Friday, July 24, 2009

Confidence Reeks

Confidence Reeks

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  1. You stupid bitch. You’re ugly.


  2. Oh I’m sorry. Do you have an alibi? What’s that? You don’t?

  3. I don’t think anybody’s gonna top Jonas’s comment!

  4. I guess you can’t help the fact that you’re a despicable cunt either, huh?

  5. Yes, as I was loudly complaining about your “ugly” comment at the gym, several men sensed my insecurity and immediately told me, from the bottom of their hearts, that I am beautiful. Then they asked for bj’s. See? I’m not ugly!

  6. Well it’s a good thing you found your best trait. Better entrap a man in marriage and a kid before you hit 30 and start losing value on a daily basis. We all know you won’t have any worthwhile life skills or education that gives you value.

  7. Bahahaha!…

    How adorable. She actually believes what random guys at the gym tell her. Yeah sweetie, like they are really going to tell you your an ugly bitch to your face. They are probably thinking, “Why the fuck does this whore think I care about her high school drama? Maybe if I act like I care she will blow me and shut the fuck up”.

    This is the most gullible, conceded, tacky, stupid, dimwitted bitch I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading.

  8. lol @ ‘confidence reeks, but in a perfumery way’

    i hate to break it to you Brittany (most annoying name EVER!) yours smells like poopoo.

  9. OH boy do I have words for this one.

    You may be pretty but your attitude is ugly, your spelling horrendous (or as you would say toootally houuurendousssss)and your intelligence non existent. Random guys at the gym? They probably over heard because you were blabbing as loud as annoyingly possible in the hopes that they would make a comment because you are an attention whore. Oh I’m sorry, attentionnnn whoreeeee.

    And here is a wake up call… there are millions of gorgeous girls in the world. Girls kinder, smarter and more mature then you. How about using your energy for something real instead of acting like a high school drama queen all over in the hopes that you will have your ego boosted another notch.

    If this bitch gets cancer tomorrow maybe she’ll realize how stupid it was to waste her time being so shallow.

  10. Well said Mandy and Jonas.

    And to the bitch on facbook, just because you’re beautiful, doesn’t mean you’re interesting or even worth listening to. I hope you have fun doing nothing with your life.

  11. This just makes me angry.

  12. Why are girls named “Brittany” always horrible people?

  13. get over yourself and shuttup.

  14. Come one guys,

    Porn stars have to come from somewhere.

  15. Er, come on*

  16. disgusting. get a life

  17. “free drinks free dinners free tanning”


  18. and LOL to MJ

  19. what wastes of space

  20. Scary thing is, the world is filled with people this ignorant and shallow. Who cares how pretty you are on the outside when you’re disgusting and empty on the inside?

  21. if anyone knows this girl, please post her last name as well on this thread. I really want to send her a personal fb message telling her that she really is ugly on the inside

  22. Eh, I wouldn’t worry about flaming her.
    She’ll be used-up damaged goods by the time she’s twenty-two.

  23. heyyy, fuck you guys! i’m not and you are not WOOT WOOT

  24. WOOT WOOT-you’re a whore & I’m not.

    Robert wins the lame prize IMO for waiting a whole minute before burying his nose up Hosey McHoseawitz’s ass. Dude, unless you’re sporting a fat roll of 100′s, she ain’t banging you.

  25. oxygen thieves!!


  27. Even more sad…if you look at her profile, she is a
    mother of a toddler. What a waste of a human.

  28. She’s average looking…at best. Kind of goofy-faced, actually. Her friend is no great shakes either. Maybe they pass for “hot” in their little circle, but in reality they’re nothing that special. If I called an escort service and they sent one of those two girls over, I’d quite frankly be disappointed.

  29. The whole time I was reading this… I thought she was in jr high because she mentioned it being “high school drama” or what ever.

    ahhhh hahaha

  30. This is straight from her Facebook profile..

    “Vanessa Dailey dear lane, thank you FINALLY giving me my student loans 1 month and 2 days late. fuck you & finally i can buy that pretty louis vuitton bag ive been lusting after and furnish my apartment :)

    What a disgusting slimy bag of wasting skin.

  31. LMFAO! These girls would not even be considered average where I live. There are hundreds of girls that look just like them; they’d fit right in on Long Island. Instead of being concerned with free dinners and free tanning, maybe she be concerned about diapers for her child. Poor kid.

  32. I just went and looked at her photos too. I can’t beleive she is a mom. I just want to slap the shit out of her and tell her to get her head out of the clouds. Shes mother now… ACT LIKE IT!

  33. *she should be concerned

    Also, LOL at what Mandy just posted. Using student loans for that? What a disgrace.

  34. Yeah man I looked at her pics too, she is definitely NOT pretty. I wouldn’t sleep with her if she paid me. She has a HUGE nose, annoying hair, way too dark of a tan. You can tell she tries WAY too hard and thinks way to high of herself.

  35. She made her FB private now. BAWWWWWWWWWW, what a stupid bitch. Someone needs to take her child away from her based on those status updates I saw on the profile.

  36. I would like to take back my comment that she is pretty. I assumed with all of her blabbing about guys that she was at least halfway decent looking. Now that I can actually see what she looks like she is not pretty at all. She looks like an average snob.

  37. Her Jay Leno-ish chin and lack of an upper lip is seriously irking me. Ugly was right.

  38. LOL @ Jay Leno Chin!

  39. Her nose is huge.
    You could use that shit as a dildo.

  40. “free tanning”

    It’s also called ‘the sun’.

  41. Some of you guys are behaving exactly like her, which is as sad.

  42. Bitch ain’t got no lips.

  43. I’m not going to say anything about her looks or her child… but that one remark “someone needs to keep better tabs on her boyfriend at night” is just… wow. You’re bragging about sleeping with a high school chick’s boyfriend? What a sad, sad person.

  44. Dratic ftw

  45. Someone needs to direct this girl to these comments. I’d love to see her reaction. What a bitch.

  46. Her pictures are classic “Cam Whore”. Here is a list directly from encyclopediadramatica’s website. She hits on every single one of them.

    1.Throwing up a peace sign
    2.Feigned surprise
    3.The classic “what-everrrrrr”
    4.Mouth slightly open; seductive “please f*** me” expression
    5.Eyes focused on something very interesting happening on the right that is not in the picture. (she did this over and over)

    She’s also the classic high school myspace user.

    1.Photos taken in bathroom.
    3.Bangs covering everything but nose and mouth
    4.Posing in the same bathroom mirror in vast amounts of “sexy” outfits like some kind of fashion show at hooters.

    If anyone missed her status updates just look up Attention Whore.

  47. oh Dratic, you said exactly what I was thinking. Can we snuggle now?

  48. I think all of us from lamebook should send her a message saying she’s ugly. Despite the risks of being punished for cyberbullying, it’s worth it.

  49. hahaha i agree lilly, let’s do it..what a bitch that girl is!

  50. what’s y’all problem? i’m just so fabulous!! eat it up haters i’m better then you. WOOT WOOT

  51. vanessa,

    you are a busted-ass bitch with a shitty personality. get your head out of your ass, stop cheating with other people’s boyfriends and take care of your fucking child.

    that DOES NOT include using your student loans on purses, you waste of sperm.

  52. i can’t hear you i am too busy buying things and being hella hot. i bet your boyfriend doesn’t have ed hardy shirts! hahaha you are all pathetic and i rule. V-DUBS OUT

  53. Not cocky at all, ey.

  54. I doubt that’s really Vanessa…

    1) She doesn’t talk like that, at all!
    2) She HATES ed hardy
    3) V-DUBS….wtf? really?

    Vanessa has better things to do than post on an immature little hate site.

  55. What a complete moron. I am ashamed to even be of the same gender. Why in hell would anyone spend student loan money on an over priced bag? What a loser and a complete waste of oxygen.

  56. you’re right amy, i do have better thangs to do gurl. like yo man! now i’m going to go to a kings of leon show and rawk out all night drinking wine coolers! WOOT WOOT

  57. lol @ amy
    “immature little hate site.”

    it’s not a hate site, sweetie. it’s where people come to laugh at trashy little bitches/online stupidity.

  58. “Vanessa has better things to do than post on an immature little hate site.”-amy

    Wait, we have screen capture evidence that she posts on an immature little hate site called facebook. See the picture at the top of this page for said evidence. ^

  59. I’m so glad I don’t know them.

  60. May be she should tell those folks buying her the free dinners, tans etc. that she wants a LV bag and furniture. Instead of throwing away student loan money on that stuff she can put it towards a nose job and lip injections I mean school tuition.

  61. *maybe

  62. Ed Hardy is so 2000 and late.

  63. Wow. These girls are so conceited and stupid. The sooner they realize that no one cares about them, the better off everyone will be. Seriously, no one really cares if you are pretty or not, and you probably get free stuff because you’re a slut.

    Oh, and you’re ugly, inside and out.

  64. i’m hotter then you

  65. Whoever keeps posting as “Vanessa” need to learn the difference between “than” and “then” it’s really annoying.

  66. you need to know the difference between your mom and your dad

  67. Can that statement even be classified as a comeback?

  68. Nope. It can’t. She fails at life.

  69. Kelly
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    Now let’s cut a rug while we scat some jazz


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  70. SHUTUP.

  71. no u

  72. Wankallypoop

  73. Vanessa you’re a cunt that is so ugly you have to compliment yourself on facebook…seriously that is SAD and I have no doubt you have so many self-esteem issues.

  74. Wow. Way to copy and paste 8 year old song lyrics as a comeback. So inventive. No, really I am impressed. Did they teach you that in college? Oh wait, that can’t be it–you spent your loan money on a stupid bag. Whore.

  75. Here, I’ll do you a favor. I’ll use them In a sentence.

    I’m hotter THAN you.

    We all thought she might have been hot, but THEN we followed the link to her photo.

  76. I don’t think the real Vanessa is the one posting stuff. I think the someone is just trying to get a reaction the real eal Vanessa is probably silenced to shame. She should be ashamed of herself, I think it’s time for us to back off though. Some of this stuff is really mean.

  77. Kstreet she’s a mean person, she can take it.

  78. Why ain’t anybody saying anything about Brittany!? Her comments were dumb, and shallow too.

  79. They are both dumb whores.


  81. Cannot stop laughing at “perfumery.”


  82. Chicks like this are why the phrase “shut up and put my dick back in your mouth” was invented.

  83. O.o
    I think, up to comment 12 or 13 on this page, it was funny.
    Afterward, it’s just not funny anymore, just a bit harsh. It’s just people rubbing in the same thing over and over again.

  84. Methinks she doth protest too much

  85. doing it wrong is doubly bad when you’re trying to quote bill shakes

  86. you can’t have me, vanessa

  87. Can’t find her pics. Anybody know where I can see?

  88. and we r soo pretty and those girls r just jealous bitches. *trying on clothes at vanessa’s house8 omg i have that same skirt. well i look pretty ofcourse. no i look prettier. no i look prettierer. you’re such a jealous bitch. no you such a jealous bitch. *big brother passes by* you’re both ugly and both bitches, now shut up in doing my homework.god damn 12 yr olds these days.

  89. I always thought this site was pretty funny. Yet, using her status and my comments was pretty pathetic low blow. It’s not even worth being on here. This is cyber-bullying.

  90. suck it up princess

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