Friday, May 7, 2010

Cozy Couples

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  1. first

  2. lamebook, this is more like it,


  3. Maybe the last couple will have a checkerd baby.

  4. “Then he smelled his finger” SICK!!!

  5. I’d sniff my finger too. Gotta make sure it doesn’t stink.


  7. Pic 1, That looks a lot like Paul Rudd, and I’m jealous…
    Of him, not her.

    Pic 2, The oil comment by Rob… has he some inside info the chick is taking Alli?

    Pic 3, The door does look closed at this point, but will surely soon be open.

    Pic 4, Good position, that one.

  8. I’m jealous of pic 3 and 4… I want to be in those positions now!!

  9. DubstepDinosaur

    Picture 2: She’s a hooker and he’s making sure she’s clean before he takes he home.

  10. At what point did sticking your hand down each others’ pants and feeling each other up in public become an acceptable thing to do? Did I miss a memo? Instead of giving my wife the occasional peck while we’re out and about, do I need to be getting to third base in the middle of the street in order to be “with it”?

    I’m just a caveman. I fell on some ice and was later thawed by some of your scientists. Your world frightens and confuses me! I don’t know much about your crazy ways and strange technologies, but I do know one thing: if I’m expected to hold orgies in the middle of the town square with midgets and farm animals, I need to know that.

  11. The last pic was taken in the same photography studio as the pregnant/fat(prat) Santa lady and her douche hubby.

    Which shoot would you all rather be in on?

  12. the last one makes me miss my boyfriend :(
    but then reminds me that i see him in two weeks ;)

  13. Or it could just be a still shot from a porn I’ve yet to see.

  14. Oh how I’ve missed you Sensible…just got a top up on you Bible rewrite…lol

  15. Do you think it’s blasphmous?

  16. @sensible I’m sending you the memo on orgies in the middle of town square now.. how you missed that one I have no idea…Damn ice age

  17. #2 is more disgusting ’cause they’re old! (Yes, it creeps me out to think old people do it!)
    and I bet Jungle fever tattoo lady will be posting many a pregnant belly shot soon with updates on how her placenta tasted. *shudder*

  18. Wonder if the guy in pic #2 is gonna sniff his fingers afterwards?

  19. @ Sensible madness

    You might want to avoid the places I’m taking cupid too… we plan on fucking on any table we see

  20. Pic 3 looks like the chick might be working for a triangle. Arm in lady, arm in!

  21. Pic #4: Pornographic adaptation of 1970s Shaft, starring Shaft as himself, right? I swear I’ve watched that one before…

  22. Aaaargh! @ SharkBait!! Did you HAVE to bring up the placenta eating???

    and @ word…. Come on, you want Paul Rudd and you know it.

  23. Of course by that I mean, I want Paul Rudd and now you all know it.

  24. Desolation Row

    3 and 4 looks like they are having fun. Now that’s good ,fine. But why feel the need to post it on Facebook? WHY?

  25. It’s alright Slim I’ll make sure Sensible madness gets the memo on all the places we plan to be at …. :)

  26. slim…back off…cupid is MINE!

  27. PeachyFuckinKeen

    That is not what she said last night

  28. Peachy you weren’t supposed to say anything about last night…

  29. slim threesome with rutro????

  30. hmmmm…I’m beginning to think cupid is a little slutty. I was wondering why I was itchy…

  31. JesusOnADinosaur

    I now miss my boyfriend. Thank you Lamebook.

  32. JesusOnADinosaur

    But guys, seriously. As stated before, we should all have a group orgy. With Soup, mccowles, slim, SensibleMadness and Hobo in the center.

  33. How uncomfortable and tired does your sex life have to be when it gets to the point that you’re posting pictures of it on Facebook to try and prove that it still exists?


    @JesusOnADinosaur: Same, but with inverted sexes. AND WE HAVE SEX, BY THE WAY. JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE. SEX LIFE IS GREAT.

  34. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on in #3, it looks like there’s an out-of-place limb somewhere. Unless that guy is clenching his own arm.

  35. terribletimes

    oh mike.

  36. what the fuck is with all the orgy talk in the comments thread?
    For fuck sake if you don’t have anything interesting/funny to say, shut the fuck up! Go have a good wank or go into a horny gamers chat room and spew your bullshit there!

  37. Shane did not really want to take that picture but who is going to argue with a leglock.

    The last pic made my nature rise…that means it gave me a boner.

  38. Spanka… this is Lamebook. We have orgies, we have sex with fruit, and I just sort of sit on the sidelines and cry a bit. If you’re gonna ask the guys on Lamebook to stop talking about sex, you might as well go to fmylife and tell them to stop being immature 14 year old twats who love ‘sammich’ jokes, or go to 4chan and tell them to stop anything that isn’t a civilised debate.

    Long story short, the orgies ain’t going nowhere. Unless you ask REALLY nicely. Like… REALLY nicely. You know?

  39. CommentsAtLarge

    Damn busy days, end up late for the party.

    #1 Can anyone blame Ryan?
    #2 Smelled his finger? Dear God.
    #3 Looks like the start of something hot, however the physics are mindboggling. We need the guy who did the diagram for the brother/sister photo the other day to break this one down.
    #4 Nice position but why post to FB? And be mindful of what you end up doing there – someone has to clean the black backdrop you know.

    Save a table for me – need that checked off my list too ;)

  40. CommentsAtLarge

    I might catch hell for this, but I have to say it: Spanka, can’t take the orgy criticism seriously seeing as your name has the word “spank” in it. Seems a bit of an oxymoron.

  41. See British, thats funny. That made me laugh. Am I asking too much? I just want more funny. The comments used to be the best part of lamebook. Man now I’m starting to sound like beanstalker.

  42. I see your point CommentsAtLarge, Spanka just happent to rhyme with my real name..

  43. That guy in pic #2 not only smelled his finger, but also tasted it.

  44. Spanka: I think you just gotta take the ‘good’ with the ‘bad’. The bad being, for you, the orgy stuff. Members like word, and Soup, who go into all the sex stuff, they make hilarious, brilliant comments too. And if the orgy stuff bugs you that much, I think it’s worth just scrolling past it to see their awesome humour. I mean… I fucking detest that BritishHobo twat, so I just ignore him and focus on the other comments.


  45. Hobes, Soup and I have not had sex in a very long time.


  46. word: :(
    On the upside, this SANCHEZ fella looks alright.

  47. Oh Yeah Hobes,

    A dude whoring his either hot, or knock off shit on lamebook…
    I wanna get to know someone like him intimately.

  48. I had nothing to do for a bit, so I thought I’d take a closer look at the limb placement in pic 3. This seems to have a few here puzzled.

    Guys, there are no extra arms, legs, or people. She has her left leg bent at an awkward angle, and his head is between her currently closed thighs.

    He’s not all that bad, so I’m sure she loosened her grip not long after this pic was taken, and gave him the go ahead for head.

  49. butterflysandsocks

    Pic # 3- is she on the rag? That looks rather like a tampon string.

  50. BlowMe____Away

    It’s the guy’s necklace being pushed up a little by her squeezing thighs of steel. It’d be a little ridiculous if tampon strings were that long.

  51. 1st: I have a similar picture, but I was extremely uncomfortable when my mom asked about the angle of my dangle.

    Spanka: You have taken part in our internet sexual escapades in the past. I can only assume that you are internet born again. Just be careful that your internet sanctimony doesn’t touch you in a bad place.

    Zth: I think if I had a black man wrapped around me, I would finally understand rap music.

  52. NoLongerTroll

    If she needs a chain to connected to her tampon……

    Maybe she has been in a porno with Ron.

  53. Haha tampon strings only hang out maybe an inch. That chain is like half way to her knee lol boys are dumb!

  54. I’m still trying to figure out what Spanka rhymes with…Sanka? Blanka? Paul Anka? Flanker or Tanker (but said in a Boston accent)?

  55. Wanker?

    I mean no offence Spanka, I know you’re an Aussie, as am I, so it’s just a little bit of harmless ribbing ok mate.

  56. NoLongerTroll

    I would have said Wanker as well (no disrespect).
    I have been called much worse.
    Oh back to watch some TV, go Manly.

  57. Troll, a Manly supporter?
    I’ll let it slide cos I like you.

    My team is your old nemesis darlin’, I’m sure you know which team I’m referring to, but we won’t get into all that.

  58. I’ve been called a wanker, but not by my mum…well not to my face.

  59. #1 Boobs, check.
    #2 Ass, check.
    #3 Crotch, check.
    #4 Let’s GET IT ON!

  60. Good Mourning

    @Sophay I think it will be a hexagonal pattern like on footballs.

  61. @alen001 die spambot die we do not care! and Thats what WE said!

  62. I love number one!! and I really can’t figure number 3 out, it’s kinda weird.

  63. Right, i do believe as soon as I am invited to these rampant orgies with the other members I will bring alcohol, marijuana, the natural equivalent to viagra (health first), steroids, lotion, chocolate sauce, uh, inflatable chicken, and of course a camera and laptop

  64. nuff, a gold star from me for summing up this post both beautifully, and succinctly.

  65. Ah this is lovely humor to return to. The first one; Ashley, our boys share a name… and a boob obsession! Ew, for the rest.

  66. @ Spanka: I’m trying, I really am, but all I can think of is “Sri Lanka”. I sincerely doubt that’s your name though.

    Thanks for clearing up #3 word, for a moment I thought that man was just being attacked by the three-legged woman. #2 is messed up. Why anyone would do that, there, in that position confuses me to no end. It can’t be comfortable and it would make more sense to just go under the shirt, yeah? Intimate, as well as practical. Not to mention more socially acceptable.

    @ Spanka, word: I’m not much of a footie fan, but I DO enjoy my fitting in. GO TITANS!

  67. @Mikefu

    I’m betting it’s Bianca

  68. I see… that’s much more likely. More probable than ‘Sri Lanka’ anyhow.

    Also I just realised, my football comment was directed at wordpervert and NoLongerTroll, not Spanka. Mental fart. My bad.

  69. You guys are unbelievably awesome. I hope you’re planning on filming this orgy and posting it on lamebook.

    @ EmKitteh I have no idea how you came up with that. The only things I could think of that rhymed with ‘spanka’ were not words all all. You are a genius.

  70. Okay, the last one. I used to think pics of men worshiping at the alter of their wife’s pregnant belly was mental (maybe it still is) but Mike really thought his friends wanted to see this? Note to all of my Fb friends; I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS OR YOUR WIFE’S PREGNANT BELLY. LET’S JUST KEEP IT TO BATHROOM DUCK LIPS PICS OKAY?

  71. So, Ashley turns out to be a budding porno star and tramp. Who knew?

  72. Nobody finds the last one a little disturbing, on account that she looks about 15 years younger? Not like 2 is any better, do you seriously have to caress you woman’s crusty asshole in public?

    Oh, almost forgot, I wouldn’t mind holding them for Ashley either

  73. Emily, that black guy better be kidding!

  74. Grammar Police

    This proves (to me at least) that some people have zero shame.

    And SeeBea, I can’t wait to see her in action in a few years. I have a feeling she’ll be a star! But seriously though, if I were the mom I would be kinda pissed off. It seemed like her mom didn’t even care.

  75. Bloody hell, tough crowd in here.

    A bit of boob grabbing going on, wow, hang your head in shame Ashley, and Paul Rudd look alike.

    And as for you mother Marlene, go directly to jail, do NOT pass go, and do NOT collect $200.


  76. Nothin’ wrong feelin’ up your girl’s boobies or for that matter any girl who will let you. What’s wrong is taking pics and posting them on Facebook.
    That said, if I were Ashley’s Dad and I saw this. Ashley would not the be the one I’d be “talking” to.

    I still want to toss over the last one or maybe I just want to toss off.

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  78. Hello, summer, good place for shopping, fashion, sexy, personality, maturity, from here to begin. Are you ready? shoes,and,handbags,t-shirts,BIKINI..ect/… thanks… COME../

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  80. Bravo mcowles, bravo!

    And yeah wordpervert, you’re right, it’s not bad. I just find all the other pictures strange as hell.

  81. lol

  82. CommentsAtLarge

    mcowles, I both praise and condemn you. Praise for the hilarity you have provided and condemn for the fact that I will now have “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh” in my head all day. Praise still outweighs the condemn though…

  83. ashley and marlene = ewe, that kind of conversation is so wrong.

  84. wtf, they are all so wrong. gross: smelt his finger

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