Thursday, January 28, 2010

Clear As Day

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  1. Ema? What the fuck? Is that a name?

    Sexond. Or whatever. I don’t care.

  2. *Second. Also I’ve read this through twice and I still don’t have a fucking clue what the hell is going on.


  4. I read all of that and have no clue what is going on. Anyone speak moron that can translate?

  5. What. the. fuck. just. happened.

  6. Okay, for those who speak gansta or cockney or whatever language these two brain surgeons are speaking -

    What is grass and/or grassin?

  7. Where the hell is Mcowles when we need im?

  8. uh……


  9. Grass means to tell on someone so they get into trouble.

  10. Wait, I think I’ve got it. Ema’s brother got stabbed by Sarah’s cousin and Sarah’s cousin’s mate (dunno why). Then the police caught Sarah’s cousin covered in blood holding a knife, and Sarah called Ema’s brother a grass, so Ema wants to make her cry to her mother and crush her car.

    Also Sarah’s a rent boy and she chatted shit to Ema’s boyfriend. Could be that she told him his girlfriend’s name isn’t spelt right.

  11. It’s like reading Trainspotting. Which in turn is like a bad dream.

  12. this is some crazy buisness…?

  13. That lame pile of crap stole a good 10 min of my life… and I still don’t get what any of them are talking about. So, Sarah is the bad guy in all of this? And they all agree that they hate her? Someone got stabbed? WTF?

  14. ahhhh ok, i get it. nope still lost.

  15. perfect @Crindess, what an apt analogy.

    And thank you @blender and @BritishHobo – so to call one grass is to call them a narc?

  16. Apparently the stabbing was all over a mobile phone and a lighter.

    Anyone still believe that children are the future?

  17. It’s very demotivating to start to read something when it’s written like that :/

  18. Oh Sensible Madness, where art thou?

  19. @yaya, yep that’s the same thing.

  20. best cuss is right at the end where she calls this girl a “fat rent boy” and then threatens to have her car crushed.

  21. @yaya, a “grass” is a snitch.

    That’s the most I could translate. I almost had a stroke reading this.

  22. Ouch! Anyone have a few Aleve? My head hurts.

  23. is there more??? there MUST be more- I’m HOOKED???!!

    Will the fat rent boy get her car crushed?

    Will Sarah end up with a Chelsea smile?

    What will happen to sensitive philosopher Greg- who comments that “the world is on it’s arse”

    Rich drama seam forming here guys….

  24. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    when did Irvine Welsh start submitting to Lamebook

  25. What is a Chelsea smile? are they perhaps making fun of someone they know?

    I still have no clue what is going on…

    This isn’t lame, it’s just frustrating.


  26. A chelsea smile is: “A torturing term used all around the world but originating in Chelsea. The victim’s hands are tied or held and the sides of there mouth are cut slightly breaking the strong lip structure. The victim is then kicked very hard in the nuts or in the case of a woman a leg is broken and as the victim screams the cuts rip creating the Chelsea Smile.”


  28. I’ve seen chelsea smiles when i was living in the UK… they aint pretty

  29. I stopped reading after the third comment…I don’t speak chav.

  30. I….
    I can’t even…

  31. I keep wondering whether the person who submitted this:

    1. deciphered it and then concluded that it was lame
    2. was as lost as we all seem to be

  32. Jesus Christ, a Chelsea Smile is fucking horrible.

  33. “he died twice and had to be ressusitated”, I stopped reading after that.

  34. I tried

  35. All the problems of the world:
    Global warming, the middle East, sustaining the economy etc will soon be in that generations hands… so therefor we, as a species, are fucked.

  36. somethingbiblical

    It’s actually called a Glasgow Smile

    Heath Ledger’s joker had one

  37. someone please translate.

  38. #34: Don’t worry. There’s people in this generation smart enough to support the human race. While the others are distracted by reading Twilight for the billionth time (disclaimer: insult aimed at people who won’t STFU about Twilight, not people who just enjoyed reading it) or having gang wars over something utterly bloody meaningless, there’ll be people smart enough and dedicated to do something to help combat global warming, keep the economy steady and prevent wars, generally stopping the human race from disappearing altogether.

    Whether they’ll want to, what with a huge percentage of the human race being people like this, is another matter entirely.

  39. BritishHobo <3

  40. I found dis reli ard to undastand nd reli dnt undastand y ppl tri n act all ard n shit on fcebuk!

    I hate chav’s.

  41. …. i really dont know whats going on

  42. Oops chavs*

  43. Allow me to quote
    ..”Nick **** sum gangster shit this ha I no er she on my fb”..
    Nick took the time to properly spell the biggest word in that mess he thinks is a sentence. I would have thought he’d use ‘gansta’ because that is the hardcore thing to do/

  44. As an American, the funniest part of all of this is the repeated use of the word “chav” in the comments. I love foreign slang…I guess that makes me pretty lame.

  45. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    wow…just wow! proud to be a part of the human race!
    favourite part “il her car crushed!”
    thats some revenge

  46. so let me get this straight, despite the fact that the last 60 years have seen two world wars, countless genasides, 30 years of indiffrance to global warming, 50 years of neglet of famine, diease and poverty stricken people in the fird world, corruption of states by weston powers, mass desforstration and exstiction of species, years of homophobia, sexism and racism, rise of natniol debts caused by lowering of retiremt ages as old people live longer, all the while crime like stabbings and muggings going on the whole time, its our genration that are fucked up?

  47. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    urggh missed ‘have’ “il HAVE her car crushed”
    man im hungover

  48. first

  49. @yaya

    I’m sorry, work’s been hectic! There’s been a lot of explanation, but I’m bored, so here we go:

    Ema: Anyone know Sarah???? She’s a little whore that I’m quite peeved at, and thus would like someone to stab her with a rusty knife. Then, when they try to catch the guy that stabbed her, I’m gonna call her a fucking snitch for helping the police! To reiterate, she’s a dirty little whore and she doesn’t know very much at all! She’s a tramp and do you know what? Well, I’ll tell you what! I’d like to formally request that you tell her to come to me and I’ll give her a Chelsea Smile (which is grossly explained in detail before, haha), because I hate her THAT much. AND she blocked me on facebook!!!!

    Greg: hahahahahahaha, you go girlfriend! You’re a sick chick! I actually know the girl of which you speak, as she is currently “friended” on my facebook and she went to our school. What has she done that has warranted such disdain from you?

    Danny: Her cousin stabbed my brother and then she called him a snitch/tattle-tale, even though he was the victim! Ema is gonna kick her in the good-good, that stupid little bitch.

    Greg: hahaha, I wouldn’t have gone to the police myself, I would’ve just gotten myown back. Don’t snitch to the coppers, yo, just settle it myself. But fuck, the guy got stabbed…. that’s not good.

    Danny: Greg, he (my brother) was an inch away from death. In fact, he died twice and had to be resuscitated. It’s a good thing he’s a cat and still has seven lives remaining. When the ambulance came for the stabbing call, of course the police are gonna come with them. The stabber was caught with blood all over him and the knife ON him. He’s guilty as hell, so what would you do if it was your sister and you thought she was gonna die???? Don’t try to tell me that I should get my own back in this situation, instead of talking to the cops! Hell, that jerk did this whole thing just to try to rob my brother for a cell phone and a cheap lighter!

    End Chapter One

    This is a lot of typing, I think I’ll end this now, haha.

  50. corranhornrogue9 I found your comment just as hard to read as the post. What a long sentence.

  51. @mcowles – You never cease to amaze me.

  52. Aaargh, can we just stab all of these people and keep them out of the gene pool?

  53. @ mccowles you made it hilarious, especially Greg’s first comment.
    Lots of typing, makes sense why they wrote it the way they did in the first place. Maybe we are the dumb ones?

  54. ema and her stupid little friends don’t know how to spell or speak correctly.

    i read that string of comments three times (silly, i know) and i have no idea what they were talking about.

  55. Why do people hate Police so much?

  56. @mcowles, I thank you! My head feels better now.

  57. @mcowles – Brilliant!

  58. Wow. I registered just to say that these people are fucking retarded. I hope this isn’t what the next generation isn’t going to act like. I stopped reading because it was so damn annoying.

  59. The lack of grammar, spelling & punctuation makes me fucking dizzy.
    What an atrocity.

  60. I actually understood all that; as retarded as they are they’re English retards and I’ve heard it before. Now the Americans know how we feel when we read some fucking idiot’s status from L.A.

  61. @ #58 above me…

    I registered for the exact same reason.

  62. corranhornrogue9 -

    Considering that 60 years ago was 1950 and so the last 60 years have NOT seen two world wars, yes, I do believe there is something wrong with the current generation.

  63. @Najma
    I concur.

  64. holy shit that status/conversation is annoying.

  65. Chapter Two

    When we last saw our trio, Greg and Danny were exchanging words with increasingly angrier tones. Will we see fisticuffs or will they be able to settle their differences and team up to crush Sarah’s car? Let’s find out!

    Greg: Well, I understand your point and all I can really say is that it’s not good at all and I SUPPOSE, if he nearly died, you would go pretty crazy and the police would end up involved, no matter what you do. However, and I can’t stress this enough, payback would be warranted (and necessary). I’m personally not getting involved (since I’m all talk and slightly a wuss), but this entire world is “on its ass” these days. Who was this stabber-guy anyway?

    Danny: It was Sarah’s cousin and his buddy. At the end of the day the payback is between them (my brother and the two other guys). However, what I’m bothered (bovead? geez) about is that little bitch Sarah getting involved just to call my dying brother a snitch.

    Greg: In my humble opinion (imho), this entire situation is pretty crazy. I’m gonna leave this mess to you and go play Pokemon Yellow on my Gameboy Color. I hope your brother is doing well, though.

    Ema: Yeah, we’re all good, but we don’t need people like her (Sarah) piping up, when she’s not wanted… just like mold x (which is much worse than regular mold).

    Greg: hahahahahahahahaha, pika.

    Ema: If you see Sarah, tell her to keep her dirty mouth shut. If she asks why, then tell her that it’s because I’m gonna wait until I see her, when she’s on her own and then I’m gonna make her cry for her mother… and not just because I’m going to make my uncle expose himself in front of her. x

    Nick: You all sound like gangster. *pushes up glasses* I know Sarah, she’s one of my facebook friends as well.

    Ema: She was in your year at school as well, wasn’t she? Did you hang out with her in your car? *BIG X*

    Nick: Not really. I saw her out in my car once and I talked to her for a bit, but that’s all. What has she done anyway?

    Ema: She has been getting involved in a situation that was WAY over her head. I’m gonna hurt her, big time. She’s nothing but a fat rent boy! She was even chatting shit to my boyfriend, pretending she’s some sort of hardcore chick! ARRRRGGHHH! I’m gonna have her car crushed! HULK SMASH!

    End Chapter 2

    Thank you all for sharing this journey with me. We had our ups and downs and a few left turns, but in the end, I feel that we’ve made some real progress here. It’s been nice getting to know Ema and Greg and Danny and even a bit of Nick near the end. I wish them all and I’m sure that they’re all gonna turn out right. BTW, if you see that bitch Sarah around, tell her that I’m gonna crush her car. Bye-bye now!

  66. @mcowles – El Mau at “good good”

  67. Haha well said scd

  68. @scd bah you are right my maths sucks. I did not bother working it out at first becuase it would interupt my flow. but i meant to go back and change it but forgot. but any way i thinks its unfair that people judge generations on the actions of one indivdual, exspecialy when it seems like past genrations come of quite badly when you look at some of the events that happened under their control.

  69. @ mcowles

    I don’t normally read the long comments posted, but your’s was worth the effort

  70. @corranhornrogue9 – All I know is my parents and grandparents don’t typ lik dis an make demselves luk stoopid, so there has to be something wrong with this generation. It isn’t just the actions of one individual. Typing like a dumbass is a fucking epidemic.

  71. @mcowles

    Thanks!!…. You saved my brain from exploding!!

  72. @wordpervert

    I don’t normally write long comments because I hate them also, but there was just too much going on. I couldn’t leave out Nick’s appearance at the end and the finishing touch of the car crushing. There was just too much!

  73. Good god my head hurts.

  74. Thanks for the great laughs everyone, and thanks to mcowles we know what the fuck is going on, while being funny as always.

  75. This all kind of sounds like Shakespeare… you know, if you ignore the awful spelling/grammar. I mean, family feuds? Revenge? Facebook? C’mon!

  76. Well without trying to defend the kind of typing that goes on in that post, i dont think it compares to problems i mentioned at all. Although it is made alot worse by the fact they are talking about somthing so important to them.

    I do think that the reason you think bad typing is an epedemic might be due to the fact you brouse lamebook which is a website designed to find and display said texts. I very rarely come across text like that, and if i do its from my parents because they dont know how to use a mobile.

  77. @mcowles So how long did you have to study retardese to be able to fluently understand it?

  78. @MikeysRight

    I was going to google what “grassing” and “chelsea smile” meant as I couldn’t understand them, even from the context. Luckily, some people here explained them, before I even came to lamebook this afternoon, haha. I still don’t really know what “fat rent boy” means, although I’m assuming it’s just a derogatory term for someone… like calling them a “fat, stupid jerk!” or something.

  79. @mcowles – after your brilliant synopsis, I am almost sad that there is no Chapter Three…
    Fantastically hilarious opening and closing statements – “when last we saw our trio” had me raffing our roud!!

  80. *out oops!

  81. @ smartcookie

    Oh, I see what you did there!
    And a status like “ill fukin kil u if u tuch mi grl agan, fukerrrr, u no her famlie wan us 2 gt it on lke donkey kong” is really just a modern Romeo and Juliet story, from Paris’ POV

  82. Too much, besides, I don’t read “dumbass.” Thanks to mcowles for the translation. Still feels like I wasted part of my day though.

  83. @mcowles – your reference of good, good made my day. Thank You. May I please bow before your greatness? (((tips hat)))

  84. After careful consideration, I have determined that, as a member of the next generation, I am, in fact, our only hope.

  85. @Absurdrelief

    There will be a chapter three. I don’t know when it will occur, or where, or how, but it will happen. It has to happen. There’s too much left uncovered… too much that we just don’t know. Will Ema find Sarah alone in some dark alley? Will Danny help his brother get revenge on Sarah’s cousin? Will Greg finally admit that he would’ve called the cops and not “had his own back”, like he claims? Will Nick admit that he is part of Team Jacob? And the most important question… how exactly does Ema plan to “crush Sarah’s car”? Does she know someone at the junkyard? Does she own REALLY BIG magnet? I don’t know how, but I’m sure we’ll find out!

  86. I liked the good, good reference as well. My boss said “good, good” this morning and I almost chocked on my coffee. I was going to ask him why he was talking about vagina’s, then thought better of myself.

  87. @ our only hope

    Hmm, I guess the fact that some of the people here can cite Shakespeare is vastly overshadowed by our wickedness. You’re right, you are our only hope. May the Gods help us all…

  88. I didn’t understand a fucking thing I just read and I’m pissed off for trying to.
    The only thing I know is that someone got stabbed….and grass was thrown in there somewhere.

  89. Slanderous Princess


    That just made me laugh so hard I cried. Ha ha ha, thank you for that, BRAVO!

    Could you tell me what a fat rent boy is?

  90. good god what a mess that post is.

  91. a rent boy is a male prostitute.
    fat rent boy is a fat male prostitute.

  92. I had more fun reading the comments than the actual status conversations aha

  93. @mcowles Chapter Three would probably produce more questions than answers…

    I may be reading really subtle subtext, but I think that Nick might just be a police informant. His ‘conversation’ with her in his car story does not ring true.

  94. @xolouox

    Thank you, I was having trouble with that and figured that I shouldn’t type that into google, while here at work, haha. It makes perfect sense though. If only there was an edit button, oh well.

  95. @Absurdrelief

    Maybe instead of a police informant, maybe he’s a “john”. She is, afterall, an overweight male prostitute. Nick could’ve been looking to “party”. Or a cop in a sting operation. Or maybe Sarah is a grasser afterall! Ok, you’re right… It may be best not to delve too much into the confusion that could be (and probably would be) Chapter Three.

  96. Slanderous Princess

    Thanks, I’ll be saving that one for a rainy day, : ). Even more funny that she’s calling a woman a fat male prostitute…

  97. Yeah probably not a good idea. Your translations are simply amazing. I look like a gimp cause I keep laughing out loud.

  98. My brain hurts after trying to understand what this says.

  99. Hence the title of Pet Shop Boys ‘Rent’; if anyone’s interested

  100. These are the people that failed middle school english.. tsktsktsk

  101. @BritishHobo & mcowles <3 <3

  102. @mcowles

    Bravo sir: that was a mighty fine translation even without the fact that you’re translating them from across the pond.

    For your edification because you seem to like to know, they actually spelt mould correctly and I assume you also spelled mold correctly (?)

    Greg was aiming at “arse” with his “ase” which is how we spell “ass” in the UK.

    I am now eagerly awaiting chapter 3

  103. Urban Dictionary says:
    1. Grassin
    The act of saying something outrageous that is clearly not true or enormously exaggerated.

    Guy 1: So, like 10 guys jumped me last night and i took them all on and won and then stole their wallets and then hooked up with all their girlfriends.
    Guy 2: Dude, you’re grassin.

  104. fort?! FORT?!

  105. Thank God for Mcowles, cause I had NO idea what that said…

  106. I am not 100% on this, but I believe when they talking about “cars” they are referring to a group of people that they hang out with. It is a term used in prison (at least California prisons). But there is a chance that they just want to inflict pain onto automobiles.

    Oh, yeah…and if they are talking about vehicles, why would whats-his-names say, “Oh, I saw her out once in my car” I doubt this chick is just gong around sitting in randoms cars…I think she was probably hanging out with his friends once, and he talked to her for a minute.

    Who knows..

  107. thanks for translating!!

  108. Ack, mccowles stole my thunder. >:( but it’s alright, I couldn’t have translated that myself. So thanks! :) Dick.

  109. Another bit of amunition in the argument for involuntary euthenasia.

    Excellent translation mcowles.

  110. What language is this?

  111. @IlostNemo

    The language is ‘Fuckwit.’

  112. Oh for fuck’s sake. Did anyone actually read this??

    I got half way throught Danny’s second post and gave up. That’s 60 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.


  113. @mcowles I think you should continue this epic production :) Your translation was hilariously more entertaining than the original post. I laughed. I cried. It moved me.

  114. That was some excellent translating mccowles sir. You should create a play out of it, or perhaps a book that could be turned into a movie at some point, I want to see cars being crashed by Megan Fox playing Ema.

    Also, @corranhornrogue9 your comment is in desperate need of a translation as well.

  115. I am crying with laughter at the use of the words good-good to describe a ladies front bottom! It has made my day!

  116. @ Dazeyduke

    While your interpretation of the word “car” introduces an interesting possibility, I think “car” is actually used in a literal sense in this case. “Oh, I saw her out once in my car” could’ve been the writer’s grammatically catastrophic attempt at stating that once, while he was in his own car, he saw her.

  117. Excellent choice- publicly posting your intent to brutalise someone. So, should our dedicated poster Ema, follow through with her threat, ‘grassing’ on her, as it was, will be made all the more easy…

  118. *Twitch*

    Thank you to those that translated and gave definitions.

  119. Yeah, yeah, it’s all very well and dramatic but… Am I bovead though? Does this face look bovead?

  120. Maybe they shud jst stab each over.

    It took me more effort to write like that.

  121. Now, I’m not calling these people “retarded,” per se, but “literacy challeged” seems an appropriate, no?

    Also, mcowls, God bless ye.

  122. And I swear, my keyboard was acting a little psycho just now, that’s why I made such redonkulous typos. lol

  123. “It’s a good thing he’s a cat and still has seven lives remaining.” Hahahha, mcowles <3

  124. WTF? I don’t understand a thing. It’s difficult to understand moron. These people shouldn’t be allowed to type. Without the translations (thank you, translators) i wouldn’t know what i was reading.

  125. everyone’s gonna be talkin like this before we know it

  126. For fuck’s sake.. reading this makes me feel like I’ve been bukkaked with stupid.

  127. This hurts my head to read, they should just Battle Royale fucking idiots like that, except there is no winning, in the end the island is carpet bombed to clear the playing field for the next batch of retards. I can hear their offensive voices as I read their posts

  128. Ha ha genius @ Mcowles – hahahahahahahahaha, pika

  129. I honestly don’t get how people can talk like that or even do that stuff. And people think South Africa is bad????????

  130. As an English woman allow me to translate the ‘car crushed’ comment. She means she will have Sarah crushed in the way you would when your car is sold off as waste/scrappage and is crushed into a small metal cube.
    Ema, Greg, Nick et al (who I am ashamed to say are English) are what are known as hood rats. They lack the necessary skils to conduct an intlelligent conversation and have no sense of grammar whatsoever. *sighs*

  131. Woah sorry for the typo’s in my last post.


  132. Thank you all for your compliments and for overlooking a few mis-translations here and there. As it’s obvious, I’m not from the UK, although I’d definitely love to visit for a few months, at some point.

    @Britgirl, yeah, ass/arse/ase are the same thing. I probably should’ve used arse, as it’s a fun word to say. Mold is American for Mould, as well. :) . Chapter 3 will be arriving in your e-mail inbox shortly, haha.

    @Beanstalker, I didn’t comment on this post for 3-ish hours after it was up. I did that purposely to give you a chance to translate, haha. The fault is yours, my friend. *whittles you a boat, out of a slightly larger boat*

    @fondantfancie, hehe, front-bottom. I heard someone call it a “front butt” once, about 15 years ago. And now someone has called it (girl stuff) a front bottom. I will cherish both memories, for many years to come.


  133. @EnglishChick

    Ahhh, I was hoping Ema was going to get revenge and literally get Sarah’s car crushed. I’m slightly disappointed now, but thankful for your insight.

  134. Seriously people, it’s not that hard to understand the basics. Someone stabbed someone, someone is angry, someone went to hospital, someone called the police, someone wants someone to get revenge, someone doesn’t want to.

    Even I understand THAT! :P

  135. @Riverside

    And someone enjoys Pokemon Yellow on Gameboy Color. Besides that, you got the main points down. :)

  136. @mcowles

    That would produce a far more dramatic dialogue, which I am sure would end up back here on Lamebook. I really want Sarah to join the conversation ;-)

  137. Ema – with one M – lazy retard does’nt even type her name correctly. No doubt some dirty London scumbag urban teenagers

  138. @EnglishChick

    I definitely agree that the only thing keeping this thread from reaching “top 10 popularity” is the the fact that not one of the people in this facebook conversation have joined us here. Where are the creepy lamebook people that track down the names of the people involved on facebook, so that we can contact them and pull them back here?

  139. @spooky – Ahahahahaha! I feel like that every time someone sends me a text message that is ‘abbreviated’. Grr…

    @mcowles – I seriously hope you are a creative writer or an author and have a website. I ‘heart’ your work!

    And yes, South Africa is just as bad, but our perpetrators are either illiterate or don’t usually have facebook… And we usually speak better English! *wink*

  140. @mcowles
    You are amazing. Your ability to (as far as I can tell) accurately translate this drivel into something hilarious is impeccable. Kudos, my friend. Kudos.

  141. ah’m guessin’ thit maist ay you cats ur american?

    cos seriously, even though the spelling and grammar are mingin’, it’s nae hard to decipher unless ye huv nae idea what british slang means… which ah find pure odd, given the amoont ay films and books that git flung ooutae the place.

  142. I’ve been to the UK, am a regular watcher of BBC, read books, and have a British uncle and I still lost a few IQ points reading that.

  143. @traceface killa

    what the hell was that?

  144. About ‘fat rent boy’:

    It does mean overweight male street prostitute, but in this case, she’s saying Sarah is an ugly/unfeminine whore. The nearest American insult would be ‘tranny’?

    About ‘have her car crushed’:

    It’s the chav version of ‘taking her/him down a peg or two’.

  145. A banner at the bottom of this page is telling me that there are secret messages for me, should I click on it?

    The reason I ask this, is because at some point in time I was smart, but then I read this post and, well my iq dropped significantly.

  146. i attemptd to read this and all i got out of what was going on was a headache and my iq dropped….

  147. midnightmarshmallow

    If you read it out loud in a fake British accent, you can understand a lot of it better. They say “fort” instead of “thought,” so they have to be from England. You know, “f” instead of “th” and “or” instead of “ough”… If they were from America the r would be too distinct to pass off as “thought.” “Bovead” instead of “bothered” is another indicator too, because there’s that v/f sound again instead of “th”, and the British r sound…

  148. midnightmarshmallow, I’m in the UK and can assure you I have never once said “bovead” or “fort” for their respective words.

    That’s just lazy punctuation


  149. lolololololol! I posted this in but I never thought they would put it up! Ha! I only keep her on my friends list for personal amusement. Unfortunately she is now pregnant as well (God help us)

  150. And she’s not from London as you may expect but Preston in the North West!

  151. @jelly- Love love love the Catherine Tate reference. So sad no one else picked up on it. Had to register just to say that.

  152. is an Ema like a gaggle of Emus?

  153. NHI

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