven´t been able to get in contact with for over a year and a half who I think might actually be dead. Thanks, FB.

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  34. I just had this conversation with someone on Facebook. I have the same problem…a friend who died over a year ago kept popping up on the “reconnect” shit. What am I supposed to do, Facebook, get a Ouija board app?

  35. http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2009/10/27/facebook-tweaks-policies-to-deal-with-member-deaths/

    Looks like facebook was listening to this!

  36. @15 That cracked me up! Thanks for brightening my day.

    @8 How did Jamie ‘obviously’ copy and paste from another ‘reconnect’, and moreover, why does it matter?! It doesn’t spoil the sarcasm effect.

  37. Silent Koala’s blog really is the funniest thing I’ve read on the internet in a very long time- I just spent over and hour on there. Hilarious!!!! Thanks for the suggestion, jayjayuf.

  38. hahah yeh i found silent koala’s blog via this site too… best blog i’ve seen in a LONG time

  39. Geek in High School

    Tanizaki, so true. “You know, just because he was hit and killed by a car doesn’t change the fact that Henry was a cock to James in HS. Karma can be very vengeful.”

    A guy who did his best to make high school hell for me died of stomach cancer a couple ofyears after graduation and people were suprised that I wasn’t interested in going to his funeral. Why the hell would I care? I actually think he is a much nicer person since his death.

  40. Jamies is FTW all the way…
    “sounds great glad we reconnected!”

    Doesn’t get any more fake.

  41. It never says anywhere that Henry is dead. I’m pretty sure Henry’s alive and kickin’. Brian is the guy who is dead, from what I read… don’t know what you all were reading.

  42. Rows…read it again. It is 3 vignettes. The first one is where Liz tells James that Henry died. He is the guy that James was bashing.

    In the last vignette, Chloe mentions her dead friend Brian.

  43. Jayjayuf – cheers bud! :D

  44. the whole reconnect thing is obviously just advertising to get people who rarely use facebook to use it more. i love when people get so mad at something that is so easily ignored.

  45. Just visited Silent Koala’s blog. Tis amazing – my new favourite thing :D

  46. ^ and mine :) Though I shouldn’t read it at work. I was struggling to breathe trying to hide the fact that I was pissing myself laughing.

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  48. I find the reconnect window is wickedly useful for pruning friends I no longer interact with. And for that, I hope it stays there forever.

  49. http://laugh-at-this.blogspot.com/2009/11/lamebook-lame-stupid-funny-facebook.html

  50. ahahahahahahahahh.. the first one killed me xD

  51. The Arturo thing is a reference to the novel Ask the Dust by John Fante, about a young man named Arturo Bandini who has a religious crisis while living on Bunker Hill.

    Good to know that some of these people are literate, at least.

  52. Sooo…actually this is just an in-joke between the two of them and not lame in the slightest. Whoever saw it missed the point entirely and pointed it here.

  53. ^ uhhh .. clearly you did not see chloe’s comment.

  54. liz is worse than buzz killington!

  55. Sounds like good fucking riddance to that cocksucker Henry!

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