Friday, November 6, 2009

Deep In the Heart


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  1. Wow, 2 complete fucking retards

  2. I respect Deep. He strikes me as a glass half full kind of chap.

  3. Wow.

    “our country is in mourning over multiple deaths at a military camp, but that’s ok cuz your (sic) HOT!!! YAY!! You’re even my second choice to my current girlfiend!!”

  4. Submitter should have given this one a little while, and there would probably be an update from “her,” as she’s probably on his friends list, and can see all this, and it in fact will not work out, that is, after she reads this.

  5. I respect deep for her, but like real deep if she only want it.

  6. If Deep’s last name was “Throat”, that would make my day.

  7. Until Deep realizes his current girlfriend is friends with Tabbatha and sees this on her homepage. Wouldn’t surprise me with the mentality of some of these people.

  8. Am I reading this wrong or have 4 people “liked” the Ft Hood incident.

  9. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    So is deep the new shallow?
    I can’t keep up . . .

  10. @Weighed

    The Hawaii girl will only see this if she’s friends with Tabatha, not just with Deep Throat.

    Hopefully that still happens though.

  11. lmfao, the comments are waay better than the post.
    you people made my day.

  12. Now Tab can feel what it’s like to live in a war zone.

  13. @D you’re reading it wrong.

    @Thesaurapist 13(F) deep is not the new shallow, but Deep is very shallow.

  14. nothing says you’re a moron like ruining a perfectly good sympathizing moment

  15. National tragedy = perfect opportunity to cyber-flirt. Douchebags.

  16. I pretty much never side with anyone that gets posted on this site but maybe Deep is Tabbatha’s boyfriend and this is a private joke between them? Maybe using humor to deal with a traumatic experience? No? Yeah, you’re probably right. I’ll go sit in the corner now.

  17. @16:
    If you’re going to make a private joke, do so by e-mail, texting, post-it notes or morse code. Not on a G**damn social network for everyone to see and witness how far their lameness goes.
    And Deep, why stop here? Why not go to the funerals and grope the widows?
    This douche is a fucking waste of oxygen!

  18. I'llSukMyOwnThanks

    @17: If you read my post, it’s pretty obvious that it was tongue-in-cheek. Relax.

  19. “We mourn tonight, but damn you look hot”. I must try that sometime.

  20. “16″ and I are going to run away together.

  21. @20- I think you are pretty neat as well.

  22. lol for real.

  23. I could probably treat her God too

  24. @6: That’s all I can imagine his last name being. Because, honestly, who the fuck’s named Deep?

  25. It’s sad that her God scraped His knee and needs to be treated anyway. At least someone is willing to treat Him… with bandages and some neosporin spray.

  26. I’m not going to even make a comment, but just bask in the hilarity of such an idiotic douche calling himself “Deep.”

  27. im not the deep from the comment but my name is deep and im not a douche, even though i dont spell correct or punctuate

  28. I find statuses like Tabbatha’s pretty damn inappropriate (if someone on her friend’s list hasn’t heard yet they should not be hearing about it through facebook).

    BUT. Aside that.

    Deep is a fucking moron.

  29. I also found her comment “I thought the war was supposed to be overseas” to be a bit… off too. Like, she thinks it wouldn’t be as bad if something like this happened in another country.

  30. Unless Tabbatha (two Bs? really?) is personally involved with the shootings, I don’t see anything inappropriate with it. Other than the fact that Deep’s flirting is sort of lumbering and clumsy, and that he types like a five year old.

  31. Funerals are a great place to hit on chicks. They’re vulnerable, crying and not thinking entirely straight. The ideal combination.

  32. @Ed, I’m going to say that’s probably how it would go with her.

    #25 FTW!

  33. @20, and @21. This is a very serious moment now, I can’t believe you’d pick this very time to be hitting on one another.

    But damn I bet u look hot in ur pics.

  34. Nothing like a tradegy brings two lonely hearts together…or maybe one pimp-like stalker and a girl.

  35. “Coming back to the war in Iraq, the news reporter is fucking hot”

  36. I care more about my friends’ hotness to than of some people i never met or cared about

  37. @XOXOXO, that’s totally Deep.

  38. @Fake Boz

    Way to attempt to quote Wedding Crashers and show how much of a douche you are.

  39. @Jelly: hi there. Did you know that there are WHOLE OTHER COUNTRIES out there aside from the United States, and that people who come from there have different names?

    There’s a good chance Deep is of Indian ancestry and his full name is Deepak or Ramandeep or something.

    A douchebag? He sure is. But not necessarily because of his name.

  40. @42 i have a feeling that you’re a racist fag??

  41. 43

    I have a feeling that you shouldn’t criticise racism when you’re a homophobe.

  42. #42….go Google Porn if your that horny….

  43. Amazing how easily Tabbbbbbatha was found on facebook. For what it’s worth, I thought she didn’t look hot at all. :P

  44. I agree with Omnomnom…just a little searching, and Tabbatha was simple to pull up. But I don’t think she’s that bad looking.

  45. Your right, she’s not hot. And wtf is that in her mouth?

  46. @49 how is it you are able to see the pic…all i see is a blurred out pic

  47. allen, is that you boz?

  48. @DumbassSaysWhat?

    Yes I am aware that there are countries outside of the United States. I live in one of them.

    I find Deep’s name amusing not because it’s an unusual name, but because as an adjective it’s clearly incongruous with his comment.

  49. ^jelly
    I got what you meant, and totally agreed. But I can see how it could have been ambiguous I guess.

  50. tabbatha is not model pretty but that doesnt make her ugly. and johnbon im pretty sure that that is her tounge she has in her mouth. Her friend Deep or whatever looks like a serious a**. really who scowls in pictures?

  51. lol johnbob.


    When I posted it, there were 6 comments on her status, not just 3. This what the other 3 said:

    Some girl:
    “OMG… Tabb… hitting on you much? Lol.
    November 5 at 10:57pm”

    To which Deep relied:
    “shit im in fort hood where my fellow soldiers died
    November 5 at 11:02pm”

    and someone else said:
    “So is this guy seriously hitting on you while he has a girlfriend? Please tell me I’m wrong…. lol
    November 5 at 11:05pm”

    And to this day, that is all the comments that exist. Tabbatha nor Deep ever replied.

    No, Deep is not her boyfriend. Yes, he was serious. Yes, he is of foreign ancestry which accounts for the strange name. Also, Tabbatha is in the army. I wish there was more to say, but unfortunately, there isn’t. :(

  53. I never thought I would actually know someone on this site!! But Tabbatha is a great person… She just got back from Iraq in like Oct that is why she was making the comment about it being overseas… No he is not her boyfriend..

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