Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Corrupt Connections

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  1. MsBuzzkillington

    Kirsty…. Kirsty… Kirsty

  2. Wow! Someone alert the neutering police! None of these people should breed!

  3. I hate people like Kirsty.
    I’m having major personal problems! Must tell everyone!

  4. vaginalroundhouse

    The good ol’ “show me your tits and I’ll show you my cock” ploy.

  5. I disagree, agenda. If these people don’t propagate, who will we laugh at?

  6. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Oh god. So many idiots. My head hurts.

    Oh, and I believe that what Walter is doing is called extortion. He has a point though. Everybody’s a lot easier to like when they’re on their knees.

  7. The accusers are usually the doers!

  8. I don’ know, nintendo, I just know that if they continue to breed like rabbits, eventually the weirdos will be the smart. I feel like a minority already!

  9. Hey, agenda, about those weirdos… too late!

  10. “After you decided to become Robin’s friend again without asking.”

    He’s better off without her.

  11. I know, disturbed, sad but so true

  12. I would categorize the second one as an abusive relationship, unless Walter is just taking the piss…

  13. CommentsAtLarge

    “I love you, just sometimes a little less when not on your knees” – takes balls to use that line in an apology. Wonder if Hallmark is hiring, he’d be perfect for them…

  14. Ouch.

  15. I never made it to the second or third post because I’m still trying to imagine how one could perform oral sex and play World of Warcraft simultaneously. I assume a wireless mouse would be heavily involved.

  16. Teo, I have the solution to that. He would simply just use her wireless mouse, complete with a scroll button in the middle, and finger touch pads.

  17. 1. She’s obviously a controlling insecure bitch to require her partner asking permission to have a friend of the opposite sex. No wonder the divorce rate is so high….more and more cases of absolutely no trust and controlling each other.

    On his end, he’s a pig for wanting to cheat with the friend, though Katy deserves it.

    2 and 3 made me stick my head in an oven for humanity.

  18. Wow…you guys have never been in a long term relationship…HAVE YOU?
    No, she isn’t a controlling bitch… I’m betting this robin girl is an EX of his if he told her he would love to eat her out.
    Fucking RIDICULOUS, my hubby is friends with a few of his ex’s but he had the tact and COURTESY to ask me if it was alright when he decided to reconnect with them.
    So yeah..I think asking PERMISSION to talk/add/see an EX is the RIGHT protocol for someone in an apparent long term relationship.

  19. ^^agreed.

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    #1 Justin needs to reclaim his balls and realize that an open relationship is a blessing.

    #2 Walter’s reply is just awesome! HAHAHAH that’s the first time I have ever seen someone end a plea with a blackmailing threat.

    #3 What?

  21. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’ve gotten about 6 “Your comment is awaiting moderation“s While tying to point out what a bleeding ( |_| NT MistressSlayer must be to think that her husband (an independent fucking human being) needs her permission to have friends just because he is in a relationship with her. And then disguising it as courtesy. If you are that fucking insecure and distrustful then break up with him you monogamous fuckwit.

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    If he is stupid enough to actually ask for your permission, then congrats on finding some ball-lacking pussy to do your bidding.

    I guess I need to add The Russian to that list.

  23. Uhm…I ask him too.. its called BEING EQUAL AND RESPECTFUL. Something obviously you have no idea about.
    I’m not jealous or controlling..neither is he.
    I have male friends…he has female friends. Never was an ISSUE…
    The ONLY people he asked about, and I asked him about would be EX’S…
    Fucking retard.

  24. IT LOOKS very apparent that Robin is this kid’s EX-girlfriend.
    The whole “add her again.” thing.

  25. Maybe you need to learn to fucking read and comprehend properly and pull that huge head of your out of your ass?
    I’m pretty sure I V-E-R-Y clearly said Ex’s.

    Ever been in a L-O-N-G T-E-R-M relationship, Dukey? Doesn’t sound like it.
    HONESTLY tell me if you would be PERFECTLY happy about any future girlfriends acquiring friendships with her Ex’s again after you two have gotten together?
    Anything other than a yes you might feel a bit OFF about it…is complete fucking bullshit.

  26. Yeah, I agree with MistressSlayer. It’s not like he needs permission to have any friends. She’d just prefer it if he gave her a heads up that he was about be hanging out with someone he plans to give head to. Makes perfect sense to me. The guy’s an asshole. (Although, if he’s saying stuff like that to other girls, clearly the lack of permission to be friends is not a hindrance to him, and I’d have broken up with him after hearing he said that to another girl in the first place.)

  27. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    MistressSlayer Yeah that’s called insecurity you fuckwit c ||nt. If you don’t trust them to be friends with their ex then why the hell are you still in the relationship with them?

    lametothemin “a heads up” is very different from “permission”. Permission implies that she has the power to refuse it. Which, again, is why I think MistressSlayer has her husband’s balls in her purse. And yes I do think the guy above is a dumbass as I mentioned earlier. And final question, Why is she still in a relationship with him after hearing him?

  28. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    MistressSlayer unless of course the deciding factor here is your personal pride, then again congrats.

  29. No. It’s called tact. He would rather me KNOW then for me to find out elsewhere.
    The same as I WOULD let him know before I went and hung out with an Ex.
    He’s never had a problem with my male friends and I definitely do NOT have a problem with him hanging out with his female friends. Half the time we don’t even tell each other until after the “hanging out” has happened.

    Yeah..that sounds SO insecure….. My man isn’t AFRAID of me saying no or not allowing he. He felt the need to let me KNOW.
    Maybe you might be a secretive ass…doesn’t mean either me or my hubby are. We are open with the things going on in our lives. Again, it is called RESPECT. He respects my feelings, as I respect his. He wouldn’t have asked if he had any inkling that I would say no because I’m such a suspicious bitch…eh?

    He’s never gotten the idea that I’m jealous..the same as I’ve never seen him be jealous. Again, I’ll say…get your head out of your ass.

  30. I like how fighting posts = fighting lamebook commentators

  31. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Okay, so he ISN’T asking for your permission then dumbass, he is just giving you a heads up.

    Permission is what 12 year olds ask for.

    See my point here? Your husband is an independent person. That means he can be friends with whoever the fuck he wants to regardless of your relationship.

  32. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Yeah Hawkbit as you can tell I’m bored as hell watching the new Norm Macdonald sports show and trying to complete a business plan for this new firm.

  33. No. He is asking for my permission.
    I have enough trust in him to not say NO to the question he is asking.
    If I did say NO, then I can see where the conclusion about me being some controlling, jealous bitch came from.
    It’s not a “I am going to go see so-and-so.” It’s a “Can I…?” There is a clear difference.
    Sorry you don’t get it?

  34. Oh, and also, how would I have his balls in my purse…when I show him the SAME respect and courtesy and ask the same things from him?
    Wow…your relationships must not have an equal balance if this is the way you really think things should be.
    Glad to know you are a sexist…C-U-N-T.

  35. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    How do you not see the fucking lack of logic in your comments?

    Permission with 0% potential for denial is a fucking formality, it is just a heads up.

  36. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Oh sorry I forgot to add “You bleeding cunt “in the last comment, to maintain the sexist image.

  37. Durrrrrrrrrrrrrp.

  38. Eh…even though your comment was dripping with sarcasm…you already called me a “bleeding cunt” ages ago.
    So yes, I do stand by what I said.
    You are a sexist.

    Fyi…I could deny at any point and time, if I didn’t trust whomever the other person was.

  39. Wow, I think the issue was more the offering to eat her out part…yeah…that’s what I’m sticking with.

  40. Am I the only one who found Justin’s profile picture hilarious?
    Especially where it has the lovely couple’s pictures together…

  41. …that’s more like it. FWIW I’m on team Dukey (purely for the pedantry nature of the argument).

    Anyone up for a cock/tits photo swapsie? Lol Jk I already have pictures of most of you naked.

  42. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I would class MistressSlayer’s marriage as an abusive relationship.

  43. On a completely unrelated note, why did Lamebook blur out Justin’s picture next to the comment, but didn’t bother to do so in the 2 occurences directly above that?

  44. The “without asking” part also threw me, until I read the rest of the post. Perhaps the reason Katy doesn’t trust Justin, is because Justin is not trust-worthy.

  45. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Oh fuck I forgot to add, don’t soak your tampons in vinegar, it makes you a sour puss.

  46. Shit Paranoid, is that where that cock pic on my phone came from? I told the hubbie I just couldn’t work it out!

  47. curlybap – Yeah, was an obscure camera angle, tried to get my balls in.

  48. I’m with teo. I can only focus on the last line of Katy’s comment. WoW… in more ways than one.

  49. @drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff
    I bet.

  50. They DO randomly change them every couple of months…

  51. Dammit, my 1st comment’s awaiting moderation. Well, I’m not making sense, for a change.

  52. It’s sad to see the immature, abusive reactions of some people towards the less-insane couple tableaux, like Katy and Justin’s. Relationships are built on agreements, and Justin obviously violated one that Katy & he had previously discussed, hence her response.
    Calling her a controlling b!tch, or him a pantywaist, or other posters cun+s, says everything about how so few folks understand what it takes to have a relationship: couples make decisions for themselves about what their own rules of conduct are supposed to be (and consequences for transgressing them).

  53. Exclusive relationships are so overrated anyway. You call them less insane, I call them oppressive.
    I’m all for gaming sex.

  54. Relax folks, we have a relationship guru in our midst to tell us what we’re doing wrong, prepare to be enlightened/Wallaced.

    Re: Gaming sex, yes.

  55. Paranoid – Ah right. Maybe you should try from another angle … just so I can be sure ;)

  56. Anyone else want a picture of my cock and balls? Here you go, knock yourselves out


  57. fenchurch & MistressSlayer- you’re not welcome here. Kindly fuck off.

  58. … and your husbands balls can stay MS, I’m pretty sure Mofo can put them to good use.

  59. Oh, Paranoid… I’m so tempted to check out that link.

  60. Oh wandr do it, I would except I’m sure it’s NSFW!

  61. Ps does anyone know why the dashboard thingy isn’t working? Please tell me it isn’t just me!

  62. @MistressSlayer: u clearly seem to be on a different page than Dukey. Plus, he is perfectly right. grownups don’t ask for permission, they can let u know which IS actually different unless ur a controlling bitch (hypothetically) that makes him ask for permission. And not every married couple fuckin cares about their spouses hanging out with their friends of the opposite sex, ex or not. i happen to know at least two or three that would tell you they don’t give a shit cuz they know at the end of the day their spouse won’t find a better person than them and they will come back. So not every has to give a heads up. Relationships are subjective, so to get all pissy is, for lack of a better word, gay

  63. Curly, the fact that I’m sure it NSFW is exactly why I’m NOT checking it out right now.
    I don’t mind being traumatized for life and/or turned on, as long as I’m already home. Aren’t you off work yet?

  64. Saffer…stfu. (:

    You married?
    Every been in a committed relationship?
    I very much doubt it, hunny.
    You’ve got to be just as fucking S-I-N-G-L-E as dukey.
    Since I’ve got PLENTY of married friends, I’m pretty damn sure they all would like to have a “heads up” as you are saying about their spouses seeing an EX.
    I have no suspicions I would even lose my hubby to an Ex…but in the end that person IS an ex.
    Obviously they aren’t together for certain reasons, doesn’t excuse the fact at one point and time they thought they would end up together “forever and ever” or whatever the fuck.

    As I said..its a sign of TACT and RESPECT to give the other spouse a “heads up” in the form of a question.

  65. Subjective- existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the object of thought

    Straight from the dictionary for you. If you still need it spoon fed to you, here you go: When using the word subjective pertaining to relationships it means that the definition will be different for everyone. So pretty much everyone thinks of relationships differently. And to be honest i was trying say what i said in nice way and you decided to be a bitch and just assume i’ve never been in a committed relationship. You don’t know shit about me, I’ve been in a relationship for 2 years going on 3. All your dumbass has been doing is spewing large amounts of shit at anyone that had a differing opinion than yours. Get off ur little high horse and stop pretending you’re better than anyone. Ur just a fucking normal person that sits at home and bitches on the internet like everyone else in the world. one more thing, don’t call me hunny, I aint ur son

  66. Missy Slayer up there ^

    I’m confused. From here, I see only half the comment numbers. I also see only 62 comments AND I see myself as having written 47 and 57, among others.
    Are you talkin’ to me?

    If so, I don’t see why you are, BUT! I’m sure you’re all dying to know, so I’ll be my narcissistic self and enlighten us all.

    Yes. I’m married. To Dukey (Hi babe! Newsflash, we’re married and I don’t care to ask permission first)

    Dukey-love, I’m just letting you know I’ll be fucking Paranoid’s gaming brains out later on. That’s fine with you.

    Carry on

  67. Oh! You were talking to him? Sorry porkurtree

    You guys really have to start using names. Really

    Well, I’m sure you were all wetting yourself to know about me anyway.

  68. CommentsAtLarge

    The rest of this comment war faded away after “gaming sex”.

    Also Curly, can’t tell you what’s up with the dashboard, but I can tell you it’s not just you.

  69. and the winner for the truly classic comment goes too…….Hawkbit at @28!

    Good observation.

  70. I’d like to have gaming sex, too, wandr. If only to see how it would work.

    You definitely need to change your camera angle, Paranoid. That pic makes it look like you have 4 balls.

    For some unknown reason, they’ve disabled it, curly. And all this comment moderation has gotten beyond ridiculous. Lamebook, you keep finding ways to drive away commenters, don’t you? Keep up the good work.

  71. @MistressSlayer GIVE IT A FUCKING REST. Your constant defense of your relationship, over an online forum meant for lameness and laughs, just proves how insecure you are with your relationship.

    Sidenote: I don’t fucking understand why or how people can try to ruin a comment thread with an argument. Especially with people you don’t know. It’s childish and absurd. Can’t we all just focus on the posts and stop being stiff dickheads. There’s just too much animosity on the internet anymore. Fuck.

  72. It’s an open party, wordy. We’ll figure this out, 4 balls and all

    Maybe the promise of sex will bring the masses back. God knows it would work for me!

  73. I once had my balls in a purse. It was amazing when I started to ejaculate. Oh the pressure!

  74. Does no one else notice that the boyfriends picture is a guy pointing at her with the words “Object” under his arm. He sees his girlfriend as an object is that fucked

  75. @caloreen I hope you’re kidding. It says iObject, a play on words from the Apple product lineup, i(Apple product here).

    1. anything that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form.
    verb (used without object)
    10. to offer a reason or argument in opposition.

    There’s a difference, learn it.

    Otherwise, nice trolling? sorta..

  76. Kirsty…something, something, something, obscenity regarding sluts… corny lead in line followed by the punchline Dick-ta-phone.

    This is my new style of build your own joke comment.

    Wordy It’s a real fucking ball ache ain’t it?! I have to fuck around for ages making things work now, being offensive has never been so awkward.

    Mistress Fatwife If you told me I wasn’t allowed to see any of my ex’s I wouldn’t mind…. Their all dead.

  77. Wordy It’s a real fucking ball ache ain’t it?! I have to fuck around for ages making things work now, being offensive has never been so awkward. (this is my fith shot at getting this comment through moderation)

    Mistress Fatwife If you told me I wasn’t allowed to see any of my ex’s I wouldn’t mind…. Their all dead.

  78. Something, something, something, obscenity regarding females genetalia… corny lead in line followed by the punchline Dictaphone.

    This is my new style of build your own joke comment.

    (this was the bit the kept not letting through with all swear words removed!?)

  79. Tailored to fit everyone’s sense of humor (or lack thereof). Brilliant.

    Does anything ever come out of the wet, dark abyss of moderation? I’ve been awaiting moderation for over 24 hours. I’m not a patient woman

  80. Nope nothing makes it out of their alive it’s a bit like Lilly Allen.

    Funnily enough only the removal of the name K irsty let it through in the end?!

  81. Are you guys serious? The guy befriended his ex after asking to eat her out? Yes, I think he should ask his girlfriend if it is alright to be friends with Robin again. It isn’t in a controlling sense, but by a way of respect. Not that this is the greatest example, just like a parent asking a child to do something when it is really a demand–being respectful. Befriended an ex is different that befriended a person you haven’t dated. Also, it is not an insecurity, but being aware of your significant other’s past relationships. So, the girl is justified if she feels insecure because he is not trustworthy.

  82. let’s argue a little more. maybe the people that made the status will see it. OH WAIT. they won’t.

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