Monday, February 15, 2010

Classy Tatties

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  1. i am liking the side boob

  2. The more tats a chic has the more likey she is to enjoy boob slappage imo

  3. I think the knuckle sandwich tattoo is hilarious! And I see nothing wrong with the turtle & mouse one… I have 3 small and pointless tattoos all done by a friend [he was practicing on me]

    And as for the peacock, it looks like it’s going to be awesome when it’s finished!

  4. rofl @ the Louises album name

  5. Dude, put on some clean underwear before taking pics…

  6. Turtle & Mouse?! Anyone cares to explain?

  7. The black stuff on his undies is probably ink. It gets all over everything when they wipe off the tattoo at the end.

  8. Scarlett The Harlot

    Turtle and Mouse? Affectionate nicknames? I hope? And the peacock tattoo is really cool.

  9. I just want to bury my face in those pubes.

  10. I like turtles (sorry couldnt resist)

  11. Ahh slimjayz, as much as it pains me to think this, you’re probably hot, which meana you no doubt get away with being an asshole. (I’m smiling)

  12. Is the turtle and mouse tattoo on the back of her neck? Where she’ll never see it in a mirror?

    Why did he tattoo pimples on the bread?

    *These* are the questions that keep me up at night…

  13. i dont get the turtle and mouse thing. how the hell does that work :/

  14. I love the fact that the guys pants are from next :L

  15. The knuckle sandwich seriously made me LOL. If I didn’t actually plan on having a career where I needed to be taken seriously after grad school, I’d totally get something like that.

  16. Gotta love the side boob, this is way better side boob then the other day.

    Colin’s an idiot, when he’s 70, his junk is going to be the tease, cuz it won’t function like it should.

  17. Colin’s tattoo is brilliant. I’m sure he meant for it to come across as “please my cock, don’t tease it”, but to me it reads “please don’t tease my [tiny?] cock”.

  18. I am pretty sure that the Turtle & Mouse thing is backwards, it doesn’t have anything to do with the mirror.
    Imagine yourself standing behind here, you can see on which side of the neck it is. And it’s written backwards. Fail

  19. If Colin isn’t a fucking awful speller, and ‘wi uv ink’ means what I REALLY hope it means, then… does his tattoo glow in the dark? XD

  20. Pretty sure most cameras can take a mirror image that will make something look like it was backwards anyway, when it is indeed not. FAIL

  21. Seriously, I love the knuckle sandwich AND the Peacock. They are both pretty fecking awesome. The others, meh.

  22. The knuckle sandwich is lame… No guy should have colored tats like that… Colored tats are for chics

    @ wordpervert
    I’m more handsome and good shape than hot, but thank you for thinking that :) I do get away with being an ass though, but I think its cuz I make people laugh

  23. ovoono your thought process = fail.

  24. turtle and mouse tat is backward because of a mirror – the comment says as much. The only humour Im getting from it, is the actual nicknames themselves:
    Turtle because he sticks the head of his uncircumcised cock out, and mouse from her cute tiny furry thing.

    Otherwise I dont get it either….

  25. OvoOno I see your point but it could still be in a mirror.

    By ‘I have three’ does she mean she has three ‘Turtle & Mouse’ tattoos? :|

  26. @BritishHobo: Yes, they have glow in the dark tattoos. If the tat is exclusively in UV, you can barely see it in the daytime, which is pretty nifty.

  27. Yeah, glow in the dark tats have almost a white-green ink that is used. Oh, and it can be toxic, so don’t rush out and get one.

  28. That’s just gonna look even dumber with the lights off.

  29. you guys are all retarded. the turtle and mouse one is tattooed backwards on her neck, hence funny. idiots

  30. the fact that she only thinks its only backwards in a mirror only helps the fail level rise

  31. there is no series of mirrors or cameras that can take her skin and flip it around you idiots. do any of you even understand what mirrors do. why dont you go try an experiment in front of your mirrors.

  32. is the arrow seriously necessary? well, I would gather with the amount of brains he has that he doesn’t attract that brightest bulbs, so maybe it is.

    and excuse me for being dim, but why are people arguing over whether the turtle & mouse tattoo is backwards or not? she shot it in the mirror, which flipped it. that’s what mirrors do. right? go and stand in front of a mirror wearing a shirt that has writing & the words are backwards!

  33. @kriley I have an experiment for you, why don’t you go and get knobhead permanently inked to your forehead then take a picture in the mirror and post it on here.

  34. kriley: In all my time on this website, I have honest to god never ever read a comment as fucking stupid as yours.

  35. OMG. Are some of you new?
    The turtle and mouse one was tattooed on her…backwards.
    The mirror has nothing to do with it.

  36. fancypants is spot on, doesn’t take a genius to work it out. She had the tatto done as a “mirror image” so it can be read right when she looks at it in the mirror.

  37. Why all the confusion people, she SAYS it’s in the mirror! BTW I think Kriley may have known what he or she was talking about but explained it horribly. Either way it’s time to GET OVER IT!!!! The fact is, that is an ugly tat and nobody gets it.

    Knuckle sandwich may be funny, but looks awful. That hand is gonna be his best friend from here on out.

    Seriously, that is lame side boob. Google Katy Perry.

    I won’t even waste my time commenting on the douche.

  38. Ah, in mirror script~ Even worse. Ok Kriley, you are retarded.

  39. My favorite Kriley comment is “the fact that she only thinks its only backwards in a mirror only helps the fail level rise”. Only. Only. Only.

    Kriley, YOUR fail level is rising.

  40. And you’re modest too, slimjayz!
    I will admit though, a funny man does it for me every single time…provided he’s at least reasonable to look at.

  41. @39: I’m still just trying to figure out what point kriley was trying to make, and the ridiculous amount of only’s he used really doesn’t help.

  42. “Please don’t tease”……….Please don’t tease me with your dainty widdle hands knuckle sandwich boi…..well it might be a girl…I dont know, man tattoos are getting to be lame unless they are Dale Earnhart J.R’s car, orifices using the belly button, (or the hairy armpit), tributes to Star Wars, or Star Trek, (preferably Star Trek) or Ewocks…man I love those little guys….It’s getting to the point to where having no tattoos is getting to be the cool thing guys…..anyone know of a good tattoo removal place? I need to get this “$20 for the Barnhole” off my upper lip….:0

  43. Hate to say it, but the peacock tattoo actually has the potential to be quite cool.

    As for the last one, if I was heading down south on a guy, only to take his pants off and find THAT… Well, let’s just say he could finish himself off.

  44. Ditto Jelly. If I’m going there, don’t get all “cocky” just because I am, or it isn’t going to happen.

  45. Mr “please don’t tease” looks a little hairy down there for mine, and agree with both you ladies above me. I would never do a with a guy with such a bullshit tattoo.
    I’d rather eat dirt.

  46. Liars. You know that would turn you on. Oh, maybe you’re just misunderstanding his intentions. He’s not saying “Please Don’t Tease” in a sexual manner. He’s saying don’t laugh at my inadequacies. Notice the smudged underwear, the dirty cast on his broken arm, the patchy hair growth; this is a man filled with sensitivity. You broads would be lucky to have a guy like this bring you back to his trailer and share his sixer of Busch Light.

  47. Now that’s funny Soup.

  48. Turtle and Mouse: I looked at in a mirror, it’s the right way. Although, it seems that is her left shoulder and the side that the words should start on.

    Please Don’t Tease: The more I think about that, the more I hope everyone that sees it says, “Your weiner’s so small, you could give a dust mite a tatoo with it.”

  49. Hey I resemble that comment very much Mr. Soup…..

  50. Ahh Soup, you have me pegged. I do love those rickety trailers with no tires held up by cinder blocks. I’m classy, what can I say?

  51. What about “Incase of emergency pull here”, in the same spot…?
    Peacock tatts are overdone like hell but this one looks cool, not lame. However, it looks a little like it could just as easily be on the thigh with the head near the arse… what a “slut mongrel” she is.

    I bet Kriley is the kind of person who tries to look beyond their own head when there’s a mirror in front and behind them. Good luck with that.

  52. y the argument over the turtle & mouse mirror thing?? don’t get it.

    Can’t wait till all these bad tatto freaks are 70!

  53. Tante: Kriley @29-31 was trying to convince these “idiots” that the picture wasn’t taken in mirror, but instead is written backwards, ie is a mirror image. This would mean that whoever has the tatt can read it properly every time they look in a mirror. But the tattoo is on the back of the neck so you’d need 2 mirrors to read it anyways, which would flip it twice and make it backwards again.
    Shit, I just realised you’re probably being sarcastic. Now I’m that guy.

    Kriley fails as Danielle clearly states it’s shot in the mirror. Oh, and you can see the edge of said mirror.

  54. “Can’t wait till all these bad tatto freaks are 70!”

    This gets on my nerves. Don’t the people who use every variation on this phrase realize that people with tattoos are fully aware that they are permanent? Granted, “don’t tease” man seems a lot like a tool, but that’s a character flaw exhibited by his cocky tattoo, not vice versa. I have three, I love them and plan on getting more. I understand that my body is going to age, I just can’t imagine that wrinkly-faced 70 year old me is going to be that vain.

    And freaks? Really? You spelled tattoo wrong. Now I’m THAT chick.

  55. you guys are so retarded. she didnt take a picture of her neck, she took a picture of the mirror showing her neck. thats why it’s backwards.

  56. slestie, ruling with an iron fist, well put.
    I was going to throw my hat in the ring, but I’m not insecure enough nor do I have time to argue everything I disagree with in the comments on this site.

    But yeah, I love all these people who think their 70 year old epidermis will stay looking good forever. They’re called liver spots and if you don’t have them then nobody escapes wrinkles, therefore old skin will look like shit either way. Besides laser removal gets better everyday.

  57. alproshazam, Thank you. I’m occasionally capable of being witty and scathing. I’ve always thought that we place entirely too much importance on the forever part of tattoos. It’s about the decision making process; just make sure it means something to you, since you are the one who is going to have to wear it. If it’s that meaningful, it seems like regrets will be pretty slow in showing up.

    And if the regrets are tied up in the appearance of the thing as time goes by, it can’t have meant very much in the first place.

  58. rosinbackrider: no way, really…? If it’s not a neck and it’s just a mirror does that mean it’s always there…?
    When she took the photo in the mirror it is the light that is reflecting off the neck that then bounces off the mirror into the lens. She took a photo of her neck reflected in the mirror, hence the mirror image. I can see neck and mirror, so it’s both, and although this maybe hard to understand (Due to my fucked up Carrollian inarticulacy) just trust me…
    p.s. are you Kriley? Jokes…

  59. *I meant is the neck always in the mirror, regardless of whether or not anyone’s there?*

  60. So I may be missing something here, but I had my bro draw a “B” on my neck (the way it would appear as he was looking straight at my neck). I stood in a mirror and took a picture (like the pic up top) it was facing the right way. I sat in front of my webcam, it was facing the right way. I stood at the mirror with another mirror so I could see it myself and it was facing the right way. so I don’t understand how you get something on the back of your neck to look the way she did without actually writing it backwards. someone explain please? and yes I know how it works with a t shirt but if I drew a “B” on my front it’d be different, wouldn’t it?

  61. @Kazoo: If you draw a B on the back of your neck, and face away from a mirror, the B would be backwards in the reflected image.

  62. Turns out I do have enough time to post shit…
    Funnily enough I’m supposed to be writing an article on Through the Looking Glass, but instead I’m compelled to try to make life simpler for Kazoo.
    Dude, if it reflects once it’ll be backwards. Twice is a double negative, it will then be the right way round. If you looked in 2 mirrors you’ll find the 2nd reflection will cause it to appear right way around. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your front or back, same rules apply.

    Dear fuck, maybe we’re better off arguing the PCness of black people loving chicken or whether or not a Mexican is an American… Maybe.

  63. spooning leads to forking


  64. Why is only the stuff that’s written backwards, if you know what I mean. The neck doesn’t look like it’s taken in the mirror.

  65. OvoOno, you are totally right! i was looking in a mirror and my whole body was backwards except my neck! You could tell my neck was forwards. But my arms and shit and pelvis were backwards. Except the letter B I drew on my head…it was also forwards. It’s like that chick before the election. Except for her the B was backwards. Maybe she had a different kind of mirror. She should have written it on her neck. Then it would have been forwards.

  66. “in mirror so its backwards lol”, her words, suggests to me that she’s explaining to her fb friends that she took the picture “in mirror” and that is why “its backwards”. Plus, at the right hand side of the picture, there’s an odd sort of blur/distortion that seems to follow a straight line. The sort of edge you often see… in mirrors. It could be a reflection of a flash.

    Not that it matters, really. I mean, is it worth getting mad and calling people names over?

  67. I have a word om my collarbone and if i look at it in the mirror (which i just did after reading all this and somebody at the office stumbled in and gave me a weird glance hehe) it is spelled backwards so if you look at me you can read it.

    Must say that i like the peacock , not lame at all IMO and i dont like big tat’s on girls but this one gets two tumbs up (maybe because she is giving us a boob glance and because of my penchant for slutty girls).

  68. @CHUCHO: What do you mean a different kind of mirror? They all do the same thing, right?

  69. That knuckle sandwich tattoo is hysterical!

  70. The turtle mouse tat is done the right way, just grab a mirror and look at your computer screen through it.

    The knuckle sandwich guy, I wonder if he realized that in 10 years from now he might need to you know, be working and stuff, maybe needs to look decent and respected and NOT have a sandwich on his hand?

  71. There is way to much thought going into this mirror thing. I’m still wondering wtf it means.

    @Father Sha: It’s the side boob if you ask me.

  72. @slestie by “bad tattoo freaks” I meant ppl who have bad tattoos, not people who have tattoos.

  73. Judging by the cast on his right hand, I’m willing to guess the “Don’t Tease” message is for his left hand. Slightly weaker and has trouble finishing the job,

  74. well I didn’t think i would have to explain how a mirror works for people to understand what i meant. i meant that she didn’t take a picture of her neck directly. you know, like holding her hands behind her head and pointing the camera at her neck. do you get it??

  75. that was at alproshazam

  76. oops! yeah I had logic fail on this one. and I have no brother, I live alone :-(

  77. Unless I’m missing something, the peacock is on her thigh with the head near her arse – not her boob. So for a bum, yes it is a crappy side-boob photo. Plus she does say, “no, but its the first ive had near my arse”…

  78. She said it’s her boob. The tattoo is enormous. You don’t get a peacock from its waist up, so with a tail that size, it’s definitely also near her ass.

  79. Turtle and Mouse is tattooed the RIGHT way. If you take a picture, in the mirror its going to show up backwards. She took the picture herself, I know this because I am her friend. And clearly someone took the time to put this up about her because they have no lives.. Pretty fuckin sweet. Why the hell would someone get a tattoo backwards so they could see it the right way in the mirror? Some of you guys are SO dense. Think about it, its not a lame tattoo if it means something to her.

  80. Wow I feel like a celebrity, I didn’t know my little tattoo could be so popular. Maybe I should take pictures of all my tattoos in a mirror. And it doesn’t matter if other people get it or not, I didn’t get it for you and your enjoyment, its for my best friend and I. (oh & to the comment about it being on my left shoulder, its actually on the right side, mostly on my neck =))

  81. & some people asked what the comment “i have 3″ means…it ment at that moment in time i had three other tattoos as well as this one, not that my conversation with my friend is any of your concern anyways. Just making it clear.

  82. OH. MY, GOSH. You guys are ALL idiots!!!!!!!!! It has nothing to do with a mirror!!!!! Ok, let me say this slowly. She got a tattoo on the back of her neck. She wanted to show off said tattoo to all her facbook friends. Because the tattoo is on the back of her neck, the easiest way for her to get a picture was to use a mirror. When she took the picture, because it was a mirror image, the letters appeared backward. HOWEVER the ampersand (that’s the ‘&’ symbol, fyi) is NOT backward in the picture. Which means it’s backward in the real tattoo. THAT is what’s wrong with the tattoo. YEESH!!!!

  83. Actually crystalrhose you are the idiot, the ampersand is the right way round on the tattoo, and is backward in the photo. What I find amazing is that you actually used the ampersand, ‘&’, in your comment, and still totally failed to recognise that it was different from the photo. Wally

  84. smith29 wins.

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