Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Classic Rides

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I can’t overstate how much I wish I knew Jamie C. I have pictures like that all over my Facebook … except with other bands of beer and spirits.

  2. Someone sure went to Costco!

  3. I’m pretty sure the guy in the van is just storing a walker on the side-view mirror, even though that is a pretty dumb place to keep it and he probably has room for it in that huge van. Unless he’s some kind of hoarder and his van is filled with useless junk…

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    FHsGirl, sorry we already have a MsBuzzkillington you will have to audition somewhere else.

  5. I didn’t realize you had a share in LameBook Dukey.

  6. Aw poor grandma.

  7. I dislike Jamie simply because he/she parks like an douchebag.

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    mattymc WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? I NEVER hate trolls but you suck. Other trolls at least put some creativity, reliability, jokes, or SOMETHING into their trolling. Your version of trolling however makes me want to inflict injury on theto your very soul. All you have is a fucken link to a GOD-damned website that sucks AND blows. Have you no fucken conscience? Have you no soul?

  9. Hee hee Dukey has finally lost it. Calm yourself now, don’t go getting all worked up.

  10. Wow! I remember the last time i saw that much yeast product in a trunk!…

    Well lets just say afterwards my piss burned for two weeks and my top lip stank of Marmite for a month.


  12. Mofo, I clicked your link. Wow. You’re a couple of weeks behind though. Keep up the good work!

  13. @7

    I agree with you. Double-parkers (especially ones with big trucks) should be thrashed violently. :p

  14. Fuck me someones’ been and had a look?!

    Just for that I will update it tomorrow, full of sour festive cheer I promise.

    Be careful in there though! It’s basically like a massive empty room which I keep screaming rank expletives into without much response. It reminds me of how i used to wank of at school assemblies.

  15. Well obviously sometimes it’s not as empty as you think. Personally I’m too scared to say anything so I’ll sit quietly in the corner watching, enjoying.

    I read the “Fuck me someones’ been and had a look?” in the best Guy Martin with a growl accent that I could muster.

  16. Haha Dukey thanks for the kind words. I have no doubt you have pictures just like these all over your Facebook page. I’d drink myself silly too if I had no girlfriend, life, and was as big a loser as you are :)
    God that’s depressing… you obviously have some serious issues if you’re internet chatting this kind of stuff: “YES YOU DESERVE TO DIE AND I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!”.

    Here’s a link you should look into:

  17. @16

    Or he finds Samuel L. Jackson quotes more interesting than bad online psyche evaluations.

    Please feel free to write a long irrelevent comeback, in the time which you could have spent becoming more cultured.

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    HOLY SHIT!!! Mattymc just posted without his trademark (stupid) website.
    I gotta win something here, come on. Can I at least leave a deposit in Curlybap’s Bap? (I don’t care that she is older than I am)

    Also FUCK YOU mattymc! just for not being familiar with Samuel L. Jackson quotes.

  19. @curlybap, Don’t be scared, pipe up!.. come and have a look at these puppies, i bet you love Werthers Originals don’t you? I’ve got fucking truck loads of them back at my place.

    oh and don’t sit in the’s where we keep the spunk buckets and besides if you’re backed into a corner you’ll have less room to run.

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Very apt comment from You have failed. and very apt name. Too bad you beat me to my comment.

    mattymc do I need to add another FUCK YOU?

  21. @17 I don’t need a pysch degree to know teenage angst when I see it.
    @DSB Add as many ‘FUCK YOU’s in there as you need. Anything to outlet all that rage so you don’t end up bringing a gun to school.

  22. Wow, that retort sure wasn’t boring and blasé.

    Please try again. No, seriously.

  23. Everyone who says insulting things on the internet must be motivated by teenage angst.

    PS: Come visit my blog. PLEASE! I need more traffic. Anyone, please come!

  24. Damn, thank you for saying it, Dukey. I’ve been sick of that mattymc cunt, and his spam “comments” for weeks and weeks.

    Lamebook, links are nofollow, right? I mean, PLEASE tell me you’re not giving juice to this dick’s stupid little site. Because if that is not the case I’m going to pick a few sites I want to boost and start spam commenting with links constantly. Even worse links than Wordy’s broken peen pics.

  25. @Miss Shegas
    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, is the answer to your question. Posting links with comments really does drive traffic to a website. I’m just trying to build some traffic to a friend’s blog and this is by far the most effective way. In fact, posting links even increases a site’s Google search rankings.

    If there’re sites you’d love to boost post the links. I’d love to visit.

  26. Well, I gotta hand you one thing, mehmc, at least you’re upfront and honest about it. I was worried for a second you would pretend your comments weren’t just the wrapping paper for your link.

    And you’re probably a good friend too.

  27. But still, you can’t expect everyone to be nice to you about it. You’re making this site into a poster for another, so people will insult you, justifiably.

    It’s just the way it has to be, like two samurai on opposing armies who must engage in battle, not because they have any hard feelings personally, but because…it’s just the way it has to be.

    You and your friend are fucking whores and that list is unbelievably boring and “meh”. But you know that.

  28. @mattymc
    It’s so obvious you are only here to spam – at least just post your link without the lame comments.

  29. Ok…. maybe it’s just me…. but in the picture with the walker…. look at the door. He would have have been able to put the walker on the door with the door open. So I seriously thing this old man is blind and just picked up the walker somewhere on the way, and doesn’t realize it. Or I’m just stoned. But seriously, he hit someone’s grandma.

  30. @Damn @mb
    I have no disillusions, the comments are simply wrapping paper to drive visitors to the link. Although I do like the list my buddy has going, I get a small kick out of it when he actually updates the damn thing. It’s meant as a retort to 1000 Awesome Things which IS a great site worth checking out.

    The battle will continue. I’ll keep on posting links and keep on getting slammed for it. I just didn’t expect to be called a ‘cunt’ about 50 times, lol. @mb You make a good point, I’ll either say something relevant or just post the link.

  31. pepelongstocking

    Are you a member of the McCuntface Jews of Hartford? Or just a member?

  32. @Dukey, I tend to go for the older guy. However I might make an exception if you tell me how to do bold and italics on here!

    @Mofo, I think I’m really too scared to visit again now. You’re terrifying.

  33. There’s so many people on LB using variations of the name pepe. I can’t keep up. It’s like the few using variations on Duke. But in my eyes, there’s only one – the one with the smooth buns.

  34. I know word, I’ve given up wondering whether they are all the same pepe. If they aren’t, he/she’s sure been busy!

  35. curly, here you go…

    Happy New Year ♥

  36. ok let me give this a go word

  37. Wooo hoo look at that. You’re a star.

    I’m officially forever yours. Thanks

  38. Yay!

  39. I thought about changing my name to PepeAtLarge but it was too much effort.

    Also Wordy now that curly is officially yours, shall we all be expecting the sequel to the pterodactyl porn? If so I say you call it “Pterodactyl 2: The Big Bang”

  40. Comments, if she’s up for a roll around on camera with me, then I’m up for it. Just give me another month, curly. My neck couldn’t take it right now.

  41. Well I do owe you one. You let me know when you’re feeling up to it and we’ll sort it out. Bring on the Big Bang. Comments – you should be creative director. Recover quickly word.

  42. Thanks, I plan to…

    ❤ ❥ ♡ ♥ ღ ɞ

  43. mattymc, you are really a fucking prick.

    I hope your friend’s website allows comments or something because if it does I’m going to go there and tell them you’re a fucking prick. You fucking prick.

  44. I will continue fucker.

  45. I have used many names, wordy, but pepelongstocking is not one of them. The others, yes.

    You have said you can recognize my prose anywhere, but maybe this is not true.

    The plan to attack the shitty site of shitty lists is a good one. I only worry that it may go awry. Bad publicity is good publicity, they say.

    There really may be no way to defeat mehmc without preventing him from posting his link (I got a moderation comment the other day for trying to link google image results, and this dick gets free advertising privileges? Someone needs to fix those blocking machines).

    In other words, there really just may be no way to defeat mehmc…

  46. Correction…

    Actually, after looking at other threads, there’s still fucking doppelgangers. I have no idea what I can guarantee, but just look for the ‘weird’ sentence structure.

  47. Damn, is that you, Pep?

  48. Yeah, I was trying to say that.

  49. Ok, and I do think I’ll be able to recognise your prose under any name. I think…

  50. You’re really stoned, aren’t you?

  51. Huh?

  52. I mean, are you still taking oxycontin?

  53. Oh damn, I just responded before I was about to make a really obscene funny joke with Imamofo.

  54. Ya, I am. Why are you changing your name so much? Just curious.

  55. Eh, to make people focus not on the poster but the comment, but maybe that doesn’t work. Sometimes, like in the “you have failed” and “romance lang nazi” cases, it actually increases the joke power. I think…

  56. Oh, okeys then. Just as long as you’re having fun with it…

  57. Damn, that does look annoying. I think I’m tired and done for today.

    Oh, funny meds story…I was at the library today (the univ. opened some of its buildings, so my lamebook usage will probably be tapering off now, sorry). This stuff I’ve started taking has a side effect (among others) during the transition period of making my pupils dilate, which is like wearing nightvision goggles in midday. I started freaking out and getting headaches and had to run off. I think I need to lie down.

    Have fun yourself and get better. You’re probably looking forward to going back to work, yes? I sure fucking am (I get to start teaching as well as taking classes this semester, which feels empowering and terrifying simultaneously)

  58. That is funny. It’s like that stuff they put in your eyes during an eye exam. Solution = sunglasses.

    I will get better, thanks. And yes, I am looking forward to getting back to work. Almost another month to go, though. I’m about to start reading Keith Richards’ new book. That will keep me occupied for a week or so. Good luck with the extra responsibilities of your job. Sounds like a great challenge.

  59. second picture is fake. just saying. it was definetly planned and its a fake FAKE FAKE FAKE PICTURE

  60. It is not a FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE picture.. it is just planned, it doesn’t have to be both. It’s clearly actually a picture.

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