Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Classy Acts

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  1. Nicolese (ugh) & Bryttani (UGH!): Keeping it classy in 2010.

  2. lol… they have meaning

  3. hahahahaha lol!!!

  4. Its the fucking Beatles

    What a pair of twats. I despair of the human race.

  5. wtf bryttani. so not only are you a skankho but you got permanent documentation of that fact put on your body.

  6. Its the fucking Beatles

    She could also do with waxing her belly, the hairy skank. Urgghhh! *Shudders*

  7. Well, the sad part is no one really knows what “classy” means anymore. Apparently “trashy” has been enveloped into its meaning.

  8. Its the fucking Beatles

    And when I say belly I actually meant pubes. Personally I really didn’t want to cast my eyes on that area for long enough to call the difference to be honest.

  9. i dont know… titty pics + pot leaf tongue = hot… classy is overrated

  10. Ah, lovely. Why stunning examples
    of sophisticated young ladies. Why, oh why, can I not be more like them?


  11. I love that her man that takes care of her is so much less detailed than her party boy who cums on her chest.

  12. *what stunning examples… blah blah blah.


  13. Bryttani is a badass. That Johnny Chimpo tattoo is SO fucking amazing. I just feel bad about her crazy name spelling…

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Classy IS overrated @Slim

  15. CommentsAtLarge

    per·ma·nent   /ˈpɜrmənənt/ Show Spelled[pur-muh-nuhnt] –adjective: Lasting or remaining without essential change. Ex: Bryttani now has permanent proof that, while she may be fun for an evening, she’s not to be kept permanently (unlike the potential STD she may provide).

    Johnny Chimpo, really? I liked Super Troopers too, but I’m not getting “Car Ramrod” tattooed on my shwanz.

  16. She’s got class coming out of her ASS lol! :D

  17. class coming out of her ass and me coming in it!! Thats classy shit right there

    dude, getting ramrod on your tool would certainly be a winner with the ladies

  18. The mowing man will come in handy with what she’s got going on down there. Nasty, take a look at all that stubble!

  19. I will literally LOL if these two whores meet each other in the waiting room of the STD clinic.

  20. “class coming out of her ass and me coming in it!!” hahaha thanks man. that was so funny i had to register just to tell you that you’re getting me in trouble at work.

  21. Its the fucking Beatles

    Shit Slim. Are your standards really THAT low?

  22. good lord. so much trash, so little time….

  23. Nicolese… wow… just wow… if that’s classy then farting in each other’s faces while doing a 10 hour beans eating competition is a new sport.

  24. I’m no prude, but Bryttani’s monkey hole has probably had a little too much seed planted in it. I’d be afraid of what might end up sprouting on my twig and berries.

  25. they have a meaning haha. maybe she had a close friend who was a professional pube shaver that died…

  26. soup- lol at twig and berries. good one!

  27. Mario and Dreddy

    Attempted to find Bryttani online for more potential hilarity.

    At least 253 sets of parents decided to curse their child with this retarded name.

  28. The man that takes care of her is so small… poor thing :-(

  29. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    i’m pretty much ok with someone getting a tat just because they think it looks awesome. nobody wants to hear what convoluted airhead story you’ve come up with to justify getting a dolphin on your shoulder. just say you like dolphins, you unoriginal bastard.

    if you get something weird that doesn’t make sense offhand, that’s the one with the story behind it.

    but when that tattoo is a bare-assed monkey with an ejaculating banana, and the story is that ‘your party boy sprays your belly with banana slugs (see what i did there?),’ then you have bigger problems than the fact of the tattoo itself.

  30. we should all honor party boys that pull out and blow on our stomachs. they dont get near enough credit – everyone is always talking about baby daddy…there would be so many more if not for party boys.

  31. problem is that if i pull out i over shoot the belly…

  32. DazeyDuke, I do not feel one bit sorry for her crazy name spelling, unless it’s actually spelt that way on her birth certificate. I am willing to bet Dollars to Doughnuts that she purposely spelled her name that way because she thinks it’s cooler than ‘Britney’.
    I know a girl whose parents spell her name Tiffany, yet she thinks it’s ‘waaaaayyyy cooler’ to spell it Typhanii. :S

  33. Mario and Dreddy

    Charlene, I hope you call her typhoid fever.

  34. Yeah, when I guy comes on my stomach it really means a lot to me too.

    Please Note Sarcasm.

  35. I sure hope he pulls out.

  36. She definitely did not pay her little mower man enough because you can clearly see how shitty of a job he did. It’s clearly a tough economy to find good mowers.

  37. Haha, I do. Well.. just typhoid.

    I was also going to say that those tattoos are going to look awfully funny if Bryttanii ever gets knocked up. But I guess she won’t have that problem since her party boy ‘blows’ on her stomach.

  38. Those tattoos were on a girl’s stomach??


  40. Is it just me, or does Bryttani’s waist narrow at a bizarrely steep angle? It’s like she’s either spent a lot of time wearing very narrow corsets or had several ribs removed to get that effect. Maybe it’s a byproduct of having so much monkey spooge on there all the time. Either that or she has what polite people like to call “birthing hips”, in which case it’s a good thing her party boy likes to pull out because she’s probably more fertile than the Mississippi River delta.

  41. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @Dr. Azizted-Homicide I resent the monkey comment! :)

    I’m probably going to get made fun of for this but here goes: I thought the bare-bottomed “monkey” on the left was eating a banana. I also can’t figure out why she made mower guy so stick-figurish… and the other so full-figured?

  42. “it got a weed leaf on it lol” is going to be what I say from now on whenever I see something that is classy.

  43. Ladies and gentlemen: The future of Amerika!

  44. Chimpo is going to look amazing when she gets preggers.

  45. chimpo looks like he’s holding a leaking banana… maybe that’s the point?

    who knows.. but it’s lame.

  46. Didn’t read all the comments so I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but why do Bryttani’s pubes start half way down her stomach?! D:

  47. It seems to me party boy could really be ‘blowing it’ directly onto ‘man that takes care of me’ …eww.

  48. so let me get this straight. man that takes care of me=pubert (by the way, WHAT THE FUCK? bitch calls me pubert her ass is on the street with party boy)=the guy mowing her pubes while she bangs some other dude.

    why does america have to take responsibility for these people? why can’t she be from canada or france? this is truly depressing….. :(

  49. slim- the overshooting her belly reminds me of a link my fiance sent me yesterday. it said the world record for the farthest splooge is 18 feet.

  50. Wow, a recent status post from Nicolese:

    lmao , so im in sumthinq kalled tha ‘lamebook’ ; PLAYYYYZZZEEE , yall mutha fuckas wish yall wus as kool as me qtfoh ! lmao..uhr lame for evn postin up tha shit..haterz* :) aint nuffin bt flatteration yall qivinq me so lick mah shit !!! =P

    That’s one classy girl alright.

  51. I believe qtfoh stands for something like qet the f*** outta here, since she doesn’t seem to be able to use the g key. Dayum, shawty got haytuhs.

  52. emkitteh – um wow. she doesn’t even know that “q” does not equal “g”. i won’t even go into the rest of it because my head will explode.

  53. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    @ EmKitteh props for finding that. She was bound to be this “classy” from birth with a name like Nicolese.

  54. em- i was just about to ask what the hell that meant then i saw your post.

  55. It doesn’t get much classier than “lick mah shit !!!”

  56. omg i found her on fb. she actually has a job somewhere and is talking about how victoria’s secret has been “chasing” her to work there. one of her friends, who types as badly as she does, claims she works at ann taylor. really??? how did these kids get jobs when they can’t even write in english??

  57. Nico types like she i probably talking after getting her tongue pierced.

  58. chickens dont clap

    Did anyone else find it completely hilarious that she named her pube-mower dude Pubert? I sure lol’d!

  59. Really?. . . .But. . . . And…Never mind…

    @ chicken: It’s another knock off from a C-list movie.

  60. Permanent reminders of temporary feelings.

  61. @Charlene- I didn’t really think about that, and it could be true (Typhanii! I laughed so hard…) But Mario and Dreddy claims that there are 200 something Bryttani’s on facebook. :(
    I hope you are right, and that they all mutilated their names on purpose. but I have this feeling that she doesn’t really care what we think either way. She did get vulgar Afghanistanimation tattooed on her belly…

  62. These women (if you can even call them that) make me sad for the human race. I hope that men will continue to pull out for the end of time while having sex with girls like these just so they can never reproduce.

  63. All you pubic hair haters should be ashamed of yourselves! It’s a natural part of every human body. With women as tiny as tattoo-retard up there, it may be the only way to tell that she’s older than twelve.

    Also look how far up her belly button is (love the jewelz biatch). Based on that, if her pants were any lower you’d snatch a glance at the playground.

    Pubic hair used to be arousing for men and many still like it. It’s men (or should I say, boys) who make negative and dusgusted comments about images of women like this that are encouraging women in general to have unrealistic expectations of their bodies and suffer from serious negative body image issues.

    Now i’m not saying a giant bush is cool (although for some it is). I do believe in some pubic landscaping, I just think it’s going too far to expect a baby smooth, completely hairless, pre-pubescent vagina on an adult woman all the time. SHAME ON YOU!

    This rant brought to you by I-Have-Pubic-Hair-And-I’m-Proud-Of-It.

  64. lol @ Afghanistanimation

  65. no way. i have pubic hair too!

  66. @Emma Royds

    I’d throw my weed wacker into your bush any day.

    And as far as the pre-pubescent thing, I don’t do that. I shave my own pubes and glue them to the snatches of the little girls I meet (abduct). That makes it okay.

  67. @Soup LOL! Pubic hair = ticket to riiiiide!

  68. Emma, just a slight alteration on my part in your second paragraph. I think I could see it more this way…

    “If her pants were any lower, you’d get a glance at her snatch.”

    Overall though, love your attitude. I don’t have a problem with pubes either, a neat little landing strip on the ladies, and as for the men, hey, I actually like hair down there.
    I mentioned some time ago that a trip downtown on a hairy dude usually means my flossing is done for the day.
    It’s a win win.

  69. This is probably beside the point, but am I the only one who thinks getting a tongue piercing doesn’t automatically make you “wild?” Self proclamations annoy me…

  70. I don’t know, my boys love stuffing their family jewels into my mouth. They think it’s wild, but I just think they’re being salty.

  71. Emma I’ve kept my pubes too! I thought I was the last one left.
    *I hope you have all enjoyed my classy comment.

  72. @wordpervert Thank you for appreciating my snatch. I knew someone would.

  73. Nicolese LadyNuck Carbone lmao , so im in sumthinq kalled tha ‘lamebook’ ; PLAYYYYZZZEEE , yall mutha fuckas wish yall wus as kool as me qtfoh ! lmao..uhr lame for evn postin up tha shit..haterz* :) aint nuffin bt flatteration yall qivinq me so lick mah shit !!! =PYesterday at 5:08pm

  74. Wtf is playze? Wtf is flatteration? Wtf is kalled and qtfoh? Where the fuck did you learn your netspeak? (no really I only understand about half of everything she says.) The most common reaction for someone who is embarrassed and upset is to play stupid and laugh excessively to appear above the issue. She is a classless moron and she sucks at lying.

  75. id fuck her tho

  76. OH GOD. I HAD to look up Nicolese…this chick is an uneducated, illiterate, moronic fool. Jesus Christ I hope I’m dead long before fucktards like her take over this country (yep I’m assuming she’s American).

    And Bryttani….I HOPE her tattoos don’t actually represent real people. Please let it be that she’s just a complete idiot who thinks fondly of her tats & talks about them as though they were actually representatives of live individuals. PLEASE. She brings ludicrous tats to a whole new level.

    Kill me now lord….

  77. Klassy with a capital K.

  78. lol

  79. CommentsAtLarge

    @Emma Royds

    “With women as tiny as tattoo-retard up there, it may be the only way to tell that she’s older than twelve.”

    Funny ’cause it’s true.

  80. Its the fucking Beatles

    Let this be a warning to you all kids. Inbreeding creates fucktards. Here are the results.

  81. Chewbacca shagger

    As for the argument classy V trashy, You marry classy. You pound the fuck out of trashy! There is a use for everyone in this world and i would like to think i am doing my part.

  82. What a fucking whore and she has the tattoos to prove it.

  83. Wow is all I can say. The parents of these two skanks are probably kicking themselves for giving their daughters whore names to begin with, and then sluttifying them some more by jazzing up the spelling. Oh and Bryttani must’ve gotten her tattoos in prison, cuz that is some effed up linework.

  84. i bet nicolese takes it in the ass

  85. Do you think Bryyttaniiii<3 even gets the Super Troopers reference she has permanantly stamped on her body?

    "Hey Farva, what's that place you like to go to? The one with all the shit on the walls?"

    "You mean Shenanigans?"


  86. (34) Kablaam
    What if they’d draw a little hearts on your belly when they were done?

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