Tuesday, February 21, 2012


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  1. TL;DR
    I am surprised they didn’t wait until someone made that comment before submitting to Lamebook.

  2. It was all going ok til the ‘Share 500 times’ phrase reared its ugly head. Another bollocky chain pile of bollocks?

  3. Without wanting to sound like an advocate for disloyalty, to be consistently cheating on a daily basis without being found out for a solid 18 months deserves mad sneak-bang props.

  4. Name blur fail? Marcus Pembrook’s motorcycle?

  5. Yep… David Simmons… If you search Marcus pembrook you get people sharing davids photo and you can click in his name. His status is something like “wtf I have 500 friend requests and 50 messages from people not on my friends list!” we’ll, you DID tell people to share your photo…

  6. *This* is how you publicly take a shit on a cheating ex. Well played, David.

    I say crush the car BTW.

  7. Oh dear lord, I must friend him…anyone got his fb page?

  8. Why doesn’t he just sell the car? It should still have some value and I’m sure he’d be able to sell it to some other pink-loving idiot. If shes the kind of person to be so devastated by the destruction of some material bullshit then he was probably best off out of that relationship anyway.

  9. I call super fucking gay and fake.

  10. I just added another friend request.

  11. I just added another friend request, thanks to maybecakes. I love super fucking gay.

  12. When you look at his page, this is the only post that you can see, and his most recent ‘why have I got so many requests?’ post. Plus the only photo, and how comes you can subscribe to him? FAKE!

  13. ^ So fuck if it is fake? It’s inspiration to anyone who’s ever been fucked over.

  14. oh, and why cant i find marcus or david?!?

  15. I like how he says he backed out of the door quietly. I would have stayed and watched. I’m such a freak.

  16. ha! look at his job title on his fb page, it serves him right!!
    if he didnt do so much master baking and looked after his womans kneads this wouldn’t of happened

  17. vaginalroundhouse

    All this over an 18 month long blowjob?

  18. Men need to get this through their thick skulls: monogamy is not natural. Your woman, in 99.9% of relationships, IS cheating, or at least WILL cheat. His reaction of rage and shaking and heart pounding made my eyes roll. I am not a bitter, angry forever aloner. I’m a realist. She cheats and you should too. Just try to enjoy life without trying to own your significant other’s genitals.

  19. That car deserves to be crushed into a cube for its colour alone. And it’s fucking ugly as all get out, too. Squish the bastard thing, I say.

  20. In principle you may have a point christopherlovet, but when the paternity of a child becomes in dispute and it’s your best mate and it’s been 18 FUCKING months!!! Then i think you have to draw the conclusion that the relationship you are in is a sham and turning the other cheek wouldn’t make you a realist but would make you douchebag.

  21. I call fake. His profile has no other posts on it.

    That aside, I don’t know any woman capable of handling an 18 month fling. She’d be drama queen city begging one guy to commit to her and telling the other guy all about it to quell her guilt.

    Women suck at cheating without emotions.

    Crush the car for the color alone. Good enough.

  22. how you people can even know what his fb profile is???, just wondering

  23. ^ By connecting dots.

  24. I’m inclined to believe it is real simply on the strength of the profile pic alone.
    My bestie has come up with a Facebook Relationship Breakup Theory and one of the stages that marital destruction ALWAYS follows is when the relationship is over, the offended party will change their profile pic to a cute shot of their kids.
    There’s other phases as well, but fuck you people.

  25. For those that can’t figure out how to (easily) get to his page:

    Hi everyone Thanks so much for all of the messages and support I’ve been sat here completely overwhelmed! Cass has seen the pic of her car flying about and has gone mental I have had her ringing my phone screaming at me, I don’t care if she sees this either. I have turned comments off until tomorrow had enough of facebook for one day, I’ve booked a few days off work cracked open a beer and I’m going to play a bit of poker. If you play add (removed) – (removed) anyway again thanks for the messages, still in a bit of shock at the moment its been a mad few days not sure what I’ll do with the car yet!Catch you all tomorrow I’ll turn comments back on!

    Like · Share · about an hour ago ·
    654 people like this.

  26. butterscotchcandy

    ^ I bet this was all a clever ploy to get more friends on that poker site.

  27. #18 – must have a small penis .

    Also, thanks @ Kimberly , what a fucking joke this guy is.

  28. christopherlovet, I feel a bit bad for you… you’ve never had a faithful girlfriend / partner? That’s all kinds of fucked up.

  29. that’s what best friends are for.

  30. I’m probably the only person that thinks that this was interesting, but not to the point of having to find him on facebook- let alone friending some baker on the other side of the world just because he missed the breakdown signs of his relationship.


    Whoever said that 99% of all women cheat is probably a nagger, unemployed, doesn’t have a car or his own apartment to speak of, and just sits around on someone’s couch in his wifebeater vest getting high all day. Get your act togehter, bro.

  31. Ugliest car ever

  32. ^ Agreed. That car deserves to be smashed.

  33. You can’t take back the stuff you bought for her, you prick. Once you give something you can’t take it back!

  34. I have no tangible reason to think I’ve ever been cheated on, no. Nor do I have any tangible reason to think any were faithful. So why assume? Why live jealously and possessively and suspiciously?

  35. ^so you don’t end up with a surprise case of herpes?

  36. Don’t tell me you *gasp* made up a statistic on the spot, in an attempt to strengthen an argument! On the internet!

    But if you’ve been cheating on the women in your life because you assume they’re doing it to you, you probably deserve herpes.

  37. but she mightn’t. especially if her perspectives aren’t as fucking twisted as his.

    I’d never simply assume a partner was cheating on me. how…? the door locks from the outside. i’m not fucking stupid.

  38. … I freaking love the car. :-/

    Also, I’ve been with my husband for 13 years and never once cheated on him. Obviously I don’t KNOW 100% if he ever has but I don’t believe so. He hid it well, if he did. :)

  39. ^’never once’, eh? so what was it, then? nine times? ten? twenty?

  40. I call Viral Marketing. 5000 subscribers on a suspect looking profile, and then he asks everyone to join him on a particular poker site.
    Shenanigans I tells ya!

  41. girls in pink cars are asking to be buttfucked.

  42. I can’t find Marcus!!! I just find a BIG BLACK BLOKE from America but that’s an English plate.

  43. ^so without even trying, you found what you’ve been looking for?

    Now, that’s fuckin’ romance. <3

  44. How about you quit being a blithering moron? How does your wife get away with having sex with your best friend for a YEAR and a HALF without you suspecting ANYTHING? And why in gods name would she apologize? If she’s been doing it that long then she’s pretty aware of what she’s doing and not going to suddenly feel remorse. I call complete bullshit.

  45. Nobody’s pointed out the obvious fallacy; 18 months and she’s still giving head?
    Either Marcus’s dick tastes like chocolate or his cum is pure cocaine.

  46. Some of us take pride in our fellatio skills and continue to give it long after the honeymoon period.

  47. Ew, I once had a nightmare I owned a Ka, it was terrifying at it wasn’t even a nauseating color like this one.

    Bitch deserves what she gets for sure. And to anyone who thinks all women cheat, either you have terrible fucking taste or you’re a shit boyfriend.

  48. #45, obvious *fellatio.

    #47, the Kias of late are actually rather nice. It’s very surprising.

  49. #48, obvious *phallus.

  50. psst, beatus; kia=/=ka

  51. #50, darn it, I don’t know where that extra “i” came from. Maybe because in the US, we don’t sell Kas, only cars.

  52. your wrong beatus, they sell kas in boston, right…

  53. Getting back at your cheating ex: You’re doing it right.
    As for the car: I know I’m 8 months late to this post, so I’m sure it has been obliterated. However, I personally am really hoping that the car was destroyed in a slow, painful manner.

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