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Family Feud

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Tree Of Strife

WE HOPE YOU’RE HAVING A GREAT DAY! Follow @lamebook on instagram for more jokes!

Go Pick Your Switch

Order some wigs and when the quarantine is over, just be a totally different person. You’ll be the dude/lady with a fire red afro at the office! Get some white makeup and paint your face! Put a fake red nose on your nose! Yes, we just want everyone to become clowns! And follow @lamebook on instagram!

Nice Class

It’s a matter of time before pocket watches come back. We’re calling it now. Once hipsters can wear jeans loose enough for them, they’re coming. Anwayssss, follow @lamebook on instagram!

Bored Hostility

Frat guys wear pink clothes to promote breast awareness. Follow @lamebook on instagram for more content!

Serious Distancing

If you’re bored at home, Lamebook has tens of thousands of posts – so go nuts! And go nuts with your adblocker disabled because we’re barely hanging on. We love you!

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