Personal Problems Archive

Meet And Potatoes

Does anyone else just have a lot more of one utensil than the others? Like 20 knives and 4 forks? No one has enough forks. Follow @lamebook on instagram for more content!

At Home Workout

Hey! Follow @lamebook on instagram for more content! Thanks!

Cracked Heart

I hope you’re doing okay during this weird time. We appreciate you being on the site!

Making A Mess

Mint, vanilla, and cheese sounds like a great combination! Follow @lamebook on instagram for more content!

Puzzling Discovery

Quarantine tip – Buy some Nerf guns and have a Nerf war. If you live by yourself, pretend you’re Will Smith in ‘I Am Legend.’ And please follow @lamebook on instagram!

Finding No-No

Maybe the quarantine will run burglars out of business. Everyone is home, no robbing, so they just become doctors. Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Follow @lamebook on instagram! Share our posts! Cut your own hair in the bathroom mirror!

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