Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cheting the System


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  1. cheting little bastard.

  2. Dear Alex & Cassandra,
    PLEASE don’t reproduce.

  3. I hope I’m not the only one who immediately thought of The Terminal when I read this.


    Well, umm…alright, then.


  5. My last girlfriend used to accuse me of the exact same thing. Except she knew how to spell. :)
    She also knew how to hit. :(

  6. Alex and Cassandra’s relationship is obviously on the rocks.
    Chet and Destiny should definitely get together though – they were made for one another.

  7. They’re perfect for each other. Neither one can spell worth shit.
    But, saying another girl is sexy is a big no-no Alex, you should know better.

    Don’t be a bug-a-boo.

  8. Why does Lamebook blur out the no profile picture picture? Just wondering…

  9. @Jessica

    I know right.

  10. @Jessia

    In the spirit of remaining super anonymous.

  11. It’s probably an additional watermarking thing

  12. - Jessica @ http://www.lamebook.com/cheting-the-system#comment-21685

    It’s for consistency.

  13. they do it because it’s funny. there’s no need to blur those photos out, and that makes it funny.

  14. What fucking cunts. They deserve each other. Stupid tossers. Please use protection, we don’t need more half-wits like you two.

  15. @#14 – No worries. He probably can’t get it in the right hole.

  16. Don’ be cheting in public. Fool.

  17. Cheating on English, yes.
    Cheating on Cassandra, plausible.

  18. I don’t know what’s worse, the flirteng or the cheting

  19. as long as he’s not scroowing or ficking arund they’ll be kewl

  20. Besides the terrible spelling…it’s super lame that they’re discussing this on Facebook. I wonder if they ever even speak in person.

  21. Damn Alex, you should now better than to go comenting on destiny pic sayeng she sexy.

  22. if yur going to chet at lest do it in privet and no on facebook

  23. why is her status about something cheting her.

  24. Alex, Cassandra,
    Will you please go back to school
    And learn to spell ‘cheat’

  25. Guys who have dated a lot soon learn that every girl has a different definition of “cheating”.

  26. Cheating always has completely subjective definitions.
    From “Baby, I didn’t cheat on you because I didn’t actually come INSIDE of her…”
    To “You told me you weren’t texting her anymore. I don’t care if it’s only to carpool to work, you’re a cheater and a liar!”

  27. @ jelly, does the mouth count as inside?

  28. I hate cheters

  29. … but is it cheting as long as everyone nows whats going on?

  30. I love the time gaps. Can’t they just us an IM program? Hell, Facebook even has it’s own IM system built in.

    I also like that it took him two extra minutes to make his last post, like he was thinking it over.

  31. And anyway, how /is/ babby formed?

  32. This never gets old:


  33. LOL Boz, I am literally choking after laughing at that video!

  34. I prefer cheetahs myself.

  35. @bingo
    Of course not, everyone knows BJs aren’t cheating! Handjobs on the other hand…

  36. Oh dear god, the spelling. My brain….stroking out…GAHHH!

  37. man poeple shud really learn how to spell properley

  38. People. Should. Properly. Good try though!

  39. Am I the only one getting sick of the spelling comments? Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly annoying to read something “typd lk dis” but I think by now we just need to get over it?
    Or not…that’s just my 2 cents!
    Or 2 pence really..I’m not American.

  40. yeah, their (spelling purists’, that is) self-righteousness is quite annoying

  41. this is the gayest website i’ve ever seen

  42. @brad

    I’m guessing you don’t have a hotmale.com address.

  43. Stop flirteng and cheting you whore

  44. cheting n flurtng lyk a lil figgit. he shuld be shat

  45. Oh god. If anyone tried to talk to me like that I would slap them.

  46. If someone came at me with that kind of grammar, I would beat some ass.
    why would they talk about this stuff over facebook?
    what a IMMATURE relationship.

  47. #46, just a quick tip.. what a IMMATURE relationship should be what aN IMMATURE relationship. See what I did there?

  48. wow I just remembered how stupid some people can be

  49. Stupid tweens.

  50. Holy shit… is this really what the next generation is like? Is there ANY chance they’ll turn out any doctors or lawyers? And would it be scarier if they did?

  51. AntiSuperciliousness

    ThingyBlahBlah3: With a username like yours, can you really comment on my generation? Please pull yourself together and consider the fact that the internet has engendered a syntactical usage of English which is not classically correct but still conveys meaning. Furthermore, you will more often find bored ingrates engaging in addictive online socialization than future doctors and lawyers. The elder generations are comprised of just as many idiots – some might say more, as the traditionalists and baby boomers have created much of the global mess which my poor Gen Y’ers will have to clean up!

  52. dear anti-whatthefuckever,
    youre philosophically arguing on a website called LAMEBOOK. congratulations, fucking idiot. you’ve insulted a piece of machinery and now you probably feel super duper smart!
    get a life.
    sincerely, reality.

  53. AntiSuperciliousness,
    you’re trying too hard to refute his opinion, which was clearly meant to be taken with a grain of salt. Relax, we’re all VERY impressed.

  54. Wow. I just realized that 90% of the crap you guys post is talking about grammar and spelling. I think the ‘please don’t reproduce’ comments are incredibility mean spirited, old, and the reason people get on and say you have nothing better to do and don’t know people.

  55. I fink thay r mayd 4 each uther

  56. Did anyone else find this oddly endearing? XD

  57. oh dear get a grip !!

  58. Sixth grade relationships just don’t work out.

  59. fucking ridiculous tbh!!

  60. soooo funny

  61. @ Lindsey
    I literally just laughed out loud

  62. The two dumbest people on the planet.

  63. These two deserve each other.

  64. and once again, the english language is an innocent casualty…

  65. ‘den’? As though ‘then’ was too many characters to type? Unforgivable.

  66. how is that ‘den’ is the only thing you see? she spells cheating “cheting”
    these two should never even think about having sex without a fucking condom

  67. How old are they? fucken 12?

  68. Cheting? Comenting? Sayeng? Good fucking grief, I’m scared for the future of the human race.

  69. Me to Jin, but ultimately they might be too stupid to figure out how to breed.

  70. John Players Standard

    I like how most of you douchebags sit here and bitch about somebodies grammar.

    OT: It’s not cheating.

  71. Anyone have a translator that converts ‘Stupidity’ into ‘English’?

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