Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Couple Crazies

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  1. First!

  2. And that was my first comment (now second) after being a faithful Lamebook reader. What is up with kids these days?

  3. A lot.

  4. Justin would have been fine had he left it at dumping her, but the spilled Kool-Aid was what earned him the dick punch.

  5. Jessica sounds friendly…fuckin’ A.

    Amy, chicks hit me in the dick all the time, I’ve never called the cops, look me up.

    Carl, I’m sure it won’t be the last time you get punched in the face by a chick.. trust me.

  6. Možno je to len mňa, ale ja si nemyslím, že si zaslúži dostať päsťou do péro pre ovocné nápoje rozliatí na svoju priateľku. Samozrejme, ak si ju nechal v rovnakú dobu, to je iný príbeh. (Sarkazmus ruku zdvihol … tak nejako.)

  7. e x a c t l y

  8. Well Drew, if you were going to leave her just because you got her pregnant, then you deserve everything you get.

  9. Amy, remember the time when we used to use the past tense of words to talk about things that happened in the past?

  10. Any woman that lies about being pregnant deserves what she gets. I wonder did he fingerbang the other woman before or after he found out she wasn’t pregnant.

  11. WOW I think Drew meant she lied about being pregnant so he would stay, but she was never pregnant.

  12. I agree. Spilled Kool Aid is a dick punchable offense

  13. Was it Kool-Aid, or PURPLE DRINK!??

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    My God MEG, do you just want everyone to hate you. How the hell can you not see that it is psychotic to lie about being pregnant in order to pressure him to stay. I thought you were a champion of/for people who are pressured in relationships.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns


    Spilling Kool-Aid = 1 dick punch.
    Spilling Purple stuff= total scrotal annihilation.

  16. I heart Dukey Smoothy Buns :-D
    He makes me giggle.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    If a guy intends to leave a girl just because she is pregnant, it’s wrong. He had a hand in that, and should suffer the same consequences she has to suffer. Common sense.

    I am a champion for people who are pressured in relationships – but if they have an obligation to their CHILD, it’s all pointless. Child comes first, personal happiness comes later.

    I didn’t even THINK about the fact that she wasn’t really pregnant but was saying she was. I’m sorry – I should have thought it through. I’m not very smart, if you haven’t noticed.

  18. @muep Yeah we’ve noticed.

    Also, obligation to a child =/= staying in any (unhappy) relationship.

  19. junebug
    I suppose you a point, but a pregnant girl needs all the support she can get, and a child needs stable parenting by a mother and a father.

  20. Again, you’re equating support between the parents to a romantic relationship between the parents. They don’t have to be together to provide a stable parenting environment.

  21. For example, I was raised in a stable.

    Hi june .. how’s the Caribbean?

  22. buď potrebujú matku a otca, alebo potrebujú matku a otca postavy. Viem, že veľa detí, ktorí vyrastali šťastná a zdravá v domoch s prarodičmi alebo inými príbuznými (alebo jeden z rodičov a blízky rodinný priateľ, ktorý vypĺňajú ako matka / otec obrázok.) Obaja rodičia nemajú ani byť v rovnice pre deti vyrastali zdravé, ako dlho ako oni majú dobré vzory.

  23. e x a c t l y

  24. fè yon bagay itil ak lavi ou, ou pénibl trèn ti kras. ale epi mete yon sache plastik sou tèt ou epi jwe sou otowout la.

    see, i can use google translate too – very clever.


  25. I can speak some english, slovak is my native language. After arrival in the United States three years ago, I struggled with english… this is a difficult language. Verbs have no sense, and there are many irregularities. If I am wrong, native speakers of languages such as spanish have similar problems, and they do not prefer their native language? I can read enough english to understand the general meaning, and I do not understand why I am thought as fake… I am having trouble writing in english. My sister helps.

    Whatever language is used in your response, not slovak. You need to work on language skills. This is the problem with the websites, they are full of people who do not believe.

  26. Is your sister hot?

  27. Hey mass. Were you born in the stable too? All jesus-style? The Caribbean is the same as it was yesterday: hot, then stormy/floody, then hot.

  28. junebug…yeah, it was alright except for all the cattle lowing.

    I envy your co-ordinates.

  29. Don’t envy them too much, mass. What with the flooding and all you wouldn’t even be able to go to the beach.

  30. -if you were here.

  31. My sister says to tell you that what is considered attractive varies from person to person. Adds that she would not want anyone on this site to meet her anyway because she has heard what is said, to women on the U.S. internet. Apparently there are “no women on the internet” or something similar. She is a little offended, actually.

  32. I apologize to your sister ican.. I bet she can cord wood like a pro though.

    june.. I’m there in my dreams.

  33. mine too :D

    Does this mean I have to send you an article of clothing?

  34. You don’t have to, but it would really ‘cement’ what we have..

    I assume all your socks are wet..


  35. All right, I guess they don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to be good parents, but I mean my parents are still married and love each other and my sister and I turned out just fine. What? What are you laughing at?
    The point is, as long as the dad doesn’t go totally deadbeat, then it’s acceptable. Kids need their fathers.

    Also, mass, I’d vote for you to be the new Jesus.

  36. Thank-you mue, very generous.

    I don’t have kids – me.

  37. Heehee mass. I just love me some cement, so I’ll mail off a skirt right away. Unless you’d prefer a damp sock…

  38. Skirt please …

  39. ..damp though

  40. HAH

    …Consider it done.

  41. I want some cement…

  42. @muepsilon, you’re trying too hard.

  43. Trying too hard to what?

  44. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    L.O fucken L

  45. Too hard to troll, muep. We get it. You hate single mothers, gays, and kids of divorce, and we are thoroughly outraged at your bigotry. Move on.

  46. Lol christopherlovet I think you missed a pretty important thread. I only hate teen mothers, single or not. I don’t hate gays, and I don’t hate kids of divorce, and you’re the only one who seems to think I’m still a bigot, so speak for yourself.

  47. mue – I think you misunderstood. She lied about being pregnant, saying that she was, not that she wasn’t.
    IE: Chick says “I’m pregnant” and the guy stays with her, not she says that she’s not pregnant so he won’t leave.
    Meaning that he wasn’t going to leave her because he got her preggo, he was going to stay with her because he got her preggo.

    St least, taht’s what makes the most sense.

    Now if that’s what you understood, then I apologize for incorrectly correction you.

  48. I second Chris you sound like a bigot yet again.

    “If a guy intends to leave a girl just because she is pregnant, it’s wrong” Do you know the circumstances, Meg, were you there? It may SEEM wrong, but you cannot say that it IS wrong. (not that that’s why he was leaving anyway, according to that post)

    “The point is, as long as the dad doesn’t go totally deadbeat, then it’s acceptable.” What is? The family is acceptable in your eyes? Acceptable to society? They earn a place in your heaven? What is acceptable Meg? what? Is a nuclear family the only familial way of being? I’m very happy for you that your parents are married to each other, have 2.5 children, have faith in god, and probably bake muffins for the community picnic. Yes, that earns you and yours a VIP pass through the pearly gates. Well done!

  49. ikj10marissa – at first I didn’t get it but then I got it after seeing a few more comments explaining it, but thanks for pointing me in the right direction anyway.

    What circumstances could there be, other than “I got you pregnant, oh shit, I’m out” ? If it wasn’t his kid, then of course it would be okay for him to leave, because that would mean she cheated on him. If she got pregnant with someone else before their relationship, then even though it’s not his kid, it really doesn’t give him a reason to leave, since he isn’t obligated to support the child. If he was going to leave for some reason other than her pregnancy, then nothing from my original statement even applies. There, have I covered all the bases? Are you happy now?

    When I said “acceptable,” I meant for the good of the child. Children who grow up with no father can suffer long-term psychological damage. I’m not saying they all do or will, but that the possibility is higher. If the father refuses to pay child support, that child might not be getting the health care, food, toys, or diapers he needs. Are you really going to tell me that it’s okay for a guy to knock a girl up and then never support the kid? And once again, I DID NOT BRING GOD INTO THIS, YOU DID.

    Now stop attacking me every time I state my opinion!

  50. “Children who grow up with no father can suffer long-term psychological damage”

    As can children with no mother, no parents, both parents, all dependent on the quality of upbringing not the family dynamic.

    You really should think things through before committing them to text because that is why you are getting attacked every time you state an (ill-thought) opinion.

    Stop spouting shite and then playing the victim when someone challenges you.

  51. Paranoid Android

    I already stated that not all children without fathers are or will be psychologically damaged, and I am not dismissing the fact that any child can be psychologically damaged. I figured I had made that pretty clear. And, the quality of upbringing is going to be significantly lower in a family that consists of one parent rather than a family that consists of two. Money will be an issue, time will be an issue, it’s hard to raise a child alone, and therefore, one person cannot give a child everything that two people could. In addition, since there is no one else there to have your back while parenting, more mistakes can be made. Watch Teen Mom.

    I didn’t think my opinion, which is essentially “Children deserve two parents, not just one, and deadbeat dads need to step up and do their jobs as fathers,” was in any way ill-thought. Read this sentence a few times and then tell me you think it is.

    I was not being challenged, I was simply called a bigot, and told to fuck off home. That’s not how you argue against someone’s points, that’s how you make comments on youtube.

  52. “And, the quality of upbringing is going to be significantly lower in a family that consists of one parent rather than a family that consists of two”

    “Children deserve two parents, not just one….”

    “In addition, since there is no one else there to have your back while parenting, more mistakes can be made”

    What utterly crass statements. I’ll leave it at that.

  53. Seriously? That’s all you’ve got? Not going to give me any reasons? No? Well then, I’m done with this argument. You clearly don’t know how to debate and you make crappy arguments against my opinions simply because it’s me, and no one else. It’s been a long day, and I nearly died, so I’m going to sleep, and then tomorrow, I’m going to come right back to lamebook and continue to state my opinion, in the hopes that one day, people will put down their torches and pitchforks and learn to see the reasoning behind my opinions, rather than dismissing them as the preachings of a bigot. I mean, Jesus, it’s not like my opinion on this matter is absurd or hateful, it’s common fucking sense.

  54. I think the point is Mue, that you are just making statements without providing anything in the way of evidence to back them up. You seem to think that your opinion equals unassailable fact. Try citing some independent sources for your findings and maybe you’d be given a slightly better hearing.

  55. muep, i just wanted to point out that you are being ever so slightly absolute in your opinions. Like calling them common sense when they’re…. opinions. Having both parents is all fine and dandy, but in this day and age I’m pretty sure single parenting is no longer a pre-requisite for fucked up children. In my experience, the people I know who have both parents, especially parents who stayed in an unhappy relationship with each other, are waaaay more fucked up than us kids of deadbeat dads/moms. I’m talking stabbing-someone-for-the-lols-and-going-to-jail kind of fucked up.

    That said, maybe you should just cut your losses, get a new name and start afresh, cuz after your rant the other day you’re always gonna be free meat for everybody. Just sayin’.

  56. I was bought up in a family with many parents, I had approximately seven fathers and nine stand in ‘uncles’ at any one given time, and look at me… a paradigm of emotional stability.

    Drew fingering a lady whilst your missus is pretend pregnant is an admirable achievement, next try licking someone out whilst she pretends to be suffering from indigestion.

  57. No, it’s not all I’ve got it but I can summarise your standpoint:-

    2 parents > Single parent and therein lies our ‘argument’. Are you going to change your opinion on that? No matter how articulately I put my point across, your opinion appears to be set in stone.

    I was bought up under a single parent and my quality of upbringing was not ‘significantly lower’ than that of being raised in acrimonious household. I was loved, taught to respect, the difference between right and wrong which are the most important parts of any upbringing regardless of how many parents do it.

    Do you think 2 parents should stick together for their children regardless of any problems they have? Do you not see that this is more likely to make the children maladjusted?

    Ask yourself that why not just me but other people get so incensed with your ‘opinions’?

  58. She’ll forever be Kelly, in my mind.

    That’s all I’ve got to say.

  59. Had no idea who Kelly Clarkson was so googled her. Thanks for that. She does look like her father the Top Gear presenter though.

  60. You know what, fuck it, I’m done with the arguing.

    I’ll go back to do what I do best:- Be unfunny.

  61. I wonder what it was that Amy hit him in the dick with…

  62. MEG, do you believe everything you see on TV?? I was a teen mom myself. Sometimes in real life, shit happens. I decided to own up to my responsibilities and raise the child. She’s now a happy and healthy third grader and is basically the best thing that ever happened to me. I guess that’s a good reason to hate me.

  63. @muepsilongamma: One of my friends had a pice-of-shitfather who physically and mentally abused her mother. I had a fantastic, wonderful, loving single mum. BOY do I wish that I had the mum that stood by a malicious, nasty, wife beating husband in order that she ‘keep the family together’, rather than my own wonderful, loving, single mum. If only MY mum had realised that having two parents was more important than our and her happiness, I would be a WAY better person. For example, I might have no job because I am so scared to be around men that I find it hard to leave the house, I might have dropped out of school and left home at 14 and gotten into drugs, just like my friend! All I have to show for my single parent childhood is 11 GCSE’s at A-C, 4 A levels all A and B grade, A 2:1 degree and a job in finance. Oh, and a wonderful, loving mother who MORE than made up for being the only parent in the house.

  64. When did Lamebook become a shitty little hotspot for boring, immature arguments? Was it Thursday or was it Friday? I’m not sure.

  65. Been that way for ages. Its why I joined ;0)

  66. @muepsilon, I didn’t read all of your posts since I was last on, but what little I did read sparked a connection. You are the person on YouTube that tries to take the fun out of mocking Nichole337. You don’t take the fun out of it by breaking into my conscious and making a point, people just get tired of listening to you reply to EVERY comment that you think is wrong/hurtful/whatever.

    Sorry, I’ve been obsessed with Nichole337 latelly and, like lamebook, I go to read the comments more than watch the video. You should see her videos!!!

  67. Okay, all right, I will revise my statement. Everything i said is simply my opinion, based on the examples I see every day. I’m not going to waste my time finding statistics that you people won’t listen to. It’s just a great big “attack mu” festival, EVERY time I post a comment

  68. (I’m sorry the argument Hobo, it annoys me too, but I have one last thing to say to Meg):

    I’m sorry you feel attacked, we’re not trying to attack or hurt you (at least I’m not). You do present yourself as a bigot though. I would blame your youth, but I’m four years older than you… I respect that you haven’t changed your name and have opted to keep trying instead, it’s why I said in an earlier post that I’d leave you alone. Do keep trying, I think you’ll benefit from it. I’ve had everyone on my back before (on another site) and it made me re-evaluate a particular topic and I learnt from it. I see why you feel attacked, because it happens to you ALL THE TIME. Doesn’t that make you wonder? We don’t know each other, it’s not like we discuss beforehand that we’re going to single you out, you do that all by yourself. If I was you I’d seriously think twice about my words and try see the shades of grey rather than the black and white. I really don’t care to argue, especially on the internet, so I won’t anymore. This is my last serious comment to you. I’m going back to lol(ing) and having fun on what should be a laid back site.

    I hate sharing on the internet, it’s too serious, but I feel compelled so my story is: I loved both my parents (and vice versa), but when my dad was still alive I was mainly raised by nannies because they were both too busy with their careers to focus on me. I would hear about them, but hardly saw them (and we lived in the same house!). My dad’s death changed my mom, she became more family focused. In my experience, It took losing a parent to gain one.

  69. krasivaya_devushka

    Look at all you Dr. Phil’s on here.

  70. Question: why can’t I have my opinion, even though it’s different from the rest of the whole goddamn planet’s, AND be treated like a human being with intelligence, common sense, and feelings? Why is it that in order to gain acceptance in the world, I have to change my views and conform to what everyone else thinks?

    Everybody in the world, like it or not, hates something. Whether it be black people, white people, gay people, straight people, men, women, fat people, thin people, christians, atheists, brownies with nuts in them, people who say “nuke-yoo-ler,” or OU, everybody hates at least one group of people, irrationally. They don’t have a reason, they can’t explain themselves, and they shouldn’t have to. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and everyone deserves equal acceptance in the community, no matter what that opinion is. You people have chosen to hate anyone who has different views than you. And that’s fine, you have a right to. But it’s sad that in order for me to ever be accepted on this website, or any other website I comment on, I would have to change my name, and pretend to be someone I’m not, my views be damned. No one attacks you or calls you names when you express your opinion, so why is it done to me? Because my opinion is o ne that the majority of the people on this site don’t agree with. And that, in my opinion, is what constitutes as “bigotry.”

    I’m sorry to hear about your father, Saffer. Losing a parent is never easy, but your story is very inspiring. But everyone here basically missed my point. My point was that, in my opinion, if a guy knocks up someone, he is just as responsible for supporting that kid as the mother is. I don’t know why everyone decided to spew out their life stories about how great they turned out despite being raised by a single parent because I was in no way bashing people who are raised by single parents. I was bashing deadbeat dads.

  71. #21 @mass
    I was raised on a houseboat in Spain. But I guess that’s not really appropriate.

  72. to the whole thread:


  73. MEG – I just took offense to the fact that you think all teenage moms are whores, that’s all.

  74. bell
    So take offense to it. You’re allowed. I take offense to being called a bigot, or a religious tight ass, or a bitter virgin. We can all be offended without flipping the fuck out. Like I said, everybody hates something.

  75. MEG, surely the whole point of being a christian is NOT hating things? Aren’t you supposed to love your fellow man? Isn’t it supposed to be God’s job to judge people, not man’s?
    There’s a difference between disliking something and being a racist bigot. Comparing brownies with nuts in, or someone consistently mispronouncing a word to being black or gay is just so ridiculous it hardly needs commenting on.
    And, yes, if you state an opinion that people find contentious, they will argue it with you. Get over it.

  76. Pedanticoldgit

    Yes, being a christian is all about love, but we’re human. We can’t expect to be perfect. And, rather surprisingly, I don’t follow absolutely every rule of my religion. I’m not dan_fargis, I just have ONE psychosis that I’m actually in therapy trying to figure out. I mean, at least I’m trying.
    In my opinion, there isn’t anything in the world that you’re not allowed to hate. So I will compare brownies with nuts in them and people who pronounce things wrong to racism and homophobia. Hate is hate. I sat here for a long time and thought this through and came to the same conclusion that yes, everyone hates and everyone gets hated, and we’re all going to have to deal with it. That’s life.
    I’d simply like to know what’s so contentious about the opinion that deadbeat dads need to take care of their children. Did everyone on this thread knock someone up in the past and are bitter about having to pay child support for 18 years?

  77. Ok, firstly, yes, comparing brownies and bad spelling to racism and homophobia is ridiculous and stupid. You can just not eat brownies, or people can learn how to spell, people can’t just decide not to be black or gay, so hating them for something unalterable is vile and disgusting and you should be ashamed.
    That’s your excuse is it? I’m a christian but also human so rather than try and improve or understand other people I’ll continue to be bile and hate filled and that’s ok?
    And, finally, your original contention wasn’t about dead-beat dads, it was that you hated teenage mothers. Regardless of circumstance, you hate teenage mothers.
    The reason to be in therapy is to cope with your issues, not use it as an excuse to continue with them.

  78. anyone think that the reason he spilled “coolaid” on her shirt was because she punched him in the dick and it spilled everywhere?

    One time in high school a girl kicked a guy in the crotch as hard as she could because he was teasing her and she thought it would be cute. They had to call a hospital because she kicked so hard.

    Silly women and thinking they have a right to hurt men physically because men are generally accepted as stronger.

  79. Aren’t Christians not supposed to take the Lord’s name in vain? I may be wrong since I don’t attend church, but didn’t Mue just do that in her earlier post by saying goddamn? I don’t mean to join the rant (well, maybe I do, just a bit) but I guess I was a little offended as well, being that I’m a single mother solely providing for my daughter (and yes, we live very comfortably). Oh, and I’m also the product of a “wonderful” 2 parent family that would have been better off in a single parent home.

  80. @ MEG:

    “Children who grow up with no father can suffer long-term psychological damage. I’m not saying they all do or will, but that the possibility is higher.”

    Actually, that’s bullshit. Sorry, but the studies I’ve read (AKA, studied in college in order to get my degree in criminal psychology) don’t agree.

    What causes “psychological damage” is pyschologically damaged parents/care-givers.

    Put more plainly:

    Single, loving parent = psychologically healthy child
    Dysfunctional parents (AKA, fighting, name calling, anger/violence) = psychologically damaged kid.

    The prisons are FULL of kids that had parents who hated each other and were abusive (to each and/or the child). Not a single prisoner had truly loving parent(s).

    It’s the quality of the love and the parent(s), not the quantity.


  81. @ Fanofails:

    Christians also don’t usually use the word “fuck” that many times in a sentence. o_O

    If you’re r-e-e-a-a-a-l-l-y quiet, you can hear it back-pedalling.

    Vroom, vroom, MEG!!! :)

  82. Firstly, you people are assuming that all parents who stay married fight and have problems. What a horrible stereotype. Not all married couples are totally dysfunctional so stop grouping them all together. My parents happen to love each other very much.

    Regardless of whether or not people SHOULD hate people for things that are unalterable, they do. People are publicly hating black people, white people, fat people, skinny people, gay people, christians, and atheists every day, whether it’s acceptable or not. It’s no different from hating deadbeat dads. Hate is hate.
    No, I’m not making excuses, I’m explaining myself. You’re just as human as I am, and you say shit that’s just as stupid as the stuff I say, and you hate certain people too. Get off your high horse and accept that you’re just as guilty of “bigotry” as I am.
    Also, yes, I hate teen mothers, but that’s not what THIS THREAD is about. THIS THREAD is about deadbeat dads. If you want to argue about why I hate teen mothers, go to a thread where I discuss that issue.

    I am offended by people who hate christians. I am offended by people who hate conservatives. I am offended by people who hate virgins. I am offended by people who call me fat. I am offended by people who assume that all married couples hate each other so much that they shouldn’t stay together. I am offended by people who hate women. I am offended by people who hate gay people. I am offended by racists. I am offended by people who hate people with mental disorders. I am offended by people who hate kids. I am offended by people who kill people. I am offended by people who torture people. I am offended by rapists. I am offended by people who molest children.
    And what am I going to do about it? Ponder that.

    See my first sentences, and stop stereotyping all married couples as miserable people stuck together who don’t love each other. Also, I already explained that my hypothesis was based on every person I know who was born to unmarried parents who didn’t stay together, or to married parents who divorced. There was no exception in the group. If my hypothesis is wrong, then it’s wrong. So be it.

    Everyone else
    I say what I need to to get my point across. I already said that I don’t follow every rule in the book. I’m only human.

  83. @muepsilongamma

    Nobody is saying that all married couples hate each other, we are saying that it is wrong to say that 2 parents are better than one in such an all-encompassing way. You sem to be implying that all single parents are unwed teen girls. I’m sorry, but you need to grow up. One of my friends was brought up (along with her brother) solely by her 45 year old father after her mum died of cancer. I guess you would assume that to be a decent parent he should have ordered an internet bride straight after the funeral just so his kids had 2 parents? Another friend was brought up by her 18 year old sister after both of her oparents died in a car crash when she was just 6, she gets a lot of slack from people in the street who assume she is an unwed, single, teen mum. My own mum was a single parent because my dad fucked around with other women and left her when she became pregnant with their third child. Yes, I guess that does make him a deadbeat Dad, but not only is my mum now glad that he left, but so am I and so is my brother, because we both remember sharing a bed as kids, trying to protect our 2 year old sister from being woken up by the constant arguments. There is absolutely NO doubt in my mind that I would never have turned out as ‘normal’ if my parents had stayed together.

    At the end of the day you have to accept that not everyones circumstances are the same as yours. As you appear from all accounts to be a virgin I am assuming you have also never lived with a guy. As such you have never had what I would consider a serious relationship, making your parents your only insight into the realms of coupledom. Whilst the naive idea that all relationships are wonderful if you work at them surely must be a wonderful thing to have, you don’t have even close to enough experience to comment on the nature of relationships or family structures.

  84. muepsilongamma:

    I’ve never posted or read any comments on here before, but I read this entire thread and I just have a few things that I’d like to say.

    - If you are going to refer to yourself as a ‘Christian’, at least represent the entire religion properly. Every one that reads all of your comments is now going to have their perception of Christians altered. Thank you for making us all sound like judgmental morons. I’m sure that will bring in many ‘lost souls’.

    - You hate teen moms? Really? Why, exactly? Because they had sex? Jesus was well known for hanging with ‘the least of these’. Prostitutes and the like. A teen mom isn’t someone that sold their body for petty cash. A teen mom could have been raped. A teen mom could have gotten swept up in the moment of their first love. I think PLANNING on getting pregnant as a teen (in high school) is a poor decision, but is having sex really reason enough to hate someone?

    I’m curious to know how old you are. You couldn’t possibly have lived very long. Stop relying on reality shows (like Teen Mom) to teach you about the ‘real world’. I’m assuming you are either a virgin or haven’t gotten laid in a VERY long time. I’m begging you- for the good of humanity- get laid. Heck, I think you’d be a more pleasant person if you just masturbated. You’re so uptight. Goodness. Get married if that’s your prereq for sex. Just for the love of God- get some.

    Also, you have a lot that you’re offended by. Get over yourself. You shouldn’t be ‘offended’ by many of the things you mentioned. All of those things cause ‘anger, displeasure, or resentment’to you? You can’t possibly live a very happy life, then, if you apparently spend all of your time being offended.

    I don’t think anyone stereotyped all married couples as miserable. Perhaps you should read more carefully instead of spending all of your time being offended. You were obviously brought up in a happy home, which is wonderful. But it really doesn’t give you the right to tell everyone else what is wrong or right in unhappy homes. Unless you’ve lived it and have been the child praying that your parents would divorce because they scream, hit, etc all of the time- you have no clue. I’m sure you’re book smart- but world wise, you are a moron. You have a lot to learn, which is fine, everyone does. But I hope you can admit (for once) that you don’t know everything and can shut up and learn from people that have been there and ‘done that’.

    Also, I’m kind of irritated that people only focus on ‘dead beat dads’. There are plenty of ‘dead beat moms’ out there. And plenty of people that ‘knock someone up’ (as you so eloquently phrased it) that shouldn’t be within a five mile radius of a child and it is better for everyone involved that they are out of the picture.

    One more thing, you said you ‘say what you need to get your point across’. To many people, using curse words (especially while advertising yourself as a Christian), just makes you look even less intelligent. Is your vocabulary really that poor that you can’t find an adjective that is not a ‘curse word’?

  85. Tazinijif

    Yes. You are right. My parents, and the parents of all the people I know are my only examples. All the kids with 2 parents had good lives, with plenty of money and went to college and stuff. All the kids with one parent struggled for money, had drug/sex/alcohol programs, got in trouble, etc. It’s all I saw. I never saw anything else. I have never had a relationship, and I don’t really have a lot of faith that I’ll ever have one.

    I am not saying 2 parents are better than one because of amount/quality of love, I’m strictly talking about being able to provide for the child, put them through college, set a good example. That’s all


    No. Not all christians act like nuns, so I’m not going to either.

    Yes I do. I have already explained that I do not know why. I’m in therapy trying to figure out why. Yes, it is. Teens are young, and have no business having sex, given the risks involved. They’re clearly not mature enough to understand the consequences, so they’re not ready. None of them.

    I’m 20. I’m a virgin. I don’t need to “get laid.” Masturbation is a sin. Yes, I’m very uptight. I prefer to solve those issues with prayer, therapy, and medication. Not sex.

    Yes, I have a lot to be offended by, but not all of that stuff really affects me, I was just trying to make a point.

    Yes, on the book smart vs life smart comment. Honestly, I’m a complete idiot. I’ve always just held my parents hands, followed their orders, and had them do stuff for me if it was too scary. As their child, it was my job to live how they wanted me to.

    Yes, but I’m not talking about those people.

    Yes it is. Vocabulary was never my strong suit.

  86. Masturbating is a sin that you choose not to do, but cursing and all this hatred is ok by you? Maybe you should rearrange your priorities a bit. At least masturbating only affects you. No one else even knows about it, whilst hatred and cursing is quite in the open and affects everyone you encounter.

  87. Okay it’s not because it’s sinful, I just couldn’t really think of a decent reason. I just never want to do it. I have no sexual desire, remember? And once again, words are words. God doesn’t really care if I say fuck a few times. I only really hate one or two specific groups of people. Like I said, I’m human. There are no humans that are capable of not hating something or someone. But once again, I just never really think about masturbation. I don’t have any desire to do it.

  88. I would just like to send texasmermaid a high five before I shove these two pencils up my nose and into my brain after reading muepsilongamma’s comments.
    & if masturbation is losing me points on the holy scale, i so fkd anyway, lol.

  89. *I’m

  90. See my first sentences, and stop stereotyping all married couples as miserable people stuck together who don’t love each other.

    No one put forth any stereotypes ~ well, no one other than you.

    Chances are, if that couple had so much rancor in their relationship that she had to lie about being pregnant in order to keep the relationship going, they’re um … not exactly gonna be a happy, well-adjusted, loving couple.

    And that’s of course forgetting the fact that he cheated on her.

    Does really sound like a happy, loving relationship?

    If so, I gotta a bridge in San Francisco I’d be happy to sell you.

    Also, I already explained that my hypothesis was based on every person I know who was born to unmarried parents who didn’t stay together, or to married parents who divorced. There was no exception in the group.

    Really? Are you sure? How on earth ~ unless you were peeping on them in the wee hours of the night ~ would you know that?!?!

    Some of the world’s most dysfunctional couples were lovely and affectionate in public.

    No. Not all christians act like nuns, so I’m not going to either.

    Um … unless you recognize that you act unChristianly and intend on working to change it, that kinda means you’re not a true Christian.

    Or is the Bible wrong?

    Be v-e-e-e-e-e-e-r-y careful in how you answer that.

    If you think the Bible, the basis of the tenets of your faith is wrong and you’re right, you have bigger problems than being an idiot. o_O

  91. First of all, who are you to question my christianity? Who are you to debate whether or not I’m a true christian?! You’re not God, so stop acting like him. I never brought up my religion in any of my arguments, you fuckers did. This time it’s on you.

    No, it doesn’t, and you want to know why? Because they’re kids. They had no business having sex in the first place if they weren’t mature enough to handle their relationship. Kids are idiots.

    Because all of these people are my family and friends. I’ve seen them when no one was around. They didn’t hide anything from me.

    Stay out of my business. You don’t know me, you don’t know my life, and you don’t know my mind. Regardless of my flaws, I’ve got a hell of a future ahead of me and lots of support from my family and friends. I don’t need your approval.

  92. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    My God.

  93. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “Kids are idiots.” So now you are biased against kids too? WOW.

  94. Somebody…

    Shut. This. Bitch. Up.

  95. Wow. Just wow.

  96. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    MEG is an equal opportunity hater. Please check out comment 14 again.

  97. @crimsonal.Thanks. :)

    This was really painful… Kind of like watching a train wreck.

    And I’m definitely off of the ‘holy scale’ if masturbation plays a key in it.

  98. Okay then, what do YOU people want my opinion to be? Go ahead and make a list of what you want me to think and feel. I’ll wait right here.

  99. MEG, I want to eat your pussy until I’m 30 seconds after you beg me to stop.

  100. Um, okay. Gross.um,

  101. Know what? Okay. I’ll lose my virginity. I’ll go to a party, get trashed, and “get laid” because I just can’t take all this uptight anxiety bullshit anymore. After the shooting at my school, and the realization that I may have died, I discovered that I do not want to die a virgin. I just can’t live like this anymore, being “different” and “outdated” and “uptight.” And yeah. I’m bitter as fuck. How could no one want to have sex with me? Am I not pretty enough? It’s not like I would suck at it. I have instincts too. What does it take? Do I have to take off my clothes and wear a great big “fuck me” sign? Cuz you can bet your sweet ass I will. I fucking will.
    And don’t even get me started on anal!

    I’m high as a kite.

    tarted with anal!

    I’m high as a kite.you

  102. Lamebook is fucking up my comments. That looks so anti-climactic with all those weird mistakes. Fuck you lamebook and your horseshit comment bullfuck.

  103. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qG5V2iBvFs&feature=related

  104. Your mother sucks cocks in hell!!

  105. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    MEG, for a christian you don’t seem to understand how hell works. I’m pretty sure the dick sucking would be a feature of Heaven.

  106. Dukey, can you take a joke at all?

  107. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    MEG “show us your tits and shut your motherfucken mouth”.

  108. Gladly! Come on over to Texas and feast your eyes.

  109. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Where exactly in TX?

  110. Austin!

    Excuse the delay, I got drunk and crashed.

  111. OMG! ^^ is that the real Meg that we’ve all come to L- *clears throat* and hate?! Doesn’t sound like her, I don’t buy it.

    DUKEY, PLEASE DO VISIT HER IN TEXAS you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

  112. Yes, it is! My eyes have been opened! I was blind, but now I see! My chains have been broken! I’m not that bitter tight-ass you’ve all come to hate any longer!

  113. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Ok then, So I start from H town and get on 290 and in a couple of hrs I get to see some tits? Maybe I should try I-10 if they don’t have any construction.

  114. I don’t know, I’m not from here. But yes, if you show up, you get to see tits. I mean come on, who am I to keep these all to myself? How rude would that be?!

  115. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Or maybe I should realize that I don’t live in TX anymore and I am a couple of continents away from TX. And also that seeing a few tits =/= handsome reward.

  116. But absolutely no abducting and raping! And no killing! That’s just not cool.

  117. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    No raping or killing? Absolutely? Then count me out.

  118. Aww that sucks. Hey now, my boobs are most definitely a handsome reward!

  119. What’s with the awkward silence?

  120. First of all, who are you to question my christianity?
    I’m not questioning your Christianity, just pointing out where you and the Bible (the basis for the tenets of the Christian Faith) diverge. And how. o_O

    Whyn’t you take a sec and Google “Projecting?”

    Who are you to debate whether or not I’m a true christian?!

    See above. Thanks. ;)

    You’re not God, so stop acting like him.

    Pointing out your numerous fails counts as “acting like God?”

    Do you use that line of bullshit on teachers, too? o_O

    I never brought up my religion in any of my arguments, you fuckers did. This time it’s on you.

    You said: “Yes, being a christian is all about love, but we’re human.”

    That’s not bringing religion into your arguments? Wow.

    Is that back-pedaling part of an exercise plan?! o_O

    Because all of these people are my family and friends. I’ve seen them when no one was around. They didn’t hide anything from me.

    Sooo …. you’re saying they fucked right in front of you?

    Is that why you’re so fucked up, now?

    Stay out of my business.


    Um … once you dribbled your ridiculous bullshit all over teh interwebs, you kinda made it everyone’s business, Sweet Pea.

    You don’t know me, you don’t know my life, and you don’t know my mind.

    That’s true. You’d have to have a mind for anyone to “know it.”

    Regardless of my flaws, I’ve got a hell of a future ahead of me and lots of support from my family and friends.

    Apparently, not if you get pregnant.

    Intolerant of human mistakes? Racist? Bigoted? Yeah …. helluva support system you got there, Toots.

    Unless you’re the fucked up one and everyone else is normal?

    I don’t need your approval.

    Then why do you insist on “defending” your position? :)

  121. Yes, it is! My eyes have been opened! I was blind, but now I see! My chains have been broken! I’m not that bitter tight-ass you’ve all come to hate any longer!

    Don’t worry, Sweet Pea. You’ll be fine in a few hours ~ once the Thorazine wears off. XD

  122. Goodness, I think cr3a7v3m1nd needs to “get laid” as well.

  123. LOL, you wish. :)

    But seriously … what a very clever little girl you must be!! Think of that little bon mot all by your little ol’ self?

    Wonder how many brain cells died to produce that one? o_O

    BTW, even if your tits were gold-plated and sang “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” they’d not be special enough to warrant putting up your wannabe-trolling-mentally-deficient-bigoted-narrow-minded arse long enough to just see them.

  124. Ooooohh I’m so offended by your words. Omg I’m gonna cry; I guess i’ll go kill myself now!

    Seriously, pull the stick out of your ass and grow up. Jeezus.

  125. Ooooohh I’m so offended by your words.

    Really? I didn’t think you’d understand half of them without a dictionary. ;)

    Omg I’m gonna cry; I guess i’ll go kill myself now!

    Go ahead. Put the rest of your so-called brain cells out of their misery. It’d be a kindness.

    Seriously, pull the stick out of your ass and grow up. Jeezus.

    Why? Did you lose yours?

    Seriously, coming from little Miss-I-hate-everybody racist nitwit? PKB, anyone? o_O

  126. Dude, what is your problem? You must be so insecure to drag out this argument with petty insults like that. I actually feel sorry for you.

  127. Nd to taell someone to kill themself? Even I wouldn’t say that. You got issues, dude. Seek help.

  128. Nd to taell someone to kill themself? Even I wouldn’t say that. You got issues, dude. Seek help.


    Just trying to be supportive. The kinda support you show others, yannow?

    Um … yeah … me seek help? I’m just hating on you Cuppycake. You have issues with teenage moms, single parents, gays, minorities, masturbation … anything I forgot to mention?

    Is there anyone, aside from whatever friend or family member was fucked up enough to fuck in front of you, that you don’t hate? Just curious.

  129. Correction: I hate teen moms, and only teen moms. That is all.

  130. Okay. Fine. But why do you hate teen moms?

    What the fuck ever happened to hating the situation?? Why personalize it and hate people who just made some bad decisions?

    What the fuck did they ever do to you personally?

  131. It is a psychological phenomenon that I am unable to explain at this time. With more therapy, I will have an answer. I simply don’t have it now.

  132. O.K., what I’m going to do now is try and help you. Look up the verses below, a small section of the thousands like them in the Bible. Perhaps the realisation that to further yourself in your endeavour to become more God-like you need to rid yourself of your hatred will help you on the road to doing so, your therapist is obviously not getting very far so perhaps these will help.

    Ecclesiastes 7:20-22
    Matthew 5:7, 7:1-5, 18:21-35
    Mark 11:25-26
    Luke 6:36-42
    John 8:7
    Colossians 3:12-13
    Titus 3:1-7
    James 2:13

    If you only have the time to look up one, make it this one, as it is probably the one that is the most relevant to you: Ephesians 4:31-32

    Also look up Romans 12:12, one of my favourite verses. Keep it in mind to help you through your troubles.

    To everyone else on the board: I’m sorry for putting ‘Christian bible crap’ on the thread, I kept it to locations rather than listing the verses themselves so you don’t have to read them.

  133. there are many things i can say in defense of teen moms…because i happen to be one, i got pregnant at 16, had my baby at 17, graduated from high school a month later, and am 18 now. But you know what? I’m not going to. I could get mad and offended and rant, but its a wast of my energy. I for one, have actually grown up, as it seems Mue has yet to do. She has yet to realize that her opinion does not matter. Maybe one day, something will happen in her life that will make her realize not ALL teen moms and sinful, heathen whores.


  134. Way to miss the whole thread, candidcamera.
    And if you don’t want to get mad and rant, then why did you just do it?

  135. i didnt rant. do you want me to?

    and by all means, tell me the point of the thread? deadbeat dads suck? well my son has got one of those, but i imagine you will claim it is my fault for getting pregnant in the first place. and if that is the point then why do you keep insisting on bringing up teen moms?

  136. Actually no, it’s both of your faults. Yours and the father’s. You both should have known better. But yeah, that was a rant. Anything involving a “life story” is a rant.
    And I actually only bring up teen moms if it’s relevant to the post. But everyone else on this site who knows of my hatred for teen moms brings it up every time I comment on a post – regardless of what the post is about.

  137. and do you think that just because im 18 that i cannot take care of my child?

  138. Okay after this I’m done.
    Yes, I do. You don’t have a college education, you don’t have a stable career, you don’t have a husband. You cannot provide for your child without those things.

  139. you have no idea what youre talking about. i just hope you realize that one day. and who said i wasnt married? im in college right now and i and my husband both have well paying jobs. hes not the father but he teats my son as his own. Do not even presume to know what your talking about.

  140. Please tell me that your college courses include a class on English, and that you’re paying very, very close attention.

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