Monday, November 16, 2009

Cropped Top


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  1. Hahaha!

  2. Dr. Funke - Analyrapist

    Cracking Tits.

  3. Justin, Justin, Justin…way to have a clue.

    On a side note, how many stepmoms does she have? Sincerely?

  4. Sincerely Busty.

  5. Stepmoms? Plural?

  6. “Sincerely”?


    Yeah, you don’t even need the pic to tell she’s black.

  7. justin obviously knows how to handle these situations with poise and grace. he is a gentleman and a scholar

  8. justin ftw!

  9. From way over here

    Looks as if Sincerely thanked Justin very sincerely. But not thanking Ben…that is less sincere.

  10. To be fair, would anyone notice if she had a a face anyway? Those things are huge!

  11. At least he’s honest.

    And they are HUGE

  12. you think he’d at least compliment the titties. not just point them out.

  13. Yes, Jim. Because white people never have weird names and family drama. Geez.

  14. If her name is “Sincerely” then my name is Miles Davis.

  15. Seriously you guys should have changed her first time or blocked it… I found this FB page in like 15 seconds… Great Job. oh and Justin, commenting publicly about someones ta-ta’s social faux pas

  16. i am sincereley sorry for your lots

  17. @ Jon

    *name. first name.


    Why are you looking up these people on fb? Do you not believe they are real? Do you want to be their friend? Are you planning on harassing Sincerely? or Justin?

  18. I suspect Jon (#15) is new to lamebook. He’ll catch on soon.

  19. who cares about stepmoms when you see big ol titties like them??


  20. women are retarded

  21. Social faux pas or not, I’m inclined to believe those are, ahem, enhanced and if not surgically, she’s wearing an uber heavy duty super wonderbra. In either situation, I find it hard to believe she doesn’t want people at least thinking about “the girls” if not even telling her how magnificent they are. Perhaps not while talking about the death of one of her stepmoms (seriously, wtf?), but she had to have expected it at least a little.

  22. Nice cans.

    And yet more evidence to support Boz’s theories regarding women.

  23. Tit Loving Horndog

    MOAR titties plz!
    Tit Loving Horndog

  24. You know I will be crashing this funeral ;)

  25. Justin, Justin, Justin.

    The proper etiquette is to comment on the size of the tits, not just the fact that’s all you saw.


  26. @ just me

    It’s easily possible for her breasts to be naturally that big. All that’s needed is a supportive (and not necessarily enhancing) bra and the right genes.

    And wtf, “I find it hard to believe she doesn’t want people at least thinking about “the girls” if not even telling her how magnificent they are”. If they’re naturally like that (or, fuck, even if they aren’t), wtf is she supposed to do? Let them hang low/hide them under a burqa/chop them off just so she doesn’t look as though she’s asking for attention? Who the fuck expects (even a little bit) some moron to make a comment about her breasts when she’s just said that her stepmother has suddenly died.


  27. Ok she has huge boobs but she has one UGLY face!

  28. Nina,

    I agree with your sentiment that a man should not blame the prominence of a woman’s breasts for his words or actions… but it is very obvious from that picture that she wants them to be the centre of attention.

    At least, most of the time – ie when one of her stepmothers isn’t dying.

  29. @Nina

    If you look her up, you will see that what she’s wearing is clearly trying to encourage those types of comments. What a slag!

  30. @ Yuck

    Do you have a picture of her face?

    Also, it his hard not to comment on a picture with tits like that anyway. I mean, how can you take someone serious when they have a picture like that up. She must have been a slutty pirate for Haloween or something.

    “Hey all, one of my dads ex wives is dead, but please admire these tits that I am basically making pop out of my shirt.”

  31. If you’ll re-read my post, I made mention that the timing was off, but for her to have that as her pic, natural or not, she IS showing them off and does want people to notice them. That’s not a bad thing necessarily, I don’t know a single girl that doesn’t do what they can to play up their best assets, whatever they may be. Oh, and I am in fact a girl. I’m not saying she should hide them at all, but I do think that being the big girl (not meant as in huge, meant as in grown up) she is she should expect a bit of attention for that. Again, Justin was a bit out of line thinking this was the time for that, but that’s kind of what got it here to lamebook, eh?

  32. @Chaz

  33. *CHAZ

  34. even with the full shot all I can see are her ginormous ta ta’s.

  35. She looks like a hamster

  36. haha! her name is Sincerely! I just noticed that…

    See….totally distracted by her hooters, and I don’t even swing that way.

  37. Wow, I would prefer the blurred out face over that face anyday.
    Paper or plastic? :-D

  38. What in the fucking fuck is this ad to the right of me?! NICE JEWISH GUYS 2010 CALENDAR? Jesus Christ has the world gone mad?

  39. How come EVERY time I look at the comments on this site, there is always at least one overtly racist comment? Seriously, I can’t believe people are still this ignorant in 2009.

  40. What about the first person to comment on her status… Sylbert?

  41. Geonardo DiMetrio

    Be nice, foolishwolf. Jesus Christ is actually Mr. December. :D

  42. One word: joke. And spare me jess, can you honestly say you’ve seen a calendar like that?

    The caption reads, “They are nice, they’re Jewish and finally they got their own calendar. OY! It’s the 2010 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar.” If you can’t laugh at that then I feel sorry for you.

  43. @Jess
    I don’t see how it’s racist if it’s true. :\

  44. Hahahaha nice Geonardo

  45. foolish – here’s a fun Jewish Guy calendar – Jesus Christ is Mr. Everymonth! It’s sheer awesomeness. Ours is on its way to our home as we speak.

  46. lovin the ironing board in the background

  47. One of her stepmoms? How many can she have at one time? Is her dad from Utah? hahahahahaha

  48. A quick search of people named ‘Sincerely’ shows many of them are indeed voluptuous women. Hmm… I need to meet someone named Sincerely.

  49. OY!

  50. ^ Just got hepatitis C from looking at Pamela Anderson nasty ad AGAIN.

    They need to mix some different ads in here. Oh and Lamebook, I AM repulsed by the ad with a cartoon chick with GIGANTIC hips.

  51. lol @ Chaz and Ms.Terri

  52. Her surname is carmen, search her….the boobs really are let down by the rest of the body.

  53. I don’t know where to start :
    Sincerely , Justin comment ,the tits are the stepmothers.
    Too little time so much fail.

    Sincerely yours.

  54. and the *

  55. Looks like her name is Sincerely Carmen and Justin’s last name is Kuret.

  56. Who the hell has the name “Sincerely”. She must look stupid writing letters.



  57. But if you only see her tits and not her face. I can see why justin was so happy about it.

  58. Tits were the first thing I noticed too..

  59. Wow, I looked her up.
    Under ‘friends’, the first result’s name was “Quadnishia”.

    Welcome to the ghettooooo.

  60. Sweet mother of God Mary :D those are HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE !

    Say hellooooooooooo to the new face of Big Titties Committee :D

  61. I have a very large and in charge erection atm.

  62. I might need some goo-gone after staring at that picture for the last hour. Giggity Giggity Goo!

  63. Seriously? Her name is Sincerely?

  64. There are over 100 people with that as thier first name on facebook.

  65. Captain Obvious to the rescue again – She has two stepmoms because her parents divorced when her birth mom realized she was GAY.

    But you guys are probably right, it’s more fun to make fun of a supposed dumb ghetto bitch’s mistake over and over again.

    Honestly, don’t see what the problem with Sincerely is here. She has a pretty dumb name and some huge tits but she seems to have it pretty together. Proper grammar and first-class comeback to Justin. She’s no Darby. Justin’s the fuckin’ tool.

  66. nice jevish guys??? a contradiction in terms

  67. @64: iawtc

  68. lolllll@confused dude

  69. I’d rather be called Sincerely than Sylbert. Sylbert??? God, I hope that’s French. Even still…

    Her dad should be okay since he seems to have more than one wife.

  70. Poor girl; her name is an adverb.

  71. She does have nice tits…

  72. @Lizz FTW

    @doggBAT I’m not sure what you’re into but I bet my life those are as sloppy and nasty as her squirrel face when they rip through her 5 sizes too small clothing…

  73. @Zombie Kid

    That video was amazing!

  74. Even if her name wasn’t Sincerely (which is awesome), this still would’ve made my day.

  75. @ StealthBanana

    I agree, I still jizzed allover my pants. Giggity Giggity GOO!

  76. I’m goin motorboatin’!

  77. Justin – appropriateness FAIL.

  78. I wish my parents had named ME an adjective. Maybe then I’d have bigger tits.

  79. Um… Sincerely is an adverb. Maybe you should wish for a bigger brain.

  80. woa! easy there @Hig – sincere is an adjective, so easy mistake to make.

  81. Sincere is an adjective, yes. Sincerely is an adverb. Hig is right.

  82. ONE of her stepmoms? How many does she have?

  83. The comments on this site are pathetic. Thought I might as well ring in. My dad is white and has had 2 stepmoms. It’s not totally uncommon. You people are idiots.

  84. I sucked on her Titties and they exploded :(

  85. The only thing more awesome than this lamebook post is comment #16.

  86. @pnkntndr “I’m not sure what you’re into but I bet my life those are as sloppy and nasty as her squirrel face when they rip through her 5 sizes too small clothing…”

    too right. *shudder*

  87. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Q: What do you call a man with a half inch penis?
    A: Justin.

  88. is it just me, or did justin not actually say anything ABOUT the tits? just that once the photo was cropped that was all you can see. almost like, “hey, you DO realise that’s how your picture crops, don’t ya?”

  89. just you

  90. 1. StepmomS??
    2. Justin FTW, I also noticed those tits.

  91. Who didn’t notice those cracking titties.

  92. Nice. Whenever one of her apparently numerous stepmothers dies, she doesn’t have to think hard about something original yet caring to write. She just needs to sign her name and she’s got in in the bag.
    Sincerely, jelly.

  93. Sincerely? What kind of name is that?

  94. it would be so baller if her last name was “Yours” or “Ewers”

  95. In class right now, almost lost it on that one, had to keep it in. Sensitivity is a virtue.

  96. My first name is Carmen, aDOY. I just don’t want the world blasting my last name, so what?

    Also,don’t rip on Justin, he’s a good guy. He just didn’t notice my status.

    Also, wtf is up with these SEVENTY THREE FRIEND REQUESTS!?!?!? I’ll add you if you request me, I don’t give a shit, but don’t ask me to show you nudes or offer to “fly me to South Africa” for a month, dickshirts.



  97. Also, no, ask anyone, my boobs are real. Sorry to dissapoint, ladies. ^_~

  98. One of your stepmoms…wtf, how many do you have?

  99. I am not surprised at all that he did not notice anything about the message except the boobs. I think they are very nice :)

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