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  1. As usual, stupid people can`t keep it shut.

  2. Oh man, Andrew is too funny. I want to party with that guy. Not lame at all. Not at all.

  3. Guy is my new idol.

  4. Ah! Love Andrew. So wanna send him a friend request!

  5. Yeah, Way to go Andrew!

  6. Guy is awesome!

  7. Go guy! I will now steal this joke, retell it to my friends and claim I came up with it.

  8. That’s a Kanye joke doing the rounds, which is actually not bad satire – Andrew is lame for not putting it in quote marks.

  9. The capt ron thing is hilarious, the funniest kanye joke I heard was KANYE WEST DOESNT CARE ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE

  10. Even stupid people grieve celebrity deaths.

  11. Lol at Guy’s comment. That’s awesome.

  12. Unlike most of the banter from the typically lower-class and uneducated people I find on this site, I found all three of these entries to be anything but “lame”
    You see, by definition, “lame” is something that is gay. This has been proved by the International Synonym Association (ISA) When you are say “oh man that’s so gay” you can interchangeably saying “that’s lame” and have the same meaning — with the evolution and coexistence of lame and gay in the English language, their roles and proper usage are increasingly becoming more and more confusing. It is for this reason I propose an immediate fusion between two domains; lamebook.com and gaybook.com. No longer will our homosexual friends have to live without their lame-brethren. No more will steers and queers avoid the site in fear of being offended by stories of gay uncles and gay aunts. Three cheers for tolerance!

  13. Andrew is the best.
    Guy would be just as cool if his name wasn’t Guy.

  14. Too bad Andrew can’t come up with his own material. That came from a meme I highly doubt he created.

  15. So not only is MyDrunkTexts an annoying spammer, they’re also stealing all their content from Textsfromlastnight?

  16. No kidding, Doug. Who names their kid “Guy?” Now that’s lame.

  17. At least it sounds like Guy even knew who Swayze was – not like the other neanderthals who heard about his death and just HAD to comment on it. Retards.

  18. Amanda FTW

    hmmm, Captain Ron FTW… is Kurt Russell still alive?

  19. That’s an old fashioned joke from Guy. Someone needs to start an FB group, “1,000,000 Facebook users to bring back Vaudeville”.

    Whereas Andrew needs to swot up on his deaths. Sure, medically induced cardiac arrest is more interesting than pancreatic cancer (at least in a Dr. House kind of way), but it’s hardly the best of all time. It’s not like he died on stage like Tommy Cooper.

  20. my twelve year old sister asked me who patrick swayze was today after hearing he had died on the radio, i said, he was an actor in ghost and whatever the fuck ever else he was in, she still didn’t recognise who he was. we got home, and it was on the news, and she said, oh, i know him he was on death proof. i don’t see the likeness between kurt russell and patrick swayze…but that’s a weird coincedence.

    oh, and cbf reading all the comments, but that andrew guy just copied a meme. so, lamebook fails there. http://kanyegate.tumblr.com/

  21. Just like tha’…

  22. Andrew’s is NOT lame… its HILARIOUS…. because kanye west is a jackass…. HAHA andrew FTW…

  23. WTF is a meme?

  24. A meme is a recurring phrase, picture, etc. that everybody picks up on and spreads like wildfire.

    I quoted Andrew in my own Facebook status.

  25. ‘fterklang – Guy’s “joke” was a play on “nobody puts Baby in the corner” from Dirty Dancing me thinks…

  26. “a” not “the”

  27. @ STC: Thanks for that. I used to think ‘fterklang was brilliant til he/she? missed that one.

  28. brilliant…

  29. @your retarded – give him/her the benefit of the doubt? The film is over 20 years old and it is kind of a “chick flick”…

    Still it’s one of my favourites ;-)

  30. I posted this last night:


    Apparently it was “too soon”.

  31. Lol @ Anois’ comment. Man… stfu.

    Though I’ll agree all three of the comments hilarious. =D

  32. awesome, awesome comments. Andrew’s is of course my favorite. For those of you who still haven’t picked up on the reference, he’s playing on Kanye West who said to Taylor Swift during her award acceptance speech at the VMAs: “I’m really happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.”

  33. @anon

    Sorry, I still don’t understand. Can you explain it a bit more clearly please.

  34. “Too bad Andrew can’t come up with his own material. That came from a meme I highly doubt he created.”

    But congrats to him for throwing that joke out there so fast – all the VMA jokes will be dead in about a week.

    But for now, Andrew is a king.

  35. I had no idea lamebook existed till about 4 hours ago. THIS IS AWESOME.

  36. @ Bex


  37. Shouldn’t you be your AP. Lit work?

  38. I laughed out loud for like 10 minutes. Andrew is my hero!

  39. I’ve seen Andrew’s “quote” on at least three of my friends’ statuses, and as far as I know he doesn’t even have the best wording of it.
    “I hope Kanye doesn’t show up to Patrick Swayze’s funeral. ‘I’ll let you get back to your funeral in a minute…but Michael Jackson had the best death of the year. just sayinnn’”
    -get off Andrew’s nuts, he’s not funny.

  40. For gods sakes, I’ve put jokes that I heard elsewhere and found funny as my status loads of times. I doubt be expected it to be put on lamebook and shown to other people.

  41. Andrew is a freakin’ beast. FTMFW.


  43. Andrew is doing what everyone else is doing. that quote aint original.

  44. As much as I love Andrew, the quote isn’t original. lol
    He is however, a pretty spiffs kid.

  45. @ STC

    I know, but that’s no reason not to find different ways to the summit.

  46. Hahaha at Kanye West for Andrew’s post. :D
    His is definitely not lame.

  47. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    conan already did andrews joke


  49. seems a lot of people are getting swayze confused with kurt russel.

  50. A friend’s friend put “RIP Sodapop”. I had to nicely inform them that was Rob Lowe, Not Patrick Swayze.

  51. The Scarlet Pimple

    Oh MAN Guy! You win.

  52. Oh, Guy! That was good.

    I remember everyone and their dogs posting a Swayze/Kanye reference around that time, though.

  53. kanye west is a douchebag moron MJ was a sick freak pedophile nuff said

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