Monday, March 29, 2010

Colorful Comments

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  1. wow, i assumed the like on kelly’s post was the lame part, and then i read emma’s comment. quality friends that one has.

  2. Kelly has some fucked up friends. Joey sounds bitter.

  3. lol’d hard at the first one : D

  4. ElasticFireCracker

    How passive agressive of Joey. I kinda like it…

  5. Is guys a variety of alcohol or something?

  6. Magically Suspicious

    5 Guys Burgers and Fries is a restaurant chain.

  7. Magically, you ruined it for me. I’d much rather go with the alternative.

  8. Magically Suspicious

    Then I retract my comment.

    Obviously, Francisco is a whore to the nth degree.

  9. I don’t get the 1st one.. can someone please explain?

  10. @Nox To be blunt, “Pulling Out” means to withdraw before coming inside a woman whilst having sex so that she won’t get pregnant

  11. And jizz is slang for semen, yet slightly saltier tasting.

  12. 5 guys is a repeat, isn’t it? I definitely remember seeing it…

  13. Nah, pulling out in time means getting out of the relationship before she realizes you already got her pregnant. I mean, wheres the fun in pulling out of the vag?

  14. @Nox on and jizz is slang for male cum

  15. How old are you Nox? If you don’t get the first one then you might be a bit too young or naive for this site…

  16. @ Blackcloud ah so you don’t get pregnant. Do you skip highschool sex ed?

  17. I dropped out, 7th grade. Did they really teach you this method of birth control in high school sex ed? Mightve saved me a lot of time and money had I learned this then. But by then I already had 3 children.

  18. @BlacklCloud

    Pulling out only works in the doggy position… if it’s missionary, you could still get her pregnant.

    Btw, what’s the term for when a girl is on top? It’s not really “pulling out” then, it’s more that she’s “lifting off”, right?


  19. mc, I imagine it to be quite difficult to pull out adeptly in that position. Not the best one if you want to get the load out of the way.

  20. And by load I mean the semen, not the girl, before you say anything.

  21. Reverse cow girl?

  22. @word

    When I pull out, I pull out so hard that the girl is out the door before my load exits the runway.

  23. You’re a ladykiller, no doubt.

  24. @ Blackcloud they didn’t teach it at sex ed but they did say one of the ways is: abstinence, birth control or withdrawl but the last one was kind of a joke and not encouraged as not every guy would do this and there’s still the risk of pregnancy and or infection. Isn’t 7th grade like 12 or something? You dropped out that early?

  25. Black, I would see the girl ending up flat on her face if the guy pushed her off in that position, but by the sounds, that probably wouldn’t bother you?

  26. Magically Suspicious

    I thought ‘pulling out’ was a traffic reference. Your way makes it way funnier.

  27. @kiwi, I was held back like 4 times. I was 16 when it happened.

    @word, That actually kind of turns me on just thinking about it.

  28. @Black well that sucks

  29. You don’t call yourself BlackCloud for nothing.

  30. 7th grade are be hard on mie teeny brian.

  31. I know some people have difficulty picking up on things but seriously held back 4 times in 7th grade? Aren’t they just colouring in bar graphs in maths and reading goosebumps for English?

  32. I think Black is fucking with you kiwi, but who can tell?

  33. I hope he is cos’ that’s just fucked lol

  34. @ kiwi im pretty sure thats what they do in 7th grade.
    @ BlackCloud you totally made my day.

    I think this is one of those posts where the comments are way better then the actual post…

  35. whoo needz skul ne wais. Thug life.

  36. Black is our God! With his guidance we’ll get rid of the spawn of the uneducated! Hail!

  37. My step-brother was removed from school because he became too old. Apparently when you hit 21 you are no longer allowed in High School. When it is illegal to date your classmates, there is a distinct issue.

  38. Haha ok now I know that you’re taking the piss lol

  39. I liked the new explanation for pulling out meaning, get the hell out of dodge before she finds out she’s pregnant, lol
    blackcloud made my day with that one

  40. I have nothing to say but… Emma… wow… you inconsiderate fuck.

    Anonymous abuse is fun.

  41. @kiwi
    He said he had 3 children in 7th grade (which I think is like our year 8 in NZ) and you only just got then that he was taking the piss?

  42. Francisco was told by his friend Paige to “reword” his status. Maybe my mind is too dirty, but what other meaning could his status possibly have? I can’t get my mind out of the gutter long enough to figure out an innocent scenario he could be describing…

  43. @jackanddiane My third child was born April 2nd, 1999. When I would’ve been in 9th grade. kiwi said sex ed was in high school, which I never made it too. Thats what I was refering to. and who said I was joking!?

    @person 5 guys is a burger joint. Apparently it makes his stomach hurt. But then again, having a belly full of semen would probably hurt anyone.

  44. tnx for the explanation :P
    im not english, didnt know what ‘jizz’ means xD

  45. Elizabeth Bathory

    Why would any guy be a fan of “Pulling it out in time”? Doesn’t it take the pleasure out of the whole thing?

  46. TotallyUnoriginal

    @Elizabeth – I guess you’ve never had someone jizz on your face?

  47. CommentsAtLarge


    I was going to suggest you call pulling out while she’s on top giving her the ejector seat, but apparently that one’s already used:

    Lifting off it is!

  48. Do people seriously think that pulling out prevents pregnancy. I mean, sure it does, if you’re comfortable with a 10% success rate.

  49. Hmmm, there should have been a question mark in there…

  50. i won’t count on the pulling out method when i’m on top till i’ve been dating someone for awhile (read: a year). you just can’t trust em!

  51. Joey needs a swift kick in his tiny nether regions…

  52. @EmKitteh Actually i’m pretty sure its like 81% success rate but same thing right? Either way i wouldn’t trust it.

    Use a condom people.

  53. @naaaice

    They told us 10% in high school sex ed but maybe that was just scare tactics. In any case, the message is that nobody should be relying on it.

    As for condoms, I used to always use them but I’ve been in a serious relationship for a very long time and now we’re just using the pill. We had to go back to condoms for a while because antibiotics were messing with my pill and I can’t stand the feel of them anymore.

  54. lol

  55. I think you guys are missing the point. Noones trying to prevent pregnancy. We’re just trying to prevent paying for child support. Pulling out is our way of saying “It aint MINE, bitch.”

  56. I dunno, if I was a guy banging a girl who’s likely to be unsure of her child’s paternity, I’d want as much latex as possible between me and her.

  57. EmKitt, watch out for that BlackCloud fella, he scares me a little, but I’m strangely turned on at the same time.

  58. I dont believe in condoms, they prevent my diseases from spreading.

  59. Mmmm 5 guys is super good. All burgers are doubles (with anything you want on them) and the cajun fries are great!

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