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Message In An Aisle

Finding random shopping lists is always fun. Like, “who needs onions and raisins? Sicko.” Always assume it’s for one meal! Cool, well, please follow @lamebook on instagram and checkout my Onion ‘N Raisin Muffins! Sorry, we’re losing it during this quarantine.

Powerful Arm-me

It’s amazing how sitting at home makes you tired. It’s exhausting being lazy. Do something productive today and disable your adblocker on lamebook! It’s just a few banner ads, and we need all the help we can get.

Mind Tree

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Sick Wingman

Surprise! We’re asking you to follow @lamebook on instagram. If everyone does it, we promise to stop asking. We’ll ask stuff like “what’s your favorite dinosaur?”

Stolen Flavor

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Sound Of Betrayal

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