Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dear Nicki

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  1. She is quite a strange looking creature. I’d say about 60% fake. Am I right T?

  2. hootie the blowfish

    What’s a disgrace is that someone would pay more than $300 to see Nicki Minaj in concert.

  3. you a stupid hoe

  4. It is ass not arse

  5. I have not fucked Nicki Minaj.

  6. You paid to see Nicki Minaj and you’re upset because the show sucked? Did you know who Nicki Minaj was before you went to see her?

  7. 9 finally found someone out of his league?

  8. I saw her the first time I watched David Letterman, then never watched his show again

  9. T in the Park is a festival in Scotland, so they weren’t JUST paying to see Nicki Minaj. Also another musician, Frank Turner, commented on his twitter that she was a massive douche backstage and was rude to a lot of the backstage staff. That led to a flurry of abuse coming his way, from illiterate morons who think she is in some way talented.

    I fucking hate lip synching, people pay to watch a live performance, at least do that.

    So in conclusion, Nicki Minaj = douche

  10. I could watch Brittney Spears lip sync all day long back in the day. Matter of fact i’d pay to watch her slut around stage to a nickel back CD

  11. ^Can I invent a Godwin rule for Nickleback? How do I get that rolling?

  12. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @Hungover Hero – Arse is another word for ass.

  13. ^ So is “horse” in some places.

  14. Correct, Bradles.

  15. I guess it’s pretty much covered here..op’s a knob for paying that much…I’m going to a REAL show, with REAL talent next week, and a ticket only set me back 35usd. Hell, sometimes the good ones are cheap/free…A good show should never be that expensive…greedy bitches….It’s supposed to be about love for good music not corporate douchebaggery and cookiecutter assholes who can’t even sing…One of my favorite bands only charges like $12.50….Are you guys seriously still arguing over different nationalities different definitions and pronounciation? Ass, arse, cookie, biscuit, humour/humor, colour/color…At least we can all pretty much agree the use of the words fuck, and cunt are pretty universal.

  16. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Agreed with CapnJaques, my favorite band charges around $35 for a concert (not much more when they’re performing with a bunch of other bands), they never lipsynch, and they sound amazing.

  17. You paid to See Nicki Minaj and you complain about the Super Bass.


  18. ^hahaha nice

  19. This broad can’t be that good, I never heard of her

  20. Don’t worry, Hawkbit. All she does in her songs is complain about stupid hos.

  21. T in the Park is a festival, the person didn’t pay all that money just to watch Niki whateverthefuck… but still, poor lineup choice on their part.

    Nickelback were probably playing another stage, they totally missed out.


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  23. hey, I have a great idea.
    all you muppets seem to hate the talentless freak so fucking much, you should all talk about her even more.

    yeah, that’ll sure show her.

  24. ^ I’d just like to point out that I’ve noticed that you go from lamebook post to post criticizing all the other comments, with stupid, snide (and frankly quite pointless) comments of your own.

  25. ^good for you, poppet.
    just one more limp statement of the blindingly fucking obvious and you get a cookie.
    aaand I won’t even point out that you have a wildly inappropriate amount of ‘self-esteem™’ – especially considering what a whiny (and frankly quite pointless) little shitheels you are.

    just because mentioning it would be rude, right?

  26. fucking hell.
    complaining that posts on lamebook are ‘pointless’.
    is this some retarded cunt thing that non-spakkas don’t get?

  27. Right? Cuz my whole point of coming to this site and placing/reading comments is to add some degree of pointless to my day. Can’t take it too seriously, eh?

  28. apparently you can and you bloody well should.

    humour sites are incredibly fucking important & serious business. That is why we must never tell fibs online and be super fucking cheerful to everybody – no matter how balls-out batshit they act.

    it would also seem to be why the bulk of the whiny vaginas who drag their sorry arses in here actively refuse to actually make any jokes.

    internet. serious bidness.

  29. Egad! You’re right!

  30. So now you can tell what kind of self esteem I not only have, but SHOULD have, from a comment on lamebook. Obviously you enjoy insulting people who disagree with you. No, I’m not saying that every freaking comment has to have a point, I’m just saying that personally, I think coming on here every day to insult and criticize people basically just to insult and criticize is extremely immature. So I said something about it. No need to tell me I should get a cookie and be all sarcastic because I criticized you. Ohhh, I get it. You can dish it out, but you can’t take it? Well good luck getting no where in life.

  31. and while we’re on the topic of self-esteem, you have a wildly low amount of self esteem if you need to start calling people cunts and poppets- what the hell?- just because they tell you you’re clearly being rude. And since you said I “pointed out the obvious”, that confirms that you know you were being rude and everything I said was true, so maybe you shouldn’t basically agree with me if you’re going to then insult me.

  32. Hannabelle7, don’t feed the troll.

  33. Cunt. Poppet.

    Hey, what’s a poppet? That’s not one we use in America… at least, not one I’ve ever heard.

  34. You’re right. I shouldn’t be feeding into her immaturity and pent up anger. Although the insults are a tad entertaining. Seriously, what does “poppet” mean?

  35. I want to actually hug this person.

  36. hannabelle, you stupid cuntslut.
    There are no adequate words to completely do justice to the special type of fucking fucktarded snowflake that you are.

    “I think coming on here every day to insult and criticize people basically just to insult and criticize is extremely immature.”


    I hope you get cancer of both your fucking tits.

  37. and cancer of your slimy, stinky fuckhole, too.

  38. Hey, Nails. ‘Poppet’ is a term of endearment like ‘petal’ or ‘pumpkin’. Don’t know the history behind it, you can wiki that yourself.

    As for hannabelle, I have a question for you.. why do you come to a site dedicated to making fun of people and then feel insulted by someone making fun of people?

  39. Just realized I asked the same thing msanne did, I was just more polite about it.

  40. and how does that make you feel, dear?

  41. All tingly inside! Amiright? Amirght??
    Thanks, frank.

  42. Hahaha wow. Are you really telling a complete stranger you hope they get cancer because they contradicted you? That’s absolutely pathetic. I can’t believe I’m even wasting my time arguing with someone who has no class at all. How old are you, twelve? And fat? Im probably skinnier than you. And I hate to break it to you, but around here “snowflake” really isnt an insult. You’re so pathetic. I’m sorry I ever even said anything, because obviously you’re too full of yourself to use manners or pretend you have class. True, people do comment on lamebook to make fun of stuff, I understand that. I’m just saying you’re completely vulger and rude about it. But it’s fine, you’re probably one of those loser adults who sits around on the computer all day making fun of everyone else because they’re insecure and have no life. Well, I’m done talking to you. it must be awesome pretending you’re somebody, pretending you’re all big and scary and won’t take anyone’s shit, even though I’m sure half the things you say on here you would never say in person, because in addition to being a pathetic, immature person, you’re also a coward. So goodbye.

  43. But thank you for making me laugh. Seriously, you’re hilarious. :D you do realize that calling someone a whore and fat and retarded is really stupid when you’ve never seen them and you don’t know them at all? If you’re trying to hurt people’s feelings or even make a good point (which you failed to do), you should probably start by saying things that actually make sense. Don’t bother responding. My answer to anything you have to say is: I really don’t give a crap. If you’re so obsessed with “fuckholes” and “cunts”, why don’t you go fuck yourself?

  44. You were going so well until you got to the end there, hannabelle7 the correct parting phrase in this instance is ‘toodles’.

  45. ooh, but she did well, though, didn’t she? she told me right off. She was even moved to profanity :0
    I’m a changed person now, though. Swear to fucking christ that all my bullshit & cuntery is behind me.

    I never thought I’d be able to fucking change, but that smart cunt hannnabelle-the-animal has made me learn to be good and shit.

    so… if anyone wants to lend me their car? none of that other bad shit will happen like before. I’m better now.

  46. What a great comeback! Sarcasm definitely makes a good point. You’re such an idiot. You do realize you just admitted to have issues, right? I thought you were unclassy, but I was wrong. You’re flat out mentally retarded. Cuntery? Who even says that? And honestly, I didn’t expect to cure your immaturity with a few good points. Counselors help though! :) so go to a counselor and tell them you’re depressed and insecure and base your life off of making fun of other people. Good luck. Also, tell him you can’t seem to understand simple sentences that clearly say: DONT BOTHER RESPONDING because the answer to anything you say is I don’t care.

  47. *having.

  48. ^ Seriously though, do you really feel like you’re having an effect of any sort? Other than showing you know how to completely waste your time on dumb bullshit.
    Just wondered.

  49. Goddammit, Nails! Didn’t you read!? She said not to respond because she CLEARLY doesn’t give a shit! I mean, isn’t it obvious that none of this bothers her?

  50. Oh, I forgot… ^ (10)

  51. Yeah, that’s why she came back to the 6th or 7th page of Lamebook… to check if anyone had responded… because, you know, she doesn’t care.

  52. Too funny.

  53. well, I didn’t care first.

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