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Certain Information My Ass


Certain Information

Where do we start with this bad boy? And when we say “bad” we mean bad. It seems Kyle here is in love with himself and wants to share it with the entire world, in perhaps a vain attempt that the world will, in return, love Kyle as much as Kyle loves Kyle. Let’s say you’re one of Kyle’s buddies and you happen to be a male. How do you respond to such a picture? “Hey Kyle it was cool seeing you at the mall this afternoon…I guess. Nice pic, bro!” Or maybe you’re one of Kyle’s female friends. “What’s up Kyle? Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday…I guess. I sorta, kinda maybe like your photo there. C ya!” How can one not lose every friend they have by posting a nude photograph of themselves for all to see? What makes Kyle today’s Lamester is by far the fact the he decided to go with the always artistic “black and white.” No Kyle, your body’s not a work of art. Keep your shirt on. Please.

♥ The Editors

Sum1 Lame



Dear Gloria,

I think your boy Gavin just misspelled sum1. Here is the correct response.

Chelsea Wears the Pants


Chelsea Wears the Pants

I jsut want everyone to know that Jordan is a real man. Jsut because he wants to please his girlfriend by having a super witty and hilarious joke wedding doesn’t mean you can jsut make fun of him.

In fact, you go ahead and jsut throw your pretend wedding.

And I will pretend to go.
And I will pretend to meet a single girl.
And I will pretend to go get her some punch.
And I will pretend we dance all night.
And I will pretend we hook up after the wedding.
And I will pretend she becomes my girlfriend forever and lets me jack off on Skype in front of a webcam.

Classy Girl Ya Got There Anthony



Val, girl, you are not the first to pull this amazing prank! One time I bought this cute boi an 800 dollar bracelet (cause every girl knows the way to a man’s heart is through expensive jewelry). So I go online expecting his relationship status to say “single” but guess what?! Instead I find a picture of his gf giving him a HAND JOB in the back of a ’98 Ford Taurus while wearing the bracelet!! I was like sooo pissed off! Ugh. So props to you Val, I’m sure that skank will lay off now.




Now I’m not a betting man, but I’m willing to wager a few dollars on the fact that you did, indeed, go to elementary school. And at this school, I’m sure you were taught that the word “and” does, in fact, start with an “a”. I know those 3-letter words can be tough, but education is the cornerstone of our future.

Well, Nikki, even if you don’t desire to further your studies, you obviously have a future in the music industry. With lines like “BITCH BOO I AINT GOT TIME FA U” you’re destined to be the next Beyonce.

How Not to Sell a House


How Not to Sell a House


Note Found On Shelly’s Front Door:

Dear Shelly,

I am sorry I hit your house with my truck. The damage ain’t too bad, so looks like it won’t cost you too much to fix. Thank God that house has got great bones, or my Dodge would have leveled the thing! Well … you take care now.

-Hank Boscoe

P.S. Heard Mikey got shot with a pellet gun. What’s this neighborhood coming to?!