Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cuntry Girl


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  1. “i have lots of blonde moments and have learned to love them. [...] i’m prettyyy much in love with my life.”

    no further explanation required.

  2. “not to mention country out the ass!”
    She talks out of it too – that’s a talented country ass right there.

  3. i hate her

  4. I wonder where she lost her friends… bit careless really. She needs a kick in the tits.

  5. the only thing lame about this is….EVERYTHING what an annoying bitch

  6. Wow what a prize.

  7. Most notable is her love of fun dip… and cherry coke. It’s good to mention junk food preferences first, because really it can be such a deal breaker. I mean, who wants to find out they’re dating a Slim Jim & Pepsi man 6 months into it?

  8. Ya can you imagine? Or even a potato chip & root beer lover just when you thought everything was perfect.

  9. I don’t think a country girl named after a whiskey liquor could handle that kind of betrayal of trust. ;)

  10. I dislike her.

  11. Why is it that some morons think that having an exceedingly bad attitude is attractive?

    I think she’s channeling Katy aka “t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m” here, not realizing how badly that worked out for her.

  12. The ‘i love fun dip and cherry coke’ line is actually from LFO’s 1999 SMASH HIT “Summer Girls.” Just one more reason to love her.

  13. Capt. Jack Sparrow

    Only thing missing is “Moonshine”.

  14. I just want to add that I am irritated by the current trend of giving kids last names as first names, particularly if the name is not a family name in your family. My apologies if any of you have the first name “Taylor,” etc, but “Bailey” WAS my last name before I got married and I would like to take the name back from idiots like this chick who in my generation would have been named “Tammy” or “Krystal” or something more suitable.

  15. oh cuntry. instead of country. cunt-ry. i see what you did there.

  16. Poor, deluded girl. She’s in love with her life, but life only likes her as a friend. That kind of friend you keep around because they make you feel smarter just by you being in their presence.

  17. She has taken every possible ‘about me’ cliche and throwen them into one badly written paragraph. My favorite line is “i love my accent its so…. me” if its a true accent you can’t be the only one who has it (unless its a lisp-some people refer to lisps as accents where i’m from)thus she’s saying she is like everyone else.

  18. I can only hope Miss Bailey scopes out the nearest tree and runs head first into it.

  19. I can’t stand when people try to elongate a consonant sound in a word by typing multiple silent “e”s. What does “sing-lee” mean? Idiot.

  20. I find those repeated moronic smileys incredibly frustrating. Although it does seem to be a common and popular expression for those with low level down syndrome….
    In this case – very appropriate.

  21. I find bailey to be “pretty much” a waste of space.

  22. And she’s “singleee”?! Really? Gosh…that’s a surprising turn of events.

  23. I’ve grown up in the south & this kind of girl bothers the shit out of me. And the sad thing is they are everywhere. They are definitely advertisements as to why Planned Parenthood may not be such a bad idea.

  24. @RingingInMyHead
    Well said!!!!!

    ‘if you talk shit to my face, ill blow up in yours’

    I would have thought there would be some marketability for spontaneously exploding women, even if they are scrapings from the bottom of a particularly shallow gene pond.

  25. gotta hate stupid bitches like this.

  26. Wednesday — Tammy, Krystal… totally! LOL

  27. I hope Bailey’s next tractor tipping adventure goes horribly wrong and it blows up in her face while crushing her to death! She would more than likely be to high on cherry coke and fun dips to know what is going on! :D

  28. I couldn’t make it past the first three lines. Should I have continued to read it, I would have been put on homicide and/or suicide watch as a result.

  29. By the fuck, “…country out the ass”!

  30. I rescind my earlier statement and wish that she had ended up her mom’s Plan Bbbbbbbbbb.

  31. I see this sort of thing alot with my friends on myspace. I wonder if they know that we actually don’t care?

  32. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    The best part of this girl ran down the crack of her momma’s ass and ended up as a brown stain on the backseat of the Pinto…

  33. Oh Baley, no wonder you are “singleee” (I’m assuming this means single). Whom in their right mind would waste an hour of their lifetime in a relationship with you?!

    On another note, do these girls not realize how idiotic EVERYONE perceives them to be?! Baley and lauRrr are most definately related.

  34. Bailey is proof that the older generation is cooler.

  35. “country out the ass!”
    At least she’s into anal.

  36. Bailey? Surely her parents could have come up with something more creative than that? Kid Rock? Jack Daniels? Pork Rinds? Something along those lines would have sufficed…

  37. i think this girl stole her personality from this song:

  38. I woul love to see Bailey and LaurRr participate in an About-Me-off. Seeing as they’re such outspoken, “call a spade a spade” type of girls, I can see them both mumbling half-assed insults before slinking away to make some self-esteem boosting FB posts about how they whipped some bitch’s ass today.

  39. This is almost every girl that went to my high school. Awesome.

  40. oh man, i would never mess with this bitch. she’s got it all figured out and a wonderful head on her shoulders. and i bet she respects authority too.

  41. She loves her own accent? wtf? I don’t even know this girl personally and I already despise her existence.

  42. I’d like to punch her in the ovary….

  43. Where to begin. “im not the type of girl you want to leave behind” should be enough to cause any male within five miles to RUN not walk the other way.

    Psycho, stalker, hick chick alert.

  44. Anyone else notice that dip is her 2nd favorite thing right behind fun?

    Now that’s cuntry alright, a gal that loves her chew.

  45. I realize that she meant FunDip as in the candy, but really, it was right there . .

  46. It seems to me from reading this post that the kind of person this girl hates is essentially anyone who acts just like her. I hope I never meet her, I’ll probably slap her.

  47. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    “I love fun dip and cherry coke” sounds like lyrics from the song “Summer girls”

  48. I hate her with the firey passion of 10,000 white hot suns.

  49. Christ on a cracker

    Yeah, I love it when guys FUN-DIP me with their cocks and then we snort some cherry COKE!! Hey now, wait a minute…

    And LMFAO!! @inkxaviary

  50. my dog’s name is bailey. she peed in my room today but i still like her a lot more than this girl.

  51. For some apparent reason, I find this being lame, lame.. LOL!

  52. Proof positive that abortions should be legal as well as genetic tests for fetuses. Could have saved Bailey’s parents a lot of trouble here.

  53. Airhead. She should tape her fingers together and throw her keyboard out

  54. I didn’t need to read further after “country out the ass”

  55. boogaloodownbroadway

    “i’m pretty random. get over it”

    Already have…….

  56. this is the kind of ass-backwards girl that gives the rest of us living in the south a bad name…in high school i wouldve hated her. guess that was why i was an ‘outcast’ but i also have a lot more friends and fun…than this sterotypic girl…i hate her and id beat her ass… bc im a tough bitch…haha…now i feel like im writing her rivals about me…

  57. This one will probably be seen on Jerry Springer SOMETIME in the future.

  58. My favourite part: ‘Love me or hate me. I could care less.’
    Close, darling. Close.

  59. I know so many girls exactly like this bitch. If they’re all so “country”, can they go to a farm somewhere and get killed by a stampede of cows?

  60. honestly, she’s not as bad as a lot of these ghetto-ass shaneequalehas we get on here.

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